History Summarized: The Maya, Aztec, and Inca
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History Summarized: The Maya, Aztec, and Inca

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  1. I did a dna test, and the results were 33% Native American—Andean(Ecuador, Peru & Chile) does this mean my ancestors were part of the Incas and not Aztec or Mayan?

  2. Why Include the Inca in Mesoamerica at the end? And you left out the people who were also vital in keeping the Inca empire together – their famed runners. These guys carried news/messages in the Quipu throughout the empire and the freeze dried fish from the coast inland while chewing on these special leaves native to the area (ahem) to keep them going.

  3. Anthropology student here: the game was a reenactment of the game played by two brothers and two death gods in their origin of the world story; in which the gods lost and were sacrificed. The game was scripted and basically a reenactment of the first game. winners would be locals and the losers would be war captives who knew to play their part or the gods might get angry.

  4. Very basic information but useful nonetheless. Spanish justified killing Mayan and Aztecs saying – it us retribution for the scarifying people …..kind of right but at the same time Spanish were masskilling Muslim and heretics ……

  5. All that such Gold and Silver transport ing Gallions /Ships were being intercepted stolen by English Dutch and French PARATES but Mostly English , However much of that Gold / Silver would stay in the Americas otherwise how the SPANISH Built Cities with elaborate Cathedrals Universities , Hopitales only Spanish built Mexico city was bigger and much richer than any city in Spain . All that bad Rap against The Spanish Has to do with the Black Legent maliciously invented by the other Europians out of Jealousy bent to Cast SPAIN in a Negative Lite throughout Europe and was started by the Dutch and continued and expanded Mostly by ENGLAND the French also at a lowerscale than the Brits


  7. This would be better without all the excuse making and patronization. For exampl, the Aztecs didn't have a written language; a written language is a hallmark of a civilization; instead of just saying they didn't have a freekin' written language, you say something really stupid, and PC and patronizing as in "while the Aztecs weren't around long enough to have a full written language"….. That is so PC and ridiculous, SMH!!! Why are you making excuses for them? They didn't have a written language, just say it! Repeat after me – "they didn't have a written language". Was that so hard? Are you ok? Are you afraid the PC police will come and scold you for being honest instead of doing mental gymnastics? JUST. SAY. IT.

  8. Oh and here's another one – they weren't all murdered by the Spanish. There have been 30 million that came into North America undocumented, so we can conclude from that they were not all murdered. SMH at you.

  9. I'm watching now, you got to the Incas…I'm warning you, don't you say it…don't go there if you're going to be untruthful…YES!!! YOURS IS THE FIRST VIDEO I'VE seen that does NOT perpetuate the BS story line that credits the Inca for the megalithic stonework that the Inca CLEARLY built on top of! I am now subscribing!!!

  10. I’m insulted that you didn’t include the Inca Roads, which were the basis of Inca culture, as they could be traversed easily. Maybe too easily, though, as the massive open road network expedited the spread of smallpox and Spaniards, thus probably leading the the collapse of the empire.

  11. Let's cut to the chase – Spaniards conquered the oceans first, and therefore brought with them their communicable diseases which killed over 90% of the population. To demonize one culture over another just because civilization A had better tech than civilization B is a naive move to say the least, not to mention incredibly annoying and shortsighted. All people are equal, but all civilizations and cultures were definitely not.

  12. Have you ever considered covering some of the Pre-Colombian Civilizations of North America? Like the Mound Builders or the Mississippian Civilization?

  13. If you don't mention widespread human sacrifice and the fact that 95 or more% were dead from disease accidentally brought by Europe, you are getting a thumbs down.

  14. can white people please stop with the straight lies the colonizers wrote about the native americans??? if you want to know about their culture don't settle for their misinformation

  15. this is a very ameri-centric and kind of WASP centric channel i feel.
    The fact that you talk down on hispanic history so much is worrying.

  16. this is a very ameri-centric and kind of WASP centric channel i feel.
    The fact that you talk down on hispanic history so much is worrying.

  17. Guys, guys this video it's probably really only 694 views… Nothing like the real thing facing you. Go travel and visit the ruins… still you will smell the Evaporating Blood in the air from past genocides and War battles.

  18. The Mayan had no calendar they didn't live long enough to map out the cosmos,it was the black olmec calendar that the Mayan empire had do your research n the olmec created the Mayan empire do your research white lies doesn't want to show how great the blacks were and the 100s of millions of black people were in America 100s of thousands of years before Columbus so discover America fyi

  19. 2:56 actually there were many native and mestizo chroniclers that documented many of the beliefs, traditions and way of life of their people, at least in the case of the incas. The only problem is that most of these chronics were not translated to other languages, being many of them just available in spanish or quechua.

  20. Call it .cultural bias if you want, but if your culture is engaged in human sacrifice, cannibalism, sodomy and slavery, I'm 100% in favor of wiping it off the face of the earth.

    The Spaniards left VERY different descriptions of the Peublo tribes: "They were governed by elders rather than emperor kings. They did NOT engage in sacrifice, cannibalism, slavery or sodomy. We could not tell by looking at their houses who was the most important. They're women were the best and most modestly dressed of any we had encountered."

    But… if you're really into civilizations that specialize in rape, robbery, and murder, then you'll probably love authoritarian empires.

    Were the Spanish lying about the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas to justify there actions? Or does the art left by these civilizations an acurate depiction?

  21. This may sound a bit apathetic towards the destruction of these great peoples, but I really want a sci-fi story with structures and techniques like what the Incans had. It works out too because you could do all this, then drop a bomb on people's minds in interviews with how all the "original ideas" were just based off of these guys.

  22. Would've liked a little more on the Aztec origin, the migration of the Chichimeca (who founded Tenochtitlan became the Aztecs) and where they originally came from.

  23. Lol, is it any wonder the Latin Americans took to football (soccer) so easily and why they're a. so good at it and b. so fanatical.

  24. Yeah I feel what you're saying the Christian history is filled with all sorts of evil and nasty things being done to people because they wouldn't worship their God the Spanish Inquisition for example was just wrong that is why I am not a Christian and never will be

  25. The next Christian Jehovah's Witnesses Mormon Catholic the tells me I m going to hell because I am a pagan I'm going to slap them and then give them a really good history lesson on what their religion is about

  26. Do a vid about the fall of Tenochtitlan. Hernan Cortez, the commander of the spanish forces, was actually pretty chill with the Aztecs, and the Aztec emperor at the time of the conquest, Moctezuma II, showered him with luxuries like feathers and fine clothing because he was convinced Hernan Cortez was an avatar of Quetzalcoatl, the main deity of Aztecs. Aztecs didn't really value gold that much so Hernan and his men got all the gold they wanted. People started getting a bit annoyed with the special preference the spaniards were getting from their emperor, so things got a bit antsy, culminating with them throwing rocks at Moctezuma II, who died shortly after. Legend tells that Hernan had to go to the coast of Veracruz for some reason, and his second-in-command had a panic attack after witnessing an Aztec festivity that, of course, involved a ton of human sacrifice, and straight up declared war on the Aztecs. There were a couple of fights during the siege, but, at the end, what truly destroyed the Aztec empire was disease and pollution. One could say Aztec military was way more skilled than Spanish military, but the overwhelming advantage of firearms, shock factor from horse riders (which Aztecs thought were some form of centaur being) and disease made it so that history turned out the way it did. It's a pretty interesting topic, in my opinion.

  27. The Inca fiber weaving was soo elaborate that they also had protective wearing that protected from arrows as well…pretty cool!!

  28. This video is good, but there’s tons of information that’s really important and it’s missing, such as the real length of the Aztec empire and btw it didn’t lasted 100 years it lasted for almost 370 years, also to say that the Aztec dominated the Mayan so , u can have an idea of how ginormous was its empire, there’s even Info that states that the Aztecs married some Incas and incorporated a big part of the Incan territory to their own, I’m telling u this because I’m Mexican and I study history of geopolitics

  29. From my understanding, a cool thing about the sink holes: they are all connected together as one large system, and is formed in the shape of the edge of the meteor crater that formed the Gulf of Mexico.

  30. Moral of the story: Fuck Spain, they ruined everything (not really Maya, but still)

    Also: I request that "Anyone in any situation who decides that burning information is a good idea is just being a dick" is on a shirt

  31. The Aztecs and the Mayans being the ones most people know about really sucks, because the Inca were by far the coolest. They even did sacrifice way less than the other two

  32. This sorta thing makes me wonder if we'd be technologically more advanced if we'd eased up on the whole conquering and burning thing

  33. A fun fact-we know how to read classical maya. Archaic maya is still very much a case of stumbling in the dark with a handful symbols deciphered.

  34. This video talks about Incas empire. But before Incas there were more ancients civilization in Perū. Caral- Supe is the oldest civilization of America, Scientists still working on it…. And now is open to visit.

  35. Nice video! These three civilizations are the most well known (and for good reason!) but it’s important to know that the history of the Americas had 1000s of years of history. Instead of 3 splotches on a map, the whole Americas should be colored in with the Wari, Nazca, Chavin, Tiwanaku, Amazonia, Mixtec, Zapotec, Toltec, Mississippian, etc etc

  36. the Aztec empire was basically the America before America, they had drafts, taxes, legally required education, they even had unpaid interns

  37. You going to rely on a group of people who wiped out another people and destroyed all their wisdom, to tell you what those people were like?. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahaa hahahahaha hahahahahahhaahaha. See this is the problem with history. Its all bull shit because the enemy of the loser gets to write the losers history.. Ummm they were savages that practiced human sacrifice and killed babies….mhm, yeah right.

  38. 2:34 – welcome to the Roman Catholic way of dealing with each and everything that doesn't fit onto their orthodox ignorant narrow-mindedness, not to speak or things that are not even remotely related to christianity whatsoever. Not to speak to the violent allergy to knowledge, literacy and education in general. Just burn, burn, BUUUURN anything and everything that might give people different or better (or should I say, MOSTLY better) ideas for how to live one's lives , threatens the integrity of their primitive, excessively self-contradictory and just plain nonsensical system of beliefs. Which would be technically all, even the most basic common sense or even a hint of exotic philosophy and folklore. Translating to: forcibly baptizing, brainwashing and dressing natives up as (catholic) western Europeans and butchering any that merely just win in an unorthodox kind of way.

  39. 6:07 – oh yes, they were very chill with the sacrifice of people kidnapped during raids on neighbouring tribes, not their own. Because they believed that Sun would stop shining if it wasn't fed human blood every day. But it wasn't fussy as where the human sacrifices came from. So why bleed out own population when they could just get their victims from elsewhere. And so they did. That, and the slave labour they built their lovely, shiny, magnificent cities with, that was the motivation for their constant wars with each other. Not justifying what the Spanish etc. did to them, as M.G's "Apocalypto's" finale suggests (Mel is full of shit and he's a dumb pre-Second Vatican Council primitive, anti-semite and a cryptonazi), because what they did to them was just as bad or even worse, but those guys over there were really a bunch of dicks towards each other too.

  40. The inca are not late comers actually there people where around for a very long time they were called Pre incas there even older then the Egyptians

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