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So that means from uh, sure Tom Holland even Julia Roberts have been sharing this new Instagram privacy warning But here’s the thing. Is it real or fake? Let’s find out you’re watching. What’s trending. It’s your girl Julia Don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more social media news daily So, I don’t know if you guys remember this emails where it says Hornet unless you get like a thousand years of bad luck Well, here’s the thing. It is back at it again on Instagram this time around It’s warning people that Instagram will steal your photos If you do not post this photo on your page the warning Ruiz Don’t forget tomorrow starts the new Instagram rule where they can use your photos. Don’t forget deadlines today deadline today It can be used in court cases in litigation against you everything you ever posted It becomes public today even messages that have been deleted of the photos not allowed It costs nothing but a simple copy-paste better safe than sorry Channel 13 News talked about the change in instagrams policy with this statement. I give notice to Instagram It is strictly forbidden to disclose copies distribute or take any other action Against me based on this profile And/or its contents all members must post a note like this if you prefer you can copy it This is a joke, okay. First of all, this image is clearly Photoshop. I mean look at the Instagram letters It’s like clearly copy and paste a hot mess a second of all it is clearly identical to this host that went viral on Facebook Around 2015 2012 now Instagram, I thought we were smarter and better what’s going on. And also what is Channel 13 News? I don’t have cable but I know that does not actually exist in a Rome statue about violent crimes that Isn’t that like de genocide? What does that have to do with our privacy clearly? There’s a lot of clues that this is all a huge joke that someone just started Facebook which owns Instagram has even explicitly said there is no truth to these posts, but here’s the thing Why are so many people falling for this again? Well these privacy policies we agree to are super long and hard to understand most users don’t totally understand What’s in them? And in 2018 when Facebook was called to a congressional hearing to testify about is pride Policies many users found out for the first time that the company was selling users private data for profits Which definitely freaked a lot of people out? So what does Instagram actually doing with our data turns out the data we agreed to share is mostly helping advertisers to get their product in front of the right audience based on your caption comments hashtags locations and Activity on the platform Instagram is able to provide hyper personalized ad Okay, that works because I always see those products in my Instagram feed I get it but still we have a right to be concerned About our privacy in our data when it comes to propaganda of fake news posts like this one can spread like wildfire Making it really easy for misinformation to be spread. But I know what you’re thinking is the Internet It doesn’t actually have an impact in real life mmm wrong It has been found at many elections around the world including brexit and the past couple of US elections have been heavily influenced by information true or untrue shared on social media sites in fact a company called Cambridge analytical was shut down after they discovered that the company was leveraging the personal data of Undecided voters on social media to target and persuade them to vote for the company’s clients Based on information that may or may not have been true. So how do you protect itself against false informations? first of all Check out the source you should be able to see if the Information is a news or opinion piece based on the title author and the type of news outlet it came from double check the information by seeing if other credible outlets have reported on it and always be sure to check out the opposing view as Well, seeing both sides of the argument will help you create a fully informed opinion so audience What do you guys think about this viral hoax did you fall for it? Let me know in the comments down below I’ll be rating it for more social media news daily. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at what’s trending? You can also check us out a roku Amazon fire and Apple TV just search was trending

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