Hey Steve: Skipping School for Instagram Likes?
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Hey Steve: Skipping School for Instagram Likes?

– I have three daughters,
I’ve been married 22 years. I just moved to Southern Cal. My husband hasn’t been transferred so he’s still in North Cal. So I’m taking one for the team, and I’m dealing with
these kids all by myself. – Uh-huh.
– The middle child, I know has middle child issues. That’s what they say, it’s
real, it’s a real thing. – Yes, ma’am.
– I know you got plenty of kids, this is why I’m asking. – Yes.
– So this child, since she was in the 5th grade, she’s known what she wanted to do. She said “Mom, let’s move to Milan. “I found the perfect fashion school. “Daddy will take care of the other two. “You and me, we’re gon’ move.” – Oh, okay.
– But now, she’s in college. She comes home like every other day, tellin’ me she dropping out. She done looked on Instagram
and all her friends, and everybody gonna start
they own clothing line. And she behind the eight ball. Why can’t she quit school
and start her career? This girl need to stay in school. – Right.
– She needs a back up plan. She tells me all the time, “I don’t wanna make those
kinda clothes, I wanna make, “I need to know how to
make the fabric falls, “I need to know how to sew.” You know, so that’s what
you learn in school, right? – Right, this is really
good ’cause my youngest son is in fashion college right now. My youngest son, Wynton,
that’s what he wants to do. Wynton has told he wanted to
drop out of school before. This is what I did to
get him to understand because Instagram has the
younger generation fooled. – Yes, it does.
– This younger generation thinks that if they get
700 likes, 500 likes, that they onto something. A like don’t mean they’ll buy something. – Right.
– They just, there’s people that just go online and press that little red
heart, I like your picture, I like your style, they
thinking they’re something. And I had to tell my son, ’cause
he’s really gifted at this, your daughter sounds like it too ’cause she knows what she wants to do. And he came and he said, “Dad, if I leave school I
can start makin’ money.” How, this is a fallacy
that young people think that you can just go somewhere
and start makin’ money. – Right.
– I wish it worked that way, but I’ve tried to tell all
my kids it take a long time to make a lot of money.
– Right, right. – Don’t you think that
you gonna run out here and just make money. Now, the one thing you
did say I disagree with, and this is not for your children to hear, but I have never told my
children to get a backup plan. I do not believe in backup plans. See, if you have a plan A, and you’re thinking
that it might not work, let’s just say you really
want plan A to work, but you need a backup plan. You have to stop working
plan A to prepare plan B, which takes away the energy
and the effort to make A work. So now.
(crowd applauds) This is what I’ve found in
life, everybody that planned for a backup plan had to end up using it. (crowd applauds) So support her with the fashion, it’s probably gonna be her
thing, she’s always known it. So I was telling it to one guy I said, “Man, I don’t get no plan
B,” he said, “Okay, Steve, “suppose you’ve done all you
can and your plan A just fails, “and it don’t work and there’s
nothing you can do about it. “What you gon’ do then, see,
you need a plan B then.” I said, “No, I’ll get another plan A.” (crowd applauds) I’ll get another plan A, man.

88 thoughts on “Hey Steve: Skipping School for Instagram Likes?

  1. that is really good what steve said. if you're already thinking about plan b there is a good chance that's what you gonna have to go with.and people need to stop chasing the money.just do what you love and you will automaticly become succesful. why you may ask. when you are doing something you love, people are going to see the good job you're doing and is gonna put you in a comfortable place. and also succesful does not mean rich. i don't know why everyone is so money hungry.

  2. Coming from current uni student, stay in school. I've doubted it and wanted to drop out. But look at the bigger picture and it will set you straight.

  3. I’m sorry, but their advice is wrong. Instagram and social media has completely changed the consumer industry. If her daughter makes good looking clothes and can afford to have other Instagram influencers post ads on her behalf and have a good marketing strategy she will have a successful business.

  4. I’m a big believer in plan A and plan B. ESPECIALLY if you’re from a low income household. My family isn’t rich. I can’t just focus on one thing because at the end of the day, my parents will need my help financially and I would need money to also support myself and that money will be made from my plan B while I work on my plan A. Rich people have financial means to sustain themselves so they don’t need to worry about focusing on a backup plan

  5. Mr. Harvey. Please have CT Fletcher on your show. He is a bench press champion and a strict curl champion. He is a 60 year old heart transplant recipient. He motivates people all over the world.

  6. Social media makes things tough on young people. In 2018 the most successful people can share all their fortunes online without sharing any of their failure. “I just got my first house.” “I just graduated early.” “I just got this job.”
    By age 25 you end up feeling like you should have your whole entire life and career together. By 20 you feel like just because somebody else is living their dream right now, you must be doing something wrong by not quite being there yet.

  7. Take it from Someone that went to fashion school. Go to school! U will be more aware of the competition, and how much hard work it is. It’s not only making cute clothes, but the industry in general is not easy! I know so many ppl that couldn’t even bother with the schedule after a year working. In school u make the connections, u learn the know how. Especially with the adobe programs that many companies ask for. If anything go get those internships ASAP! Don’t wait for the mandatory last semester. Think ahead.

  8. Most successful people dropped out of school. Not saying you should drop out if your doing good. What I’m saying is that the school system we have now is broken and a flawed plan financial wise. Let them kids find their own way.

  9. Unless you’re attractive…..you make ALoT of money online……. good looks and great personality sells it self….

  10. Look here Steve you should teach an online class on COMMON SENSE 101 to this "We know EVERYTHING"-Google It- Snap Chat- IM- Facebook- STILL WET behind the ears- WEAKER but think they are wiser- BOBBLE HEADED generation of kids. They have the answer to EVERYTHING so they think. Oh my and they know absolutely NOTHING.

  11. See, I agree with everything he said until he got to the part about the plan B situation. Everyone always needs a plan B. Because plan A doesn't always work out. A backup is very important.

  12. What if your "gift" or "passion" isn't supported by "plan A?"

    I'm not disagreeing with the advice to STAY in school. However, there are those who believe that the only way to get ahead is with academics…and if their brain isn't as quick, and society keeps telling them, that's the only way, they're going to give up on the hope of becoming a person of purpose and success.
    I may be wrong, but I'm almost sure that some time, some people who are successful today, had to choose their "plan B" and that's what enabled them to go back to school. JS 😑

  13. Social media is absolutely toxic in youth and teenagers. It introduces them to a life that just doesn't exist and fills them with insecurities. The culture of dropping out of school is a very popular thing here in the U.S. because the internet makes life seem easier than it really is.

  14. You don't need to stay in school! You need real life experience, strong work ethic. You can make money while in school.

  15. I'm in the military, I am going to school for Occupational Safety and Health. When I get out of the military with a degree I will go to Fire fighting Academy, EMT, and obtain my CDL. For the simple idea of backup plans. I want to be a firefighter. Most places require a degree and basic EMT. If the firefighting things doesn't workout I can do whatever with my degree, be an EMT or go truck driving. Backup plans are not always bad ideas, especially if they fit with the other.

  16. I have followed Steve talk for quite a time but there was one hey Steve show he told a boy who wanted to be a musician like Eminem and is in law school to become a lawyer and use his Law job to finance his Music…Its n't like have a plan B cos you may get exhausted after putting your energy in plan b ( the law school)

  17. Hey dont he have like 2 other jobs so aren't those back up plans because he is retired from comedy which was his dream or something to do

  18. A second plan A is indirectly a Plan B. But I think what he means is that if we want something really badly let's focus on that and nothing else to distract us from our goal. In other words Change the plan A to another plan A if the 1st plan A didn't work but don't have a plan B in advance.

  19. Steve does make great points, but it’s not so true where you have to go to school to make money. If you are going into a field of work that absolutely requires school then you have to go to school. But in that same instance there are so many successful ppl that did not go to school. But I will say this, self education helps more than just school. There are so many degrees out here where you can’t do anything with. You have to educate yourself on the field of work you do to see if it beneficial for you to continue

  20. Social media tho, has given a lot of ppl false hope that everyone can do it and it’s not the case. Social media is a game and if you fall to the game you get caught in a trap. Know how to differentiate life and social media as the most justified

  21. He's half right half wrong. Society is very different today and it's only going to continue to change and a lot of baby boomers are not able to adapt to the changing world. They have been actually keeping progress from moving forward and holding back a lot of inevitable change. Where he's correct is that likes do not equal money. You have to find a way to make money off what you're doing and learn an actual skill. I started with likes but I quickly got a lot of offers to make money for what I was doing. I didn't drop out of college with the hopes of making money, I already was. I had so much work I didn't have time for school and could justify the loss in wages. I also figured that I can always go back. It's not like that doors ever closed.

  22. I am 22 and my mother and father has made it very clear that I have to work real hard to make dreams come true so this dropping out of school business is nonsense

  23. Nowadays you don’t need college , social media and YouTube can make you very good money with no education at all

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