Hercules Characters: Good to Evil
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Hercules Characters: Good to Evil

Disney’s Hercules is a thrilling
retelling of one of ancient mythologies most iconic stories about one of their
strongest heroes despite being released over two decades ago the movie still
holds strong by today’s standards and given the fact that these characters
stem from classic storytelling that broke down all sorts of human emotion as
well as good and evil it makes sense that the Disney version of the story
would explore morality in a deep way as well so as usual we’ll be taking all of
these characters and trying to figure out where they fall on the spectrum of
good to evil think you know which characters are good which ones are evil
sometimes it’s not as obvious as it seems
what are those first on our list are the much-loved fan favorites the muses not
only does Hercules have an incredible soundtrack even by Disney film standards
due to the excellent casting choices for the muses for example won’t say I’m in
love and zero to hero but they also provide much-needed wholesome commentary
for the movie it would be impossible to rank Kalou P Cleo Thalia terpsichore a
and melpomene E separately seeing as they’re rarely shown as anything other
than a five person act but our gut tells us that they’re all pretty well-rounded
individuals one of their most famous songs
I won’t salmon love is a testament to their good nature with they’re a bit
nosy help Megara comes a little closer to
accepting that she may be in love with Hercules all despite her protests to the
contrary considering Megrez tumultuous love life thus far it’s nothing short of
a good deed to help her on her way to finding true happiness as well as true
love with the movie’s protagonist the muses are also benevolent to the viewer
filling us in on the happenings prior to the events of the movie where Zeus and
Hera lose Hercules to mortality if you don’t remember studying ancient
Greece in school it’s a handy recap actually not really the Disney recap
totally deviates from the original mythology next up we have the adopted
parents of Hercules Amphitryon and Al Kamini for a quick recap of the story
for those who may have forgot in alpha trion and L Kamini found
Hercules after pain and panic Hades henchmen robbed him from Mount
Olympus they succeeded in making him a mortal human but failed in the process
to remove is inhumane strength which set him apart from his peers however despite
the baby not being theirs having basically been abandoned on their
doorstep and Hercules being a considerable challenge becoming a social
pariah due to his troublesome strength you just
can’t control his train the to do their best to raise him as any good parents
would even after an embarrassing incident in the village at the start of
the movie where Hercules is strength destroys the marketplace you keep that and he’s labeled a freak son you
shouldn’t let those things they said back there yet to you and Fitri on
stands by him and tells him not to worry about what people think of him they even
decide to bite the bullet and tell Hercules about the circumstances of his
arrival on earth allowing him to start his hero’s journey and discover where he
came from something many parents may have opted against for fear their child
would leave it’s all for the best though with Hercules telling them that they’re
the best parents he could have asked for before leaving
pop here’s the greatest parents anyone could have ultimately it’s hard to find
anything less than wholesome about these two after all there’s nothing better
than great parents and now for our hero himself Hercules personality-wise
Hercules is known for his compassion I wish to stay on earth with her and
occasional naive behavior despite all the bullying of his childhood he remains
a hopeful and optimistic person throughout his teen years even when it
all comes to a head and he’s left wondering if he truly belongs anywhere
he’s more than happy to go back and help the same people who mocked him once he’s
become a successful hero he shows a complete and total lack of spite and
vengeance that is actually pretty uncommon with a lot of protagonists and
it’s a refreshing take something else uncommon about him is that even when he
becomes confident in himself and his abilities he remains a nice and
approachable guy as the muses say he was riding high and the nicest guy not
conceited now this last part might be a bit of a stretch but towards the climax
of the movie if not in any unexpected way he believes that he’s reached the
pinnacle of what it means to be a hero the day I have joined the gods and
becomes agitated when Zeus tells him that he hasn’t reached it just yet
despite him saving Greece multiple times gaining control over his powers however
it’s his true act of selflessness and sacrificing his own life and soul for
Meigs you like making deals take me in Meg’s
place that earns him godhood in the end and no one can argue he doesn’t deserve
it next up on our list is Pegasus no I know
what you’re thinking one Pegasus is a horse in two could a
horse be anything other than the least evil on this list and may possibly frustrate some
mythological animal rights activists but for a horse Pegasus is surprisingly
personified and is capable of a wide range of emotions not least of all
jealousy and spite yes he’s fiercely protective of Hercules
and can quickly become vengeful with those he deems to harbor ill will
towards him when Phil refuses to help Hercules initially in the film’s climax
Pegasus shoots him a glare severe enough to scare him into submission
he’s also envious of Meg but his issue appears to stem not from the fact that
Meg poses a threat to Hercules being an accomplice of Hades but simply because
he’s jealous of the lovestruck attention Hercules is giving her when in Thebes he
takes advantage of her fear of heights by flying at a purposefully high speed
to scare the hell out of her are you okay just get me down before I
pull straight that’s actually pretty cruel and terrifying but as Hercules his
best friend Pegasus has a heart of gold too showing deep friendship for Hercules
from the crib to the battlefield even after years apart he’s also shown to
change his mind about Meg when she gets on to his good side and earns his
affection so a naughty horse at times but overall a good and loyal pet without
a doubt Hera was a difficult character to rank and Hercules as her character is significantly
different in the Disney adaptation than it is in nearly every other
understanding of Greek mythology in the movie she is shown as Hercules caring
and donning mother nighties head who worries for his safety
and is significantly upset at his kidnapping ultimately she’s portrayed as
any mother should be when her son is kidnapped made mortal and given to
strangers while she’s forced to watch his life from afar
she’s definitely a good character however it would disregard all common
understanding of Greek mythology to stop there after all in original mythology
she hates Hercules with a burning passion look out you tease him actually
being Zeus is illegitimate child as opposed to her own and incites the
initial attempts to kill him herself she sent a snake to kill him as an infant
something that was incorporated into the film but attributed to pain and panic
instead she was also the real instigator behind Hercules is 12 trials now full
disclosure we’re not holding any of this stuff against her in the context of our
list because it wasn’t included in the Disney movie but we wanted to mention it
because it is interesting Zeus is up next on our list and again great
character in the Disney movie a great dad a big smile and a worthy ruler I
want to thank you all for your wonderful dip not only is he wise you want to slow
down work yourself to death but he’s also fun which is why we’ve ranked him
where he is after all he protects Hercules throughout the film and he rules Olympus with maturity and
fairness after all it’s not like he’s the same character from the original
mythological story full disclosure again we aren’t holding any of this
against him on our list because we’re only ranking the Disney version but
similarly to Harris placement anyone who remembers Greek mythology knows why Zeus
wasn’t so great in the original stories Zeus is pretty much considered a
character of bad morals who cheats on his wife and straps Prometheus to Iraq
and allows birds to eat his liver for the sin of allowing mortals to have fire
however in the Disney adaptation he’s rarely shown to be angry except when his
infant is kidnapped and even seems predominantly benevolent
such as his willingness to overlook Hades previous attempts to overthrow
Olympus for the sake of letting bygones be bygones however even in this version
I suppose you could argue that he’s an irresponsible father who allows his
child to play with lightning and subsequently get electrocuted so think
of that what you will just because you’re a god doesn’t mean you should
skip the parenting books oh he won’t hurt himself honestly
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femme fatale rolled into one Megara is up next and a typical love
interest for a disney film she’s rather cynical and world weary well you know
how men are I think no means yes and get lost means take me on yours which is
actually pretty refreshing not sure why Disney has swept her character under the
rug recently oh how cubed a couple of rodents looking for a theme park but as
far as the pessimism who could really blame her she’s become indebted to Hades
after she’s offered him up her soul in exchange for her then boyfriend’s life
only for her boyfriend to turn around and leave her for another woman that is
pretty cold she naturally has a reluctance to open her heart to anyone
again let alone Hercules but finds herself slowly falling for his charm
anyway now it would be easy to mark Meg as an antihero or an accomplice in Hades
plans after all she does serve as bait in Hades many attempts
to get rid of Hercules there was this rockslide a terrible rockslide including
tricking him into believing two children were stuck under a rock and putting him
in the path of a dangerous Beast which he defeated of course she also agrees to
seduce Hercules and find out his weakness for Hades to manipulate no
weaknesses only in the process she realizes she’s falling in love with him
and then refuses to research any further claiming that he has no weakness at all
sadly in the process I think he does make I truly think he did she reveals to
Hades that she herself has become Hercules as weakness and is further used
as bait however though all of these actions
clearly make her complicit in some way or another with Hades plans it’s hard to
not feel sorry for her and it’s hard to blame her too much after all with Hades
having her soul she’s bound by her end of the bargain that she made as a
lovestruck teenager and despite all that she makes the morally right decision in
the end all in all there are definitely worse deeds that have been done for less
and Meg has paid for her sins and then some people always do crazy things
they’re in love Phil is next on our list and while by no means evil he definitely
has some issues to address as a hero trainer he prescribes to a strict
regimen of tough love after the last numerous heroes he trained failed
humiliatingly in battle causing him to lose his reputation he claims none of
them could go the distance and pushes Hercules too painful limits to see if he
can this appears to stem from an issue he had with his mother growing up where
he felt she complimented his brothers achievements more than Phil’s
leading to resentment and a perfectionist attitude but we’re not
here to psychoanalyze him we’re just here to
rank him on a morality scale to add the guy is quick to frustration and has a
bit of a temper becoming angry at others who don’t grant him respect or
acknowledge him he pursues beautiful women on his down time which is fine but
due to the considerable amount of rejections he receives and by the way
sweet cheeks he comes off as a bit creepy about it however it should be
noted that he has a big heart and grows to care about Hercules almost like he’s
family when he believes that meg is plotting against him he’s quick to warn
him for his own safety even when Hercules rejects his testimony all in
all we drank him as good but rough around the edges to say the least which
brings us to our really really short evil side of the spectrum starting with
pain and panic it’s pretty indisputable that these two are evil if also
extremely stupid they’re Haiti’s henchmen and commit many of the misdeeds
of the film under Hades strict orders and they’re the ones to initially kidnap
Hercules as a baby stealing him from his crib and feeding him a potion that
stripped him of his godhood and rendered him mortal
they then tried to transform into snakes and kill the baby only failing due to
Hercules retaining his superhuman strength and beating them up I mean
let’s be real trying to kill a baby is some medieval level stuff their
treachery doesn’t stop there if it’s good and in an admittedly
smaller sin they lie about the whole thing to Hades for years and pretend
that Hercules actually was murdered as an infant
instead of being adopted into a local mortal family they continually serve as
bait in Hades plans such as posing as two small children trapped under a
boulder to hopefully trap and kill Hercules and spying on his and Meg’s
date to make sure she discovered what his weakness is similarly to Meg however
these two are also indebted to Hades due to him having captured their souls for
undisclosed reasons however there are much less sympathetic characters as they
seem to have much more of an objection to having to do work than having to you
know kill a baby now we can’t forget about the fates the three demonic old
hags who share one eye and can see into the future and who have a thing for
ending mortals lives in fact it appears as though they really relish in it
they look on at the process with glee really these dark and frankly creepy
characters seem to represent the dark arts of evil and death and although they
aren’t outright allied with Hades they seem to be just as sadistic and finally
obviously last on our list is Hades the ultimate villain of the series it’s hard
to have imagined anyone else managing to top Hades for evilness in this movie and
he remains one of Disney’s most successful villains fueled by his hatred
of Zeus and his inability to match his physical strength then the once proud
well finally fall he broods and plots for years on end on how to overthrow
Mount Olympia with his cunning and intellect while usually calm and
collected a sinister form of evil he is prone to temper with his entire head
setting a flame when he becomes angry he enslaves pain and panic and later Megara
fortunately for the three of you we still have time to correct this rather
egregious oversight and God knows how many other souls he’s collected forcing
them to do his dirty work while he plots his evil schemes however if there’s one
positive thing that we can say about him it’s that he always seems to keep his
end of the bargain and is surprisingly honest when he strips Hercules of his
strength for 24 hours in exchange for Meg safety and Meg is later put in
danger Hercules immediately regains his strength as Hades couldn’t hold this end
of the bargain it’s not all that often that we actually see an honest villain
in a Disney movie so we can at least give them some props for that even if in
every other respect this guy is certifiably the worst but do you agree
that Hades is the most evil character and Disney’s Hercules or maybe you’re
mad that Pegasus wasn’t at the top of our good list don’t forget to check out
our full good to evil playlist and let us know which cartoon or movie we should
feature next but most importantly stay wicked

100 thoughts on “Hercules Characters: Good to Evil

  1. Pegasus is not Nu 1 or 2……I CALL BLASPHEMY.

    He's a loyal good and helpful friend and pet and warrior.

  2. I knew Hercules' adoptive parents would rank higher than Hercules. No offense to you Hercules, but I'm sure you'd agree.

  3. Tbh Hades is better than zeus. No I'm not saying this as an edgy teen who likes "bad guys" I'm saying it because literally he is.

    If your not aware of hades origin. It all started with kronos who ate his kids because he thought they would overthrow him.
    One these eaten kids was hades. But the mom was like "I am gonna hide one child in a cave, give my husband a rock, and hope my husband dies."

    Kronos was an idiot and thought a rock was his child. Then when zeus was strong enough he defeated kronos. Zeus and siblings all became gods, but hades didn't want to become god of the underworld but was forced to by Zeus because zeus is an entitled bratt.

    Then after zeus forced a burden on hades all the other gods make death jokes about it and hades literally never gets a break.
    Meanwhile Zeus is forcing to have kids with other women behind hera's back. Hercules isn't even hera's own child! And then hades minions, pain and panic wear the merch of his own rival right in front of him.

    Hades is a honest person who got back stabbed or treated horribly by everyone he knows. He does have a temper but it's not like he can just quit his job and get therapy for it. not like theres any therapy for God's anyway.

    Hades, admittedly is flawed, and he does release the titans, but he is not THAT evil and is definitely better than zeus.
    (Also without hades, Hercules would have never met his girlfriend meg.)

  4. Where are the Titans? They are truly evil and should be at the bottom of the list…. btw How about a Simpsons good to evil?

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  6. Hercules of the original myth:murders his family Kratos style.
    Hades of the original myth:is the only member of the Olympians who is faithful to his wife and doesn't seduce mortal women left, right and center and a overall nice guy as long as you don't try to get your dead girlfriend out of the underworld.
    Hera of the original myth:was responsible for the divine madness that drove Hercules to kill his family and generally jealous of the mortal women her hubby had affairs with and spiteful of the demi gods those unions resulted in.
    Zeus of the original myth:a simply guy really,when he got the hots for a mortal lady he went with it consequences be dammed.
    Conclusion:Disney's child friendly disfigurement has nothing on the real thing.

  7. The fates? I'm not saying they're nice but I wouldn't call them evil. I know it's a weird trio to defend so….I'm not. I'm just saying they seem like they're just doing what they have to and making their job easier with humour. I mean who doesn't that? They seem like they just kill, not out of joy for taking life but for just doing their job. It's kinda like calling Death itself evil, when truth be told, Death is neither good nor evil, it's just a natural part of life. If I was to rate them on good to evil….I wouldn't place them anywhere since like death they're neither good nor evil. Creepy….OH HELL YEAH! I find their voices, the fact they seem to be rotting corpses and how they trade that eye around as very creepy but creepy doesn't mean evil…I mean obvious example for creepy but not evil would be Wizardmon from Digimon….that mouth is just a little too creepy. Sorry anyway the fates I'd rate lower to Pain and Panic if what the fates do does count as evil.

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    Rise of the Guardians
    Adventure time
    Regular show
    Foster's home for imaginary friends

    If you can do at least one of them, that would be incredible and if not then that's ok too.

  11. I miss films about Greek and Roman mythology. I know this film wasn't exactly an accurate representation, but it was a lot of fun and I love the art style.

  12. How could y’all not include the Goodest boy of all Cerberus was in the movie all though brief he did make and appearance 🐶🐶🐶

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  14. I love this video. For me, here is how I would rank the character's based off of Greek Mythology.

    1. Pegasus. I would rank him here because in mythology, he sprang from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. From what I remember, there weren't many stories about Pegasus. So I deem him most good.

    2. Hercules Parents. I rank them here cause they were good parents. I mean, they were raising a demi-God with crazy strength. That couldn't have been easy. Also I feel bad for Alcmene (Hercule's mother) cause Zeus disguised himself as her husband Amphitryon. Which is how she got pregnant with Hercules.

    3. Megara. It was really messed up in mythology what happened to her and their 5 kids. Hera caused Hercules to kill them in a fit of insanity.

    4. Hercules. I thought he was an awesome hero in mythology. I have a lot of sympathy for him since Hera likes to be her awful, petty self and well, you know harm anything that has to do with Zeus!

    He went through way too much pain and suffering tbh. He has not had it easy. Ended up killing his wife Megara and their 5 kids in a for of insanity caused by Hera. Poor dude.

    5. Hades. Yes, crazy I know. However, the only thing I can think of that was bad was "stealing" and marrying Persephone. Like yes that was messed up, but he lives in the underworld. Dude is probably lonely. Plus, Persephone gets to go back Demeter after spend six months (or, according to some, three or four months).

    He also willing to give Eurydice another few years on Earth, on the the condition that Orpheus didn't look back when leaving the underworld. So he is okay in my book.


    I would have to say this was a tough one. I'm ranking Zeus as the worst though.

    Okay so we will start with Hera.

    6. Hera is just awful! I feel bad for her though. She married Zeus to hide her shame because Zeus had taken her fully. Not only that but Zeus literally screws anything that has a hole in it! However, she is ranked here due to the fact that she has punished people wrongly. She caused Echo, a nymph, to only be able to repeat the words of others because while Echo was talking to Hera, Zeus got away. (She was trying to catch Zeus cheating.)

    Hell, the worst thing Hera did was cause Hercules to kill his wife and 5 kids in a fit of insanity.

    Like woah Hera! Calm down!

    7. Zeus. Without a doubt. He is the worst. I feel bad for Hera. Dude can't keep it in his pants. Not to mention he sentenced Prometheus to being chained to cliff, to have his liver pecked out by a bird (the bird varies in mythology). All because he gave humans fire back so they could survive. I could go on and go.

    I would name and rank more Gods, Goddesses and creatures but we'd be here all year. Greek mythology is crazy and messed up.

  15. Not really the best subject matter since some of these characters have literally only a few minutes of screentime total. Also you judge a lot of them by the mythological counterparts even though you say you don't.

  16. Why does every single movie about Greek Mythology that includes Hercules show him doing tasks that in the actual Greek Myths were done by other Greek Heroes?

  17. The only things Disney Hades and Hades from the original myths have in common are their upbringings (being screwed over by Zeus into living in the underworld for the rest of his immortal life) and how both keep their promises. Hades only appears in the original Hercules story at the end of his labors, where Wonderboy has to bring Cerberus to the surface. Hades is cool with his nephew doing so, as long as Cerberus comes back unharmed. Fun fact- Cerberus means "spotted" in ancient Greek, so the guy named his 3-headed monster dog Spot like that's too cute.

    Otherwise, Disney painted a terrible image of Hades. Not disrespect to James Woods, but Hades was never angry or had any interest in killing people or overthrowing his siblings on Olympus. For the most part he just hangs out in the underworld and minds his own business, not bothering others unless they come to him first and usually being willing to help them as long as they could help themselves first. The only villainous thing he really did was kidnap Persephone and blackmailing her into marrying him. Even then, it's pretty clear from most stories that he loves his wife fiercely and treats her like the queen that she is, not like Zeus and the others who were notorious for cheating. Thank you for reading my ramble, just wanted to remind y'all that the "dark" characters usually aren't as dark as they seem.

  18. I think Hercules's 🐴 is only worried about himself and his, I honestly think Hades isn't at all evil and I think you need to measure the good to evil of the Descendants 1- 2-3 movie.

  19. You cant really fault the three fate girls (I forget what their called) because thats their job and it is an important job

  20. You know, I'm always fond of a heroic sacrifice for the good of the plot, but… wouldn't it have been easier and faster for Meg to ask Phil to hurt her to break the deal?

  21. I think the 3 demonically hags are WAY MORE evil then hades since they have killed 5000000000 human souls or more in the movie and also Hera should be more evil since she made Hercules kill her wife and kids which is really messed up from what Hera made him do but Zeus is more evil from the list since he cheated on Hera with I forgot the name and Hera got sad that is why Zeus is total jerk see it’s not about the animated movies it’s about the historical and life action movies and why are the villains always the more evil there can be someone more evil than just the villain I really hope you read this

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