hello! Telugu Short Film I Kala Media I Roll Rida I Apoorva I Kaushik
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hello! Telugu Short Film I Kala Media I Roll Rida I Apoorva I Kaushik

Hello! Hey!
How’s your story shaping up? Hey! Haven’t got a single story man and the producer is keen on only Rom-Coms. It doesn’t take long to write a love story. Go ahead, write mine. You and a love story? One minute . One minute. I’ll call you back. I’ve gotten a pick-up. Bye. Hello! Hello! Madam. Where are you madam? Where are you?
On my left is Coffee..coffee cup mam. Am not able to spot you. Take a look at the number mam, fancy number on a black colored car. No way could you miss it. Mam. Here, am honking right now. Are you the one in the pink top? Yea. The first pick-up is here. Wonder where the next guy is! This pool facility is such a menace. Why is this guy calling me repeatedly? Am right here. It’s okay. You could sit here at the back. Oh! Okay. Am starting the trip mam. Where is the drop off mam? Marredpally right? Won’t you ask me? I thought you guys were together sir. Moreover, couldn’t connect a call to your phone sir. So, I thought you guys were together. No.
Where do you have to get dropped at? Marredpally Song playing on the radio Would you drop the call and concentrate on the driving? I’ll call you back. Bye. Increase the volume.
Increase the volume. I love that song. I’d listen to it multiple times. Why do people have to write these?! Pardon me? What does that mean mam? Meaning “excuse me” When there’s already a word, why would one need another? Such is the English language. You’ve got many synonyms. You mean like Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2? You were saying something. Yea, wasn’t regarding you, was about this article. I don’t know why people write these kind of articles. Didn’t you like it? What’s the big deal in this? Woman equality. Me, you and this guy are all equal. Why is there a necessity for it to be publicized? There is Have you observed one thing? Since the time we got in, I’ve been addressing you with a degree of respect where as, you have not. True sir. I’ve been addressing you the same way too but you haven’t reciprocated in the same manner. I did feel bad sir. Sorry. Mr.Driver, sorry to you too. A sorry wouldn’t be enough sir. I need a 5 star rating from you. You? So this is your full time job is it? Of course sir. What else would we have? Cabs and cinemas. This is our world sir. Not you Mr.Driver.
You go on. Yup! I am a writer. I write for Kolam magazine. Writing is my passion. Madam! You’re a writer is it? Why didn’t you tell sooner? My friend’s been pestering me since this morning for a story. Please ma’am. Won’t you let us talk? Earlier, when she was on a call you didn’t let her speak. Now, you’re not letting me talk. She asks a question, you give an answer and if I gave an answer, you put a question. What’s going on? Pardon me sir Oh! I’ve got to read it completely then. Prema Seenu. You must’ve seen it on the app. 5 Star rated driver. Anand. Anand, meaning happy. Right mam? Sir..sir..I am an actor sir. Please give me a chance sir. So? You’d come off directly to my set is it? Come to the auditions and we’ll see. Sir.. please consider .. I’m self employed. Didn’t you like the article? Is it the article that you dislike or my ideology? There’s no necessity to publicize this is what I feel. That’s all. Madam, do I drop you off first or sir? Mam, where do I drop you? Why? So that you could write an article on me too? I would probably decide after a cup of coffee. Mam, there’s a coffee shop right here. Would you want me to stop? You wouldn’t understand unless I print this down too is it?

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  1. Artical nachaleda ane dialogue chala bagundi 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 please watch it and give a like thank u

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