Have Viral Social Media Challenges Gone Too Far? | Fast Company
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Have Viral Social Media Challenges Gone Too Far? | Fast Company

– If I figure out that
somebody licked my ice cream. You’re dead to me. (laughs)
You’re dead to me. (upbeat music) – Social media viral challenges
hit our screens around 2013. With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Planking. And the Harlem Shake. While those challenges seem
to bring people together. And were mostly harmless fun. Recent ones, has started to
vier towards the dangerous and irresponsible. – [Zander] Have you heard about the Ice Cream Licking Challenge? – Yes. – [Zander] You have. Do you want to explain it? – The Ice Cream Challenge
basically going into an ice cream aisle at a grocery store. Grabbing unpurchased ice cream. Licking it, eating it. Putting it back and walking away. – That’s just gross on so many levels. Put them in jail. Lock them up. – I believe people should
get arrested for that. – Seems stupid but I remember in. Back in the day, the
fraternity boys would go in to the girls’ dorms and steal their panties and hang them up somewhere. So they – People have always been
doing stupid things. – It’s the same people who are doing this, the same people who eat Tide pods. – [Zander] Have you ever
done one of these challenges? – I was in eighth grade and we – No. Seventh grade when we
did the Harlem Shake Leg. Even the cafeteria ladies came up. It was a great time. Like we had the whole school. – I did the cinnamon
challenge when I was like, 10. – [Zander] Yeah? (laughs)
– And I finished that. – [Zander] You did?
– Yes. – Why do you think people
are doing these challenges? – Cloud’s currency. And people love that
five second attention. – The people are followers. – [Zander] Yeah?
– Basically. People are sheep. – Depending on like, where
they start, from my know. Like artists use them to
gain hype over their music. – [Zander] Do you think
maybe like brands in general? If they’re involved. Have a responsibility and say something? – It is like. It is, like their name in the video. It’s sort of like product placement. – No. Of course not. Blue Bell has an agreement with grocery stores to distribute. What happens to their
product, once it’s there. It’s not, really their responsibility. – The brands should still say,
“Hey, we did not start this”. “You guys should be careful”. And at the end of the day,
if someone wants to do the Bird Box Challenge
and walk cross the street with their eyes closed. That’s really on them. – [Zander] Ten years from now. Do you think we’re going
to look back on challenges, and be like, “Wow, that
was really stupid”. – I’m not sure it’s
something to think as stupid. It was a former entertainment that brought a lot of people together. There was this sense of
comradery over everyone loving to dance at a random time. Something so simple. In a world that’s kind of dark right now. And so I don’t think we
should look back at them as something stupid. – But I do think, ’cause
I’m going to be like, “What the fuck were y’all doing?”. (laughs) “Did y’all really was like”. “Licking ice cream for fun?” “Go to the grocery stores”. (laughs) – So you could be like, “Yeah, I was stupid when I was young”. But, who wasn’t stupid when
they’re young, you know?

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