Have I Shared Too Much?
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Have I Shared Too Much?

I’m a team player Love a challenge. Love a challenge Communication is key You must be John I’m Lisa Romano Chris Jeffries Jake Souter. Whats up Nice to meet you I brought my resumes. So, tell us about yourself, John. I’m very passionate about working
And I’m diligent And hardworking What do you like, John? What do I like? Eating? Sleeping The cool side of the pillow The cool side of the pillow C’mon Jake Do you hate it when it looks like there’s
a parking spot But it’s actually just a small car Really Jake? Yeah yeah I would say so for sure Would you choose to share that hatred with the world? No, no I don’t think so No you wouldn’t
because its a stupid idea You’ll have to excuse my
colleague. Where did you find out about us? Monster.com? No actually I found out on LinkedIn You guys should go to it right now
Check it out Something wrong? Well it says here you did an internship at 616 consulting but its not on your resume Oh that was an internship and because it wasn’t paid. I thought maybe it
wasn’t relevant experience 616 competes with us on several projects. Yeah I don’t want to go back to work there. I wanted to come to the big players. I see you recommended five people. That’s awfully nice of you. Oh it’s the least I could do. It was such a pleasure working for those guys. Then why didn’t they recommend you? In fact how come no one has recommended you,
John? Well..With those. They asked me to recommend
them. And so I didn’t ask anyone to recommend me.
I totally understand, John. Mary is stuck at the airport Did she email you? No, she posted it on Twitter.
You on Twitter, John? You tweet? You do that? Yeah, yeah. actually I am Really? Whats your username? Um um.it’s uh..
its uh.. uh…
coughing smootoperator
Laughter Oh I follow just you know the normal names. Celebrities, Atheletes comedians.. You know I see you follow Kim and Kourtney but not Khloe. . Why is that? The truth is.. Yes? Khloe.. Tell us the truth about Khloe I just. I think she’s trashy Nothing offensive or inappropriate.
I see you like to retweet a lot. But not from Khloe. No, I’m kidding. Yeah if something catches my eyes, I retweet it.
Hey if you can’t beat it retweet it. That’s nice of you, John.
When you retweet something, its as though you’re validating what someone else writes. For God’s sakes Lisa, I’ll follow you. Can you let it go, already?
Twitter, huh Lisa. Is that where you’re interesting? Because it certainly isn’t on Facebook or
real life I have retweeted you twice already, Chris.
And if you don’t even have the decency to follow me.
But John, why would you ever tweet? You only have like six people following you. Oh I really like the concept of Twitter. It’s just a good concept.
Twitter It’s a great concept. Do you know these people? Well I really try to not um..try not to say
anything um that might have any personal or professional negative ramifications. You follow Justin Bieber. Oh my God, I love him. him.
Why would you follow Justin Bieber? My wife and I have the fever. Justin’s like, you know he’s one of the most popular guys on Twitter.
I just like to follow all of the popular ones. Keep my finger on the pulse. As long as you’re not a fan of his on Facebook. No..no
John, Are you a fan of Justin Bieber’s on Facebook?
Yes. Yes you are.
Let me ask you, do you think it’s normal for a thirty year old man, aside from Chris, to
be a fan of Justin Bieber? I..Here’s the thing, my niece she had sent
me an invitation to join his fan page so I just didn’t want to disappoint my niece. I think I saw you on Dateline. Alright, Jake. That’s enough.
You know..A lot of Indian guys on that show. It’s just a fun little website. It’s not even
that important. If it’s not that important Chris, then why
are you Facebook friends with my fiance? You know what, I feel like..Maybe we should
reschedule. You guys have a lot of things going on here.
It’s fine John. You know what Jake, kiss my ass! Why don’t you kiss my ass! So I do a lot of volunteer work. For the last time, she added me I don’t care. You guys met for five minutes,
now you’re BFF. Imagine if we spoke for half an hour. Guys please! We’re in the middle of an interview. What’s your problem?
I don’t have a problem, Little miss “I can’t wait to tell everyone how much I hate everything.”
Oh I’m sorry, “Mr. I tell bad jokes on Facebook and then like them.” Too bad nobody else does,
Jake. Hey Lisa, thanks for sharing those six thousand
photos of you and your boring ass friends at the club. I do both Mac and PC. Hey Chris
Yeah Jake You’re a.. You’re a..Stinky man. Oh real mature. Jake..Stinky John, I just added you as a friend right now.
You’ll accept me, right? Oh yeah, of course. As soon as I get home. Why don’t you do it right now? You have a phone with you now.
The thing is, I um, I keep separate profiles. For professional..personal. Two profiles. Not to mention, I don’t know if I have service right now.
I have reception. I have reception.
I’m not even looking, but I know that I have reception.
Okay Look at that…
Friend Request Accept..That’s done.
Oh how cute.. You were nervous about today’s interview.
John do you wait for like ten people to add you to accept them so you look more popular. No, I just don’t login that often. What do you do for fun?
Love the beach. You love the beach? Or do you love doing tequila
shots at the beach. Either or..
Kidding Just the beach
I see you like to go to the gym.. Easy Lisa I see you have a lot of pictures of athletes and celebrities..You know that they don’t
give a crap about you, right John? Oh yeah, for me, it’s mostly just a valuable
conversation topic. Did you really camp out at the midnight showing
of Twilight? Oh that was just something I wrote for fun..to
be funny. Why? There’s nothing wrong with that.
There’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah, if you’re a fourteen year old girl,
it’s fine. You loved Twilight. So you do like to check in at the gym, and at the library..But it’s funny how some people
never like to check in when they’re at the liquor store or the strip club.
Very smart John. I see you don’t let friends comment on your
wall. No, for me, I pretty much keep it closed.
Unless of course it’s a birthday. You have to keep it open on your birthday,
otherwise you’d have to respond to everyone with a personal message.
Total waste of time. Would you give us a second? He has two hundred friends. That’s good. Anymore and he’d just be accepting
anyone and everyone. Yeah but he’s ethnic, he’s supposed to have
at least five hundred. What?
That’s a rule. I’ve heard that. From who?
From ethnic people. Who do you know that’s ethnic? I voted for Obama. So what? So did I
Um guys..I, I don’t think this job is right for me.
Why not, John? Because you guys are obsessed with social
networking. Easy John.
Social networking is great, but if you’re not careful, there is a downside.
Facebook is great for connecting with old friends.
Twitter connects you to the world. And LinkedIn is um..
Nice to have. Thank you
Whats your point? My point is i think maybe you and this organization
needs to set clear boundaries for how you use social networking.
It’s great to be friends with your coworkers, but we’ve lived most of our lives without
social networking. Perhaps it’s become too big a part of our
lives. Maybe it’s okay to keep our online personal
lives away from our online professional lives. If for no other reason than we can focus on
our work, and not what we post online.
Applause That was absolutely brilliant.
He’s a natural You really are a great consultant.
You identified a fairly obvious problem. Followed it up with a list of broad generalizations
we all would agree with. You proposed a solution that doesn’t seem
to cost us anything. And you were even willing to sacrifice your
benefit for the sake of the group. When can you start?
Are you serious? We’d be lucky to have you
Congratulations John! You guys really got me nervous.. Especially with the fiance and the Facebook stuff..which we’re still not talking about. Do you want me to defriend her? No.
Just.Stop commenting on everything she writes, deal?
Deal. I have to ask.
Does anyone actually like LinkedIn? Hey..

26 thoughts on “Have I Shared Too Much?

  1. This is so true! I know people who have to change their Facebook profile names to something bogus to that employers (present or future) can't see all their shenanigans.

  2. The technique is to not share something that you cannot say in person. If this still does not work, then, just leave the accounts that you have in social networking sites. It is a bit hard to control the things that you say on the Internet but there are still ways on how to do it.

  3. I work a lot on social media marketing and I have to say, this is a very smartly-written short film. In a single job interview, the filmmakers were able to surface some of the unchecked behaviors of people when dealing with social media and the irremovable benefits of having it as well. And within twelve minutes they were able to reveal the true significance of social media and how it affects the different facets of our lives such as work, family, and friends – all while using the power of subtle dialogues. Brilliant. 

  4. In the history of everything, nothing sends a message across harder and with more weight than subtlety. This short film is filled with that. And what great subject matter to invoke social undertones than social media. Cool stuff. 

  5. Very clever, that was a lot of fun! It is crazy how much businesses rely on social media in the hiring process now-a-days.  It's similar to a comedy web series that just started up that is similar to this, it takes place at a social media marketing company. Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/user/socialistseries

  6. We also have a video about Social Media and the Workplace. If you'd like to see it, click on our logo to visit our YouTube channel.

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