Has Conservative Media Turned Into A Propaganda Machine? | MSNBC
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Has Conservative Media Turned Into A Propaganda Machine? | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Has Conservative Media Turned Into A Propaganda Machine? | MSNBC

  1. Fox "News" is nothing more than a cheap reality show. It appeals to the lowest and the dumbest in our society.

  2. The hate and fals news that comes from CNN is something you did not have even in the Sovjet Union (i am from Europe).

  3. This kind of with hunt against fox news (the moust watched news network in the USA) is dangerous. This kind of things are a danger for liberal democracy

  4. #FauxNews is state run propaganda now. I don't even know how they can claim to be a "News" organization with how biased they are. They rarely bring on people that don't think like they do. They don't accurately report on the tons of scandals that the Trump administration has committed, keeping their uneducated viewers in the dark.

  5. LOL. Will the democrats EVER quit crying about Donald J. Trump's 2016 landslide victory? Reckon not. 😄😅😂🤣

  6. Not all conservative media……..FOX is guilty! Nothing but propaganda , ignorance & lies….just like Trump & the MAGA lemmings.

  7. Maybe there should be a mandated psychologist in the House and Senate. How in the world is this selfish, incompetent, and crook still President? The writing is on the wall he's utilized his friends whom have monies and position to make a mockery of the United States political system. This has to be some racial motive because if it was Obama he would be strange fruit.

  8. for too many years our polluted lying leftist 'media' trash have attempted to 'bully' their revoked democrat demands as some type of putrid ultimatum, expecting it to be popular and persuasive. the context of intern impeached democrat 'leadership' failing to rig an election or subvert with politicized federal 'control' is identical to how our thoroughly polluted dnc 'press' have tried to ford flop their disgraced hoax 'service' as legitimate pressure and authority. too many headlines of guilty dnc garbage attempting to designate guilt according to their madonna managed victim oppressor propaganda. the president has merely qualified it accordingly without apology as pledged, lol.

  9. Thank God you have MSNBC CNN etc who are completely unbiased.
    It would be a shame if someone like Rachel Maddow(a millionaire) would brainwash her viewers and support conspiracy theories for 2 and a half years……………wait a minute……………..BOMBSHELL RUSSIA RUSSIA PUTIN RUSSIA!! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END (part 5243)

  10. go look in the mirror msnbc and cnn are 24/7 hit jobs on trump. good luck trying to pick a leader out of your dingocrat race.

  11. Is this a joke? If anything its the mainstream media that has turned itself into a propaganda machine with them now trying to lower the voting age to 16. Are democrats nuts? Yup!

  12. When Roger Ailes first approached Murdoch about creating a news outlet, his original idea was to name it GOPTV and it was to unabashedly promote the GOP line . Rupert bought the whole idea, except the name.

  13. Are you liberal msnbc idiots kidding me? I can remember when Trump announced his bid for the presidency and the liberal media propaganda started and I watch Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews talking about it as if it was a joke and at the end of the segment, Matthews predicted that Hilary will be the next president and later (I hear hammers) Lawrence O'Donnell said on the last word that It is obvious that Trump will never be the next president, he is obviously never going to be the Republican nominee for president and it is obvious that he will never get to be a candidate for president. After that said, you have the audacity to accuse a Conservative Media turned into a propaganda machine when both msnbc and fake news cnn are the Soros media propaganda puppets? You liberals never stop making fools of yourselves and that cracks me up all the time.

  14. It was their business model with roger ailes, a leaked memo from him talks about how FOX will be an outlet for the GOP

  15. Despite the most hostile and corrupt media in the history of American politics, the Trump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration. Judges, biggest Tax & Regulation Cuts, V.A. Choice, Best Economy, Lowest Unemployment & much more!

  16. In 2018, Fox News averaged its largest prime time audience in the 22-year history of the network; and for the third year in a row, finished as the most-watched network on cable television

  17. Of course it has, money and greed guide Fox news. They should have their broadcasting license cancelled due to incorrect facts and nasty opinions.

  18. You've got that backwards! The awful truth is that Trump has become a propaganda machine for Fox (so-called) News.

  19. 80 percent of the media has a Liberal bias and 90 % percent of the media coverage is negative towards the President and these ppl are afraid of the 10% good coverage? this is Fake news propaganda! total crap communist Pravda. Look in a mirror

  20. 268,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended since October. A 97% increase from the previous fiscal year. This is a national emergency. Obama was right in 2014, "this is a national crisis." DEMOCRATS/2019 = THE PARTY OF BIGOTS

  21. Trump promised to drain the swamp. Well in a way he did as the White House has been a clearing house for grifters and conmen eager to fill their pockets at our expense.

  22. “Turned into”?! For god’s sake. It’s precisely what Roger Ailes intended to create from day 1 w Fox News and he himself said as much. It’s not a bug. It’s by design.

  23. Orange Sphincter Why people, like in Holland, still want to hate and devide? ‼️Patriots dont have colorskin. Lets love ❤️ in truth and honesty each other, in Jesus Mighty Name. YOU Choose!
    If You Are Young (Kamala Harris, AOC) and Not Communist, You Have No Heart.
    If You Are Old (Sanders) and Still Communist, You Have No Brain.

  24. Yes, yes, FOX is the GOP propaganda machine, CNN the DNC's and MSNBC corporate special interest's. Anything else you need to project?

  25. Murdoch doesn't do anything for free, out of the goodness of his heart (you have to have one first), he will make sure he gets paid and paid very well for the support he's given trump.

  26. That’s all it’s ever been. Fox was approved for Murdoch’s ownership in the 90s by newt Gingrich as newts dream of a GOP network

  27. If there is only one conservative station and all the other stations are liberal what does that mean.

    Most of the leaks under the DNC have been sent to CNN.. including…

  28. Spanky McBoneSpurs should learn up on his math. Multi negative news reports does not equal one positive news report..

  29. "his news coverage had not improved."
    If it has been this bad under all 5 communications directors, you may start to silently ask the question if it is a problem with the facts of the administration, rather than the lack of spin that can be put on it.
    Pro-tip : Press secretaries who refer all questions to outside sources or are blatantly lying don't help either.

  30. My dad moved to a senior home , fox news wasn’t available and he had two week tantrum until he accepted it . MAGA 🖕🇷🇺🎃

  31. Yes, and so has MSNBC to a certain extent. I just watched "Morning Joe" Scarborough shill for corporations and attack the free speech rights of Rep. Omar and others.

  32. While pondering this difficult question we should think about what bears do in the woods and whether the pope is a Catholic.
    Mr Hannity says "Promises made. Promises kept" then why is the budget deficit soaring, why is the trade gap reaching record levels, why haven't prescription charges dropped?

  33. They don't like socialism but worship the police and the military yet don't want to pay taxes to support their patriotism!

  34. ALL mainstream media is propaganda. The 2012 Smith Mundt Modernization Act made it legal for media to spread propaganda to US citizens, and HR5181 in the 2017 NDAA funded that propaganda. There are no outlets that just give the news update without some kind of extreme bias.

  35. MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business News, CNN are all propaganda Wall Street establishment puppets for the failed neoliberal corporate globalist agenda which help lead to the political rise of Donald trump and all these alt far right fascist movements throughout Europe and Brazil. Including the rise of the Brexit movement in the UK. The anti neoliberal globalist movement including the WTO will just continue to grow exponentially because of the global socioeconomic wealth inequality crisis caused by failed neoliberal global corporate and right wing conservative establishment economic policies.

  36. Wow the balls of these left wing networks is simply unbelievable. They pushed Hillary for president and were defeated and spent the last two years lying and trying to overthrow the president. And they have the gall to run a headline like this!? Msnbc and cnn =enemy of the people

  37. This Huffington Post video shows this has been going on a long time. Trump is a symptom not the cause.


  38. cover CHELSEA MANNING going back to jail! you won't because you are a propaganda machine for corporate greed and power. cover a journalist with real integrity! ms manning is one of the greatest heroes of out time.

  39. Also, https://www.statista.com/statistics/373814/cable-news-network-viewership-usa/ shows you that, while Fux Noise has the biggest audience, it is only just ahead of CNN and MSNBC, particularly in the Aged 25 – 54 demographic.

    Combine the two non-Reichspropagandaministerium stations, and you can see that "Liberal" news is ahead of Fux…


  41. Hate and fear mongering is rupert murdoch's business model around the globe. trump is a catalyst and asset for that – what else could we expect? I'm just waiting for murdoch to drop trump like a steaming turd when it no longer pays off.

  42. I wonder how you will report all the Democrats guilty of Sedition, Conspiracy and Treason ? Soon lots of information will come out on how bad some of this government have acted. These people that are guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent the Law Provides !

  43. Every single time lately when Sean Hannity says something my jaw drops in disbelief. It's like they're trying to turn the US into Russia and turn Trump into a dictator.

  44. This is the funniest headline ever – what was msnbc and cnn to the Obama administration? They never pushed or investigated him – showered him with nothing but positive coverage

  45. what do you mean, 'has it turned into propaganda…?" fox noise has always been propaganda !!! it is ridiculous how they try to divert attention away from the many, daily scandals involving trump and his corrupt regime… the re are too many things to list here that are wrong with the conservative media. not to mention, the pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity , beck and alex whatever…. they are all liars and conspiracy theorists…. they should be locked up; their lies are dangerous….

  46. For all of you lefties and MSNBC, here is my question. Why do you and others news network bother about Fox News so much? the one and only conservative news network when there are thousand of Left media? You have the oscars, the grammys, the superbowl and other sport games, All the late night shows, all talk shows, all radio stations around the country, all the hollywood actress and actors and singers. there is only ONE fox. against all of that. What's the problem? it's 1000 to 1 and yet you are not satisfied? you have the majority why do you care about fox? I say get over it.

  47. To answer the questions: Yes, but has faux-progressive corporate media also turned into a propaganda machine? The answer to that is also yes. This channel is just neoliberal propaganda – pushing the agenda of large multinational corporations and intelligence agencies (possibly a portion of the military industrial complex). While conservative news pushes the agenda of the church and government (possibly another portion of the military industrial complex).

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