Hanson – Instagram LIVE {November 10 2018} FULL
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Hanson – Instagram LIVE {November 10 2018} FULL

Okay, hey guys so we are getting ready for
the Boston Show and we are doing our fan club reporter interview that we do
before each show with fan club members so we select a family member we shared a
little bit of this a few weeks ago so I’m just bringing in conversation time
stretching especially when you’re going faster your answer better be good
because you’re now live oh where are we live on Instagram yeah she said she
was trying to beat the questions room yesterday guys so I thought we’d get you
know document exactly so that was a kind of a nail-biting moment but but really I
think it was a great choice to go a little faster it plays into something
going around better and the rest is history so this album and going on tour with an orchestra is a big accomplishment what is still on your bucket list as
musicians we’re making her as nervous yes I think so
I said different things that he’s answering questions and tailors
I think string theory it represents a little bit of a mental shift for the
band especially with middle of everywhere before it where you’re not
just thinking about what’s the next album but you’re also thinking a little
bit about legacy a little bit but we have survived 25 years as a unit is
there something we want to leave people with know is there something do we have
any sort of lasting messages we want to not just happen by accident but be a
part of active any sharing people and wanted like like as a word I think
craftsmanship like that that is something I really like to have that
people feel and everything we do in an active way because it’s very intense
time we try very very hard to make sure that the quality of the music and the
songs and specific the songs in specific or that the word that we’re not just you
know you’re not just fondant in it’s not just about a cool move and so killer
after it’s pretty obvious I think when people I think of the symphony like they
the craft of that like that the the composer’s late at night you know making
the charts and I think other projects that kind of fit in that level of work
we would be on my list I think somewhere in the future not immediately there’s a
Hanson Musical at some time probably I think scoring films would be cool I know
last year’s Hanson day more for the act of doing it I created that little piece
of music the Machine EP and the idea of like doing the long-form projects like
that that also have visuals like creating the visuals for it and then
also the music for that’s that’s really kind of exciting which by the way I well
I watched the digging to China like stop stop motion animation that you did
the other day I was like dang that’s a lot of work Zac how the heck did you do that? i would love to do more of that kind of stuff and share i think the more and more we think of the projects less like an album or an EP it’s a work it’s an idea and so that takes the
form of a CD or a file but you’re really just trying to share a moment or a
thought with people and and however you need to do that obviously String Theory
has had a lot more visuals than probably any other album before it we’re sharing
all the conversations on YouTube and the moon like songs and about the process
like as the out before the album comes out people are hearing parts of it and
why we chose those songs and so that’s like I like that I think that’s
the other thing about talking about craftsmanship its craftsmanship is at
the heart of the song its themselves I mean one of the things that is different
about this project is usually it’s five of us and not only are we doing
something musically different from the point of view when you listen you put on
the record but we can’t go play this just the five of us it requires all
these other people and every city you go to you know it’s different groups of
players it’s different interpretation even too deep there’s details but part
of what we’re saying like Zac’s saying craftsmanship art when you talk
about craftsmanship it’s sort of saying like if you write a good song or
hopefully write a good song then you and you can reimagine it you can reinterpret
it and like we could take MMMbop and do the funk version of it or take any one of
these songs and I think that that’s really where the craftsmanship comes in
is I just want to say I don’t think we should do a funk version of MMMbop
yeah just I want to be on the record saying okay
just right now On a record you want to be on record? i like what you did there Okay we’re gonna say goodbye to you
guys but looking forward to the show tonight goodbye to Instagram and now you can let
feel less anxiety

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