Hannity: Trump’s accomplishments the media won’t talk about
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Hannity: Trump’s accomplishments the media won’t talk about

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Trump’s accomplishments the media won’t talk about

  1. Felt like I just watched CNN in reverse, plus I seem to remember fox participating in the same crazy redoic CNN is doing when the opposite party held the presidency and back then CNN sounded eriely similar to this segment. America was great when the media reported news like rational humans. If we want to make America great again, there is no room for CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and all the other media outlets insanely slanted.

  2. the Electoral College dosnt have a free vote they just represent how the state they are from overall voted so give it a rest hillary lost to and because of hillary

  3. trump has no accomplishments, he just gave the rich tons of money, and allow big business to poison every live thing on this planet, by removing all regulations not to mention he is doing nothing about victims of floods or fire disasters, and by his policies this country is literally burning down……mr. Dumdum insanity hannity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. When? What? What policy has trump put in to help unemployment and anything domestic? Taking over Management of Inherited policy already tried and proven is not leadership attribute. Are you right wingers serious?

  5. Anyone actually seen the graph of unemployment rates over the last 17 years? Trump’s America is just surfing the wave of declining unemployment

  6. Shawn not many republicans wanted President Trump to win the president seat, he did and then many other Repub's sort of fell into place, You can say what you want but the unemployment started under the Obama's, Jobs also but wile we was saying that the numbers was not accurate when it came to unemployment and jobs , so that now that President Trump is in office he and you Shawn are now saying the numbers are now good. and you are constantly talking about things that have not happen yet , tax money gain, and thing that will happen. and you the media are calling other media lire's, I'm confused. I want to say I'm not one of those people that gives a dame about Trumps indiscretion , don't care, but like Clinton I will not vote for you a second time. I can only take disgrace so far. so what you are really saying is that our president has done nothing. But take away every good for the people. Wages, health care, move forward from crud, . we call ourselves Conservative, Just what is it that we are conserving .

  7. Dan Rather got fired for lying about Bush, now he's trusted to talk about Trump.
    You'd think they'd keep people with reps like Dan out to make themselves look better.

  8. Politics are very interesting, BUT and this is a big one.
    People on BOTH sides not just democrats, just not republicans. BOTH sides.
    ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS, do the same thing each time the opposition has their candidate in the White House.
    They label them as failures, incompetent, etc etc..
    Never will you ever hear the opposition actually say something in the likes of,
    " Well even though I didn't vote for the president (be it Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton or whoever) I have to admit he's doing a great job. "
    They never give any credit and the few times that they actually do, they bury the president with criticism seconds later.
    Of course the criticism has to out do whatever little positive they had to say about the president.
    It's pathetic to say the very least. Yeah sure you may not agree with a lot of what the president says or thinks even if he happens to be republican or democrat BUT why is it so damn hard to actually admit that, damn the president did a very good job with this and that?
    For some reason they simply can't bring themselves to give any sort of praise.
    As by some miracle it's only when THEIR candidate is in office that EVERYTHING is done right.
    When the opposition is in the office EVERYTHING get's done wrong.
    You talk about being completely biased, look no further. You won't see anymore bias than that. EVER.

  9. Holy shit how is it so hard to understand that the economy has been getting better since 2008 we didn't just go from a near recession to these numbers over night. It's like a bench player goes on the field for a team that's been winning and then takes credit for every point.

  10. Me :hannity i want you to look at two phrases and tell me if you spot a diffrence.

    Hannity: 🙄sure thats sounds like😲 ahhh trump is great idea.

    phrase 1 phrase 2


    a few hours later….

    Hannity: if there is a difference i cant see it☺

    FOX NEWS=as in the words of the smartest president ever FAKE NEWS

  11. Why the need to include ex-president Obama if this video is about Trump's accomplishments? If I speak about my accomplishments, I don't need to mention my adversaries.

  12. Trump 20/20 dont vote for a person because of they gender or race vote for a person who cares about not only their country but the people as well vote for Trump 20/20 he is not owned like all the others and he cant be bought. Trump 20/20

  13. Can someone tell me the actual accomplishments tho this video talks about fake media but I’m try to find out what Trump has actually done for the majority. I’m trying to understand what I’m missing with honest curiosity.

  14. I wonder? does anyone know what policies, actions or laws trump passed to lead to these results? saying "this happened during his presidency" is not the same as saying 'this happened BECAUSE of his presidency". it takes years for policies/laws etc. to have effects that can be calculated and seen, so if this were true, we'd have to thank Obama more for these results then Trump.

    unless of course someone can provide information on what trump has done to get these results. I'm not disputing that it can happen, just that I don't think that is at all the case.

  15. This moron and all tramp supporters are so blinded by their white God don tramp and all his lies. We can all see how much of a mess the white house is in right now not to mention the country. Don tramp will go down as one of the worst president this country has ever had. He has divided this country like no other president has ever done. Mark my words. Don tramp is nothing but a racist, draft dodger, doesn't pay his taxes and brags about it,doesn't respect women or gays yet they treat him like a white God. Pathetic!

  16. Americans got their brains back and will help America great again..those who are making fake news for our beloved Trump,ur going down..and we the people are going UP..God bless America!

  17. Tax cuts to the top 1%. The rich get richer. Stock market… 84% owned by the rich. The rich get richer. Trumps job creation last 22 months. less than Obamas last 22 months. When Trumptards are hit with facts they call it fake news. Trumptards do some research it's not that hard. Cheeto doesn't give two shits about common folk. But Cheeto loves the rich and Putin and Rocket man, Trumptards you are amazing. MAGA

  18. Some uneducated idiot donkey morons thinks President Trump is the Worst President because of outlets like CNN and idiots… I laugh at them!! God has blessed America again With Trum

  19. The title on this video is "Trumps accomplishments the media won't talk about" and it does say anything about President Trump accomplishments. This appears fishy!

  20. Hannity keeps saying the Dems. (Clinton, ETC;) are guilty. Everybody knows this and there is evidence, so why hasn't charges been initiated?

  21. Thousands of dollars(not very specific) split between 3million people….thats not even a dollar a person….not even 50 cents

  22. The unemployment is lower (which is good) but it was done because african americans and hispanics got the hint that food stamp funding and medicare/medical was going to be cut in funding therefore they would have to pay more out of pocket. Jobless claims are at a low which is saying in another way that unemployment is low so should he get multiple credits for this all being the same thing? No, food stamps were cut and that means people have to get jobs which means they wont be able to get food stamps because youre not allowed on food stamps if you have a full time job which you need to afford healthcare

  23. Consumer and business confidence ties into it as well because if people have jobs, they shop…..they basically broke down one thing he did(cut pay for medicare/medical/medicaid) into everything thats affected by it

  24. cornered rats are most dangerous and desperate, truth has no agenda, its not good , bad , right, wrong, simply is, so im not worried at all , ( just bought stock in orange jump suit co.)

  25. Thank you Obama for making all these accomplishments happen… Why is this guy attacking Nancy P?? Why point the finger? All these accomplishments belong to Obama, not some idiot trying to take credit for the previous president accomplishments.

  26. Nancy Pelosi is unfit to be in politics, not because she is a woman! ,but because she is a Evil Anti-America leftist

  27. President Donald Trump is standing between us and The Global Elites's New World Order. and Vladimir Putin knows The Truth and he's been exposing The Truth to Donald Trump and that's why they were saying Russia was involved in our Elections and they don't even have evidence of a Russia Collision. But The Truth is President Trump won The Presidency and The Deep State is The Illuminati.

  28. Hopefully Americans will be finished with this socialist experiment freak show which thier have been pushing on society and social media over the last 20/30 years. And maybe tommorows Celebrities. Hollywood. Sports stars. Media and people who have been brainwashed by white guilt and identity politics will grow some balls and reject every thing from the toxic left.

  29. I have been interested in watching the American Presidency since Trump got in. In Australia we know trump as a bit of a shifty businessman and wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. But I have thought maybe we are wrong about him here down under. So after watching all news channels and looking at any other items I can find on Trump I have concluded that nah our first instinct are right he is just a conman. I can understand why any Americans who purely watches Fox will feel Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread but if you purely watch CNN you will get the opposite feeling. The facts are there if you truly want to find out what sort of man Trump truly is. But I do find that Fox bullshits much more than any other network. Just in the opening statement of Hannity's "Trumps Accomplishments" is not quite true if you look at the facts the unemployment rate was high when Obama took office and it dropped over the 8 years to where it is now. So Trump is reaping the benefits of the achievements of the Obama administration and claiming as his doing which is laughable. I could put these facts up but anyone who purely watches Fox will just call them lies so on point. If I can find the facts all the way over here in Australia then I challenge the American people to seek the truth or at least the facts.

  30. The demonic Baby killing democrats can't even prove anything. Not one thing. If our President was corrupt something would've came out. Lies will always surface.

  31. All of these are from Obama’s policies. Trump is simply getting credit for the work he had nothing to do with

  32. This is crazy. The unemployment thing was low because of Obama's policies. Those bonuses went mainly to stock holders and then people was laid off. The tariffs Trump created got alot of people fired and has been having a negative impact on the economy. The tax cut he gave to the top 1% caused the middle and lower income families to pay more in taxes. For the first time ever in life I now owe the government $2400 in taxes when I use to get almost 1300 in returns. These people are smoking crack if they think his actions has helped us.

  33. Don't forget how Donnie is shutting down this "civil rights" talk. I hate all this talk about "civil rights".  What B.S.  Just last Saturday Night I was at the "Elite Republicans of South Carolina" party/fundraiser in Columbia.  We had a couple of dwarfs hired to provide some elements of entertainment.  One of them got drunk and was dry humping every female leg he could grab.  The other one, however, was a radical liberal loser who started bringing up "the civil rights of dwarfs".  We fired him and made do with the one dwarf.  It was a tremendous success.  Our party is going to rule South Carolina for at least the next 100 years.  All Hail Donnie Trump and Shaunie Hannity!

  34. Trump 2020!! I’m 25 and I can see the fraud and lies that have been told to us as the American people. We have all been sick of being lied to and manipulated and that’s why most people voted and love Mr. Trump! Maybe he says some things that he shouldn’t have sometimes in the heat of emotion but he is indeed human like all of us. I can’t even count how many times I said something nasty to someone cause I was hurt or angry. Fact is he’s real about how he feels and says honest. What you see is what you get! He’s already done great things for our country that a lot of people don’t want to admit or don’t actually know the facts because of all the fake publicity out. I’d rather a blunt and honest president that sometimes says mean things when he’s emotional cause he cares like all of us .. then a lying one that is corrupt and making the American people blind and our lower classes more dependent on getting government help instead of actually helping. Sometimes the truth sucks but I would rather that than to be lied to and manipulated by someone who is supposed to care about us and our country!

  35. Hi, I wanted to ask a question what does he mean by unemployment at 17-year low. Sorry I don’t understand.

  36. I'm 1 of them. I'm off of food stamps. Their were no jobs in my county but in the last 3 years , taco bell and dollar store and new hotel have opened up . More company's are finally moving back to Ohio. Life is getting better , plus heroin seems to be less n less . But methamhetamines are bad out here. Cartel dope ! Need to build a wall asap.

  37. I watched heroin ravage my county , our big cities are going under. Chicago is a craphole so is la county, so is Detroit, n Seattle is a mess . N now ole Pelosi doesnt want to help immigrants by bringing them to sanctuary cities. Kinda hypocritical!!



  40. News is so biased these days. Not just CNN and all those news sites, but even this right here. Even though this video is giving a lot of facts and backing up what it is saying, it is still using persuasive techniques and making the views agree with what they are saying, this is literally bias. And yeah what they are saying is right, but it should let the viewers decide for themselves. That’s just my opinion.

  41. Just bought my first MAGA hat cause I found out I insulted people at work when they found out I was a trump supporter…. So I'm going to wear my hat everyday at work! 🙂

  42. so things at decade lows are because of one year of trump? do you guys know how calendars work? or basic math

  43. How is low unemployment and a good economy an accomplishment of Trump's? The only economic things Trump did were to give a tax cut to the rich and start a trade war. Those things didn't help the economy. Most Middle Class Americans got a tax cut of $100 or less. Yeah, I'd call that "crumbs." And without a trade war, the economy would be even better than it is. And no, the economy did not decline for eight years under Obama. Obama inherited a recession and then the economy slowly improved. But Hannity knows that, he's just a liar who'll say anything to pander to Trump.
    I would count the defeat of ISIS as a Trump accomplishment. But that's only because Trump continued Obama's policy, right up until he said we'd pull out of Syria and give up the fight against ISIS completely. That decision is why Trump's Secretary of Defense and other staffers quit.
    As for the Russia collusion "hoax," the Steele Dossier was started by Republicans as well as Democrats. It was passed to the FBI by John McCain. But that dossier is irrelevant to Mueller's investigation. That dossier didn't put 32 people in jail, Mueller did. That's not a hoax. Trump himself might not have colluded with Russia's efforts to undermine our democracy. But we do know that Trump likes it. Because Trump's only principle is to like anything that helps him, even if it's a murderous dictator trying to weaken America.

  44. I don't understand why so many hate Trump for telling the truth!! Like the wall…….Most crimes committed against me, family, friends, etc! We're by Mexicans…….sad but true!! I'm also Spanish……I am not biased!! I could say alot more incriminating things. …but I would again be called a racist, trader & every other vulgar name!!! Also, many of the Trump Haters…….are the TRUE HATEFUL people!! Peace to ALL!!

  45. Oooooo 😯😯😯 can I trust you guys? I don’t like politics much , seems like a huge fight ( debate, which I don’t like) to me that I don’t want to hear about really . But I’m neutral about trump cause I have NO clue what’s happening. All I know is I keep hearing both sides say lots of good and bad things about this president.

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