Guys Learn To Pose Like Instagram Models
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Guys Learn To Pose Like Instagram Models

– Sometimes in my life I’m
like oh my frickin’ God! What is going on? And I feel like that’s
what my Instagram’s like. (hinges squeaking)
(upbeat music) Today all us awkward guys are gonna learn how to finally pose like Instagram models. – The only attempt I’ve
ever tried to be a model I’m wearing at least two GoPros, I’ve got the sorority hand out. – Basically I have one pose. Sit close to a window with good lighting and raise my eyebrow kind of like this. That’s the only thing
that I know how to do. – When I was in Disneyland,
I should be more excited but literally the picture’s, a picture of me standing like this. It’s the most miserable picture. – If someone whips out
a camera my go to pose is just my hand in my pocket
and then just a cheesy smile. (upbeat music) They look like the have
their life together. They’re always on the street, on the go. – A lot of them do the #OOTD. – Instagram bloggers are
usually really stylish and they’re always looking
off into the distance, contemplating life. – Kind of remind me of Ryan Gosling. – I think Instagram fashion bloggers make their lives look a lot
better than they actually are. – They make it look easy but
I’m sure it’s a lot harder and more complicated. – Today we have Devy, an
Instagram photographer teaching us how to pose. – So there are only a handful of poses that Instagram fashion models do. The three poses are: casual lean, the mid-walk, the adjusting your clothes. Pose number one is a casual lean so basically just to
show that you’re relaxed while showing off your clothes. – Leaning was a bit of a challenge ’cause I feel like I don’t wanna look like I was uncomfortable. At first to be honest,
it felt really forced and I was kind of like, oh I’m
not sure I’m gonna like those and it showed in the photos. When I was actually leaning waiting it actually felt natural
and it looked natural. – The whole experience
was very uncomfortable from where to put my feet,
where to put my hands, where should I lean,
how to fold my jacket, how to everything, it was just like, it looked very uncomfortable. – It’s weird ’cause your arm sometimes was squished and you didn’t know it, or it felt natural but then
your shoulders are unaligned. – This pose was very awkward,
nothing felt natural to me. I kinda just did what they told me to do. – It was awkward, I did not
feel comfortable doing that. – I actually flatlined a
little bit to figure out which leg I was putting in front and it’s actually pretty hard. – Pose number two is
gonna be the mid-walk. Basically you’re just gonna be walking and look like you’re going somewhere but you’re not actually going anywhere. – When I was looking off,
I was just thinkin’ hmm what am I thinkin’ about? But that really translates
into an awesome photo because you see the photo
and it just looks like hmm, what am I thinkin’ about? – I felt super awkward,
not good at walking in my normal life so doing
it on camera was even worse. – It forces me to come out
of my element and my shell ’cause I feel like it’s easy to take one when no one’s watching. Is it weird that I actually enjoyed it? – Just the act of moving
was really awkward for me. I don’t know why? I’m also just dressed up to the nines and this is not who I am. – This is really hard. Pretending to walk is harder
than actually walking. You kinda forget how to walk. – It didn’t feel as awkward
as I thought it would be, especially after seeing
all the guys do it. People were definitely looking
’cause we were all dressed up but we were all together. It made it much easier. – Pose three, adjusting your clothes. Shows that you’re
fashionable so it looks like you’re thinking about your clothes. All you wanna do is just look good. – It’s funny ’cause
there’s only so many things that guys can do. You can either button
a jacket, fix your tie, and that’s it. – I feel like I really enjoyed
playing with the watch pose. – We always see those
photos, for some reason something’s always wrong
with their cufflink but I like it, it’s simple. – Very happy that I did this. I feel like I’ve learned so much. – I didn’t know what to do with my hands and that was really uncomfortable. I think I’d be very good without arms. – The poses that I enjoyed the most were ones where it involved
a lot of accessories. I think I got to hide
behind things and it made me feel like it wasn’t really about me but it was more so about the look. – I was actually surprised. I’m kinda an awkward
person, I didn’t expect to feel good so the
pictures it was like oh that’s not that bad, I’d hit that. (soft instrumental music) – After I posted the
photos my like gain was up at least over 100, huge difference for me. – My highest liked photo was the one where I was like walking and
fixing an item of clothing. 482 likes. – They’re hitting over
300, pretty solid increase of over 100 on each of these photos. – This one particular picture
where I’m fake walking, 315 likes. – I had 413 likes and over 28 comments. – The comments were
“oh my goodness, nice!” the praying hand. – “Damn, are you famous now?” “There’s more to life
than being really really really ridiculously good looking.” – “Damn, Dad, oh my God, va va voom.” – These last two photos
I was hesitant to post ’cause I didn’t think I
looked the greatest in them and I posted them and they
both put up great numbers in the like gain. – And it actually did make
me feel more confident about having a bald head now. When I had nice photos of it you’re like oh you know, I can rock it. – You’re also really quick
to pick out your own flaws. Those might not be
there, they might just be in your own head and other
people aren’t gonna see that. Before I had no idea
what to do with my hands. Or even smile. Now that I know if I just look like this, like that is the pose every time. I had so many people text me, why is your watch always broken? (laughing) (hinges squeaking)
(upbeat music)

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  2. "Sometimes in my life, I'm like oh my frickin God! What is going on?" Never related to someone so much in my life.

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