Gutfeld: Trump is winning and the Dems, media can’t admit it
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Gutfeld: Trump is winning and the Dems, media can’t admit it

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Trump is winning and the Dems, media can’t admit it

  1. no no no no Pittsburgh is going to break his f**** jaw cuz he's a Massachusetts motherfuking prick and don't forget about the four people you locked away from murder for no reason and Tom Welsh and the other FBI agent who f*** minor females

  2. wait a minute Garfield how the hell are you a warrior dude if you are even in a f**** 7-Eleven with any cartel members I think you would s*** your pants and let's be honest please come on young man that's going a little too far now Schoolboy you might get flicked in the nose for that

  3. If only Rachel Maddow knew that Wichita Falls is in Texas… 🤦🏻‍♂️look at at a map you dumb bitch


  5. Chuck Schumer is a fucking pedophile he had sex with underage girl his daughters friend she got pregnant I think she had an abortion but I’m not sure but she felt so bad about it she committed suicide for that motherfucking Jackie he should not be in a position of authority ever played another bad thing about him he’s a fucking liberal Democrat a fake American

  6. Republicans 2018 – Donald Trump again in 2020 – let’s show their blue wave who’s in charge – Republicans and I were president Donald Trump

  7. Uhhhhh…. Wichita Falls is in Texas, Rachel MadCow, WICHITA is in KANSAS… who cares says CNN, they're both fly over country!

  8. for a second, I thought, whoa that "katt" girl looks pretty today… turns out it was a completely different person… carly someth

  9. You should read some of the comments the really stupid people make about our President Trump. Confirms that our educational system has gone down the drain.

  10. What's better than one pair of sexy legs on the Greg Gutfeld show? Two pair of sexy legs on the Greg Gutfeld show.

  11. De Niro sshould mind his own business. i am Cmadian and Trudeau is a weak limp wristed excuse for a human. He is also neck deep in the Pedophilia ring. Thats why suddenly Trudeau is making such a stink. He wants Trump, to back down and go away. That aint,gonna happen. So De Niro shut your yap and mind your own buskiness you Pedophiliac !ick sucker.

  12. Love Gutfeld! Thank you for supporting our president and being a true patriot. Thank you for being our mouth piece to the world…We are winning!!

  13. Tariffs on aluminum would raise the cost of the tinfoil hats for the left. No wonder they're so pissed

  14. Trump look sooooo! Cool At all times Cool watch him( President Trump walk through,kicking grass making apart way while walking where ever he is going to brings a smile to me ,WATCHING TRUMP cool cool MAN,!

  15. President Trump apply martial law let's put America back first seen how these Democrats and Republicans don't want to help and put our country back to where us American citizens are safe and where's America should be first apply martial law

  16. I like the way he says at 3:19 that "the media cannot control itself" showing all the other networks except Fox, even though (as he puts it) "the media cannot control itself", at least the other networks are the MEDIA, where does this leave Fox, maybe minions living in some fantasy alternate universe where plain facts makes unsense them. (By the way fox trolls, please note I used his own words, thank you and have a nice day)

  17. Rachel Maddow tries so hard to be relevant. It's embarrassing, and for all who follow her, have no life. Now Greg Gutfeld, this dude is informative and funny.

  18. I don't know if I ever told you guys but I used to be a devotee of 'The Daily Show' (w/Jon S.) but now your show has absolutely replaced any and all comedy/news shows for me. And another thing is, I was thinking that in another life I'd like to come back as Kat but with my luck I'd probably come back as A cat so forget it…lol. But still. She is awesome.
    Your guests are always top shelf people.
    Tyrus IS Greg's gift from God. So funny.
    Another excellent show, by the way. I totally agree not that when you live in the present, life is MUCH better.
    And, like Greg, that is what turned me around to Trump too. I was upset when he got elected but I started watching what he DID. When a person DOES what they SAY they will do, especially when it's in line with the POSITIVE side of Life, and striving for "BETTER", I have a LOT of respect for them.
    Therefore: MAGA TRUMP 2020! ☺

  19. It is truly sad that part of our society is mentally unstable over a President , we all sat back and watched decades worth of President's and the one who is actually doing some good is getting axed by the media and the mentally disabled left .🙈🙉🙊

  20. All brown people support trump. I come here to live in peace and have decent job.
    Help trump to bring back jobs, eat American food and buy American food. Buy American products.

  21. the revolution is still in full swing, midterms will prove this! the silent majority rules, and are tired and pissed off with the anti American liberals!

  22. So interesting. Watching Gutfeld vids, and some videosharing site, only suggests vids that are 1 year old, hahaha. Fascists are working hard. They are so funny.

  23. this genius of a blond gives 'bimbo blonds' a bad name … she would be better off not speaking … ( that would be 'kat ' for those in reolinda … )

  24. Why do Democrats not promise prisons, unlimited time, without paying for their extreme left members?

  25. Wichita Falls Kansas? Rachel Madcow not only knows nothing about journalism, she sucks at geography as well.

  26. I will say that I am not a big fan of Trump. I am very proud of him what he has been doing to make our beautiful country great again.

  27. Why would you say" he (Trump) would fire God if he could" be careful you might loose your following, Trump has been supporting God, not tearing him down, this is the one reason the majority of conservatives are Trump supporters .

  28. It wasn't with cream it was in a laxative whipped up to look like whipped cream because we all know shumer is bound

  29. Donald J Trump knows how to bait the media the fake news media he does it every time gets their hopes up that he's going to do something that they can report on and just take him down he knows this he's not a stupid man and I took it hook line Sinker fishing pole fisherman and boat and went right to the bottom of the lake CNN MSNBC CBS ABC NBC CNBC and PBS

  30. Stephen Colbert said Joe Biden was leading Trump in the polls all he does is bash Trump his entire show is about bashing our president

  31. What bad things Trump had done that caused so many people hated him. I doubt those people who know why, I see them are like yoked oxen being lead by the nose by the fake news media.

  32. @ 5:06 Wichita Falls Kansas eey? shows they are even accidentally fake news….no such place….that's in Texas, Maddow…you moron

  33. Just wait…
    Muller is gonna be fallllllling sooooon!! He is gonna wish he would have been fired. 😉

  34. The president made an outstanding decision on not firing Mueller because Mueller PROVED this investigation was a hoax.

  35. Hey, Gutfeld try this. The world sucks, everything is stupid, nothing is good. The democrats are really lining themselves up for a major defeat in 2020.

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