Gutfeld on the media’s day of reckoning over collusion
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Gutfeld on the media’s day of reckoning over collusion

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the media’s day of reckoning over collusion

  1. Facts:
    1)Lisa Page recently testified under oath that Obama killed the Hillary email investigation = obstruction
    2)The entire Collusion investigation started because of the Steel Dossier, which was unverified by the DOJ when they applied for the FISA warrant.
    3)The Steel Dossier was paid for by the DNC/Hillary/Obama via Fusion GPS.
    4)Without the Steel Dossier, there would have been no FISA warrant, which was verified by an independent team at the FBI.
    5)Comey, Rosenstein, & McCabe knew the DNC paid for the Steel Dossier when they applied for FISA warrant & they were legally required to disclose that information (FISA Rule 13 regarding conflicts of interest) but they did not. If they had, the warrant would not have been issued.
    6)Comey leaked this information to the press illegally, which started the Trial By Media, & the entire media condemned Trump without evidence.
    7)Rosenstein and McCabe brainstormed ways to unseat Trump, including possibly invoking the 25th amendment &/or wearing wires when talking to Trump while other DOJ agents like Lisa Page and Peter Strozk displayed open hatred of Trump & vocalized the need for an "insurance policy" in case Trump won & thought there was "no real there there" regarding Trump/Russia.
    8)None of Mueller's indictments, which have been touted by the media as proof of Trump's guilt, have ANYTHING to do with Russian collusion.
    9)The Clinton Foundation received 140 million $ from Rosatom, a Russian company.
    10) The Russians somehow ended up with 20% of our Uranium mining rights on Hillary's watch.

  2. Jail time for Trumpski and his Klan. This includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!

    American Greed!!!! Trumpski and His klan!!!

  3. The collusion quagmire will continue as long as there are legal fees to be gleaned from it. It just a great big war of monetary attrition.

  4. Why does Adam Schiff always look like he is in the middle of a very unpleasant medical procedure?  Brian Stelter George Costanza with less hair & fewer brains

  5. Juan is still repeating fake media lies…..muller did not conclude that Russia favored Trump to win.  Russia did nothing to help Trump win. Obviously Putin got everything he wanted from Hillary,, there is no reason or excuse as to why he would want Trump to win instead of the whore he already bought and paid for and knew how to manipulate and plus he already had hillary compromised and in his control. Hilary was Putin's agent. SHE got his uranium deal. When the left falls back on those tired old lies they should be called out on it immediately. The lies continue every time they repeat them. Putin did not favor Trump, he favored Hillary.    Perhaps Putin didn't do anything because like most people he thought Hilary was going to win. If she was in trouble he would have made a move to help her. Putin had nothing to do with emails, other than the access to Hillary's server she sod to him, along with China and  everyone else. During obamas reign the entire world had access to everything. Our intel was a joke and the President was smart to reject it. What he said to Putin about it was true and it also told Putin he didn't have anything valuable like he thought he paid a lot of money for. Putin had access to all of Obamas inside info and none of Trumps.   That went over the heads of the low mentality fake media.

  6. The main stream media is truly the enemy of the people of America! Wake up America look at the main media and who they defend and want in the office of the Presidency. They wanted the lying, scheming, and murderess Hillary Clinton as President. They defended Obama who said "no smidget of corruption in his cabinet!" They hoped and propagandized all of these rats in the corrupted sewage of Washington that Trump has been trying to drain. They don't want a wall to protect the Americans and stop the atrocity at the border and the drug flow into this country! Poor souls the main stream media they are slaves to their masters hiding behind the scene as a shadow government!!!


  8. 7:50 Oh! Juan, Juan Juan, "the Bad News" is you still in denial….PLZ…It was hillary and Russians, repeat hillary and Russia

  9. I can't stand Juan Williams. Not because he is a Leftist but because he just sits there and lies, he's like a black Stelter…they both disgust me to the core.

  10. "The investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities"

    cool now release the report

  11. no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD

  12. CNN needs to be shut down,seriously a threat to this nation and its fake lies is creating more liberal radicals .

  13. The left should have gone after the Democrats first ,if they were so concerned about collusion , corruption,lies, laundering money, bribes,fraud, election rigging and maintaining the integrity of our government , Hillary as secretary of state pedaling political influence to the highest bidder from foreign powers using the Clinton foundation to launder the money, to recently in Florida , losing voter ballots and trying to tamper with the election results for the governor race. and to a lesser degree the Smollett case. using political influence and money to corrupt the justice system , what happened to that Left wing motto of the little guy getting nothing, while the rich get special treatment, I guess it only bothers them if a Republican does it.

  14. Greg, maybe since Trumps a "scardey cat?" Then maybe that dummy Adam or the old bat Pelosi can charge Trump with 1st degree NANA NANA BOO BOO! Instead! THE DEMS ARE FINISHED IN THIS COUNTRY !!!!!!!! MAGA!

  15. The MSM were/are protecting the elite, of whom they think they are part of. They hated and feared the deplorables, like the Roman Empire hated and feared the barbarians. But the Roman Empire had become corrupt, like the elite of today, and they are falling to the deplorable barbarians. Trump has usurer in a new era without the bloodshed, thanks to democracy. The first witch to beat a witch-hunt, all has changed.

  16. Make the DNC and MSNBC pay for the whole investigation. It's their oppo research, why should the public pay for it?

  17. Please think about this:
    the Mueller conclusion in the Summary is TOTALLY FAKE and FALSE.
    Because Robert Mueller PERSONALLY flew to Moscow to deliver American
    yellow cake samples of uranium to the Russians to facilitate the
    FRAUDULENT deal allowing 20% of America's uranium to be conveyed to
    Putin & Co. whilst garnering the Clintonista Crime Family Foundation
    a $140M Pay-to-Play Day…
    Whether Pres. Trump EVER did anything improper is not the point rather,
    the conclusion IS a cover up of Clinton, Mueller, Podesta (and maybe
    Bush) et alii collusion with Russia and MASSIVE fraud against US.

  18. After all of this my vote will never go anywhere near the left ever again. That party went so beyond politics into riled insanity…I actually get now…and beyond just academically…I get real-world how craxy dictators can come to power.

  19. wheres the day of reckoning for those who have investigated hillary for the last 12 years with ZERO to show for it??

  20. Round them up and put them on trial for treason! They went way beond free speach. This isnt a few players its the news Paid Players.

  21. Isn't it time we focused on the real colluders and enemies to our very country? The democrats! The fake fisa paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DOJ!

  22. Liberals are pigs. Lying,ruining lives,and now they look foolish. Instead of regrouping after losing a election like you would usually do they did this stupid witch hunt which now weakens their party even more since they are exposed as frauds

  23. Juan you must be exhausted from doing the metal gymnastics necessary to still make yourself believe that President Trump is a Russian spy.

  24. And I actually give juan props for saying it actually sucks for him. that's the most honest thing any left person has said. Then he shits the bed with the russia comments about how trump "stand next" to putin and etc and the trump tower meeting. so sad.

  25. Beware of what DEEP STATE Kissinger`s chimps (from Bush to Cheney to Rove to the Demonrat Clinton gang) might try next.

  26. Amazing, yet not surprising that the Left and their media will NOT apologize, but double down on their lies.

  27. Two years to investigate Russian collusion alone. How long to investigate Hillary Clinton and all of her scandal?! Hmmm…..

  28. Mueller did conduct a partisan investigation. How could it not be? A majority of his staff were democrat lawyers. It was also strong handed. They arrested and threatened good people, 70 year olds who have worked to protect and serve this country for crying out loud.

  29. How many extra Border Patrol agents and ICE Judges could have been hired for the money spent by Mueller and Team, hmm?
    Now take 'em all down, Mr. President. Investigate the investigators.
    Poor Juan. All those losses in such a short time. <giggle>

  30. If the fbi thought Russians were truly trying to infiltrate the trump campaign, isn’t it THEIR job to protect Americans and our own country from that? Totally bizarre, they set him up!

  31. IF TRUE ? IT NEVER WAS TRUE !! The media (plural) are so pathetic ! The enemy of the people are SO PATHETIC !! Give it up, CNN !! YOU LOSE. Don Lemon, Rachel MadCow, Try to find a place to hide. You're done.

  32. In any event, even if there was collusion would not necessarily be illegal, but a conspiracy by the Democrats against Trump would be illegal and can be impeached. But collusion is not illegal and therefore cannot be impeached.

  33. What we have in current times. Is a clear division between the intelligent self thinking, and the hurd mentality of thoughtless followers.

  34. I have to give the media a lot of credit, they do a great job at dividing the country especially the last two years, so take a bow mainstream media you deserve all the hate you get for being unreliable assholes!

  35. Juan — A non-partisan (He hired all demon rats) probe … … … hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  36. I’d love to know what the Dimwits thought had actually gone on? Did Russia get us all to vote for Trump via hypnosis? Did they do it via the Internet with magical words? Did they fix the vote count? How did they do it? 😂Ridiculous.

  37. It's time to put the traitorous liberal media in the military and let them serve their country instead of trying to aid it's destruction

  38. I read somewhere that trump is taking out all the people on this earth and keeping his own voters and foxs news people. Well thats what i heard. Only white people and he will take over them and give them what they want as long as they do what he says. Well thats what i read. But i think its called fake news?

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