Gutfeld on media, Dems throwing temper tantrums over Barr
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Gutfeld on media, Dems throwing temper tantrums over Barr

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on media, Dems throwing temper tantrums over Barr

  1. In the Democrats, we have a BIG, HUGE CONFLICT of INTEREST!
    > Court of Snakes < 🐍
    Congress Jerry Nadler + Son, Michael Nadler, Assoc. Attorney + Gibson & Dunn Law Firm suing President Trump!
    Snap out of it!
    Get over it!
    Geez Louize!

  2. No your lot lied the whole thing was a hoax, so why are the left acting suprised when they knew about it and the plan ,speaking of knowing, I find it very telling when camel face kamal was sounding like she knows what is in the report and gave it her all to get it out there via Barr, but she couldn't say it out right because then she would have to say who gave her a copy and what the hell was she playing at, is that esbenardge?. Who knows right but it doesn't take Jerry Springer to know just how dirty and unjust they are.

  3. If they push Barr into a corner he might work harder to uncover stones he might of left unturned.

  4. Commies doing what they do best!
    Projecting and Lying!

    The democrats are shamelessly pathetic.

  5. He wasn't wrongly accused !!!,Fox spews, seem to forget that the evidence, is in the report, Trump knew the Russians were looking for information on Clinton and he wanted to use it, even blatantly ask them on TV to do such a thing and they did, the evidence is there, but please continue belittling people trying to get your invalid points across

  6. He literally read the report from mueller word by word, the stuff thats not redacted u retards.

  7. The Democrats claim that all they’re trying to do, is their duty to provide oversight. No, what they’re TRYING to do, is keep Attorney General Barr from doing HIS duty. It seems they’ll stop at nothing, even if it means charging him with a crime, to keep him from getting to the truth about what, and more importantly WHO, started and participated in, the whole Russian hoax against our president and his family.

  8. A bit rich for the REP,S to accuse anyone of throwing temper tantrums considering we have the biggest baby ever in the history of the country in the WH just now.

  9. It has been one giant hissy fit from election day 2016… Democrat are toddlers in need of time outs… Long time outs

  10. You can tell Juan is a dim but how stupid he is and how he wants to hold on to that 2016 pain of losing to the greatest president EVER, Trump!!

  11. I get that Juan is paid to take the opposition view on this panel, but his responses in this clip were just silly.   I know he doesn't believe what he is saying here.   it cheapens the panel.

  12. is this a crime…Emin just called and asked me to contact you with something very interesting. 

    The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.

    This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump – helped along by Aras and Emin.

    What do you think is the best way to handle this information and would you be able to speak to Emin about it directly?

    I can also send this info to your father via Rhona, but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you first.

  13. Democrats and flat earthers have the same issue, you can't have an Intelligent conversation with people that are unwilling to accept truth and provable facts therefore their opinion no longer matters because they're no longer willing to accept any other opinion or facts than their own and truthfully you'd Gets farther debating a wall

  14. Juan is a Russian spy plant, just cant work out if he's potato, weed, poppy or thistle. Fox are as guilty as the rest of the media in terms of fake news because they allow this fake reporter on their channel.

  15. Juan makes decent argument.
    "sorry Juan you lost goodbye."
    This is why I hate republicans. In face of a decent argument, they turn to whataboutisms, insults and willful ignorance to the point of just shutting down the conversation. The worst about it is that no progress is made on either side and they think that they know they won.

  16. TRUST?!?—COUP!?!?!? Do these morons on the VIEW and liar/traitor HILLARY ever look in the MIRROR!?! Of COURSE they all have the same story!!! They're all drinking the cool-aid and reading from the SAME PRE-APPROVED SCRIPT!!! They obviously don't have the intelligence or the integrity to have an ORIGINAL IDEA!!!

  17. I'm always amazed when I hear stammering Dana stammer like a 13 year old girl – to think she was the PRESS SECRETARY for The President of the United States of America… I once 'loved' George W Bush – now I hate his guts. Traitor – killed millions of people and destroyed the lives of so many Service Men – now we have ISIS directly because of these CLOWNS. Dana should be ashamed to show her face in public.

  18. Juan Williams is a COMPLETE idiot. I think they have him on to illustrate the lunacy of the left. He never has anything intelligent to say. Never.

  19. That’s how guilty people react who committed a crime, let Barr investigate the investigators, we’ll see who lied.?! Start with Congress.!

  20. Juan is either that stupid (which he's not really stupid even if he's not particularly bright), or he's treacherous. I don't know, maybe he's just that biased and brainwashed. He's awful. Why is he here? Is Fox just playing media? Are they compromised?

  21. GOP: GENOCIDE OF POOR!!! The GOP loved reliving Benghazi every day didn't they? LOL!!! What goes around comes around! It's nice to see the fixed 'news' on fox cry about the exact same stuff they did while Obama was President.

  22. Democrats do not think anymore…They'll just throw anything out there to muddy the waters so to speak to delayed their jail time. But it is coming.

  23. I've come to the conclusion that they keep Juan on to show how stupid demonrats really are.

  24. Current inactive congress and senate who do nothing at all continue to take unearned money from the people! Sitting members of Congress and Senate will never resign as long as they have access to all that treasury money!! Democrats have totally trashed their party by not promoting their thoughts and ideas! Instead of building they continue to tear apart. They are doing absolutely nothing to build a platform to win the next election on. As long as people don’t vote the people out who aren’t doing their jobs while stealing from the people it will continue forever until people just say enuf and vote them out!

  25. That back brace isn't helping the Oven-Mitt Fashionista by any means. She's looking rather stiff these days.

  26. I liked this until Juan Williams opened his mouth then I found another YouTube video to watch. It should be the 4 not the 5

  27. Juan willams is a typical lying left wing hack. He lies about everything with ease,,,,,maybe he can be Hillarys lawyer.

  28. Hey Juan, Hillay and you best Pal, Obama, allowed 4 Americans to die in Benghazi…the lied about it so he could win an sefond election! Try admitting to those crimes!

  29. change the name of these california/NY/progressives to mini al jazeera @ 5……comments like "Kamala Harris really shines at hearings like the Kavanaugh & Barr" ……but, i guess that is what your Feinstein teleprompter read, so good job supporting your NWO owner Murdoch, or was it Soros pal Ryan that dreamed that up…..Kamala shined at those hearings?…..if anyone watched them you saw what a ghetto trash country will look like….ridiculous socialist posturing & impotent threats orchestrated by the clinton/soros/rothchild cabal…….rip off con

  30. Notice how the Democratic senators keep saying Barr lied, but won't even explain or show how he lied? Are we just supposed to take their word for it and force Barr to resign? LOL.

  31. Get rid of Jain Williams and you would have a great show!!! What u fail to realize is alot people I've talked to on social media turn your show off because of jaun williams

  32. The US Socialist Democratic Party will try to do all the possible damage to all those who can, because they know very well that they will lose the majority in the next elections and that is why they attack anyone who could disgrace their lives, as communists They are proof of their evil and hatred against everyone who loves freedom and democracy, I am simply a citizen of this great nation of the USA and I understand the wickedness of these unfortunate communists.

  33. To me, I’m simple guy, it is obvious, this people are scared shitless because Barr will get them all out and oh boy! We will see them for whoo they really are. True enemies of the Country..

  34. Exactly the Democrats didn't have any complaints about Mueller when they started the investigation. Why are they trying to change the story now. To you Democrats you all deserve a bucket of fried chicken.

  35. Even thought I hate and am fully fed up with all the crap and lies the Democrats have been pulling for years now, I must say, in a way I'm also content for without all their blatent and obvious lies and deceit I don't think Trump would stand much of a chance in 2020. But with it all, since its so obvious and blatent they are pushing more and more people over to Trump than I think Trump could have actually pulled over on his own. They are simply making Trump's win in 2020 a sure bet certainty !!! How can one go wrong with such lying idiots as AOC, Nadler, Hillary, Mad Maxine, E. Warren, Booker, Pelosi and the list just goes on and on. They are the best help Trump and the Republicans could possibly ask for !!!

  36. I believe the people are going to handle this by voting Nadler, Schiff Harris,Booker, Pelsio Out.

  37. I swear these Dems need to be disbanded completely and a new party starts over and none of the current members are not allowed. And Hillary needs to be tried for treason

  38. Then socialist Juan Williams sinks to a new low quoting Kamala Harris.

    I didn't think he could get any lower after defending socialist.

  39. Criminal charges need to be filed against "ALL" DEMOCRATS in Congress for violations of contract to represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!

  40. Greg love your show,when i here and look at those Dems with the looks their faces and here their stupid statements i start to laugh , lord help me if i had a joint, my lungs would fall out with laughter.

  41. Let the blind Democrats lead the blind liberals they will fall in the ditch, if God is for us who can be against us.

  42. Juan Williams is wholly and simply on the "The Five" to illustrate how out of touch liberal-fascist Democrat party supporters truly are in regards to utter and irreparable insanity.
    President Trump 2020: Keep Making America Greater!

  43. Juan is literally the epitome of a leftist npc. He and people like him are completely delusional and are what is currently wrong with this nation.

  44. Let's get killer arrested…..trailed , jailed. And hung for Treason. And crimes !! MAGA. USA. VOTE 2020 !

  45. Ratings for this show would be through the roof if they would get rid of Juan…. He makes stuff up nothing he says is factual or relevant… Find someone with a opposing view that actually has an argument… Juan Williams make your show unwatchable 🇺🇸

  46. When will they accept reality, dry their eyes, get help for the psychosis and ice their hurt asses?

  47. Boy that Mueller hearing was just great Juan. Just brilliant. Is it impossible for liberals to say "I was wrong" and "sorry" to the American people for wasting our time and money? The answer is yes.

  48. Her cockiness does not overshadow that¹ witch is wearing same clothes she wore 5 years ago???? Something not kosher there!!

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