100 thoughts on “Gutfeld: For Trump-obsessed media, it’s all bad all the time

  1. When I get there from the last 3 years is the mainstream media refuses so Eve the subject alone they refuse to believe the deception that they feel even though the American people made it happen it's really disgusting and pathetic

  2. Trump entered the presidential race, Donny Douchebag and all the political know it all said he has no shot, he’s a joke. Donald Trump will not be the nominee,,, he became the nominee,,, Donald Trump will never be president,,,, he became president … Donald Trump won’t bring back mfg jobs, what does he have a magic wand,,,, yup he does 600k mfg jobs added
    They said he wouldn’t be able to make trade deals,,,, he made new trade deals
    ALL THE MSM FOOLS GOT IT WRONG. Cuomo the homo lol

  3. Please dont ever get rid of Tyrus. He gives us Blue Collar guys a voice. He is intelligent and insightful. I really enjoy his input.

  4. Greg do you think that the dems and the media might have an inferiority complex about trump or do they think that he is better than them because he is getting things done

  5. O.M.F-ING.G. stop the presses and stand by Level Delta President Trump has indigestion!! You got to be kidding me! When doesn't CNN spin something negative about the President. You go from 3 cans of Diet Coke to 2 scoops of ice cream to the White House maid forgot to put fabric softener in the dryer on CNN..

  6. I totally think the Military would Back President Donald J Trump if he wanted to stay President for Life!!!
    The Military doesn’t trust the Progressive Socialist Democratic Commie Party Of the Republican RATS to uphold our Constitution and rules of law!

  7. The fake news propaganda puppets and their Deep State Masters are mad because President Donald Trump is not racist, if he was racist they would have a great job making everyone hate him, too bad for them.

  8. All the while Trump is like, yeah but who are you talking about ,,, constantly ,,,,,, obsessed over? I'll give you a hint, the name starts with a T. And he's kicking your RUMP.

  9. Kat Timph needs to do a spread in the Victorias Secret catalog for all of us conservatives,id buy 10 of every piece of lingere Kat Modeled and my wife is 900 pounds lol

  10. What i would like to kbow is why all the africans from the congo, have invaded our country, oregon says they cant take any more, so does maine,,these come from the congo and surrounding areas, where they have ebola currently,, one of our politicians saw them come in thru panama, some thru equador,,,so then they got into huge fights with mexican officials,!these people have wads of money,,but they are asking for americas money and resources,,i say send them back,, we have enough disease, maybe you want the ebola, bit most dont,, the dems are destroying our country 1 state at a time,,yet the politicians do nothing,not the dems or gop, ,none can be trusted,,oregon says they cant afford to take any more, so they want to send them else. Where,,i know they sent some to ohio,

  11. Why doesnt the gop talk about what is going on, no, they will wait until we have a severe outbreak, then say i cant figure out why,, maybe we kids in u,s, start coming down with these diseases ,,their is no vacination for ebola, zika, thyphoid fever or bubonic plague,, when people used to come in from other countries, they were detained at rykers island, to make sure they werent bringing diseases,, people in n ew york and calii, freaked out about measles, what would they do about typhus or ebola, or zika,,?

  12. Let's call this what it is "an attempt to divide America for a communist take over". This is classic rules for radicals plan to divide America by using the radical leftists saying crazy things. This angers people. The main stream media demonizes Trump and promotes Obama and dems. Obama wants to be the president of the U.N.. After the guns are taken away, Obama will bring in U.N. troops to stop the violence. Problem, chaos, solution. Hollywood, main stream media, and the Senior Executive Service are behind this. Wake up! Don't fall into anger see it for what it is.

  13. Funny to see these DERANGED LEFTISTS spew their HATEFUL RHETORIC. America; democrats and the left are sounding more CRAZY each day!! These people must be put down like rabid animals!! What a bunch of LIARS and TRULY UGLY PEOPLE!! And I LOVE KAT!!

  14. I remember when they were saying Obama was going to claim martial law at the end of his presidency so he could keep it lol. Actually I think they have said that about every president. Lmao 😆
    Trump 2020

  15. You know the fake media seem to describe their dark perverted dreams from the night previously and nothing to do with the truth and facts and current issues. Clearly, these people are mentally ill , it's called 'demsicocratous' fever, which causes severed illusions and paranoia , it is environmental infecting certain states in the US. Once the mind control is switched off reality is then seen. Now they realise they have commits crimes and if admitted would result in time in prison. So they are scared thus can not stop spewing their paranoid fantasy to the air waves polluting our ears with perverted views.

  16. This is better then all the talkie shews ➖day and night on MSM ALL PUT TOGETHER EDITED FOR HIGHLIGHTS!!! 💃🌞😳🇺🇸😂❎💢❌❗™®

  17. Since Disney bought the Entertainment side of FOX….THE MURDOCHS still own Fox News….although the son will now be running the show. They have HIRED…PAUL RYAN to be on the BOARD at the FOX ORGANIZATION. RYAN'S salary was not showed…but most use to be in the 300,000 range.

  18. Republican or liberal NEVER TRUST anything from any of these SMS (small man syndrome) weak dna infected vaccine created little people like most of israels imbred minature hollywood musicians, athletes, techies, gamers, hackers, actors, judges, professors, journalists, rabbi race that hatred for anything and anybody taller then them are the enemies to all life much like any rat or parasite was trained to believe and behave before escaping their natural mental institution communist breeding grounds deep beneath their ebstein island mosk education centers.

  19. What were they talking about at 2:06? What was blurred out? Could it have been that what was blurred out was the racist part of the comment that Trump made??

  20. Why is Andre the Giant's head the same size as the only woman on the set. They sure can dress up a Transformer can't they. All msm have Transformers on their shows.

  21. I've never seen so many crybabies in my life and these people are supposed to be speaking for Americans why black red brown tan orange yellow pink purple who gives a s***be who you want to be in life you can we have that opportunity


  23. CNN? Communist nutty news? They as so full of biased news it's not news. It's propaganda. Facts have little to do with their reporting. They put their lop sided spin on everything. Trying to influence and manipulate the population with twisted information. I used to watch CNN but they strayed from reporting to opinionated gibberish. Don't watch the trash. Let's boycott media that doesn't report the news impartially. Boycott cnn

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