100 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Beto hits the media jackpot

  1. Beto or is it Bato is such an idiot and I couldn't imagine him in the white house. If he waves his hands any faster he may fly away.

  2. What!!! another fool like AOC 12 years end of the world haven’t we heard this narrative about the end of world..but the world is still rolling on…

  3. @1:30 .. the weird woman in the background wiping the corners of her mouth and then smearing it on her collar…. mmm, Beto crowds. Yum.

  4. Why do I get the impression that was SUPPOSED TO BE the Official story had anybody else got in the WH? Other countries UNINHIBITED & UNDER WATER?! They have NO choice but to invade?! With all the fake news, they could've really played that card beautifully with footage of past floods….

  5. Probably the only thing missing from the Vanity Fair cover shot of Beto is Harry Dean Stanton wandering across the road in the background carrying a plastic water bottle……!

    Then Harry Dean Stanton, (God rest his soul), would be worth more votes than Bozo……!

    James Hennighan
    Yorkshire, England

  6. 💋 a Twinkie dipped in BBQ sauce remarkable funny, but I don't know if I'll try that 😆😘💖💕

  7. Question #2: How do you react to Joe Biden's speeches:

    1.Fall asleep

    2.Get nauseous

    3.Get up and leave

    3.Wonder if he is lying again


    How would you like to deal with Kamala Harris?

    1.Muzzle her

    2.Strangle her

    3.Put a sock in her mouth

    4.Ask her why she never took business or Economics


    What do you think of Bernie Sanders?

    1.Too old

    2.Too loud

    3.Too dumb

    4.His posture is terrible

    5.He can't be serious

  8. Beto riding that skateboard on stage was barely hanging on and looked like a total Joker. The only people phonier than Beto are the people that think he is genuine.
    Loserville next ten exits.

  9. I have a liberal as hell Mexican-American friend woman who lives in Austin, TX. Everything she does is gimme, gimme, gimme. Several years ago she called Ted Cruz a fake Mexican. I corrected her and told her that he's a fake Cuban. She then asked me why I called him fake Cuban because he is Cuban. I told her he isn't a Cuban. He is a Cuban-American. She sighed.

    Now it's Beto's turn. I told her that he's a fake Mexican, and she said that his heart is in the right place. I then told her that he's not a fake Mexican, and she agreed with me. Then I told her he's a fake Mexican-American, because fake Mexicans can't run for President. She sighed.

  10. This guy… 🤦‍♀️looks special, his hand movement, study it, I'm sure you will agree 🤣🤣🤣

  11. …"Bozo" O'Rourke…a Warner Brothers cartoon character on a skateboard…move over, Buggs Bunny…"Bozo"'s comin'….

  12. did you notice those people as beto spoke, 😞😞😞😞😔😔😔😔
    they looked like they were going to fall asleep 😴😴😴😴

  13. …"take bold action on this crisis"…translates to "take your rights away…one by one"…oh…and a suggestion for a nickname…Robert Francis "BOZO" O'Rourke…you're welcome….

  14. If they dug up dirt on beto, he would eat it. Literally he eats dirt to rejuvenate his body. Google it. Too wierd

  15. Gee I really feel bad, for all the hearing impaired Who might be thinking Beto is trying to send them a Special Message through (Sign Language) . 😱

  16. How about "" Beto O'Dorke"" …lol…..or ""Beto O' Joke"" By the way ….if you tie his hands and Nutsy Pelosi's hands they could not talk….. I think their hands are connected to their mouths…..lol

  17. Hey, let's face it….Almost anyone for president would be far better than that disgusting thing that's in there now

  18. Lies, lies, lies. If you're talking about the oceans rising why don't you know that the sun is just now heading into a cooling period which means the arctic and antarctic are going to put down more ice and water is going to stop encroaching on land. Get your woollies ready. It's going to get colder. Australia, yes, Australia, has just had 2 colder winters and what about America? Uh?

  19. How many jobs has he held in which he is in control of many conflicting agendas , when he was in control of choosing and implementing major national decisions on finances, taxes, businesses, foreign relations, etc., etc., etc.?
    EXACTLY what expertise does he have in negotiating with foreign , trained diplomats IN POLITICSor ANYTHING ????

  20. How much did Beto prepare for, tell the American people. Jump a more anxiety drive up for Working People and buy more RX $$$.

  21. AOC, has an innate fear of capitalism she keeps making disparaging remarks about it. If she used her head she would see how the programs she is advocating would only be possible because of capitalism and its success. There are no successful socialist governments so there would be no money for the programs I know there is many who would argue against this, but show me the one successful government.

  22. It’s been over a year these phaque Candidate fatemongers have been saying 12 years till the end of world. Beto has decided to say “12 and More Years”.
    What is this Idiot’s economic plan for China?
    I’m just asking for continuity in argument and debate with those policies our President advances.

  23. Is Beto playing leading role in "Ghetto wannabe" ??Love your show gutfeld …god bless u and the rest of the team at FOX

  24. Ted String maybe. He would probably try to blow the whistle on the treatment of water boy's. Call'm waterboy. I definitely would not let him carry my Lunch Box.

  25. He. Just. Lumped. About. All his. Vacations. Into. One. Crummy. Vidio. Lately. Beto. And. Obama. Are using. Same. Choreography. Beto. Looks. Quite. Alike. To. Obama. Could. Also. Be. Part. Kenyan. LOL. Both. Use. F. .Y . Quite. Alott. And. Othercussing. Formats.Same. Lies. Borrow. Back. And. Forth.👍🏼👍🏿👍🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔑🌍🌎🌏🇺🇸🇺🇸🔑

  26. Look at ALL DUMBMY PEOPLE has TIME to listen to Idiots Talk! American that DUMB??? Yuuuuummmmm 😮🙄😳😱😱😱

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