Gunnamamidi Kommamidha (Top secret )  || EP 08 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media
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Gunnamamidi Kommamidha (Top secret ) || EP 08 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

So, what did you make for lunch, mom?
– ‘I made Lady’s Fingers.’ I see. I made Sambar.
– ‘What is your hubby doing?’ – He is raising the heat. Only to burn the corn. Mention it to her.
– Why? You’re scared she’d misunderstand? Shall I ask her what she thinks of you?
– Yeah. – What did you think I meant by raising heat, mom? ‘I thought you meant he is raising
the heat to burn corn or something.’ People think so low of me?
– You know, mom, the other day, Sunny was boozing at home! She is complaining about me.
What is she saying? I’ve a good plan to deal with him.
– Deal with me? What is she upto? Hey, Nani, my sister-in-law is upto something.
– ‘Is it?’ – I’m scared, bro. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll give you the contact of a sage.
Meet him and he’ll solve your problems.’ Cool. Share me his location, I’ll go meet him.
– ‘Yeah, sure.’ This looks like some corporate office.
This is why we shouldn’t depend on Google Maps. How may I help you?
– Nevermind, I’m at the wrong place. – Maybe you’re not. Sorry for bothering but I’m here to meet Bol Singh Baba.
– Then you are at the right place. – What! You think I’m some sort of an idiot?
Fine, my brother and my sister-in-law think so but even you think I’m an idiot?
– No wonder you’re here. Look, the Baba is right there. ‘Greetings, sir.’
– Greetings, how may I help you? He doesn’t look much like a sage.
– Tell me your son’s sun sign, name and date of birth. ‘His name is Vinay. Cancer sign.
His date of birth is 1st jan, 2001.’ Your son’s horoscope is fantastic.
It’d be good if he either chooses MPC or BiPC in Inter. If he chooses MPC, tell him to go
for ECE or CSE in engineering. If he chooses BiPC, ask him to become a doctor.
– Is it? ‘But my son is interested in mechanical engineering.’
– Well, that’ll be great too. But there isn’t enough boom for mechanical in India.
So, ask him to choose CSE. ‘Alright, sir.
We’ll do as you say. Thank you.’ Yes, boy?
– Greetings, sir. My name is Sunny. – Nice. Sir, I thought you’d be wearing saffron clothes
and would be meditating in an ashram but you look like a manager at an IT firm.
– IT people work only on computers but we sages work on people. So, we do need offices.
– That is very logical. Sir, is there Intermediate even in the US?
– I guess. Free Chaitanya and Parayana set up branches there too. You’re really great to predict what that boy should study.
– My foot. Parents should ask their children what they want to do,
not ask us what their children should do. But still, you predicted what he should do.
– Cut it. What do Inter students usually opt for? Either MPC or BiPC. That’s what I told her.
Usually, what do students prefer in engineering? It is either ECE or CSE. That is what I told her.
And anyone who opts for BiPC he’d would obviously become a doctor.
So, what is so special about stating the obvious? So, aren’t you really a sage..
– Your holiness, your holiness! Hold on. Please, wait, Sunny,
this guy seems to be in a rush. Yes? Sir, I’m behaving very weird off late.
I think some spirit possessed me. Please, help me. So, you’ve concluded a ghost possessed you?
You are behaving very weird lately? What exactly do you mean by weird?
– W-Well.. Ask me my name, sir. What is your name, boy?
– My name is Rahul. The B is silent. There is no B in the name Rahul.
– This is exactly why I said I’m behaving weird. You aren’t behaving weird. You’re going retarded!
Get lost, you maniac, get yourself treated. All devotees are so mindless.
– Not just devotees, even us sages are mindless. None of the other sages know how to read horoscope.
They don’t even know that are five sun signs. These fake Gurus are scamming people.
– Won’t they change, sir? – Not that easily. Yes, sir. The other day, my friend sent me to a sage.
That sage’s ashram looked like some corporate office. And the sage was wearing a coat.
When I asked, he said IT people only work on computers but people like him work on people. What nonsense!
– I’m sure you got confused. You’re talking about me. Sorry, sir. My bad.
– So, what is your problem? – Where do I start? I’ve a good plan to deal with him.
– So sad! I pity your plight, Sunny. So, you now want to know
what her plan is. Can you sing?
– I can sing old songs. Do you know the song ‘On the branch of a Mango Tree’?
– Are you trying me, sir? Just, give me a beat. “On the branch of a Mango Tree,
there are two nests.” “In the first nest, there is a parrot
and in the other, there is a cuckoo.” If you sing this song near a person,
for the next 1 hour, you can hear all of his secrets. Alright, sir.
But, why just this song, sir? Because parrot in this case
is your brother and the cuckoo is you. Hell, no! My brother is darker than me.
– Than you’re the parrot and he is the cuckoo. – Cool. I guess she is on the phone with her mother.
Now, is the time to sing. “On the branch of a Mango Tree,
there are two nests.” “In the first nest, there is a parrot
and in the other, there is a cuckoo.” What is wrong with him?
With Sunny? Like some retard, he is singing songs. We’ll soon know who is the retard here. Why can’t I hear a word?
– Sunny, that is not how you sing the song. Then how should I? “On the branch of a Mango Tree,
there are two nests.” “In the first nest, there is a parrot
and in the other, there is a cuckoo.” Oh, shit! My bad.
Now, watch this. Mom, this guy is here again. Now you can talk.
– It is him again! He danced like a psycho. Now, I can hear you.
Go on, talk. Poison in sambar?
– Poison in sambar? Is her plan to kill me. I rather not eat this. I’m sure there is no poison in sambar. There is poison in curd?
– Poison in curd too? – I’m sure there is no poison in it. Mark my words, there will be
no poison in today’s episode. They are talking about a daily soap? I was scared.
Atleast now I can have my lunch peacefully. Are you home from office, brother?
– Yeah. – Today, I was reminded of our family song. Which is?
– I’ll show it to you. “On the branch of a Mango Tree,
there are two nests.” “In the first nest, there is a parrot
and in the other, there is a cuckoo.” You know, there is another good song from this movie!
– You think I’m an idiot to keep singing? Mind your business. Is it alright to sneak on my brother and his wife
and listen to what they’re speaking? How can I stop hearing them speak?
– If you don’t want to listen to them anymore you’ll have to sing and dance to this song backwards.
– Cool. So, I can stop hearing them if needed. Done with all the chores?
– Yes, dear. – Sister-in-law is here. So? What else? – You tell me.
– I can literally hear my brother blush. The dinner was amazing. What did you do different?
– I just added a few more spices to the meal. Hereon, try washing coriander leaves before cooking them.
– Alright. I’ll wash the vegetables, hereon, too. Why do you care about food now?
– Dear, does PM Modi know Telugu? – No. Why? When he was in the meeting at Tirupati, he spoke in Telugu.
– The most he must’ve said in Telugu is, ‘Greetings to all’. No! He spoke much more than that.
– Maybe there was a translator there. No! He was reading out of a paper.
– Maybe Telugu lines were written in Hindi in the paper. You’re talking about Narendra Modi,
Telugu and politics in the bedroom? You know? PSLV is launching a new satellite from Sriharikota.
– They should’ve launched it from, my town, Tirupati. Why is that? – So that I could go and see.
– You can see it from there too after it reaches the sky. If that is the case, why can’t we see it from Hyderabad?
– You’ve a point. These two dumbos are talking
about satellites? How ironic. You know what Trump said? – What?
– They’re talking about Trump? If they go on, they may even talk
about World War 2. Moon is a part of Mars.
– I though it is Earth’s satellite. – Oh, cut it! You’ve got married only 2 months ago
and this what you talk about in bedroom? You say the dinner was amazing?
Not even beggars would like her food but us. And you? You want the rocket to be launched from Tirupati?
Why not from our home? You can light it. You were talking about something just a minute ago.
– About moon and Mars. Right! So moon is a part of Mars?
Why don’t you go to the outer space and separate them? You stay on the moon and send her to Mars.
Start a family in the outer space. How did you know we were talking about this?
– Were you spying on us? – Answer me!

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