Guillermo at 2018 NBA Media Day
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Guillermo at 2018 NBA Media Day

It is time now
for what is always among the most special parts
of our game night specials. Every year, before
the NBA Finals begin, they have what’s
known as media day, where reporters from
all over the world get a chance to
meet the players. And the meatiest member of
the media is right here. It’s our own Guillermo
that was there, and filed this hard hitting report. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, it’s me, Guillermo. I’m back here at the
NBA Finals, again. The Warriors have
played the Cavs, again. And let’s go talk to
some players, again. Hey, [INAUDIBLE],,
how you doing, again? I met him four years ago. Draymond, what’s going on? What’s up, bro? How are you? I think I got to
talk to you later. All right, cool. All right, cool. I don’t want to
talk to you, either. Hey, Coach.
How are you? How you doing? Good luck, man. Congratulations, four years ago. Coach, what is it going to take? I got to– All right. OK, we’ll talk to him later. Klay, how are you?
How are you doing? Congratulations, again. I want to give you
a hug for good luck. Oh, that’s all right man. Klay, Klay, Klay. I got a– one question, quick. It’s hard to talk
to players, so I’m going to go get some sympathy. Hey, congratulations. You guys made it to
the Finals again. I got a question. How did you get in this
cast with the suit on? Oh, I don’t want
to talk about it. Can you sign my cast? Definitely. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Klay, come here. Why are your pants wet? Wet?
I peed on myself. I was so excited. It’s my first time
in the Finals. Oh my god. Yeah, I got a little nervous. Hey, how are you doing? Hey, Kevin, why do
they call you KD? ‘Cause my last name is Durant. Oh, thank you very much. Can I tell you something? You have a beard, but you
don’t have no mustache. I have a mustache, but
I don’t have no beard. High five. That’s a great observation. – Thank you very much.
– Hey, no problem. Good luck. High five. [CHEERING] Good luck. I thought you was hurt, man. Hey, what is the
[INAUDIBLE] you haven’t passed the ball to LeBron? Who, me? Yeah. See, my job ain’t
to pass the ball. I just got to shoot it. Hey, LeBron. I’m feeling you. That’s LeBron. – That’s LeBron?
– Yeah. That’s LeBron James. Yeah. Four long years I’ve been
trying to talk to LeBron James. We’re not talking
to you, LeBron. That’s LeBron right there. Hey, LeBron, hey, LeBron. Can you take a selfie with me? LeBron.
LeBron. LeBron.
LeBron. LeBron.
LeBron. Are we OK? He always blew me off. But in the All-Star
Game, I talked to him. Mr. LeBron, can you
describe your perfect salad? I’ll need protein, I’ll need
a vegetable, I need fruit. – Chinese chicken salad?
– That’s cool, too. I’ll take that too.
– With avocado? I’ll take that as well. So I brought it for him. [CHEERING] Wow. There he is. Look, I know what he’s thinking. Hey, I’m LeBron James. And I want a salad. So I can have a lot of
energy to win the final. I hope my friend Guillermo
brings me a salad. And I hope it’s a Chinese
chicken salad, with avocado. Hey, LeBron, here’s your salad.
– [MUTED], man. [MUTED]
LeBron, here’s your salad. I guess he didn’t want a salad. Hey, LeBron, are you sure
you don’t want the salad? Maybe we can LeBron James
will be here, in this section for the interview. Here comes LeBron. Oh, he’s going to be so
happy when he gets his salad. Hey, LeBron, I got
you a salad, remember? No, I don’t want that. Will you give him his salad? JR. JR. Can you give
him a salad, to LeBron? Hey, José, how are you? I’m doing great. Well, there you have it. I delivered LeBron James’ salad. I hope he doesn’t toss my salad. Until next year. JIMMY KIMMEL: Very well done. I’m glad that arm held up. Thank you, thank you. Guillermo, everybody. Congratulations on making it
to the end of a YouTube video. Why not celebrate by clicking
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100 thoughts on “Guillermo at 2018 NBA Media Day

  1. Guillermo: thats lebron
    Clarkson: lebron james??
    Guillermo: yess thats leeebron james


  2. I didn’t know this (Lebron) guy was like that!?!?😒 wow now I get it .. I never like him tho🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Takes all of five secs to be nice to someone. Take the salad and just say 'thank you'…. Give a two sec response when he asks question. Steph is always good sport but never Bron

  4. Pobrecito Guillermo!! Tienen que pagarle bien, para aceptar tantas humillaciones…. de todos modos Ami me encanta es lo mejor del show! Siempre se roba el show!

  5. A lot of these basketball players are A$$holes, I respect only the humble ones one day they will be washed up and forgotten LoL 🤣

  6. my brother in law and i sat beside Lebron in Vegas, he's a super nice guy. He doesn't like fanboys. Just be regular, he's a regular dude.

  7. I LOVE GUILLERMO!!!!! Godddd tooo many people are sooo serious bout everything. always. and only. They need Guillermo more than all of us who really appreciate him❤
    That guy is truly hilarious. Superb😁

  8. This is honestly why people like gsw.. they’re humble, kind, and unselfish.. but ppl hate on em because its easy and apparently “edgy” to hate on gsw, smh

  9. These are one of the reasons why Steph Curry is my favourite basketball player he is so kind and humble you GO Steph

  10. i freakin hate lebron …. this moment made me cry even though my bff like lebron 2:37 and 3:32 . i thought he was someone thoughtful like steph curry . im eally sorry for guillermo, if i was lebrons mom i would kick him to go and apologize him………………………..

  11. NBA players are junk! YUCK! bunch of trash! specially Lebron. You never know when things will turn Sir. maybe God will teach you some humility someday.

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