GRWM | Instagram Followers Control Gracie’s Style

hey guys it’s Gracie and Rosie and today we are going to be doing a Instagram controls my morning get ready with me
style so I just had my shower and Rosie just had her bath and we are going to
figure out what we should do with our morning like how we should do our hair
how we should do our makeup and you guys are going to decide three two one and action So I’m going to be putting up poles on Instagram and you guys are going to
choose between two different things and and the first pool that we are going to do
is how I should wear my hair Rosie’s hair is already done so I’m gonna put
her down she’s basically ready for the morning say goodbye
the first pole that I’m going to put up is should I wear my hair in a bun which
you guys probably have never seen me do that before because it’s just such a new
hairstyle so I wanted to try something new and then if I should wear my hair
down which I do all the time so let’s see what you guys pick alright I posted
the first one and so far I have looked at it and most of you want me to wear my
hair down which is so unusual like I always wear like that
but I mean I’ll wait a little bit to see what you guys choose I’m hoping it’s a
bun because I really want to wear a bun so I don’t have to wear my hair down and
then I put stuff in it and I have to brush it anyways I don’t want to do that
so let’s see what you guys think pick guys okay they’re peaking in a bun
we’ve got 51% in a bun and we’ve got 49% down let’s just leave it at that I’m
wearing my hair in a bun wooo who else is excited with me I bet you’re
all cheering in your chairs at home anyways I’m gonna do it in a bun right now there’s my bun I kind of look like an
egg okay the next pole I’m going to ask you
guys is how I should wear my makeup it is either going to be glam which I never
really do or natural which is just the basics okay now I’m going to check which
one you guys choose either natural makeup or glam I can’t find it even guys 61 percent natural and 39 percent glam okay good cuz I don’t know how to do glam makeup
anyways alright we are going to do that now
so let’s start literally all I do is wear concealer and mascara and eyebrow
stuff maybe I’ll put some eyeshadow on for you guys today so far I am so happy
with the choices that you guys have given me because we got bun and I I I
wear my hair in a bun all the time if you guys didn’t know I was just kidding
earlier but yeah we got bun and that’s fine with me I just get ready quick and then we got natural makeup and I like doing natural makeup cuz I do that every day and so
now I cannot wait to see your guys other polls because I bet they’re gonna be
great cuz you guys are all in my favor I love
you guys now I’m going to put some eyebrows stuff on it’s the Gimme brow
from benefit I forget every time and the concealer I used was Maybelline fit me
concealer if you guys want to watch a full makeup tutorial of mine you can
watch my one I posted a little while ago and I did everything in depth we are
done with my natural makeup now it’s time to put another poll up so the next
poll that I am going to put up on Instagram is going to be what outfit I
should wear and I’m gonna wear the same jean shorts with each outfit but I’m
gonna wear different shirts so the two options I have for my shirts are this
white one and it’s really cute it’s like a tank top and then this other white one
that is kind of off the shoulder but it has straps up top so I’m going to ask you
guys on Instagram which one I should wear and I’m going to be wearing these
with jean shorts so yeah I’m back and it’s time to check the
poll for which shirt I’m going to be wearing with my jean shorts so okay shirt
number two I like both shirts and the shirt that I wear all the time you’ve
probably seen it in vlogs the tank top one I was kind of getting old up so it
was time to wear the other one so let me get dressed I’m gonna do that cool
snappy thing you ready three two one I’m so excited because you guys chose
this shirt I like both but I really like this decision is really cute so the next
poll we are going to do is for the jewelry so let’s see how that goes
these are the two options we’ve got this silver one or this rose gold one I like
the silver one a lot so let’s see what you guys to choose hopefully the silver I
just checked what the results were for the jewelry poll and you guys chose this
star jewellery that’s silver and I really like it so I’m gonna put that on
it right now how it looks ooh fancy so the next poll that I’m
going to put up is for shoes and I chose between the checkered Vans that I’m holding here or these black sandals so let’s go put the poll up and see you guys’
results okay okay you guys suppose Vans I’m not really a fan of sandals and I
also didn’t paint my toenails so checker Vans are a good choice so I’m
put those on and let’s move to the next poll the last and final poll that I’m
putting up is between sunglasses so I chose between these black Ray-bans and
then this yellow pair of sunglasses that it’s from a video or something I’m
not sure but let’s see what you guys choose I want the Ray-bans because it
probably will match more with my outfit in my checkered Vans so let’s hope for
these so the last final decision the sunglasses what did you guys choose we
have between the yellow sunglasses and the black pair of sunglasses and you
guys chose black okay I’m so excited now I’m going to put these on real quick oh yeah now I’m going to take you outside so you can see my final look
okay guys so this is the finished look it is so cute I actually would pick a
lot of this stuff and I’m surprised you did yeah you guys were nice to meet you
thank you so let’s go over what we chose so we got a hair in a bun thank you
natural makeup instead of glam like it we got this cute shirt and then we chose
the jewelry this silver necklace it’s really cute I really like it I’m gonna
wear it more often now because you guys chose me to put it on then we did the
shoes and we got checkered Vans love the checkered Vans I wear them all the time
and then lastly we did glasses and I love these Black Ray-bans they’re so cute
I hope you guys enjoyed it was super fun and I definitely want to do this again
with like maybe all of our sisters thanks for watching bye like and subscribe click one of these videos to keep watching we love you guys!!!!

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