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  1. Hey Friends!
    I did my best to cover a lot of info in this video. If you're already up to date with things like algorithm changes, feel free to skip around the video:
    0:28 – Opening Thoughts
    1:25 – 2018 Algorithm Changes
    6:17 – Growth Strategy
    9:26 – Utilizing Newest Features

  2. check me out let me know if you think I got a shot with your advice?


  3. Great vid! Def needed to see this, I’ve been trying to bring more exposure to my music page ever since the algorithm changed. Thanks for the tips Patrick❗️🙏🏿

  4. Thank you Patrick! That was really insightful. Shamelessly plugging your music has now lead me to being intrigued to hear more…🤔 let me know if you ever want to collaborate.

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  6. Very good video! I had no idea about some of these algorithm changes. Combined with your tips on utilizing all of the features on Instagram…and your witty sense of humor. You just got a new subscriber and follower, my friend! Wishing you the best of luck in all that you do and keep on providing quality content for the community. I will do the same!

  7. Hey sunshine! This was a good video. There's a lot of helpful information here. Particularly, I liked the info on live videos and directing engagement with your own posts. I didn't even think about those (I'm pretty new to IG)

  8. Well Done Patrick !!! Thank you so much for making this video… I am a Social Media Marketing expert for musicians and bands…you just made my life easier!!! I'm sharing this with all my clients. Wishing you great success! Linda

  9. Thanks my man! Taking these all into account, I'm upping my socials this year 🙂 I like the focus on giving value and actual feedback, make your comment standout! Be human 🙂

  10. Talentless people who do stupid things have more followers than talented musicians on instagram.

    Am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

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  12. contact on Instagram @cyberspy760 to help you with all your hacking jobs they are really good and have the best charges.

  13. Goddamn some of this stuff seems so obvious but it's stuff I just haven't properly sat down and done. After watching this video it makes a lot of sense why some things I do on Insta aren't doing jack shit! Appreciate the video man, solid work.

  14. People say soooo many different things… i just saw another video where they said the DM groups are the key!!! i'm so confused 🙁

  15. At least someone who talks sense about these thing and not saying whatever everyone else is saying for the same subject. Thanks a lot bruh <3

  16. Loved this video! So many useful tips. thank you! Just one question, do you think it’s important to post a video/picture on a particular time of the day to get more engagement? Thank you again xx

  17. Thanks for all your advice!! I almost always chicken out from posting my covers because I'm worried that they won't really be viewed or gain any kind of positive comments/reactions. Your tips kinda gave me the confidence to share one of my covers so thanks again 🙂

  18. great video ! thanks do you have a video of proper way to grow Facebook page and youtube channel in 2018!? I would definitely watch and share! thanks Patrick!

  19. When I first heard about the whole "stop using all 30 hashtags" thing my brain literally shut down for a few seconds because it went against everything I've been learning and teaching the last few years. But now that I've had time to come to terms with limiting tags, I actually think it'll be more useful for testing which ones work! Like if you have several test groups of just 5 hashtags each, it'll be way easier to see which ones actually perform well for you since there are so few to monitor.

    Everything I've seen with apps that claim to measure your hashtag performance is kinda bs– they're only able to measure your highest performing posts and then pull all the tags from those and hold those up as your "best" hashtags. So if you're using 30 every time, then supposedly those 30 are your best…so far there's no way to tell which ONE hashtag is actually bringing people in! Of course if there is I wanna know!

  20. Thanks Bro 🙏🏽 this was super helpful! I’m learning to gravitate more toward just being yourself. These algorithms actually are just pushing people to socialize and not be these anti-social scammy robots 🤖 lol thanks again!

  21. I'm doing 70% from this: comment a lot, follow others, tags, cnaging tags, discover new people, inspration, creativity posts,consistant, yet it;s stay in the same numbers zone, if get more views they droped if they don't like the next post or just because they want me to follow them back, once you follow back it's the worst thing because they droped at once and you stuck with a lot of following you don't like, the highlights not working at all in my iphone it's not showing at all, i just don't know what to do anymore

  22. Good Job… That's a really straight forward method of how things should be on social media… just natural like an actual socializing

  23. When I follow hashtags they don't show in my feed at all. And I'm following over 40 hashtags. Can't find a a solution anywhere on the internet

  24. I'm watching this in 2019 and I'm so glad I found this video. I was just about to call it a day with social media. Thank you Patrick, you're awsome.

  25. According to TMZ many models used the site I G R O C K E T D O T C O M for instagram popularity by getting quality followers and likes from this site.

  26. If I could have a teacher on social media who didn't make class boring but let you know the short and sweet it would definitely have to be this man!!

  27. The background music is very annoying and unprofessional, it distracts you from listening, if you remove it you will definitely get more views and less thumb downs.

  28. Have you ever thought about doing these every year? Cause your routine would have to be updated as well too right?

  29. Patrick. After watching this….all I can say is….get the popcorn ready #fourwords from #TheRecluseMongoose on all social media's. Take a moment of you can. It's my first day on the job. Learning everyday. I supercharge appreciate you. Thanks

  30. I also want a video of how to get more of your other social media to gain more followers throughout music communitiy😋😋

  31. There walk a black, a mexican and an asian into a bar
    Says the bartender get the fuck outa here

  32. I’m a Singer/Songwriter & I finally found a useful video that helps me grow my account!!! Thank you so much Patrick for the amazing tips! 🙏🏽

  33. Hey Patrick, after months of procrastinating I'll be starting my social media presence this week. Not knowing where to start, I did a search here on youtube to get some advice. So glad I came across this video!
    Thank you!

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