Grow ORGANICALLY on Instagram & GAIN REAL FOLLOWERS ft. Amanda Bucci

Grow ORGANICALLY on Instagram & GAIN REAL FOLLOWERS ft. Amanda Bucci

Sunny Lenarduzzi:
She’s built a following of over 500,000 on her Instagram account and she’s gonna teach
you how to do the exact same thing. This video is all about how to sky rocket
your growth and your engagement on Instagram with a special boss instructor. Welcome to the Sunny Show. For the bright side of being your own boss
and building your own life. How do you build a real, authentic, engaged
and thriving community on Instagram? I’ve learned so much from this boss and I’m
so excited to share here four secret Cs of growing your Instagram account on today’s
episode. Meet miss Amanda Bucci. Amanda Bucci is a 24 year old lifestyle entrepreneur
whose mission is to ignite the fire inside of people to level up in their fitness, business
and personal life. Amanda now teaches other entrepreneurs how
to build their businesses online and specializing in strategies that humanize social media accounts
and build organic audiences. Without further ado, take it away, Amanda. Amanda Bucci:
Hey Sunny and thank you so much for the awesome intro and what’s going on everybody? I’m excited to talk to you guys today about
how to grow your Instagram platform. So my name is Amanda Bucci and I started on
social media, just posting and just sharing for fun. It’s fun for me, but I actually grew my Instagram
in just three years from zero to 570.000 followers and my YouTube channel from zero to 200.000
subscribers as well. So keep in mind a lot of these strategies
work for both platforms. I’m gonna teach you guys my four Cs, that
are my non-negotiables for growing your Instagram and if you are not doing these, these are
the things that you have to know that you can implement immediately today. So the first C is to create captivating content
consistently, that is four Cs, but that is only one of them, number one. And this one might seem like an obvious one,
and you might say “Amanda, that is super obvious, you are not smart.” But seriously, if you are not creating captivating
content, Instagram isn’t going to push it out, so if you are just relying on the algorithm
and you think the algorithm is screwing with me, none of my posts are getting on the explore
page, I’m putting in all of this work. It’s probably just your content. So really take a look at your content. Are you creating captivating content? By keeping that in mind when you’re making
your content, really think about what goes viral in my niche. How can I recreate that and how can I make
content that is already showing up on my ideal client’s explore page? So create captivating content is number one. Number two is consistency, second C in the
four Cs. Consistency, again, might seem simple, but
a lot of people start posting on Instagram and they post maybe once or twice a week and
they think that it’s going to work. If they’re on Instagram, they want to be seeing
new stuff on their feed all the time, so if they’re going to press follow, and you’re
only posting once or twice a day, your stuff isn’t going to be put in front of them as
much as it would if you would be posting once a day. And that’s going to lead me into my next tip,
which is cheating. Don’t cheat the system, Instagram 99 percent
of the time knows if you’re trying to cheat. And when I say cheat, I mean purchasing likes
and followers, using automation bots, so having a robot where you purchase a robot or service
and it automatically comments like and emoji or something generic on everybody’s photo. You cannot cheat your engagement. You should not be automating your engagement. And if you do that Instagram will actually
flag you and it will say “No, your page is flagged, you’re not doing it right and your
stuff is going to lose followers consistently, you’re not gonna be getting the likes that
you were purchasing, or whatever you were doing before and Instagram is going to knock
you down and it’s not going to work for you. And the last and final piece, which is the
number one most important piece of information and advice that I have to give to you for
Instagram growth and even for YouTube growth is commenting for conversation. Not commenting just for the sake of commenting,
but commenting for conversation and there’s two reasons why. First reason to create conversation is to
build a relationship, so the best thing you can do on Instagram is transfer your real
life social skills onto social media, so social media is a place to be social and interact
with people and I know, I know, I know how much it might seem like a lot of work, but
until I had about 70.000 Instagram followers I commented back to every single person that
commented on my pictures, because I was creating conversations, real conversations with people
and that helps you connect with them, that helps you create the relationship. That helps people want to come back to your
page and create that conversation again. So conversation, again, you can do two ways. Number one is going to be commenting back
to people who comment on your post, making sure that you’re engaging back with those
who engage with you. It’s going to increase your engagement, because
you’re engaging back and it’s going to allow them to feel safe to come back again. The second way that you can go about creating
comments, commenting for conversation, is to go off of your page and on to other people’s
pages who might be in your niche and who your ideal clients might be already following and
add in comments that will create and stimulate conversation. Now don’t just write on some influencers page
“Follow me.” Or you know, spam their page, anything like
that, it’s not gonna create good conversation. They’re actually gonna hate you and probably
block you, but the best thing that you can do is just comment something that’s insightful,
that you actually read their caption or watched their video or have watched something that
they’ve done or taken a course of theirs. And add to the conversation. Gary Vaynerchuk calls this his $1.80 cent
tactic, where you do top nine posts and ten different hashtags and you go comment something
that actually is relevant on that page, because you’re being a part of the conversation and
you’re creating yourself as a part of the community, an authority in your community. Gary Vaynerchuk:
– Now the next thing, you gotta go, you gotta search hashtags like fitness, things of that
nature in your radius, so within a twenty mile radius of this place. Let me show you. Let me show you. So like literally you go into here and you
type in “fitness”, right? And you go into the tags, right? And you get that and now you need to like
look at people’s stuff, – Yeah, sure. – Really consume it and then leave a comment
like “Yo, bro, that’s doing it right.” – Got you. You need to become part of the community. – Okay. – Not just pushing out. If you go hard four times a day, shit for
them, you go into 90 accounts a day and leave your … You know, that’s you laying in bed
in the morning or like fucking right now, you’re a little early. Yeah, exactly, grab a coffee, whatever you
do and like … You do that … Honestly, as I have gotten my fitness up in the last
couple of years, it’s the same shit you know about fitness, there’s no shortcut. – Yeah. – There’s no shortcut and there’s no steroids
in this. – Right. – You know, there’s no shortcut. It’s just fucking every day eating, you know,
some people are like “Oh, what’s happening, you’re not eating right? Or you-” – Get consistent. – I’ve all of a sudden finally figured out
how to use my laps so my shoulders aren’t hurting and I’m finally starting to build
… You know? – Got you. – It’s that. Discipline. – Discipline. Four times a day consistent. Got you. – Go into the community. – Okay. Appreciate it, man. – Nice to meet you, man. – Thank you. – Sure, of course. Amanda Bucci:
So those are my top four Cs for increasing Instagram engagement, getting found on the
explore page and really finding your true tribe. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. I do have a free mini course for you guys
that I created for my tribe a while back, but I’m gonna offer it to you guys as well,
if you just wanna go to the link in the description box. It’s just an Instagram growth course. It’s gonna have even more tactics that are
some of my best tactics to use to grow your Instagram following. Thank you, guys, so much and back to you Sunny,
thank you. Sunny Lenarduzzi:
Thank you so much to the Instagram queen, thank you Amanda, that was incredible. If you are as blown away as I was, by all
of that advice and strategy, put “boss” in the comments below to show Amanda that we
appreciate her being a guest on the Sunny Show, now I know that it takes a lot to be
your own boss, so I sat down with Amanda for a special bonus interview to interview the
boss behind the business and find out everything that makes Amanda tick and make her as successful
as she is. To listen to it you can go to
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