Google Tag Manager Button Click Tracking (2018 version) for Google Analytics, Facebook and AdWords
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Google Tag Manager Button Click Tracking (2018 version) for Google Analytics, Facebook and AdWords

100 thoughts on “Google Tag Manager Button Click Tracking (2018 version) for Google Analytics, Facebook and AdWords

  1. You're the man! This helped so much. I was trying and failing to find a way to track an address link that navigates to Google Maps. I was way overthinking it. I appreciate the way that you explain the reasoning behind everything you do too. Cheers!

  2. Hey Julian, I created the generic click trigger but none of my test clicks are being picked up. Confirmed that tag manager is properly installed via tag assistant and preview mode…it is a Shopify site that does not do eCommerce (weird, I know)…any idea why this is? I am trying to track button clicks

  3. Is it necessary to have Goggle Tag manager snippet on the website? I have added my Goggle Analytics code to my webpages, would the process in the video still work for me?

  4. Does this work for Instagram DMs? I basically want to track clicks of shared links via Instagram direct messages to say a Spotify song

  5. good video how to set it as not bounce rate? Any idea can we do it in google tag ? I think many people looking for the answer.

  6. Hi measureschool, excellent content!

    correct me if I'm wrong, but the "track all clicks" at the initial, is only used for staging setup purpose?

    I imagine if you use it on production site wtih 1,000 visitors per day, it will suddenly fired by thousands of click in no time. am I correct ?

  7. at 6:29 when I click on my link I don't get any variables listed. Not sure why?

  8. I think I am missing something. Totally lost after the 6 minute mark. I am not getting any variables listed. Do I have to set them up before doing this? Where do I start?

  9. Excellent video and explanation.
    Could you please explain how can I introduce different events from one tag and trigger? I want to show "Add to cart" for which prdocut clicked?

  10. Excellent walkthrough of the whole process, including a super plausible error (I get that it was genuine, and you should be commended for keeping it in). This was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  11. This is very useful. I'm having a bit of a problem here. The button I'm trying to track, depending on where you click it, has different classes and elements. It has the button itself, the text, the phone icon, and weirdly enough other ones depending on what part of the button you click. What's the best way to go around this. I use Elementor theme by the way.

  12. Question: So if you added to your cart with 2 quantity counted sweater shirts & make the purchase…. How does google tag manager know you added 2 quaintly sweatshirts to the cart?

  13. Hello! I have a question. Your Video really helped me to set up Google Tag Manager and Analytics Event Tracking.
    I just have one big problems and i can't find a solution since months.
    I set up Event Tracking with Tag Manager for Analytics. I want to Track Website information like how many times shop users click the add to cart Button.

    Problem: Tracking works perfectly fine as long as the Tag Manager debug Mode is online. Tags get fired, Analytics Counts Events.
    BUT as soon as i turn the debug mode off and Close Tag Manager it does NOT track any Event anymore, on no Browser even if it just Tracked it perfectly fine before, as long as Tag Manager debug Mode was on.
    I have this Problem for all of my sites. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  14. Hi thank you so much for these tutorials they are so helpful and your method of teaching is very clear and easy to follow. Once I set the variable to all clicks and then press the preview mode I do not get the test (orange bar) at the top of my screen so I cannot complete the checks. Please, can you advise?

  15. I'm trying to set up a tag to measure the number of social media button clicks we get from our website. I have followed the video but the tag is not firing. When I go through the variables, I have no idea which variable the social media button click is happening under. I have tried altering it to Page URL, Click URL etc but it still doesn't show up… Should it show up as our social media page that it opens up? Any help appreciated!

  16. Thanks, great video! I have a client with a chat function widget on their website and it's not registering the click to open the chat window. (we want to track the opening of the chat function as a conversion) Do you have alternatives for this problem? Thanks!

  17. Hi, when you click on the "add to cart button" there's a page that opens up in a new browser. Its not working for me. Will you provide some insights on what I may be doing wrong, thanks

  18. Great video, very clear, helped me set up tracking v quick at last minute! Have subscribed! My go-to guy now! 😀

  19. Great Lessons
    Is there a way to limit the clicks count? Let's say someone is very inpatient and use to click 2-3 times per second on the same button, as a result in the report will show 3 clicks. Or the website has the same button on different pages. How can get information on how many users click and how often they click on the website the same button?

  20. Thank you for your videos Julian! They have been very helpful. I'm searching through your videos but haven't been able to clarify yet. Should I have the GTM code and the Google Analytics tracking code separately on my website? The person before me started using GTM about a year and a half ago and I think that she was using it to help track clicks so that we could create goals within Google Analytics, but I'm not exactly sure. We currently have both the new global site tag and what appears to be the previous version of Google Analytics tracking code on our website. I assume that is unnecessary.

  21. Hey @Measureschool, great tutorial. Very simple and straight to the point. One recommendation for me is to get faster to the point 🙂 Great tutorial – you've got a new subscriber.

  22. The Events coming through . to my GA are named all differently and are impossible to know what is what without going right into them? What am I doing wrong?

    Eg My add to cart event is tracking and firing correctly according to GTM but when I check GA it comes through as a Click and tells me nothing more

  23. If you add the events for Facebook and Google Ads, does it only track clicks that come from those channels or does it show the same data to all three platforms (GA, FB & Google Ads)?

  24. Thanks for the video. How to add 2 or more buttons on a website to one event (for example CONTACT) on Facebook?

  25. This is what I call actionable tips, you rock man! I Just finished following this tutorial and everything worked perfectly!

  26. I followed the same steps to integrate GTM with GA and it worked when tested using preview mode but click event is not firing without preview code. Need your help to fix this.

  27. Hi there, I love your videos. My issue is that I set up the click trigger, but in preview debug mode the clicks are not showing in the summary. Any ideas?

  28. Hello, this is very helpful video. I have follower all the instructions and in debugger preview mode and tag assistant i see that i did everything correctly, however in google analytics real time report i do not see the data. Why does this happen? How can i fix this error?

  29. Hey there @measureschool, really appreciate your tutorials! Is it good practice to add scripts like recaptcha via GTM, or better off adding it to the website directly?

    If GTM is ok, do you have any videos on best practices for this?

    Thanks so much!

  30. Great Job MeasureSchool!

    Is a good practice to add a new tag for each trigger? If not, what would be the good practice?

  31. Thanks @MeasureSchool this is really helpful. Is there any way to count how many times visitors have clicked the Next Button? My website shows a gallery of images and I want to seperate people who have clicked <5 times, 5-10 times and >10 times (in 1 session). Is it possible?

  32. Hi MeasureSchool! Love your content – very useful!

    I have a question for you: we have a 3rd party button block installed on our website and I would like to track one particular button (of the three in the block). The issue is that as far as I can tell, there is no unique identifier to differentiate the buttons. In fact there is very little to go on at all, there is only an element class that shows up as a trackable element, but it is the same for all 3 buttons and thus tracks all 3 buttons rather than just the one I would like to track. Is there another way to track this button click, aside from what shows up in the variables section? The other issue is that this button appears on all of our product pages, not just one, so I would like to track it across all product pages.

    Thank you so much in advance for your assistance!

  33. Installed google tag manager and enabled preview mode. But refreshing my website doesn't show up the console to look through the events captured. any idea what am I missing? pls share.. I'm using chrome browser

  34. dude, YOU SAVED my entire life, for real, i was looking a tuto like this for years…. AGAIN THANK YOUUUUUUUU TAKE MY SOULL

  35. Very, but really very helpful! I appretiate a lot. You earned a new subscribe! 😀

    Could anyone tell me what means "DOM Ready"?

  36. I also want to know > Why all events in the summary are renewed, or reset, when some click event refresh the page. If anyone could help me with this info I appretiate a lot !!! 😀

  37. Thank you for the tutorial, very comprehensive. My question is: what you do after you implement the click event in Tag Manager, don't you need to implement it in Facebook Ads Events Manager as well? I cannot find any information for this matter. Thank you!

  38. Excellent video. For something like this, you really need a video illustration. Literally pulled my hair out trying to read guides.

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