Google Social Search and More with Social Searcher
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Google Social Search and More with Social Searcher

– Hi everyone. In this video, we’re gonna be taking a look at a website
called Social-Searcher. One of the tools it provides
is a Google social search. So it’ll search the results
of top social networks in a nifty little dashboard. Then it also offers
another tool called Buzz, but we’ll get to that in a minute. So, I’m over here on, and … For our search, we’re
going to be searching for hashtag terrorism. As you can see, I’ve
been testing this out. Down here, right below the
search box, we have these little check marks next
to the social networks that we wanna search particularly. So it’s gonna filter
out the search results for only that network, results related only to that network. So, for instance, if we have
Facebook checked off here, we’re gonna click on Search … If we scroll down, it’s gonna find all the Google search-related
topics from Facebook related to that particular hashtag. Now, if we scroll back up to the top here, what if we wanna have all of them or some of them checked? Let’s see what that looks like. So let’s check off Twitter and Instagram and click Search. Okay, and then we’ll
have these three columns, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If we scroll past the ads, we’ll see our same results here, and then we can scroll
down through Twitter and see all the tweets
mentioning the hashtag terrorism, and then over at Instagram, we can see all the
hashtag terrorism as well. So, that’s pretty good, right? You could probably do something like this in Google search yourself. You could, you know, do a compound search, an easy compound search … Filter, give me site:facebook and give me these type of terms. That’s very easy to do, but
what is interesting in this is that you get the
dashboard, you get the columns so you don’t have to
go having multiple tabs or having to search the
three different times. So you search once and you get all of the
networks right there for you. What is even better,
as I mentioned before, Social-Searcher offers
you this Buzz system, or this Buzz dashboard interface. We’re still looking at hashtag terrorism, and we have a dashboard interface here with all of the things, all of the posts, social posts related to hashtag terrorism, and we can scroll down, and … We can take a look at all of them, or we can change the … We can change the layout a little bit. So we can put it into
more of a vertical stance, a horizontal stance
versus a vertical stance, so you can play around
with these filtering … See what you like. I think the square grid is probably a little
bit easier on the eyes. So what we can do with this data is we can sort of by date or popularity. We can also filter it out. Now, when we were looking
at the Google search, we were looking at the
ability to filter it, but when you do the social
Buzz, it is unfiltered from the beginning, and
then you can go ahead and filter out the data that you want. So let’s just take a look
at Twitter and Google Plus and just filter that out. We can take a look at that, and you can click on any
of these to open them up and get a deeper look. On the left-hand side,
you can save the searches. So you can put in a name … And then click Save. You do have to create an account for that, and what I’m looking at right
now for you is all free. You get quite a bit for free. If you want to pay, you can
upgrade and get some monitoring and increase the number
of searches per day. The other thing you can do with this data is that you can export it. If we take a look at that, Export, we can see that you get
quite a bit of detail. So this is a previous result set not filtered by Twitter or Google Plus, and we can see YouTube … And Flickr, and all of
the social networks. We can see the username of
the people who are posting it. We can see the URL. We can see the date
and time it was posted, what the text was, what the URL is. So, I can see a lot of
possibilities with this by filtering it out, doing a pivot table, getting some bar charts, organizing it in a nice data set to present
to security personnel, so this, I think, is a very
handy tool, the exports. You can also set up email
alerts, and again, that is free. You do have to create the account, though. On the Analytics tab … We can see the amount of keywords that are used in these result sets. We can see the type, so video, photo, link, or status, and then versus … Compare that to each social network. Then if you scroll down, we’ll see popular videos and photos
and that type of thing, and then we can say, how
many links were in these and what the domains were. Popular links again and
all the social networks and popular users. So obviously Dailymotion,
Twitter is a user, not necessarily the user
who actually posted it. Sentiment. Sentiment is based on keywords, and what’s interesting
is, as far as I know, Twitter is the only one who has sentiment, but evidently, all of the
other networks do have that, and it’s probably done by Social-Searcher. I’m not sure how that actually works, but that would be interesting to find out a little bit more about Sentiment … And neutralities and
positive versus negative. Big bulk of it is neutral, looks like. And last on the tab, or first, depends on which way you’re
going, is the general tab. And we’ll take a look at a … You get post timelines. We’ll take a look at … And you can filter that out as well, so you could remove these ones and get a better understanding of it. You can also look at
posts by social network, posts by weeks of the day, posts by weekday. There we go. And popular hashtags. So, and this is all free, again. I think this is a fantastic tool. I don’t think it beats out Hootsuite. I think Hootsuite still beats it out by the ability to do geocoding
and that type of thing but this is a great tool. So go check it out. It’s, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks for watching. If you like the video,
give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe
and share this video with your colleagues and friends, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Hey Larry! Thanks for introducing us to Social Searcher. I like the layout and in some ways It reminds me of Buzzsumo. 😀

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