Google Shoelace Explained! Google’s New Social Network 😍🔥
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Google Shoelace Explained! Google’s New Social Network 😍🔥

Hey Guys, Welcome to another video of Tech
Boilers and In this video I am going to talk about Google’s new upcoming
social media platform. As you guys know they recently closed Google
Plus, not only this in the past they have shutdown many platforms like Google
Buzz, and the messaging services like Allo and Google Wave now
it appears that Google is testing out yet another social network, this one called Shoelace. So in this video we’ll be
talking about Google Shoelace, its working and my opinions on the new social media. So stick to the video till the end, and if
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lets get right into it. First lets talk about Google Plus,
Google+ was a dead product walking. Google was supposed to kill it because even
after the company spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it, Google Plus had no
takers. and hence Google took a huge decision of shutting
down the Google social media platform, Google Plus for the consumers. After years of considerations, Google Company
finally made this decision and accepted that Google Plus failed to gain such an engagement
that the company had expected. The reasons why it didn’t worked out is not
a rocket science, first the concept of circles, that was really over
complicated and it never worked out and then the data breach that made
made the Google+ shut down, all of these things resulted in the unpopularity
of the Google+ among all the leading social platforms. But the thing that Google Plus was a failure
isn’t a shock, like it was not being used. People preffered Facebook, Twitter and other
social media while Google Plus didn’t gain popularity. A former Google plus designer told why Google
Plus Failed, he said that Google’s product vision of Google+ was based on the fear of
losing the race (and all of world’s data) to Facebook instead of creating something
genuinely unique, and it makes sense the social media didnt provided us with anything unique,
also the internal office poltics was a reason why Google plus wasnt
getting updates, new UX and stuff like that while other Google products like Gmail were
constantly being updated and in the end the designer left Google
and joined DropBox. Anyways coming to their new product it is
called Shoelace, its more like real-life social networking app,
which is aimed at organizing local events and activities. you use it by listing your interests in the
app, allowing it to recommend a series of “hand-picked” local activities which it
calls “Loops.” You can also organize your own events,
and there’s a map interface to view and responding to other people’s Loops. You setup your account, you add your intrests
not friends, and according to your intrests it matches other people with same intrests,
and then you can meet with them,I can say it is more like tinder but
for finding friends not just dating. You can also find crews according to your
intrests for example you like lets say soccerr you can find a crew in your
nearby area, or even add people manually that also likes playing soccerr. In short, Shoelace looks like a social network
that encourages people to spend less time on their phones, and more time doing something,
anything in real life. Its pro-active, and that is what I really
like about this app. Other social medias be it Facebook, Twitter,
Instragram encourage you to meet people online or sit on your
phone whole day while this will be complete opposite, and will be pushing people to move
out of there homes and meet new people with same intrests. Talking about loops, it is an major feature
of the app With Shoelace, users are able to create “Loops”—like
the loops on a shoelace, which are listings for events that can be
shared with others on the app, with the side goal of possibly helping people
make a new friend or two. For example, it might include things like
playing ping pong at a local bar or watching comedy at an open mic night. Now this app is reminding me Google Schemer,
it was also an app that was launched like 2011 or 2012 tht had the same idea of making
events and meet new friends and they just closed it. and that made me visit
a site called Killed By Google, which have all of the software or hardware that was shut
down by Google. And there are massive Google products including
Google Slate, an tablet launched 8 months ago by Google that had low sales and people
didnt liked it and they just got rid of it. And I think its a very good habit of Google,
to just make a new product and refine it rather keep on pushing that poorly designed
product. So Shoelace, in my opinion, is more value
providing application and the thing i really like that it encourages to go outside your
home rather then sitting on your ass whole day, this app’s idea of meeting
up with people isnt a new idea, there some apps like Meetup that have the same functioning
so we will have to see how well it performs when it launches globally. Shoelace is currently in an invite-only testing
phase on iOS and Android, but you can fill out the form link is given in the
description box below if you’d like to get involved. You need to have a Google account to sign
in. Unfortunately it’s also only available in
New York City at the moment; the team says it’s hoping to expand to more
cities across the US soon. Tell me your opinions on this app below, do
you think it will be a hit or miss? And if you have watched till now help me reach
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