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Google Play Protect – Find My Device

Have you ever lost your phone or had it
stolen? What a sad day. What should you do when this happens? Well luckily, with
Google Play protect on your phone, you can use to use
find my device to remotely find, lock or erase it. Maybe your phone got wedged
between your couch cushions. With your phone powered on and connected to the
Internet, click ‘PLAY SOUND’ to ring it on the
loudest volume for five minutes straight even if it’s on silent. If you still can’t locate your phone, your next option is lock. Which allows you to remotely set
a screen lock password if you don’t already have one set, such as a pin
pattern or password. This will protect your data from anyone who might find
your phone. In addition, you can display a message for the finder to call on the
lock screen. The last resort is to remotely erase your phone to protect your data. This removes all of your personal data from your phone. So the finder won’t have access to it. This will also trigger device protection,
rendering the device unusable for anyone but you. If your phone finds its way back
to you, you’ll just need to enter one of your Google Accounts that was on the
device when it was reset. Then you can continue through the setup wizard.

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