39 thoughts on “Google Pay API Explained

  1. Would be interesting to see some data on what customers prefer, In 2018 what is the best strategy? Implement google pay, paypal and stripe? or maybe skip some step? Not everyone want's to make a google account. Would be really cool to see some statistics as this is a tricky thing to get right. Originally I was leaning towards only using stripe but I really love this google pay system.

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  3. Google Pay should be widely available to Bangladesh as we don't have PayPal. And customers should've easy service to load their balance.

  4. Interesting, but how its communicate with all these newly built emerging Wallet Service, I mean "Cross App Transaction"; let's say someone is chatting/communicating from 'Google Allo to WhatsApp' while using the internet (forget encryption, that could be considered later on)……!!!

  5. Indian Govt. developed it's own payment mechanism which is more faster and easier than this Google Pay. It's called UPI (Unified Payment Interface). And man it's so good that Google Pay for India is built on top of the same UPI. In fact all payments app in India have Pay using UPI option.

    Now! I'm not saying Google is late to take inspiration or anything but just stating the obvious fact about how India is far ahead when it comes to developing payment mechanisms. Don't bash me in replies talking about PayPal, Stipe etc. coz they not even close to UPI when it comes to instant payments using any bank account you have. Govt. has all the data so payment takes few clicks. Good to see Google taking inspiration from UPI model of payment. I'm sure it'll include more features on top of UPI in Google Pay (India)

    History: Unified Payment Interface (UPI) was launched by Prime Minister of India at Digi Dhan mela in New Delhi on 30 December 2016

    P.S. Dear Indians don't add your political views here. UPI was developed by Indians and you should be proud of that.

  6. Google pay is not reliable product..for failed transactions u will not response
    .dont use for large amount transactions

  7. Google pay is the worst. It isn't secure, they refuse to assist with fraudulent charges and the customer service line is a joke.

  8. I'm an app developer
    How can I install my app woth google payment ?? Bcoz I my country is a lack of digital infrastructure, pleass let me know.

  9. Do we need to pay charges to use Google pay api in website .. Like set up charge or tax in per transaction… Anyone having any idea??plzz help

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