Google Nest Mini unboxing & setup
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Google Nest Mini unboxing & setup

hi this is Dawne from tech hive and I am
here with the new Google Nest mini the updated version of the Google how many
which you might want to think of as a Google home Mini 2 but it’s got the new
nest branding so I’m gonna really quickly unbox this get a look at what
we’ve got and then show you how to set it up in your house ok so as you can
probably tell as I rip the cellophane off here we have the coral version of
the Google Nest mini here so the same as a Google home in it comes in a few
colors there’s chalk which is that kind of whitish grey charcoal work on a dark
grey black coral which is this pinky orange and this is a new color called
sky which is a really nice light blue sadly we don’t have that one right now
what you will tell even before we get the Box open is this looks quite a lot
like the first home mini ever gonna see it looks really like the first time any
so there’s no other opening so I think that just slides off there we go
ok so there we have it the nest mini which yeah looks a lot like the first
how many so Google has left the design pretty much unchanged from a physical
perspective if you had an original home mini and the same color side-by-side I
don’t think you’d be able to tell the difference from the top we’ll see
they’ve changed from the LEDs a little bit once they get it set up I’ll walk
you through that but otherwise it’s basically the same it’s the same fabric
mesh covering though this is now a little bit more sustainable this is made
the fabric mesh isn’t out 100% made from recycled materials that you say that I
think it’s a 1/2 liter plastic bottle creates enough material for to nest mini
covers and the rest the plastic casing is also now made of up to 35 percent
recycled materials so not quite as much but yeah this is a more sustainable
product one before which is a good thing otherwise yeah if we look mostly the
same we’ve got the same power cable socket there a physical microphone mute
in case for some reason at any time you don’t want it on and listening to you
and while we’re on the mics small thing but there’s now a third
microphone built-in so they used to be – now there are three that should just
mean edit accuracy and picking up your voice and from different parts of the
room that kind of thing if it’s on top of other noises in the environment so
that’s good I still sometimes have to sort of speak up a little bit to my to
my home in ease so I’m hoping that will pick me up a little bit more easily
there is one physical change that is quite important that I like and it is
this it may not look like much but that is a wall mounting hole small thing but
yeah there’s no like wall mounting kit becomes included I don’t think but if
you just put a nail or a screw into the wall anything like that you can now wall
mount the Ness mini directly to a surface like that which just gives you a
lot more options about where to put it in the house it doesn’t need to have you
don’t need to have like a surface you can put it down on as long as you’ve got
any wall space you’ll be able to mount it and attach it there without having to
buy some sort of aftermarket third party solution for wall mounting so I’ll just
quickly look what else we get in the box so there shouldn’t be much and then I’ll
turn the thing on so here we have the power cable that’s
the main thing yep so pretty simple power cable as I said it connects in
there nice musi you will know of course this is a British plug you will get the
right plug wherever you are this is the big chunky British one you’ll get a much
dinky a power supply if you’re in the US or any most other places in the world
basically but still it’s a nice design this is the
same as the first one that it also had this simple round design and then
otherwise there’s some basic instructions QuickStart guide and some
ah a basic privacy guide which pretty much tells you how the might work and
explains that you’ve got the microphone mute switch if you want to use it
another match of safety and warranty info so that’s it in terms of the box
very very simple so let’s actually turn it on set it up and show you how to get
an estimate up and running in your house right
okay so setup nice and simple I already got my
power cable plugged in so you just connect it there and if you can see the
LEDs have started to light up under the fabric mesh so that means we know it’s
got power and it’s figuring out what it can do okay so you’ll need a phone to
set it up obviously I’m using an Android phone but even though this is a Google
product it will also work with iOS you want to open the Google home app which
is this one right here if you don’t already have it
and then I’ve already got sort of a oh there we go
turning on okay so now it should be ready to go to get started download the
Google home app on a phone or tablet I’ve already said that get the Google
home app like Google says once you’ve got it you need to make sure you have a
home set up I’ve got one here for office and then add let’s me give me a set of
options here we want set up device so if we tap there and then new device since
it’s a brand new one yep that just lets me double check again which home setting
I’m doing you’ve probably only got one but I have something for the office and
something for my actual house so next for that and now it will look for nearby
devices and with a bit of luck we’ll find the nest mini in a second or not
okay so no device is found I am setting up a device okay so there we go
nest mini found so will you like to set up this device yes
it will now connect and as many as you can see there’s still the LEDs flashing
on there and changing color it might be able to just about make out on the
screen so there we go connected so now there we go we heard the sound so that
means we know it’s connected to the right thing this is just the option to
have it shared usage data with Google to help it improve things in case with
breaks you can opt-out that if you don’t want Google to have access to that
information but there shouldn’t be anything too incriminating also yes
where is this device so if you’ve already got a Google home set up
you’ll know this is your chance to sort of set up different rooms in the house
and tell the app which room this device is in so this one is in our video studio
so there we go we can connect to Wi-Fi network you have the option to have it
use the saved password so if it’s connecting if you’re connecting the nest
mini to the same Wi-Fi that you’re using on the phone or tablet or setting up
with then it can just basically connect automatically by using the information
that’s on the phone saving you typing in your password again
otherwise you can just do it manually if you’re on a separate network or if you
it doesn’t work for some reason so there we go the nest mini is now connecting to
our office Wi-Fi and there we go we’re connected so that
just takes a you know 30 seconds maybe a minute or two this is then a bit of
information about the Google assistant how it works just sort of lets you know
how it’s going to use some of your data what the services will do there’s a
chance to find out more about each of these separately or more in general if
you are just happy to go ahead and trust Google you can just hit next and go
straight through that you don’t need to worry about it unless you want to and
then you have the chance to activate voice match
so voice match is basically a setting that lets the nest mini tell between the
voices of different users so if you live on your own you’re probably not too
worried about it it can recognize your voice or any voice and doesn’t matter
but if you live in a multi-person household you might want vice match so
it can tell who’s asking at any given time so that if you ask for information
on your commute it can tell whose commute you’re talking about or if you
want to know what’s in your calendar it can recognize the voice and those read
out stuff from the right calendar rather than the wrong one so I will say yes as
you can see there’s just some more terms and conditions to agree with just sort
of how it uses your voice model it’s when you’ve got the chance to turn it
off after the fact if you decide you change your mind and obviously there’s a
slight security risk that someone with a similar voice or a recording of your
voice might be able to use it to access information I’ll go ahead and agree
again you don’t have to I’ve already used voice match so the Google assistant
can already recognize my voice because I use it on lots of other devices if you
haven’t used it before so you need to set it up it’ll basically just ask you
to say ok Google a few times in different intonation and it will use
that to remember your voice as it is right now is just taking the existing
voice model it has and moving it over to here
ok yeah so now I get the option to have personal revert results triggered by my
voice ok so this is what I was talking about before that basically means that
if I ask for information on my calendar it will know that it’s my voice and so
it will bring up my calendar rather than someone else’s in the household so again
I’ll agree to this but you can just say no if you’d rather not okay then you
just that is the boring office address don’t worry not my personal home you
again don’t need to give your address but plug it in helps it
figure out traffic information weather anything like that was tied to your
location and then the chance to link music services so this is basically your
choice of as you can see Spotify YouTube music Google Play Music or Deezer this
depends on what accounts you already have with these as you can see you can
use the free Spotify service so even if you aren’t a paid Spotify Premium Member
you can still access free Spotify on this I have a subscription to Google
Play Music so it will use that automatically so what you see here will
vary a bit depending on which accounts you have so you can just activate any
accounts you do have sign-in to partner account so you have like your Spotify
account so that it’s able to play through Spotify so I’ll just hit next
again you can hit not now if you don’t want to worry about setting up music
right now and there you go then once you’ve got your two you can pick the
default music service so I’ll use Google Play Music as my default again you have
the chance to link video services this is basically for if you want to ask it
to play things through a chromecast or other device I’m gonna skip this because
I don’t have anything set up in this video studio I’m gonna want to play
Netflix on so I’ll skip this but again that’s where you would plug in your
Netflix account details if you have them you can use the nest mini to make voice
calls through google duo which you can also use as you can see here you can
call your own speaker to talk to people at home so this is one of the new
features they built in is that you can actually from your phone used uo to
phone back to a homes to a nest mini speaker in your house you can also use
it a bit like an intercom talking between different Google home and Google
Nest speakers around the house it’s tied to a duo account if you have if you’ve
used your before basically that was it’s one of Google’s messaging services so
you may already have an account tied to your phone number from using the app
before otherwise yeah it’s just tied to what your phone number is and it will
use Wi-Fi for your calls not mobile data okay and there we go so we’re now pretty
much done you can see I’ve plugged in the address set up the device connected
it to Wi-Fi and I’ve set it so that I can use the speaker up for voice calling
run food so learn about the controls will run through because they have
changed a tiny bit so it’s worth seeing what’s new so tap in the center is
playing pulse you can change the volume by tapping on the left and right side
now this is one of the changes I spoke about before with the LEDs if I tap that
you’ll see there’s LEDs here at these side positions that didn’t use to be
there it used to just be those four in the middle so they’re now designed to
indicate to you where the volume controls are to help you see that you’re
tapping on the right part and I just tapped through the screen by the state
but one other option it’s got is a feature where if you wave your hand near
the device it will actually active out activate those LEDs as your hand gets
close so that you can see where you need to tap and work particularly where the
volume controls are final thing the mic switch which I’ve already showed you so
that is on this side of the device and that is the physical switch to mute the
mic and you can see she said the Microsoft you can see it’s actually able
to turn this curl finish but there is an orange bit under there that shows that
it’s muted right now and now we’re back on so that’s set up basically done now
we’ll run through what we can do so now it’s up and running the app will run
through some of the other things you can do talk you through the wake word which
is okay Google and as we can see the lights are on to indicate the Google’s
listening trying to figure out what I’m asking it to do right now it’s gonna get
very confused otherwise the app will just run through you can use it to play
music you can set a timer you can ask about your commute get Google to tell
you jokes things like that again this is all pretty much the same as what you
would have seen in any previous Google home speaker if you happen to have one
so in fact in terms of other features there’s not that much that’s changed
this time around the new LEDs and the new controls they’re slightly different
one other thing that is coming through to other Google devices is that now you
can use voice controls to set up multi-room audio or move audio around I
can’t really show you that right now because we’ve only got the one speaker
set up in this studio but basically you could ask Google to move the music to
say bedroom speaker if you have a bedroom speaker or you could say arts
Google to add bedroom speaker to the music and doing that would create a
multi-room set up or move the music from one speaker to another stop it playing
on the current one and start it playing on the other one which is something we
didn’t use to be able to do but that is coming to the other Google home speakers
as well as this one that’s just a software update to the Google assistant
functionality so the other big change to this one is another one I can’t really
show you very well right now but the sound quality has been improved
and that’s basically the big step up google says there’s about twice as much
bass response and otherwise it’s just generally improved the quality with the
new sort of custom the new custom speaker setup so it’s going to be very
hard to tell that on this audio setup where you’re listening through a tiny
little mic on my lapel but I’ll see if we get some playing hey Google play some
music okay here’s some music on google play music so you’ll have to trust me
when I say that sounds better than last year there’s Paul’s it sounds better
than last year it doesn’t sound radically better I’ll say it is still a
small speaker you’re gonna be aware it’s still a small speaker it’s not gonna
fill a big living room it’s not going to be enough volume to sort of power party
but if you want to just use it on its own in a study or a bedroom or a smaller
space it should now be a lot better you shouldn’t feel quite as much need to
hook it up to another Bluetooth speaker so thanks very much for watching I hope
this has helped if you are considering picking up the nest mini or have one and
wanted to know what to do with it straight out of the box like I subscribe
for more content from tech 5 and we’ll be playing around with this and some of
the other new Google products and we will have more stuff for you very soon
thanks very much

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