Google I/O 2015 – Android Pay: The next generation of payments on Android
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Google I/O 2015 – Android Pay: The next generation of payments on Android

31 thoughts on “Google I/O 2015 – Android Pay: The next generation of payments on Android

  1. Google needs a more concise way to explain Android Pay. Apple does a better job with this. Can we just tap and go like on Apple Pay? Looks like a lot of waiting with your demos.

  2. Will the user be able to select which payment method they would like to use when using tap to pay? I see the option is there for payments in app, but I don't think it was mentioned regarding tap to pay.

  3. Funny watching through the video to the end, they present Hands Free, which obviously uses BLE technology (Beacon), but they never mention that!!! As I said, NFC is dead already… Beacons are coming

  4. Demo gods were not on their side:
    Pretty cringeworthy how they mostly just ignored it and kept saying how secure it was when he just got ripped off. 

    Not that I have any doubts that it will be secure by the time its ready for the real world, but still.

  5. I don't understand the naming or thinking behind Android Pay and what it means for Google Wallet. Google Wallet was a perfect name to use for tap and pay and storing payment and loyalty cards. With the announcement of Android Pay, the tap and pay feature and all payment and loyalty cards will be moved from Google Wallet to Android Pay. This doesn't make sense to me. The word 'Pay' is an action, the word 'Wallet' is an object. You don't pay with 'Pay', you pay with your 'Wallet', you don't store payment or loyalty cards in 'Pay', you store it in a 'Wallet'. When you go to a store you wouldn't say "I'd like to pay with 'Pay'." you'd say "I'd like to pay with 'Wallet' or 'Google'.". That brings me to my next point, using the word 'Android'. What happens when we want to pay on other systems and on websites? Are we going to see the words 'Android Pay'? If so, that doesn't make sense. Anything associated with Android should say on the Android platform. You don't see any Android features used on any other systems apart from its own. You see Google services and applications on other systems and websites, which makes sense. I think lose the term Andtoid Pay and keep Google Wallet for tap and pay and for storing payment and loyalty cards, it's makes more sense. Seeing 'Pay with Google' in stores, in apps, on websites and on other systems makes more sense than seeing 'Pay with Android Pay'.

  6. This guy sounds drunk the entire time, you can give Apple one thing. They can make their presentations damn entertaining.

  7. what are you guys talking about? Google does explain things well and provide videos but this is a developer event not for novice so they explain things in depth although this guy was the wrong choice.

  8. I like the Hand Free Pay…Why not if, the vehicle these days can open doors start your engine without the key in the ignition switch and at many convenience stores doors opens hand free… Okay, I give your guys and hand free thumbs up..for this one or app…

  9. Sadly Android Pay, Google Wallet or any of Googles NFC Payment apps will never leave the USA so kiss goodbye to ever seeing Android fully grow as a platform cause Europe and UK will never see these services…Sad because i live here in the UK and would give anything to use these services…my only option now is to use whatever first comes available…

    Yet…Apple spent little time and managed to roll out Apple Pay to all Countries in the space of a few months vs Googles poor attempt of a few years…

  10. Apple Pay is better with android pay your phone has to actually have physical contact with the terminal and it seems like you have to lay your device on the terminal throughout the entire transaction Apple Pay and Samsung pay is better

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