22 thoughts on “Google I/O 2011: Building Android Apps for Google TV

  1. At 37:58 you Googlers TV guys have said: "Probably not the accelerometer"… Actually why not? What about an accelerometer inside the remote-controller (and there is already one if you use your phone/tablet as a remote-controller)? Just imagine playing a 1st person car racing game on your TV using your remote as a driving-wheel (Wiimote style) !

  2. You guys are bad to the bone. I wish I knew you personally. Google TV is going to be huge and it seems like no one is really listening.

  3. What is the response to the current version of Google TV not having PDF support? Will the 3.1 release address this?

  4. @JohnConnor352 Probably.. If 3.1 currently supports PDF rendering without a helper app. Otherwise the flow would probably be as it is today with 2.2 when launching a PDF reader to render the file.

  5. @realsupercopter They are specifically referencing support for the GTV device. Accelerometer data from a game controller or something would be handled by the IO libraries.

  6. They meant "Content Provider" as in an Android Content Provider within android SDK. Access to the Channel listings will be probably similar to how you access contact information.

  7. I would love to see a google backed social media site available on Gtv…… what? google+? No we don't get that on Gtv either. It's on the android market? Yeah, that doesn't work for us either. I guess I can go use Facebook again. I can get that on my mobile and Gtv!!! FAIL goog

  8. @realsupercopter Then the accelerometer code would be on the phone/tablet not on the google TV. They mean that the Google TV itself doesn't need an accelerometer.

  9. @realsupercopter yea, but that is diffrent idea of using those sensor and don't forget that Wiimote use IR sensor instead (Wiimote with IR camera see "sensor" bar on top of TV… which is not sensor btw ^^) for pointing detection:>

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