12 thoughts on “Google I/O 2010 – Creating positive user experiences

  1. @ChristopherTarnowski thanks… might try reinstalling flash player… can never seam to get ubuntu to play flash quite right…

  2. @TheMafiafire Yeah, the same goes for all Linux distros, unfortunately. In my case (Fedora) the issue with Flash manifest after resume from suspension (e.g. troubles with full screen playback etc.). Let's hope that YT expands it's HTML5 capabilities fairly quickly (e.g. quality selection, full screen).

  3. I don't really think google is doing such a great job in UX. To begin with, they mainly focus on technicalities of the UX, rather than the UX as a whole. I like way more how researchers like Hassenzahl or D. Norman approach the topic.
    As a summary, it isn't just about speed, performance, or reliability, UX is something much wider that deals with the deepest of human feelings, values and perception.

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