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Google Home UK – Unboxing

[Music] we are unboxing to go home so first of all the books it was not what I was specting is kind of larger and this form factor which is surprising here you go home thanks that you can do I get started with your google home and yeah my titties and basic stuff it is integrated with Spotify play music to name nested Isis smarting podcast will be using it with play music a lot in chromecast because Bobby ala home so here we will see we don’t know yet where are we going to put it well be careful [Music] yeah come on our most earth-like cuckoo the monitor Wow look at that is a nice book okay yeah sure whoa and this is it this is all it is I guess for more thing to the box safe what else I like the box forever blah blah blah ok Google blah blah blah yeah yeah blah blah blah and the power okay I live is google branded as well we love to good home yes no one hates it none knowing this was yeah so this is it I know I use the silence button so because privacy paint and you know decided button and um I know so you can take these things off and buy another color that suits your linen room your rooms or whatever we have these four three speakers which I heard they are really loud we will see will test them and yeah looking forward to playing rumbling new family toy bye ah

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