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hey guys welcome to the review of Google Home Mini first you need to download the Google home app which is available in Play Store then ,you can connect using this . i have already connected and ready to use the Google home mini these are the apps which it supports these things can be done on google home you can use the google play music ,which
is free for three months now it support gaana and saavan, you have just you have to
link the accounts so that you can use the gaana and saavan phone for playing the
music it can also cast from the other service such as Amazon Prime as you can see this icon cast of living room speaker you can also fully cause the sound of
the mobile phone like chrome casting your TV, use the cast option here you can
see living post pick up – so okay let’s try this game you can see you can have left or right to increase
or decrease the volume you can also your choice command to increase or decrease
the volume hey goober degrees thorium yes you can true see and you can stop by
this connectivity hey you will change the volume to 85 percentage okay good
afternoon hello there what can I do for you this fine afternoon tell me my name
you said yoni must be our Hagel will how old are you I just launched recently so
I’m pretty young hey count from 1 to 10 sure 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 hey who is the
president of America the president of the United States of America is Donald
Trump hey Google what is his height he’s 1.90 meters tall hey goober when did he
become the president January 20th 2017 according to Wikipedia
Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States at no
nest on January 20th 2017 succeeding Barack Obama Bakley all right
it’s his hey what does this folksy ring ding ding ding ding ding but I also I
heard this week okay PR on Friday there’s only one thing it’s on Friday at
8 p.m. and it’s stuck in his Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab the Sun will rise at 6:15 a.m. like a
trivia oh yeah this is so much better than telling you about the weather
let me get into character welcome to are you feeling lucky it’s kinda like other
trivia games but you’re playing it right now I’m the host with the most trivial
questions how many people want to play only one we’re playing solo we’ll do
five questions to start things off I’m going to give you a nickname
it’s blanket hope you’re feeling lucky you can always pop out of the game by
saying stop try this which is stolen the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Great
Sphinx of Giza impressive great job it’s more than
twice as tall as the Sphinx this is question 2 get out you’re reckless
it’s about geography which they are native to India is the state animal of
Jammu and Kashmir chinky Hangul Oh soggy
still are you sure you want to quit yes all right
see you next time hey Google Play best friend best friend by Sophie to cook
show playing on Donna hey play shape of you alright shape of you by a cheering
playing on Donna good afternoon BR the time is 109 p.m.
right now in Nieman it’s 33 and partly cloudy today there’ll be thunderstorms
with the forecast high of 33 and a low of 27 have a good day here’s the latest
news from gadgets 360 eh 10:13 p.m. today you can also cost from Google
hominy your Comcast which has to be in the same network hey Google Play I would
just movie trailer on TV sure playing Avengers trailer from
YouTube on family room TV hey Google what’s on my shopping list you have four
items on your shopping list headphones abstract create new list and your Bab
light hey goober I am bored I’ve got this we can play a game I can find you a
fun fact or we can see what random fun comes our way
fun facts on the website officially they say officially bought
interesting facts about a dozen french people died as a result of landlines
left from the last world voyage here it snowed in the sahara desert on february
18 1979 sex is biochemical working from eating stop hey Google can you smile
sure I’m will be smiling on the inside you can also turn off the microphone but was it changing this butter the mics
off you shove the mikeysoft hey by the way
the mic is off to turn it back on slide the switch on the back of Google home by
the way the mic is off to turn it back on slide the switch on the back of
Google home the microphone is back on the mic I saw you can add other family
members to Google form so that it will look nice
each voices and you specific result good bye good bye
hey good night see you later good bye see you later alligator
good bye I’ll catch you on the flipside whatever that means
good bye bye hey Google good bye okay bye
hey good bye see you later alligator thanks for watching this video have a
nice day


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