Google Home Mini – Black Friday edition £34!  – unboxing
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Google Home Mini – Black Friday edition £34! – unboxing

hey I’m Martin this is no enough seconds
today we have impromptu unboxing of Google home mini I’m excited so what
happened was first of all I went online I’ve seen her out and they told me it’s
Black Friday soon and this is 15 pounds of which total price right now is 34
pounds excellent so because I have a weak soul I went to
pick up device for me mostly because when I’m away Alex is feeling really
really upset so now they can talk to each other therefore let’s start and
let’s open this baby up and see what’s what’s inside we know what’s inside ball
its unboxing what do you expect and the cat is out of the box and it’s
dark because it reflects my soul so welcome Google Oh Minnie has a
rubberized bottom which already have some fluff on it because I placed it on
my table without booking so that’s annoying we have a very peculiar
charging why it’s not USBC god knows but oh well yeah and we have a box and let’s
get started it’s probably just plug in and do stuff so as few stuff so let’s
let’s do this let’s don’t wait let’s do this so we need this to plug into my power placing thingy that’s the one then
obviously we need to point the microUSB into my USB hole like this and now we’re
waiting for stuff to happen now some there’s some dots that’s always a good
and welcome feature so let’s get started plug it in download the app okay I don’t
think I’ve got enough with me so that’s maybe I haven’t I don’t know down a
little bit yes it’s the 21st century guys 75 mega buck megabits per second
which is great open Google home welcome home get started okay let’s get started
then choose my accounts okay I’m gonna choose my account sorry okay location
yeah it’s fine you can know my location one device set it up that’s simple
enough Google Oh Minnie foul
would you like to set up this device yes connecting to Google home mini if only
disconnect from Wi-Fi during setup okay if you say so it bounces I did hear the
sound where is this device in office connected yes yes connecting to Wi-Fi that’s very exciting isn’t it
I’m talking to phone and hopefully the man in a moment Google’s gonna talk to
me there is a big TNT (delivery!!!) truck just parking and I really really hope it’s not
delivery for me right now because and a think box alert Google home has joined
okay set up your Google assistant a Google partners privacy blah blah okay
next I already sold my soul to to Google you know we’ve got a YouTube account so
they know everything about me teach the assistant to recognize your voice yes
I’m in I thought I already thought my assistant so um yeah I could not distort
my voice or something say you wouldn’t teach so you wouldn’t be able to hijack
it okay okay hey apparently hey Google is a thing now so excellent getting your
assistant ready in a second thought should be ready I guess yeah I don’t
think the delivery truck is for me so that’s gonna be uninterrupted video guys
so while this doing its own thing there’s a nice photos yeah it’s okay I
guess for now we’re ready to go okay so we can do
stuff now enter your address confirmed address next stay in tune oh yeah
address office speakers services okay all done and now I can show you the
screen again there’s a mad private information in the screen you know the
last thing I want to know is old numerous fans I’ve got to queue up and
then try to take a picture of me because that’s what happened to youtubers with
3354 subscribers updating Google homie okay this is gonna take three to four
minutes well since I’ve got no conversation to
hold really for the three to four minutes are probably just gonna stop the
video magically here and return when whether this stuff is updated oh well
maybe not it’s stalking again okay your speakers ready and let’s explore what
you can do hi I’m your Google assistant I’m here to help you can continue in the
Google home app okay oh I guess all right we all set up and we can do stuff
so we can start with the most command obvious the most obvious command ever
hey Google what do you think about Alexa I like Alexa’s cool blue light we share
an affinity for star wars Alexa what do you think about Google
home I’m partial to all a always clearly Google home is a little bit more
enthusiastic about the other voice our system so yeah I hope that’s gonna be a
very nice friendship between the devices and lamenting to hate me for picking one
over the other so yes that was a very quick unboxing and quick setup from
myself expect some Google hope especially
Google home mini stuff popping out now and then and maybe some tasks
integration raspberry pi integration who knows you like integration up dude can I
control my life here sir um hey Google sorry I’m not sure how
to help with that no apart more everyday okay maybe I need
to enable some options or something but it’s definitely about all my on my
assistant and I can do it that way so yeah – coming around with this for a bit
and see what I like more whether it’s a Google whether it’s a Google home meanie
Oh my trusty Alex ah say hi hi this is let’s trigger it in my ass well when
guys thanks so much for watching and sticking for these unboxing thingies I
hope you enjoy it and yeah I’m quite excited me even though if you can’t see
it it’s because I’m like confused and stressed and and everything but yeah
let’s go go home for you Black Friday sales right now for 34 34 pounds or
probably around $39 if that’s your thing if you do stuff in dollars I won’t judge
I promise what did you want okay hey Google play some music I’ve got some music in google play music
and I gonna end it now because it’s gonna start making noises hey Google
stop music great so again thanks for watching guys follow me on social media
here this time I didn’t listen to it alums if you you don’t get the reference
trick my previous video and subscribe if you want to like I said unlock it up you
don’t have to use social media use it see you later bye hey I’m Martin this is
no enough Cortana it’s not melting and it’s I didn’t speak
to you another smart device talking okay hey Matt and Cortana do not the response
to hey you only respond when you asks hey I’m Martin this is not how many
times I couldn’t meet you windows hey Cortana use Mike no

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