Google Home: Hands-Free Calling
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Google Home: Hands-Free Calling

Woman: This is Google Home. It’s not a phone, like it doesn’t have buttons
or a screen, but you can use it
to make phone calls to pretty much anyone. So you can ask it to call
your mom or call your brother or you can be like,
“Hey, Google, call that sandwich shop
on Pierce Street.” And it’ll be like… Google Home:
Okay, calling Gino’s. [phone ringing] Man: Gino’s Deli.
Woman: See? And you get Gino’s on the phone. Man: Lady,
you gotta stop doing this unless you’re gonna
order something. Woman: No, I get it,
that’s fair. That’s fair. [jaunty music]

100 thoughts on “Google Home: Hands-Free Calling

  1. I get it. It's an expensive box that does the same thing my phone does for free. I love your phones (I have a Nexus 6P), but this thing is useless.

  2. Boa noite para vocês Acabei de receber suas notificações envie os seus conteúdos são lindos demais estão de parabéns

  3. I got a Google home and an Amazon Alexa on the same day, 6 months later, I'm using Alexa everyday and Google home is collecting dust. It's truely a disappointment

  4. hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm something is wrong try again in a few secs. I already reported this. Google you are so sad! You put out this video with the calling not working!

  5. I live in the US and my Google Home still won't make calls. I get an error like, "Sorry, I don't understand," or "Sorry, I can't help with that." When will it officially be rolled out to all US users?

  6. Why so many haters?? I love the idea of this, I use mine in the kitchen and make calls while I am cooking! Love it!!

  7. Will it also Text?As I understand, it recognizes the voice that is associated with a specific phone. I hope that it can also text from that phone as well, just as android auto does through google.

  8. This worked for me to call my husband but not when he tried it to call me. Is there a way to set up the Home to work from more than one phone's info.

  9. I was skeptical about this thing for a while, but I did end up buying one and putting it in the kitchen. It's really just a glorified BT speaker but it sounds good and is pretty useful at a few tasks. If you've got cash to burn on a gadget you could do worse.

  10. Does it still use your phones minutes? Or if my minutes usage is up for the month can I use the Home and not get charged for extra time?

  11. Yah!  I have been waiting for this feature for a long time.  I actually have both the google home and alexis devices.  I purchased Alexis after deciding that Google was pretty much limited to a expensive timer (for me).   I purchased Alexis after being misinformed that it could make phone calls.  My mistake for not doing enough research because Echo can only call other echo users:(    I have been testing google phone calling all morning and it works pretty well with this exception.  Do not ask Google anything with the word "phone" in it as you will end up calling some bizarre business because it misunderstands anything with the word phone it in as a request to make a call.  I love this feature because I pretty much make phone calls all day long and this is another way for me to do that instead of using a headset or sitting at my desk with a speaker phone.I also use Skype a lot to make calls to other Skype users.  It would be great if home would interface with Skype.Thanks Google.

  12. Can this be used for my Google Voice number if others want to call me? I've no cellular services near me, and Google Voice connected to a Google Home would be awesome!

  13. I appreciate the "jaunty music" playing on the audio track, which keeps my Google Home from actually responding to the commands in the video.

  14. So how does Google know "Mom's" phone number, and how does Google differentiate between my mom, your mom, and about 10 million other mom's?

  15. You can do it with any speaker. Just get a speaker with a microphone and enable the hands-free activation for your favourite AI assistant of your choice.

  16. Please report this channel, it's from a pure fascist company which is the enemy of free speech. A fascist company like Google doesn't belong on the internet.

  17. 😂ـًِู͜͡👌😂ـًِู͜͡👌😂ـًِู͜͡👌😂ـًِู͜͡👌🤔

  18. @Google, why is this feature not available in Germany? Sad to see that Alexa is starting to be the one with more available features. If you do not release international, you will loose the battle.

  19. Please write somewhere in the video that this feature(and a lot whole bunch of other features) doesn't work in UK, Japan, and so on.

  20. It would be nice to have this feature in Argentina. I have my google home mini and now I´m getting the echo dot 3rd gen.

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