Google Drive: Working on the same file at the same time
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Google Drive: Working on the same file at the same time

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides make it easy to work on your files with
other people. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in the
same room or halfway around the world. You just
share your file with the people you want to work with. Let’s take a look at how useful this can
be. Amy and John use Google Docs to work on their travel newsletter at the same
time even when they’re miles apart. Amy create
a new document and shares it with John. She gives him
edit access which means that both of them can make
changes to the document at the same time. Once they’re set up, Docs
lets them work together in a few different ways. Amy knows when John is working on the
newsletter because his profile picture appears onscreen and she can watch him work is a types. She can use chat to start a conversation
and if John isn’t online at the same time she is, she
can stay in touch with comments so the next time John views
the file, he can respond to Amy and Amy can click “Resolve” when he’s addressed
her comment. Between chat and comments, no good ideas
get left behind. Docs, Sheets, and Slides also make it easy to
bring other people into the conversation, so
when Amy has a question for her boss, Catherine, she types Catherine’s name into a
comment using the plus sign and Catherine gets an email letting her
know she needs to weigh in. Google Docs, Sheets, and slides keep everyone on the same page. For more
information about real-time collaboration, visit the Help Center.

33 thoughts on “Google Drive: Working on the same file at the same time

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  2. My company still uses MS word and a shared drive behind our firewall. (Nothing cloud-based) I'd LOVE to get us onto Google apps for work but this question always comes up: "How do you protect the revision that someone is making from being overwritten by another person?" And I guess Google Docs does not lock out others – it's collaborative in nature. And that seems to be the key.

    But how do you assuage concerns since Google docs doesn't "lock out" another user so that there isn't any accidental loss of data in a shared document?

    My first thought is to highlight the fact that you can SEE the collaborators in real-time and that you can comment while in the document. A word doc in a shared drive does not provide these collaborative, real-time features; and therefore, must use a lock out feature… Is there anything I'm missing in this argument?

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  4. I can see this as a very beneficial app however at this time I have no real use for it. I will however not forget about it as I may someday need it. Thanks, Tom LeGere

  5. I would use google drive especially the google forms for organizing school trips and events. Google spreadsheets for recording students grades along with attendance records and google slides for lesson presentations. I also like that you can share these documents with other people and combine forms.

  6. Good docs has a suggestion feature which is beneficial if information on a document needs to be updated or corrected. This allows documents to be revised before being published. This is where people can collaborate on a project. The speech-to-text feature is beneficial especially for someone who is not a great typist or who has limited use of their hands. This would be great to use in a school setting but it is only used on Google Chrome.

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  8. how can I share a live excel sheet with my colleagues like we do in Google spreadsheet where we can do live editing in the workbook?

  9. I was hoping Docs would be well designed so I could edit documents on any Google device including my android phone, but all it took was a few desired features I was used to with Word, and I had to revert back. Shame. personal trainer miami brickell downtown

  10. Is this feature available for files other than sheets, docs and slides. What if I two coders are editing a code, the same file at the same time?
    Please answer ASAP

  11. I have 10 people editing a google drive folder. I am getting duplicate files, which I have deleted. This makes tracking changes nearly impossible. At one point I had over 12 duplicate files. How do I stop this?

  12. This feature is only for Google docs and sheets because these files are native to the Google Drive's file system. This is how Google Drive can keep track of changes made in real time by different people. However, the same cannot be said of non-native Google Drive files like Word and Excel. When you want to edit these files, you have to either convert the DOC file to the Google Doc file format or download the file to work offline and then re-upload the modified file to overwrite the older version of the file on Drive. Your collaborators will not know that you are modifying the file because the editing occurs offline on your computer only.

    In short, if you collaborate non-native Google drive files, make sure that your collaborators are clear on what files each other is working on. Always have Google Hangout window open to keep everyone in the loop.

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  14. Hi, Thank you for sharing the knowledge. I have one doubt. Can we protect the sheet, like, other users can only edit once but they should not modify again?

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