Google Chromecast: Stream local media files from your computer to the HDTV
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Google Chromecast: Stream local media files from your computer to the HDTV

Hey guys, Keiko Alingas here and I wanted
to do a quick follow-up video with my new favorite device, the Google Chromecast. I
did a full unboxing and review video with this not too long ago, so if you haven’t
seen it yet, go ahead and click check it out right here. It’s ok, I’ll wait. You guys back, ok. Haha. Anyways, as you guys
know by now, using the Chromecast, you can now wirelessly stream video and web content
from websites such as YouTube and Netflix straight to your HDTV. However, one common
question I’ve received lately is “can the Chromecast stream movie & audio files
locally stored on your computer to the TV?” Now I’ve had this question come from those
who would like to simply stream movie files that they downloaded for the internet… legally
of course, haha. And also from filmmakers who would like to use the Chromecast for public
screenings of their projects such as music videos and short films. And the answer to
both of those scenarios is yes and yes. And let me show you how. So once again I have my MacBook Pro synced
up to the Chromecast and I have my Chrome browser open. Now what I’m going to do is
find an HD movie file that I want to play on the TV. To do so, I’ll simply drag the
file to the address bar in Chrome. And there you see it pop up in the main browser window.
So now all I have to do is go to the Cast button and select Cast this Tab. And there
you see it on the big screen. Now as you can see, you can definitely play
HD movie files, but for the smoothest viewing experience the file format has been optimized
for web-friendly viewing. In this case, the clip that’s playing right now is an MP4
file that I encoded at 1920×1080 using a program called MPEG Streamclip. The same codec most
would use when uploading movie files to YouTube. Now if I was to attempt this with a raw or
uncompressed movie file then we’ll definitely experience some cropping and playback issues
as so. But nonetheless, as you can seem, we definitely
have success here. Just another one of the many cool things that the Chromecast can do.
For links to purchase or simply more information on the Chromecast, be sure to check out our
site at I’m Keiko Alingas and I’ll see you guys next time.

23 thoughts on “Google Chromecast: Stream local media files from your computer to the HDTV

  1. As long as your WiFi is strong enough to connect to the Chromecast, then no, you shouldn't experience any lag or buffering when streaming from a local movie or audio file. – Keiko

  2. Lol, it's definitely a simple device with many cool capabilities. I cover more of its features in our unboxing/review video in the video response section. Thanks for watching!! – Keiko

  3. Ok, so I'll need to use only mp4 files? Could you give us a list of "best" files to use versus "worst" or "don't use" file types? That would be VERY helpful and help us plan better when creating/converting files. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. Hi Robin. Of course, there are dozens of video formats available. We haven't tested all of them. But so far we've had success with MP4s, M4V, and compressed quicktime MOVs. So far, we'd suggest avoiding MKVs, AVIs, and uncompressed quicktimes. We plan to post an updated list on our blog so be sure to check back soon. Thanks for your question. – Keiko

  5. Does anyone know if there are plans to implement this into media apps such as VLC or SMplayer? I would like to mount .iso files as a disk into the player and cast it to the HDTV.

  6. Rfrancoi. Very doubtful, as Google wants to keep all activity with the Chromecast within the Chrome Browser. That's why you're unable to cast other apps or mirror any sort of desktop activity. Hope that helps. — Keiko.

  7. You can drag the file to the main window as well.
    CTRL-O will let you open a file. 
    Typing C: or any other drive in the address bar will let you browse to your files as well.

  8. Hi! just one little detail! When I send the video file to the chrome tab it only plays the audio and no video :s would you know why is that?? Thanks! 🙂

  9. I'm hoping you can help me as I'm probably missing something with the process you've posted.  I've been unsuccessful at viewing a local movie file with the Chromecast.  The movie plays in the browser in my computer but it will not cast to the TV. I'm viewing only darkness on the TV.
    Is there a setting I need to adjust to see the video on the TV?  
    I also find that the extension needs to be "wmv" in order to view the movie within Chrome. An avi or another type of video extension file will launch another media player. Is there a setting I need to adjust for this too?

  10. Hey there! Quick question, is there any way i am able to locally stream an .avi file? with the method you talk about in the video, when i drag the file into my browser, it just automatically starts downloading! Please Help! Awesome video!

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