8 thoughts on “Google Analytics Audit – Our Process for Optimal Data Quality

  1. Julian in the diabetes niche google disabled the remarketing tag. So how do we retarget ads to our diabetes visitors?

  2. Hello Julian, Thanks for sharing the checklist.
    Well, I don't know why people expect the audit to be FREE. Yet, your process requires to have a signed agreement (and maybe a down payment as well) to start doing the audit and the implementation.
    Almost always when we visit a new client, they ask to share a report showing what is missing in their implementation, what's right and what's wrong before even sign or approve a proposal! which is time-consuming with no grantee to close the deal.

  3. Hay Julian, thanks for sharing this great video.
    Can you please share a template for reporting and it would be a great help if you let me know what tool you use to create report.
    Thanks once again. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi J, thanks for the video 🙂 Its really helpful. I am trying to download the checklist by following the link you mentioned but after signing up, I didn't receive the download link. Can you please help? Thanks

  5. Hi Julian, Trying to get the Analytics checklist, but the email that was supposed to have the download link is missing one. Could it be that something went wrong because I was already a newsletter subscriber beforehand? Thanks!

  6. your depth or knowledge and enjoyment of analytics is nice to see. Also your creative way of using the tools. also watched you GTM videos & you seem like wizard btw. Wish you well.

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