Google Ads Tutorials: Linking YouTube and Google Ads
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Google Ads Tutorials: Linking YouTube and Google Ads

[light music] Linking your YouTube channel and Google Ads account allows you to run ads based on customers
interactions with your channel’s videos. In this video, we’ll explain how to link
your YouTube channel and Google Ads account in a few simple steps. The benefit of linking your YouTube
channel and Google Ads account is gaining access to important features such as video remarketing lists, where you can advertise to customers
who have viewed any video from your channel, viewed a specific video, or even subscribed to your channel, and additional reporting metrics like video view statistics and earned views. There are two ways to link your channel to your account: from a YouTube channel, or from the Google Ads interface. Today we’ll link the accounts from your Google Ads account. Let’s get started. In your Google Ads account, click the tools button, click “Linked accounts” and go to the “YouTube” section. This will open the Link YouTube to Google Ads page. Now click “Add Channel”, or the plus button. In the dialog box, search for a channel or enter its URL. Either choose “I own this channel” if you have log-in credentials to the channel, or “Someone else owns this channel”. If you selected “I own this channel”, click “Go To YouTube”. Sign in to your YouTube channel in the new tab that opens up. Assign a name to the account and set permissions for what features
you’d like the Google Ads account to be able to access and click “Finish” to link the accounts. In case someone else owns the channel,
enter their email address to send a linking request. The channel owner will review the request
and define the same set of permissions shown before. All Linked YouTube accounts
will show up in your Google Ads account. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads implementation
and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials. If you have any questions,
or for more information please visit Google Ads Help [music continues]

12 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Linking YouTube and Google Ads

  1. I have google account but the issue is I can't get the page you have above in video and no addition sign , no left dark pane , no create campaign but I have other other page that only shows a line of 4 steps as follow
    Your business & audience
    Your ad
    Budget and review
    Set up billing
    please send me your email so i can send you the screenshot and then you may help me with different steps

  2. I wanna do google. But I continuously get suspended for suspicious payments. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Please can you guys help me with this. Every time I submit and appeal nothing happens

  3. Google hss gone stupid on VEVO ads.

    So now, instead of supporting their use of ads, I've been forced to block them when I listen to music at work. That's a good 6 hours or more a day of no ads now. I didn't, and still don't mind an ad in between every song.

    But seriously, an hour and 15 minutes worth of ads in 2 songs is absolutely idiotic. I'm trying to work.
    AND the playing of shit music as ads to get the views up is inexcusable.

    I'll unblock ads when Google quits screwing us over.

  4. Why my google Adwords page is so minimal, Cant find the tools tab and analytics and all. See :

  5. Hi I use android phone only..I don't see that tools button to my phone …any tutorial for phone user only? Tnx

  6. So wait this is for paying ot put up my own adds? I am just trying to sort our what this is. Is it another way to gain monetization or something else, and goign to the ads website makes me create an account for my buisness not for linking adds to my stuff…

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