GOOD WITCH DECKS… FROM TWEETS?! | Clash Royale Nickatnyte
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GOOD WITCH DECKS… FROM TWEETS?! | Clash Royale Nickatnyte

Hey what’s going on guys Nick at Nyte here today? We’re gonna be playing around with I think some more which decks I’m not totally sure because I asked you guys on Twitter Yes, it is. Another one of these roasts episodes are those like a finely roasted matter. No, but here we’ve got some tweets I said got a new working Golem deck or maybe Got a new working or wacky maybe even whimsical witch deck is what I said Send a picture of it by doing so you release all rights of not being wrong stood on a good night right night Roasted on an episode. The first one was literally the first one I saw here in this picture. Let’s go to space really quick Go bring me a space Yeah a case in case you don’t know what it looks like. It looks like that we got Wonder Bread Wonder Bread Wonder Bread I’m pretty sure of uses Dex before I already made this one in slot 4 Whoa, that sounded like a dr Seuss rhyme I’m pretty sure I’ve used as Dex before I’ve made this one in slot or I didn’t even know I was gonna do That wow that just made my day Super magical chest and not just slot. I Naturally. Oh, oh a magic Archer – Wow good things do happen If you’d only below also there’s a war going on but I’m gonna do that if you guys made good Dex first off Wonder Bread he claims to be Clash Royale people’s choice 23rd the game wasn’t out yet. Oh Oh man, that’s a I shouldn’t I read your bio. Do I should not have read that biography And you know, I’m playing latter, too. So hey more power to you. I mean, I’ve got bomb towers for days here I got witch rage clone 1 unit ice spirit perfect stuff. The bomb tower is actually gonna be a Bit of a pickled treat if you will against this uh another thing a furnace I hope it doesn’t have Mir because then you would have what we call in the biz fern I Which you never really want to have but some people You know, they don’t get it the same as others I’m gonna put another witch down because obviously what else does the deck have to offer? Ah, there we go Just what I needed giant skeleton to the face Now, how are we stopping this big boy? We’ll call him Chad The miner is here I Don’t read. Oh Man, I don’t know why you still play clash. Royale. You don’t your name is a piece of bread in it It’s written you wrote Brad. I Mean I mean Hmm. No wonder you’re still at how many subscribers let me see No wonder you’re still at up at 61 thousand plus Subscribers because they see this and they unjust they delete their they delete their YouTube account for you Sorry, but hey, I mean you’ve wanted the roasts. You got a roast like your fire spirits over here do double nine which Statistically unstoppable, but some always managed to get through it. I Don’t want this situation to get worse Where this bomb tower is I’m gonna put a witch down in the back to deal with the Giants Kelly and Now once again, we’ve got a musketeer situation Right in front of us Let’s get another witch. Let’s see if we get out spawn. Let’s just clone the witches I mean what else am I gonna do clone them? There’s a lot of witches they’re all gonna walk in the Giant Bomb and That’s that’s the end of this round I’m gonna try to not pick this troll of dex for the next couple matches all the Y’s we would have all been better off walking outside throwing the device that we’re watching this episode on into a river and Attempting to win a match like that Giants Kelly though that’s pretty legit. I could just put a bunch of bombs hours Nice, he’s got a mirror as well Killer z8a. They there’s another one What? Oh what a weird thing to see me or bomb towers were smeared giant skeletons Just when he thought the channel couldn’t get any less weird Alright. Oh Man, oh man. Mmm Daniel Moriarty. I asked for a witch deck my dude. Oh Man that is that’s that’s rough. All right, here we go. We got it Matthew I’ll put it up so you can see his name – Matthew heiner Matthew I hope that your deck is I mean statistically nobody can make a worse deck than Brad but You know, I hope that you did something of value here something I can trust Om which is still in it. Obviously I should just put her in The same slot each time, but this one’s got her over there archers also I know in my last one that I asked you guys for submissions one of the decks I Left one of the cards out. But I mean I’m copying this stuff on the fly. So give me an ounce of leniency Yeah. All right poison. This one looks pretty tried and true. It’s like a like a giant beatdown Gollum beatdown similar archetype Archetypes, huh? All right. Here we go. We got Malita, Malita Malita Right there nice from a clan name that I’m not even gonna try Malouda, how you doing? You ready for the roast that’s the amount for roasts just on fire Malouda and we got Matthews deck Matthew do us proud Matt, dude Giant right in front of that witch. Oh, look. It’s shocker. He’s got a witch to poison on his witch There’s a mini Pekka coming into the scene Maybe some other maybe some archers here to burst down this mini Pekka. Another witch is gonna get ooh Ooh, which spawns a skeleton just at the last moment which will go on to get one swing one dude swing Right This is a good deck, I mean, it’s it you could see it when you just look at the deck over there, you know And this is interesting you guys can see the deck I’m using below my face it feels very professional if you don’t think so then just Like the video maybe it’ll help out. Okay. So we’ve got a witch going up against Tiant our ghost Baby Dee you’ve got to get on that gene. You’re still on that Dee get on the G the RG RG Which is here and he’s gonna tornado everyone together That giant in my defense the giant was in front of the witch free tornado But you guys are your guys are probably looking at a post Nate. Oh I guess archers and zap Mmm, one swing huh? Okay, well played mr. Mullet Mr. Mallet, mr. Ma lute Better than doot. He’s mister mallet. Let’s see what he does against this Solid but our G is still gonna get some solid swings on towers But we’re gonna have to do here is called a defensive counter push it’s a weird concept I know You just defend once and then you push That’s where the counter part comes in the fan wants We’re still in that first step right now, maybe dragon help us finish this step Interesting tornado deck now that he’s got going on here. All right, there’s a fireball it’s not gonna kill mrs. Witch because she’s now That’ll kill her gosh, this mini Pekka is really giving me a a pain in my side Said the man from the farm in 1842 Our ghost Archer I Don’t have any splash. I don’t have any splosh Splish Splash I was taking a bath Matthew Heiner. I’m gonna need you to delete your Twitter account my do it. I’m sorry And you’ve got a ride shoo as your banner picture. I mean, I dig the ride shoo We got kind of countered there with the mini pecker. That wasn’t really your fault. I don’t think the deck will never win I just think it will never Win right now and maybe if my role goes Maxted be closer to a mini pecker strength, not the same though Muhammad Hassan says use it at the right time Wait, you mean there’s a wrong time to use a deck. Oh Man don’t put these Nick if you’re gonna use this deck You better put the cards down at the right time Could I get some clarification for that? No, you should know what the right time is Nick. I don’t want to mess this up so I’m gonna put these in The same slot that I see them and the screen in front of me. Otherwise, I will mess it up Let’s go down to the visit Y’all here Prince Yeah, you don’t want to use the deck at the wrong time. You know, that’s worse than using a Defensive hogrider it’s the rage though. I think he means use it use the rage at the right time At least we’ll go with that m1 X Y Z’s All right, there we go, I’ll just ignore those Spears How many times can they nerf goblins before they should just be skinned them as skeletons, you know They should just be skeletons that get one shot and throw one thing Okay, he’s got the game coming out with the Hoggy Hoggy. Whoo I’m trying to think He just uses goblet his spear goblins and his goblin gang did we think he has a hole and they’re over the bats I don’t think he’s got another err counter that B-and-b weird. He’s already back to the spear gobs well Alright, I’ll take a balloon hit any day. Oh, this is gonna be bad news, though Scar me in the mix. Yes. Oh The rascal boy and the spear gobs all disappeared at the exact same time. It was like a roast Mohammed so far your deck is the best deck that I have ever tweeted and asked for today Wow It’s the witch counter a mortar no Do I just let it hit me I Lost the last episode to a mortar and I’m not feeling like doing it again right now Alright wizard take out the stab gobs. I got wizard Prince That seems difficult to stop but I don’t know. We’ll see I have a pretty heavy deck and I’m not gonna lie Minion horde is one easily one of the most countable cards in the game. I don’t know why you have it in here It’s I mean, it’s good when it’s good, but when it’s bad, it’s bad Bad bad not like decent bad bad bad I’m considering dropping it now, though. Mm-hmm Yeah, let’s just go for it minion horde balloon, but he’s got a mortar. He probably has something cheeky All right balloon up over at the top which over here as well I’m gonna start this wizard slow And Stop logs up. All right, and then a prince he did just log those little prints and scar me I’m gonna just try to rage this and just see sort of what happens here. I Don’t know if that was the right time not gonna lie. All right, rascal girls coming across the bridge Hog rider gonna get in for some massive damage We still have a which sort of no she’s gone balloons in there and All right I’m gonna go ahead and Delete my Twitter account and my channel Mohammed. I would appreciate if you ban yourself from the YouTube channel And never show your face again that I may be here. This is probably it. I didn’t use it At the right time that was you know, that’s probably it. We got a Xabi steal How about a wacky golem? Which cycle? Hmm, it cited a golem which cycle the golem in cycle is my opinion right now I don’t think those words can be used together if you Qurna if you’re gonna make a golem cycle Dec You’re making a a no pump Golem Dec that it allows you to drop the golem in double elixir tour after a very juicy positive elixir trade Positive elixir you have every cycle card in here do that. Sometimes doesn’t work Two-point-nine golem dec. It’s deceiving because you’re like, oh man, you can put the Golem down so much know It’s still a Dalek sir. You still need to be? Easily at ten when your other things are this cheap. We’ll see skeletons and bats All right, I just don’t like the snowball I don’t know what it is should this just Should be an ice ball There’s your ways here’s my which This thick you could play Gollum in regular exert. I’m but you’ve got to get it in front of the witch. Every time I Don’t remember Although it was it’s definitely gonna kill that. Oh Nice the witch is still alive somehow zapable but alive Holy cow, the amount of bats. We’ve still got alive. Oh No mega night and lumberjack. I’m gonna need some really Creative holes here in just a second. Wow the Golem just mert All right skeletons ice spirit. I’ll put a witch like here Hey, hey Whoa, look at the mega night turning around. What the witch? She laughed she bawled out She the witch just didn’t want to be here today, that’s okay though. Hey, I’ll take it your gobs. They’re doing it– Hey, it’s a roast deck. Don’t use me. Don’t thumbs up me I’ll throw the knives out. Yeah Someone’s free to play JK he’s probably not at level 13 with What was a mega night level three? He weighs level double three ledges. I don’t know where you’d be right now If you were free to play honestly because it depends on your activity level throughout the timeline of royale II wish I’ll put some skeletons right her Ice spirit just keep that mega night nice and stunned up Throw a snowball at the bridge doesn’t even do anything Until it’s leveled up. I like obviously you could use it in tournaments but like It just doesn’t do anything on ladder for me right now. So I hate one deck except the snowball like oh great it’ll uh, it’ll damage spear gobs This the dirt snowball man, here’s a golem for you enjoy it Good luck your game. So Zabi steal with Annie the first deck to win the golem cycle. Obviously if you just put a golem in the deck It’s gonna work for me at least. All right, we’ve got um, Jason Hayden what do you got here man double which dig it and you got a bandit in there. That’s interesting. Oh Man forty three gems oof. Oh I Got banned it in here and then it’s featuring is an eye twitch Plus the regular witch bats zap fireball guards mega minion fireball here mega minion here and Guards here bats that which which mega menu bandit good. We are looking good here. Good luck, Jason and and and That’s it. All right. We got fizz fizz and chips fizz and chips not fish from grinders They’re crushing it over there Yes, all right finally some knives are out in the arena here to cheer us on We do have a bowler incoming but I could deal with that with bandit bats Or night which bats yikes when your lightning is not max Bats as well Boom rip wow, look at that baller getting melted Why does that work so well guards are gonna be clutching this one because there’s really no like Meaty tank and they can’t be fully taken out by like a SAP log situation. Oh please Let’s throw a bandit back at him He was biting off a lot there you’re biting off a little bit early mega minyan bandit gets a – hit though So we’re looking. Alright tonight, which might get one. Nope no swings, but at least a mega minion it has I don’t yeah, I don’t think it’ll get a shot with that much health, right? I don’t know. He’s it just got changed. Ah One shot that was close. That was close though. 1 megohm in earshot hurts It’s like a valve swing All right bowler. I don’t want to feed the bowler. I don’t know I could just let this push die in cycle There’s a fire ball for you There’s a dark gob Throw some bats here. Oh that lightning worked. Do you have zap as well? I have a bat army right here going bat crazy bandit keep that pressure on All right. Once again with the mini Pekka Connor, I’ve got a mega minion counter for that and then we’ll start a slow which He’s gonna want to lightning my witch. But like it’ll stay alive. I’ll just put the night. Which up front I think you would write Dart gob here. Oh Man, I’ve rotated one. I mean the dark Allen didn’t move anyway, so it would have been the same sitch But it could have been blows Hey Now does he have a lightning? This bowler though people are really aggressive today on ladder Oh Doc Coughlin moved forward beautiful Oh bowler Night which tank for bandit Almost Oh One of those badges did a number He’s out of it he doesn’t have a bowler anymore We got to capitalize on this no bowler stitch guards bandits on the tower baby Oh Bandit get that swinging right there, baby Jason Hayden joining the Hall of Fame of decks that have one on the channel putting other people’s names to shame He’s out there drop him. I’ll follow if you see him. Give him a holla. He don’t care mixed up and potentially last Well, it’s already 20 minutes how the time has passed Well, I got a magical Last one of these Random deck I made but didn’t test it out, please. So please roast me hard purple hoodie suggests this without testing it that’s Thin thin water, what is it wasn’t a world All right. He’s got a golem instead of Knight, which it’s got a regular knight Instead of I guess anything here guards. It’s got a goblin barrel over here. It does have a big wizard So which wizard and then it has no bats. It has a rocket so I didn’t make this one Exact layout but let me just make sure Which zap golem fireball which zap golem fireball rocket knight barrel wizard rocket knight. Yeah Battle, let’s see how this one goes purple hoodie. Thank you for the submission Everybody else onto everything you guys for making the day a brighter place here on the channel. We got jokey jokey jokey geoq yeah, ha ha Everything’s fine Mmm fireball fireball Boom there you go knives out Maybe this works cuz it’ll distract the musket. Nope. She’s already locked. Holy cow, though Look at the wizard splashing both almost fully taking out the musketeer. That was some pretty hefty damage next up We’ve got a musketeer crossing the bridge. Well the knight fails to take out the hog, that’s gonna result in a massive play for jokey jokey, holding on to a firm lead but following hog fries Wow bomb tower – ok. I’ve got a golem for double Lix Now show me your pump again Get it get it get it get it get it get it. No elixir for you Ok There’s the musket I’m gonna fireball her She’s not dead yet. Oh I don’t have a good hog counter here guys I’m gonna have to zap the musketeer. I hope he doesn’t freeze does not freeze that time but I mean 596 is he’ll get it with the next time he freezes Let’s use this night is a little bit of meat for this barrel Wow froze my barrel interesting. I mean you are the little head on a lick sir, so, that’s fine All right. Give me give me We’re using spells in weird ways today I’ll take that one out with fireball or should’ve just gone. I might have should have just gone might I shoulda Alright well here comes this hog, he’ll take my tower and then I have to push back through it Through his bomb tower as well Golem wish let’s just hope that’s enough. I’ll distract over there with a goblin barrel And show me the bomb tower I Am confused I scared him guys. I put the Golem down and it scared him senseless. He’s got no clue No clue whatsoever Jogi pulling through with the best deck of the video a three crown intimidation deck. I’m sorry I said Jogi purple hoodie. It’s hard to I’m some bail. I’m some game of balance. Hope purple hoodie Thank you for the submission. Everybody else who submitted one and I didn’t have time to scroll through and try them out Thank you very much as well Have a good Rest of your day and stay tuned as I was everything class ready to be ready to keep it ready of day I take it as a next step is so

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  1. Today in clash royale to celebrate the new witch meta I asked you guys for tweets about your favorite good or bad witch decks in clash royale! Let's see what you sent in deck wise and roast!
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