Going live from facebook creator to allow multiple presenters
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Going live from facebook creator to allow multiple presenters

Oh my goodness.
Wow okay, so this is different, comment mode, oh my goodness. This is
really cool, slow mode comments will only be able to comment… Discussion
mode, only comments over 100 characters will be shown. Follower only, only follows
you…. Oh my goodness, this is really cool. Okay, this is different. So what I’m doing
is, is I’m using the creator tool. And it’s definitely got some more
functionality built into it. Man this is really cool, and I’ll bet you that when
Crystal joins here. Okay tap, any viewer, oh my gosh. ‘Sorry crystal
can’t join the live video.’ Why? Why can’t she join? Crystal are you on an iPhone?
You’ll see viewers here when they join, tap any viewer to interact. Okay this is
really cool, so I don’t know why I’m not able to invite you, but man I would love
to prove that I can actually allow somebody else… You’ll see viewers here
when they join your video, tap any… Okay why can’t… let me just, Crystal if you can,
I really want to get at least one or two other people, there we go
Ally, okay Ally. Yes invite, I’m inviting Ally, if you can just join for a second
that would be great. You might not… This is cool, I mean I’m
really afraid of what’s going on. I can’t invite Alfredo, so Crystal chat me back. I
just invited Ally, hopefully Ally will jump in here, because the whole
point of doing this, is to prove that, I can’t… Okay Chris like, I can’t invite you
for whatever reason. Okay, Hey, Ally what’s going on? Hey, how are you? Doing well, so
how cool is this? This is really cool, I had no idea it even existed! Yes
so let me, let me just, let me just set the stage here for everybody. So
okay, first of all my name is Ryan. I help businesses and brands. Ryan Steinolfson, I
help business of brands leverage live video and chat and messenger, in order to
get their message to market. And, Ally do you want introduce yourself
really quick? Hi, I am a marketing expert for a company that owns numerous
restaurants in the Northeast. Awesome! I just happen to be working from home today,
why are you doing this? Playing hookie a little bit. Well thank you, hopefully,
you know, the wrong people won’t find out your playing hookie, but… Now this is fun, so we got a few
people on here. Let me just say really quick so Greg, Francesca, and
Ali, okay for you guys that are watching. Here’s… This is the number one
problem that I’ve experienced with live video on my page, okay is that first of
all for a lot of people it’s very challenging to do. Right okay, it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. Greg, Greg Watson is on here. Okay Greg
you don’t, might not remember this, but you asked me this question about five
months ago six months ago, you asked me if we could do the same thing that we
were doing with our personal profiles with our Facebook pages, in terms of
being able to go live from our phone and then invite other people, like Ali
isn’t here right now. Well the answer is yes, and Ali is proof!
And here’s why it’s so exciting, okay it’s so exciting because: a) it makes it easier
for businesses and brands to go live okay. And create content,
you can also invite people into the conversation, and make it really really
easy like literally from your smartphone. And the other big benefit is that when
you go live, Ali like all of the people that Ali knows are going to be notified
that she’s live on a conversation with me. Now so this is something to be aware
of, but it’s also something to know that this image. Really good to know
because of all the just you know things I just mentioned.
Because you now can leverage live video quickly and easily from your smartphone.
Start conversations with strategic partners, and add value in for your
live video consumers. Now my question to you Ally, is you’re the
only one that you were able… that I was able to connect
with over live video, so and bring bring you into my conversation. So are you on,
are you on your desktop? Are you on a… What are you, what are you using right
now? I’m on my smartphone, I’m on a Samsung Galaxy eight note, I don’t know
if that has anything to do with it, or if it’s just that I saw that you were
doing something new. And I clicked on the on the video while you were live so I, I
don’t know, if it’s just that I was in the right place, at the right time and
was able to hit accept or if it’s got anything to do with the phone. I’m not
sure. Okay Greg is an iPhone user, Dexter anybody
else that’s on, man I wish I would have asked the people that were on earlier,
because I know that that crystal who was on earlier she uses an iOS. So I think I
think that what’s happening here is that it might just be for Android users.
Dexter are you using, are using an iOS or what are you using? If you could just
type in… You see crystals on, hey crystal. I’m really really curious,
let me try from my phone . Oh okay so I’m curious. Okay crystals here. Okay so I
like, let me let me see, and let me see if she’s available. Um, it looks like she
should be, this is fantastic, sure! How many can join? That’s a great question, I
want to find out. So Greg let me, okay Ali, I think I’m
gonna. Now I’ve got a little green, a green video camera for Greg and for
Dexter and for Crystal. So I bet that I can get, I can bring them in now. So let
me try to bring them in. Um because I think we can only have one person on at
a time. And by the way guys, you can’t, you can’t do the sideways
thing, it’s just so you know. Okay it’s got to be, it’s got to be
portrait, it can’t it can’t be landscape. You know Ryan, I was gonna say this
reminds me there was a platform that, that actually closed, and and I’m trying
to remember what it was called. I think it was called blab. Yes that was, we were
this reminds me of that very much. Yes and that’s what’s so cool about it is,
that we wanted with blab. we wanted to be able to use blab, and be able to actually
like bring people into the conversation. That was so cool about it. Thanks, you
just drop it, thanks that’d be awesome. And then what’s, what’s so cool is it, is
that we can do… uh mailman’s back there, just dropped something over the fence.
Is that, what’s so cool about this is that. Man I mean it’s so easy to start
these conversations right, and that. So I’m just gonna tell you guys, if you
want to do this use… okay so there’s a new app by Facebook, called Facebook
creator. And what Facebook creator does is, it basically gives you the
opportunity to start conversations with people from your smartphone, from your
page and that’s that’s the bottom line. That’s what’s yeah and that’s really
powerful, because then what you do is you can start more engaging, caught you know
conversations with people. And then also what you can do, because you’re
getting that extra perspective from somebody else. So you can do interviews
you know, from the beach if you want to. Which is really cool, which is great
for me, um because that’s where I’m headed right now. when we’re done here. So
um, so I might bring you along. Let’s, let me see if I can, umm if Skip
yes Skip’s like got his little like thinking thing going here. Greg Watson
let me um, let me let me uh. Ally, was great talking to you, let me see if I can
bring some of these other people in! Okay, thank you, all right, let me see, cool. So
Crystal alright, I can bring crystal in. All this is so cool, this is like beta.
Crystal, I’m inviting you, let me see if you’re gonna jump in here. Come on
crystal, and by the way Alfredo, I don’t have a little thing next to your,
your name that says that I can bring you in for whatever reason. Dexter you do and
Gregg Watson you do, so I’m inviting crystal right now. Skip I don’t have one
next to yours either, so let me know what you’re using, and this is really really
powerful because why? Yeah, I love yeah, we like crystal too right. Um Greg, Greg
says yes, so I’m inviting crystal. Crystal come on. I’m gonna, I’m gonna
invite Greg here, in just one second if we can’t get, let me see, I might just.
Okay Greg, you’re, you’re the next, your. I’m gonna invite you to the broadcast. Let me see,
Greg Watson, okay Greg, you’re on an iPhone awesome.
There he is! Yeah, hi Ryan yeah it just said Ryan wants you to go live would you like to join in so that was great. So, this is
the, remember the question that you remember, about I think it was like five
or six months ago. We were, we were going live, you know using my phone and we were
doing the picture-in-picture thing. And you said Ryan, can we do this from our
page and I said not yet. But I bet you they will make that that capability
you know available. So, oh great, so Ali says I have an icon top right with
a person and a plus. So let me just show you guys, how many of you guys give
me, a give me a hand raise if you’d like to see how to add this to your page. Is
that? Do I get a hand, right, what do you think Greg? You want to know how to add
this? Right okay. So give me give me a little a little
thumbs up or yes or something. Okay a thumbs up or you know you guys got it.
I’m gonna show you the little secret that I figured out. And I’m just, and I’m
gonna post this in a second. But give me, give me some engagement here. Skip says
yes. Okay, so I’m gonna wait until, so I mean, I’m gonna show you my screen here.
So this is it, so there was my… So here’s step one, I’m literally gonna,
I’m gonna post this, in just a second. There’s step one, go to your page. So
you’re gonna go to your settings first really, Settings, thanks,
settings, number two go to about. Step three, go to edit categories, and what
you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna add the category of public figure, public figure.
Step four see that, step 5 save. That’s it and then all you got to
do, I’m gonna switch, we gonna do is download the Facebook creator app and
look for your your page as one of the available pages that you can go. Yeah
can the video be saved too? Yes Tammy I believe it can just like any other
Facebook. We’ll find out when we’re done here, and by the way, the screens a little
bit different. It’s actually got four little dots in the bottom left that’s a
if it’s HD or not. So this is HD quality and then it’s got the time, it’s got the
amount of time that I’ve gone live. Which I really like, and then it’s got a signal
strength indicator in the bottom right and it tells me the percentage my phone
charge percentage so it’s got some additional you know information that you
can look at. And really really cool, man I, really cool. And so great for you, I
mean I would definitely you know, start doing these, because I mean what. Here’s
the big benefit, Dexter and Skip and back now that’s on. The big benefit, is that
when you do these, you can, when you, when you go live. By the way Tammy, you now
have a camera where it’s available for me to invite you in, before that wasn’t
available, so I don’t know if you switched phones? But what’s really great
is, is that when somebody engages in the
video it, it lets, it lets people know that you’re live, when you’re live. So
that we basically are able to get more people into the conversation. That is,
that’s really really important for you, that’s a huge benefit. And it also makes
it really easy to go live because now you can go live, and you can interview
somebody very very quickly and easily. So beck and skip, let me know what phones
you’re on? Because you’re the only two that are that are on right now.
Now skip your, you just turned green. So what skip? What did you do? I’m gonna
invite you Skip because you’d, you’d literally all of a sudden it just turned
green for you to. Where you’re available so I’m inviting you right now, skip if
you want to join. Hey, what so what happened did you,
did you do anything different? Yeah, yeah I went from a Oh gotcha, so you were, that’s it so it’s,
it’s, it’s. The person’s got to be on their iPhone, and it’s got to be it, it
sounds like actually you know what because Ali was actually on an Android
it sounds like this is universal. It’s available for for all smartphones for
both iOS and Android, that’s pretty cool. So my question, skip can you look and
see really quick, and see if the people that, that if you have a notification
that’s out there? Or if you can maybe, if Greg or Ali if, and Shlomi is on
by the way, Shlomi. This is the way I’m gonna suggest that you do live video, all
right skip. I mean really quick, really easy, doesn’t have to be you know
challenging. And then what do you know, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna send
people to messenger, in order to, in order to engage with you and your brand. So all
they have to do is just comment, and if you guys want to comment, I’ll show you
the next step, um that I would take, if I were you, as a
business or a brand. Just comment on this post, and trust me, when I say that you
your mind will be blown, right with messenger, yeah, yep, oh yeah. It’s to
be able, so you just saw the app looking forward, okay cool,
awesome Tammy. It says like, I can start a combo about this video, and invite okay.
So you can, it said, it says that, ally says that she can start a conversation
about this video, and invite friends. Very powerful. Gregg says, can I join
as my page? Or does it have to be my personal profile? I think that’s, that’s
the thing tim, it has to be your personal profile. That’s the power of
this, that you’re getting it now. Screen is dark, ally says correct. Tammy audio
is good, my screen is dark, Dexter says my screen is dark not… OH
interesting, well it’s dark because I think, it’s just because there, hopefully
it’s later, my screen is dark now, your video is black right now. interesting, no
one, yeah on the laptop it’s black there. it’s probably something they’re working
out, that’s very interesting so I’m assuming that Allie, Tammy, Gregg all you
guys are all on your phone. I’m assuming because I’m seeing that you have, yeah
dark. so when you’re on your phone those, skip you’re able to see me, right? Okay,
yeah, awesome man. I’m, this is so really, all, here’s all you gonna do, is you, is if
you want to interview somebody there’s the black. Okay if you want to interview
somebody, you just, you just go live on your page from your phone, and then you
just tell the person to make sure that they go to your page or they
go to your page on their phone and join you. And then you’ll see them show up
when they, when they go to the live video, and then you can interview them. It’s
super easy, that’s so much easier, yeah. And then, like I said guys if you would
just, thanks for commenting. I’m charging, changing, okay Becks changing to her phone.
I’m curious, Beck you know what happens when you do that. But guys here’s the
strategy, it’s really simple, let me just repeat one more time. So you download the
Facebook creator app and then go to my page. I’m gonna send you the five steps
that I just went over in the middle of this live video,
and just follow those steps. It’s really simple, you just go to the settings on
your page, and you Skip, change yours too as well, it’s a public, yep, to put and
then boom just appears. Because if what happens is if you go to creator, and you don’t
have that cat, one of those categories as public figure, then you cannot use
creator for your page, it’s just funny, I don’t know how it identifies that, but it
does. Um how is this different from internal Facebook ability to have
someone join? It’s different because I’m broadcasting, Tammy from my page. Okay, I’m
not broadcasting from my personal profile. So what I’m doing is, is I’m
building my brand, and I’m doing that by inviting you guys, and when you come in
you can, you, you can invite people from your personal profile. So basically what
it does is, it exposes my brand to the people that join in the conversation, is
is that’s really powerful. And, and so that’s what we wanted to do, this, we wanted
to do this for a long time. So that it’s really, I just tested this the other day
on my, on my, on my, on the regular Facebook app, and they’ve, that’s why they
came out with creator. Is so that you could do this. Yeah, so it’s pretty cool.
So, and, there are some additional functionalities there Tammy.
Yep, thumbs up, awesome, alright I’m gonna wrap it up. This is great, great.

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