Glenn Greenwald on the Corporate Media, Propaganda & Reaction to Snowden’s Revelations (1/3)
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Glenn Greenwald on the Corporate Media, Propaganda & Reaction to Snowden’s Revelations (1/3)

Raza: My question would be: In your book in chapter 5 where you talk about the 4th estate, you heavily criticize the the mainstream-press in the United States and you sort of echo Noam Chomsky’s work, Manufacturing Consent the Political Economy of the Mass-Media, in which he expresses the institutional filters that the news passes through and eventually the message completely changes. So can you talk about your experience with the mainstream-press up until this point. How would you summarize your experience ? Greenwald: As far as your question is concerned: One of the really interesting things is that when we were back in (unclear) in Hong Kong in June of 2013, which is about year and half ago now, I actually…I recently saw a lot of video from the hotel room meetings that we had because of the film that was released by Laura Poitras, who is the documentarian who lives here in Berlin and I watched not just the film but a lot of the raw video and one of the things that I remembered having watched that is that: We spent as much time in Hong Kong talking about journalism and media as we did talking about surveillance and privacy. And the reason for that was that we knew that at least as much of a part of what we were doing was a battle of journalism, a battle against establishment media outlets as much as it was a battle against electronic surveillance because we knew that the primary weapon that the United States government and its allies would use to try and attack our reporting and attack what were doing, was to use these media outlets that are very deferential to governments, are very close with governments, they pretend to be adversarial to them, they pretend to be watchdogs over them but what the really do is disseminate their propaganda, carry out their campaigns and so a big part of the strategy that we had was to think about how to get around those media hurdles and to avoid having our message, the one that we wanted to be disseminated, drown by the propaganda campaign that we knew was coming and so we spent a long time planning and strategizing and thinking about how to make sure the facts that were shown by these documents were able to be be heard by the world without having lots of distractions on all sorts of ancillary matters. And we did get attacked by journalists in the United States and the UK particularly, which is really kind of remarkable – this is an act of pure journalism, every journalist in the world should have been cheering Edward Snowden. He did what every journalist is supposed to be devoted to, which is shining a light on what the most powerful factions are doing in the dark and yet there was a big division in Western journalism about what it was that he did, what it was that we were doing but that was something that we wanted to happen, we knew we were going to have to engage that fight and I think as much as there has been a debate about privacy and electronic surveillance and about secrecy and democracy, there has also been a debate around the world about journalism and what the proper role of journalism is supposed to be in a democracy, what the proper relationship is of journalists to the state and I think that’s been as healthy as all of the other debates that have been triggered by these disclosures. Greenwald: The internet really does have the ability to be this really radical force There are people who just on twitter alone have a 100,000 or 200,000 or 300,000 followers who never have worked for a large journalistic outlets in their lives so it is completely diversifed – the kinds of voices. END

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  1. the press is cowardly  and bought and paid for whores. If you arent willing to take a chance and stand up for what is right even if you get arrested you have no business doing anything other than shining the Koch brothers shoes and asking the NsA to put cameras up in your bedroom

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