Get the most out of Twitter using TweetDeck
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Get the most out of Twitter using TweetDeck

Hi everyone this is Brad and I’m on Twitter and if
you want to get the most out of Twitter recommend using tweet deck you can do is
you can arrange this page how you’d like it to look so you can see for example I
have notifications messages and what’s trending setup if I want to move things
around I can certainly move the columns around if I want to remove one like
trending I can just select here and then select remove but I’d like to add a
column I can just select the plus and you can see all the information that you
can add now if you do add the home just know that every single follower the
tweets will instantly come up so there’s a lot that’s going to go through what
I’m going to do is I’m going to add a list and in my blog post I’ll include
how to create lists I just created this list called EdTech and it includes air
Kurtz Richard Burr and Tony Vincent and Google for education I’ll give it a
little bit of time to go through and the column will be added and then every
single time that they tweet it will come up on your column in tweet deck again it
does take a little bit of time and it’ll come up on the right-hand side
here yes so you can scroll through and see what they have tweeted them not down
here you can expand so you can see what every single thing is you can see the
count setting your actual Twitter account and then going to tweet deck and
if you want to tweet and go ahead in and just say I am using tweet deck you can
add images schedule the tweet or send a direct message there it is if you have
any questions let me know thanks for watching take care bye bye

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