Get Paid Now For Having Facebook | I am not Joking!
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Get Paid Now For Having Facebook | I am not Joking!

hmm to-do list for today make more money
for Monday Monday hey there friend my name is Kat Theo and if I’ve shared with
you a legitimate way to make $50 in 15 minutes would you do it you better all
of that is coming up next but just before I give out another one of my
money Monday secrets I’m just gonna watch you hit the like button quick and
please do share this video with anyone that you know that needs the extra
moolah I know you know somebody who is strapped for cash
help of them and we are getting started in three two one this is a Facebook ad
agency called post marketing they’re based out of San Diego hence the name
Coast I’m sure that has something to do with the Navy they made into Facebook
accounts for big in clients nationwide some of their clients that you’ve
probably heard about is uber HBO and candy crush but they also do dedicate a
lot of their work to small businesses such as coffee shops in local businesses
they will pay you $50 for simply having a Facebook account and renting out that
ad space from you to use for their clients the great thing about it is that
there’s nothing they ever post will ever show up on your feed you will never get
a notification for it it will never alert your friends or family and
everything is done completely behind the scenes stay tuned until the end where I
do talk about ways you can make even more money with this company but for
just having a Facebook account you can get $50 right now most people on
Facebook never use their ad space and even more people don’t even know it
exists so why not take advantage of that and it capitalize on it you really don’t
have to do anything if you have a Facebook account you will pretty much
qualify but we are gonna get into that later
so to qualify to get the $50 with this company is you’ll need to have a
computer Oh a laptop and desktop anything that’s a computer phones will
not work you have to have access to your Wi-Fi a personal Wi-Fi not a public one
in your Facebook County would be at least six months old you do have to be
an active user so you use your Facebook allies two to four times a week which
appear like a normal user you probably use it every day and you need to be
American or a Canadian citizen this is also limited to only one computer per
household you must have a PayPal account and you must have ability to download a
software called a TeamViewer which is pretty much just a viewer app that’s
gonna allow them to make a lot of the functions for you once you have a
determine that you qualify to work with this company my American and Canadian
friends y’all better qualify because who doesn’t have a Facebook account nowadays
like really there are two main sessions session one is going to be the longer of
the two sessions they’re gonna be working with you to sync up your
Facebook account with their marketing out there gonna be turn off the
notifications and setting up the page for you honestly it only takes about ten
minutes to paint on your Wi-Fi speed at the end of this session you will be
taped ten dollars so ten minutes ten dollars session number two is pretty
much just making sure you didn’t tamper with any of the page and as long as you
don’t change anything or make any different modifications you will be paid
forty dollars at the end of this session which will take less than five minutes
so there you go you have fifty dollars after session one in two congratulations
you just made fifty dollars in less than 50 minutes but don’t go anywhere I’m
gonna go into how you can make even more money with this company okay so let’s go
into how to sign up with this company on your computer not on your cell phone
that’s very important you’re gonna go to the coast marketing website the link is
in the description below okay you’re gonna arrive to the website in the link
is in the description it’s kind of like this scammy looking website but trust me
it is legitimate it’s gonna say congratulations you are pre-qualified to
make $50 please follow the information below so it’s gonna ask you some pre
qualifying questions which you’re just gonna answer so do you have a laptop or
computer you access Facebook ROM the answer is yes if you do do you have a
Facebook account that is more than six months old if your Facebook account was
more than six months old press yes have you ever use a Facebook account for
advertising purposes you’re gonna say no if you haven’t are you going to sign up
for a free PayPal account so they can pay you blah blah yes if you already
have PayPal the answer is yes if you’re willing to download PayPal
whatever damages congratulations you’re pre-qualified to make fifty dogs with
post-marketing so you’re gonna add your name your email for them to send you the
information your phone number so they can call you walk you through the steps
your zip code and then in here you’re gonna put cat
Theo because I am the person that referred you and that is pretty
important it is an affiliate link but I do not get any coins unless you get paid
so it’s truly a win-win situation and it keeps my channel going so I don’t have
to live in a box under a bridge somewhere so once you fill out all the
information you’re gonna submit it which I’m not gonna do because I already made
an account with them I was also thinking this could be a really great opportunity
if you are somebody that works at a church or a non-profit or a hospital and
you get people to sign up for this company and donate the proceeds to your
cause whether it’s a church or a hospital or nonprofit or school if you
get hundred people in your congregation to do this and donate it that’s five
thousand dollars that you could use for the congregation or your school or a
hospital or a non-profit so one person might not seem like a lot but if you get
you know a group of people to do it you can donate that to a cause that’s
worthy so here’s how you can get paid even more so once you get your fifty
dollars your fifty dollars you can now tell your friends and family to sign up
and when they use your referral code you’ll get twenty dollars once they get
paid so I want to reiterate this is when they get paid so if they don’t get paid
you don’t get paid so it’s a legitimate website not that sense because if
someone doesn’t get paid because whatever happens you’re not gonna get
paid so the the Vantage is you’re helping each other so you can see how
you can easily turn the initial $50 to an extra one hundred and sixty dollars a
month just by referring people that also needs someone and you’re doing it pretty
darn passively so you know if you know some people that need fifty dollars I
mean who doesn’t need fifty dollars anybody can
use an extra $50 and if they have a Facebook account like this is so easy
okay all right so are you ready okay so once you have completed all of that and
you’ve downloaded the Team Viewer app which is a software that allows them to
share their screen with you and control what’s going on in your computer and you
don’t have your dog barking and you don’t have your man pulling on you to
make him some food they’re gonna give you a call or you can call them yourself
at the numbers below right here it will also be in this description as well as
with the hours of operation and the points of contacts and there is no so I
want you guys to do me a favor once you get your $50 in your cow I want you to
comment down below and let everyone else know how easy legitimate this is because
really there is nothing to hide it’s really that simple you can make $50 in
15 minutes just for having a Facebook account like right now like seriously
and then you can refer your friends and make an extra 20 bucks from them and
they also get 50 dollars that’s it guys well I’m Kathy oh this is Monday Monday
and I’ll see you next Monday bye okay I didn’t realize that it you can’t see my
outfit it come looks like I’m naked I am wearing clothes right now

66 thoughts on “Get Paid Now For Having Facebook | I am not Joking!

  1. If you have a Facebook account like this video and go get your $50 with code: Kat Theo, and THEN come back in the comments and let everyone else know ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then go get all your friends paid too! Love yโ€™all bunches! See you next Monday, if youโ€™re subbed! Share this with someone who needs to hear it!


    Kat Theo

  2. It's legit, but you make the $50 in about a week (or at the most). It's done in three sessions (1st – $10, 2nd – $20, 3rd – $20). Thanks for sharing, Kat!

  3. Thank you so much this really works. I just completed my 1st session, and they deposited my first $10.

  4. Just tried it, but my device doesn't qualify. This was in the email they sent me:
    "[NOTE: Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets and Cell Phones are not eligible devices at this time]"

  5. Is there a certain length of time that they have access to the account? Does the app cause your computer to run slower?

  6. I love your channel and I know you must be super busy, I am gutted I am in the UK and can't do a lot of hussle, please try and find some UK friendly sites I share your channel all the time you help inspire loads of people who didn't expect to find so much true advice thankyou x

  7. Are you 100% positive they are not adding spyware or bots to your computer? I hope you donโ€™t use that computer to store your passwords! You may get money but what else are you getting??? Very little info about this company in my very brief hunt for reviews! A cheap way for someone to track you and every move you make like the song says!

  8. Not comfortable with giving access to my FB account. This sounds shady. And…..Teamviewer gives access to your ENTIRE computer…I used to use it to link back to my work PC from home…they could access and control your computer any time that it is powered on. If you decide to do this, REMOVE Teamviewer once you're done…if they tell you not to delete it, RUN!!!

  9. Just completed my first session, got $10, and have the next one scheduled for Thursday! Thanks for all the great tips!

  10. Thanks, Kat I was able to get the 1st installment payment from coast marketing it really came in handy…keep posting the money opportunity. Your my blessing

  11. I signed up using your code and i just got a notification that I received the first $10 and i have the second session on Monday! Thanks for the tip!!! Going to refer some friends for sure!

  12. I had my first session today and earned $10! Thanks Kat. And your Layla Escapes the Zoo book looks too cute.

  13. Lol I don't Facebook or Instagram and the ones I had was fake account then Quora. I am on there more like my kiddos Kat I luv the bronze look I luv your ๐ŸŒž sun ๐Ÿ˜˜ kiss sun tan Love your personality an frequency

  14. Just letting you know I did it! I got paid for having a Facebook account. There are 3 sessions instead of 2 (that changed since you posted this video). You get $20 for session 2 and 3. They may contact you later for more sessions up to 3 additional sessions which you will get paid $10 for each additional sessions. The additional sessions are not guaranteed.

  15. I just tried it, but received a message saying I, "don't qualify at this time." I'll try again later. Was it perhaps because I've ran ads myself before?

  16. Thanks for sharing! I signed up this pst week and made $50. Itโ€™s over 3 sessions, but itโ€™s super easy and takes very little time.

  17. Ive done two sessions and Iโ€™ve had tons of trouble getting in touch with Lauren to do my third session. Unanswered texts, late responses, and I even left work to go home for lunch to accommodate her. Iโ€™ve gotten paid $30 so far which is cool but Iโ€™m frustrated at this point

  18. I was hoping they paid you monthly for using your page for ads..maybe Iโ€™m confused about how this works. It sounds like a 1x paid thing unless youโ€™re referring ppl. Still good info, Thx

  19. So this is a ONE-TIME $50 & if your referrals sign up & not a RECURRINGLY-PAYING thing? Good if you know a lot of people, which I don't.


  21. oh meeeeen this is so easy yet not available to thosr outside of the US.Im a mom stay at home with two kids and could really use some work from home/make money online anything for those of us living outside the USA.moved to.South Africa from Germany anything Kat i could do to make the moolah too? i really need something …..

  22. Believe me, I hardly comment on social media but I got my $50 today and it's my first time getting money on websites. Thanks Kat!

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