George S. Yip: “China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation” | Talks at Google
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George S. Yip: “China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation” | Talks at Google

100 thoughts on “George S. Yip: “China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation” | Talks at Google

  1. That's very cool copies for the poors. Go China go. Make its as cheap as can B to the world. V needed that. Ha ha ha ….. American teaching China to compete American . Funny 2.

  2. Most chinese dont have a bank account? Some of this scholar introducing about china is true some not, anyway this kind of abc scholars are quite typical that they wagging their tails try to proving chinese are thief, born to be slaves, dangerous once hold tech…wht they want to show is their remaining value in this western society to earn daily bread and butter by repeatedly proving the sterotpye of china and chinese

  3. While u join a debate or finding a book to read, u actually try to know something u dont know about, here it comes to a issue about CHINA, bingo! things goes the opposite, u deadly try to know u already know about china to reenforce the kind of valueset and resonance. this guy named yip or something u dont know is dont know, dont be a faker and posing for show

  4. 这个人竟然还是中欧商学院的合作教授,如此反华,如此不要脸,不中立不客观,shame of you!

  5. The US not only steals technology, but the scientists behind it. Grow up, the world is a market place with everyone spying and stealing from everyone to gain an advantage. Why do you think America runs the world's biggest spy and hacking networks while naviely and dishonestly diverting attention on others by blaming them? Industrial Revolution started in England. Where do you think America got its early technology?

  6. Just wonder if he be happy if his daughter taking a ride on a bicycle. Are there hundreds of miilions of bmw in china? Then how they get married without the bmw?

  7. “Mint.high, king is far away” does not apply to all Chinese. I worked g.d.h without a supervisor. I worked overtime constantly. You stabbed all the Chinese. I strongly believe you talked about yourself.

  8. Mr. Yi is sharing the developing stages of China's technology. It makes great sense. I don't know why so many people below are criticizing him. I feel he himself, as a Chinese, is pretty proud of his mother country's creativity and capabilities. Did you really understand what he was saying?

  9. something not true about this video from a Chinese perspective.
    1. We do not have a production line from Room 1 to Room n. It is an exaggeration. Some hospitals do make a lot of examinations like X-ray or blood test. This kind of phenomenon is not that serious and gets regulated now.
    2. The lecturer said that the Chinese language impedes innovation and creativity because it uses too much brain space. First, it is very rude to claim that. Second, I doubt if there is any robust scientific evidence to this statement. The lecturer is of Chinese descendant but showed little respect for Chinese culture. I think every culture is worth respect and needs to be respected. Needless to say, Chinese culture plays an important role in the whole history of humankind. Saying that the BMW story represents Chinese culture is an insult to all Chinese. Materialism is a problem in every country. And the girl who had been referred to by the lecturer had been criticized all over the Internet. No one can represent a country. I would not say that Donald Trump stands for American society. NO. Both America and China are very diverse, though in a different way.
    3. I want to answer a question from an audience. Why do American universities bother to educate Chinese students since they generally do not stay and contribute? Very good question indeed and a very complicated one. The biggest reason why most Students come back to China is not the luring or seduction of the Chinese government. The luring of the Chinese government is just for some very outstanding scholars and valuable engineers. Very few have the privilege to be lured back. Just a small fraction. There are some common reasons that ordinary Chinese students usually come back to China. Firstly, it is very difficult for them to become American citizens, even harder due to Trump presidency. Secondly, Chinese usually cannot get very high in the American social ladder. There is an invisible ceiling that stops them climbing. I do not know the scientific phrase. Sorry. Thirdly, Chinese students know that they can prosper easily in China since they often have wealthy parents who can guarantee their grown-up lives. So why bother dreaming an American dream when you have everything offered in your hometown? Et Cetera. So why do American universities bother to educate Chinese students? Because they pay the money! Universities can use this money to refinance their labs and attract the best scholars in the world with better salaries. Well, send them back. Who does not want the filthy money?

  10. Is this a joke? This guy's knowledge is incredibly superficial. For someone like him to give a talk at google shows the lack of understanding of China and its current developmental state. Better off reading some McKensy Global Institute reports which are freely available.

  11. Westerners summed up the status quo of China's development. The speed of China's development has constantly changed the Westerners' summary of China, making people feel that Westerners' summaries are not in line with China's current state. China is a country that has been changing rapidly. China is always changing rapidly in the right direction.

  12. India is same in economic culture. Though its a bit stereotypical and of course we don't have communist party, for good and the bad.

  13. Time marker 13:52
    Dark matter / energy are fantasy subjects secretly developed and enforced into our academia intended to lure our intellects and scholars into a fantasy world of rich and famous, just like movie stars of leading movie industries.

    Purpose? To regulate intellectual inflation geopolitically.

  14. Typical brainwashed HKger. Holds lots of stereotypes against his own culture. Believe HKger are superior than mainlanders. Believe the west culture has better morals. Believe the west system IS the only way. He gave a lot of analogies but he applied them wrong. “Crossing the river by feeling the stones”, “the mountain is high, the king is far”

  15. Everything was copying from each other. If you back 30 years China copying other countries, and if you look back to 50 years Japan copying from US and German, and if you look back 100 years US is copying from UK, and if you look back 200 UK copying from other it goes on and on.

  16. Are you saying that the world should be held under an Autocratic rein? Are you insisting that other cultures should be forced to behave like Chinese. Because you relate to countries as economic 'basket cases'? A lot of culture is inherited be DNA which helps form a culture. How will China deal with cultural variation to allow humans to evolve naturally, or will China breed them out?

  17. First you copy/ learn, then renovate/improve and at last you invent. It's the natural order of personal and national evolution. You accumulate wealth in the process as you move up the value chain.

  18. This guy knows something in China, but not the culture part. Especially, the last "crying in BMW" part indicates something quite the opposite about Chinese culture. The whole Chinese society was so angry about this girl's mammonism. Actually, it was the the nationwide condemn made this extreme case famous. Then, for the mobile pay, every user has to have a bank account at the first place. BTW, in U.S., the powerful credit cards companies will not be happy to see the development of mobile pay services. In China, the government has reconciled the interests of conflicts between mobile pay companies and banks.

  19. For the Chinese student part, does that somewhat cute girls know what she is asking about? Does she mean that it is best if Chinese students can stay in U.S. and compete with local students in the job markets to make contributions to US society? Come on, what the U.S. government has doen is making sure Chinese students have no immigration intent before entering U.S. and is quite happy to see them leaving once graduated.

  20. Well, international students come here for education NOT for FREE. They paid the expensive tuition. In other words, international students bought this education. And you call they steal.

  21. Truth is Foreign companies can't own Chinese companies although China owns lof of foreign companies, port and airport. China is the biggest liar in the world. Never believe what China says but what China does.

  22. In response to the lady saying why should they educate the student from oversea who will then go back to their own countries. The simple answer are as follows:
    1. Interchanging and understanding global cultures;
    2. Building up international relationship starting and through the younger generation and university educations;
    3. Universities need massive funds;
    4. International research and research base scientific development can be spread wide on the basis that intellectual can be tapped world wide;
    5. Western education is the product of colonism.

  23. I`m not a fan of Trump. And I do agree with you that "everyone copies each other." Certainly, there is NO "original culture." All human civilization can trace back basic technologies to pre-Mesopotamian times…perhaps 10 – 13 000 years ago. My argument is this; The Chinese Communist Government is BREAKING INTO and SENDING SPIES in to various laboratories, universities and companies around the world to ILLEGALLY AQUIRE technology. The CCP has a network of spies across the globe with one purpose; BUILD OFFENSIVE CAPABILITIES. Beijing operates thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of spies in Canada, The USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe…. And they CAUGHT every so often. All of what I speak about is recorded, documented and well known to the various security agencies world wide. China, in other words, does NOT have respect for other countries. SHARING IDEAS – yes, 100% I agree with you, Let`s Share Ideas! STEALING high technology that cost companies billions of dollars to create? Not cool!

  24. This guy is an idiot and know nothing about old hongcongian with superiority complex over mainland China…give 15 to 20 years and china will be over everyone in each aspect

  25. Surprised so few views of this excellent program……the two terribly bored and unsightly individuals might be the reason…. 😐

  26. for example, there are four or five countries very advanced in nuclear plant technology, but every country only advance a small part of it, none of them technology dominated whole area. Normally a country want to import nuclear plant they will choose one country's technology then make the deal, China on the other hand import all of them and absorb all the advanced part and put it together

  27. eheheheheh very funny about copy right …. fucking bad idea… everyone did and do ..its all about what i do you can not do.

  28. China plan to totally eliminate the poor by 2020. They have a program to teach anyone who want to learn in the country’s side how to make all types of noodle. think about this. It’s only flour and work so it’s not a costly program. And everyone eat ramen and can eat it everyday this is cold weather country . So it not stealing restaurant jobs beside being. country side. They say they want to encourage startup small roadside business and about self stainable. So everbody wins. Some will open a full restaurant in the future as everyone need to eat 3x a day.

  29. I am shocked by the arbitrary stereotype this man has about Chinese and China. Many of his claims are ridiculous. I once had pneumonia and entered to a public hospital and got healed in China and only paid 83 RMB with the medical care system which every college student has in China.

  30. Oen thing puzzles me though. Honkong and Singapore (forget macau) and Taiwan have been Rich for a Long time. They are still not innovative. No world class research going on there. Why and how? Chicom's china, poor and repressed, has come up with an awful lot more , still not great but they r excused fr being poor and isolated still. What excuse do these rich Chinese societies habe?

  31. Based on his statements: 1. He does not know China well, not the system, the people, the culture, nor the language. 2. He is very opinionated and tends to use his biased views to come to conclusions.

  32. Justus, this guy must be a member of communist party member, he is telling lies to the audience with a strange very honest facial expression.

  33. He definitely thinks he is British and definitely looks down on other Chinese. Those broad over arching insulting statements about scamming don't help to build a good wise image, Mister, and I could clearly hear your Cantonese sounding English.

  34. This Yip fellow's answers in the Q&A are totally off base. Typical professor, the prepared portion may be good but knows little about the topic outside of that. His bios says he's born in Vietnam. Nothing bad about that, but does he really know enough about China? Like Gordon Chang, just because he wrote a book, it doesn't make him an expert.

  35. I really like his views about China. Not like Martin Jacques, who is hell much harder to understand and more dangerous

  36. 33:20 "Many Chinese don't have bank acounts". How could you use mobile pay without a bank acount? I think he is a fake expert on the topic.

  37. Those TV dating shows are scripted. Many dialogues are meant to be provocative. George Yip has to be retarded to take those TV shows seriously.

  38. Education is just another service industry. Universities and colleges take foreign students and charge them high fees in order to sustain their developments and expansions. Foreign students are the high price customers. Universities and colleges also want to spread their systems and values and retain foreign talents. The Western countries have gained so much from foreign students. It's not a free service.

    George Yip can't even understand this!? What a fool he is!

  39. The Strategic Advantage of America is To START a war (n BULLY a vulnerable victim nation) IN ORDER To SHOW!! (set an example) to the WORLD!! at large, WHAT happens WHEN the COMMANDS; DICTATES; DEMANDS!!! of America is NOT respected; obeyed; complied with!

  40. 很多關於中國文化的展示,真的是亂說一通,對中國的理解可以說是非常的膚淺,和不知從哪裡而來的傲慢與偏見。可悲的是,他是個香港人,更是中國人!!!我們歡迎一切善意的建議,但是拒絕接受無端的指責!

  41. One of reason China is misunderstand is that we have this type of person who thinks he understands china and writes books and presents his generalisation ideas

  42. As a professor , you should tell the whole story from a objective angel. Google is blocked because it refused to obey Chinese law which requires all data derive from Chinese users should be stored in the server within China. Is it fair and common practice to protect own citizen's privacy by his own country? Or can you convince Chinese to trust US government over their own? Don't be rediculous ~

  43. He is HongKong Chinese not mainland Chinese. That is why he looks at China from an external lens.

  44. The girl want to cry on the back of BMW was criticized by almost 100% of social media and state owned media. That is true Chinese culture, and I think that is culture of human.

  45. I'm not Chinese, but a Nigerian who can tell that this so-called expert is Hong-Konger with superficial knowledge of mainland China.

  46. Very biased, arrogant and ignorant speaker from HKG! He does not really know China. So much wrong about daily life in China. For one thing, China does have credit cards but we chose to use cash payment more. Chinese does not like DEBT. This is a Chinese Culture! Re city permits, have you ever asked yourself about why China does not have slums as U.S. does.

  47. If you talked about innovation, talked about it, and I learnt something from the lecture. But don't talk about culture, that is a different topic, and you are not good at it. Your points were misleading…

  48. Got the feeling the speaker is performing a British style Chinese bashing, i.e. the British betrayal specialty by pumping up the victim so high so the British could throw the victim down harder and trashed hims more thoroughly.

    The speaker seems speaking about Chinese positively, but the undertone is portraying Chinese unscrupulous, the typical American subconscious view about Chinese. The Chinese girl crying in the back of BMW story really betrayed his color. Of course there are bound to be some bad apples among the 1.4 billion population, but he implied the bad trait of one bad apple to the whole population is really too American and their zero-sum cold war ideological mentality.

  49. i see innovation as really just intelligence. i doubt China has the intelligence to impress the west. Relative to numbers especially.
    Innovation is a problem in Asia period from what i have heard.

  50. When US dollars dies or collapse China innovation also dead. Only Russians innovation can save the world. 🙂

  51. IN CHINA IF THERE IS A WAY TO CHEAT YOU – THEY WILL! Great motto what is Chinese way of doing business.

  52. This guy is a banana person. He is definitely making fake news to western audience using his Chinese appearance. Poor baby~

  53. Your understanding of China is really limited per say, most of things you described as Chinese culture are not culture at all, they are phenomenon, keep changing and evolving, and does not represent majority of Chinese people, also eBay failed at Chinese market is not due to government protection at all, it failed to compete with free seller fee model, please learn some basic facts before talking

  54. Im sorry if Chinese listeners are taking offense to the presentation. As an American I am afraid to say i cannot see how its in any way intentionally. Overall, there will naturally be cultural misunderstandings. Overall, i think the West is in aw of the accomplishments of the Chinese people. I for one am very excited for Chinese innovation to break current restraints of special interest by theWest; small nuclear sodium reactors and the coming moon base to name two. The speakers Chinese Child policy is grossly misunderstood as well as the Chinese divorse rate.

  55. China block Google because google and other hi tech company in USA & the 5 eye are funded & control by the Deep State to control the world Internet & technology by spying stealing data, human innovative behavior all over the world and create propaganda against China . The west think they are smart enough to fool the third world but don't forget you are also a Han Chinese from HK giving talk to the west as if your not a Han? The recent block on Hwa Wei just proof my statement.

  56. Oh China evil government, no free speech & freedom for its people and US had guess you need to ask Wikileaks founder now.

  57. American teaching the Chinese? Oh ya I forget the west invite the world by creating expensive university as a business to feed the american with third world hard earn money so that the can use them as their own slave if the student are innovative by offering them jobs with good pay and later to become American, Oh guess what they are now eating their own medicine. What a joke

  58. Oh really, that is the healthcare system in China? You are a foreigner status and will not get the socialist privilege in china which is free medicare for citizen unless you opt to go to foreign run private hospital in China.

  59. Oh Chinese make it difficult for you to compete in China…. bla bla bla ask Hwa Wei and many other company from China about USA business playing field & overnight written law & rules and national security sanction law outside its jurisdiction.

  60. Really that is Chinese culture? Oh I forget your wife is white so you create half breed that had no culture because you lost your root growing up under colonial teaching.

  61. I don't think this guy has ever been to china or read some articles written by Chinese or even none Chinese expert, except some information he could get here.

  62. In the early days, the West was stealing and copying from China's inventions even by invading China, which they did, with gunpowder, ironically invented by China !

  63. Bear that in mind, he married a westerner and grown up out of China. His views of China of course is colored and biased, and always installing The West in a supreme position look down China, that is the perpetual narrative, whenever the Westerner or same background as the speaker given speeches about China. I have never see any race superior
    than Chinese mentally, emotionally, intelligently and on every facet of the gem. The Westerner's "Inferiority complex" shows in fullest extent to trivialize China by all The West
    pundits, politicians, academicians and religion industry. The intelligent Chinese never believing The West Propaganda machine promotes the greatness of the Crippled West Nations. BTW, in order to attracting the audience, that one must incorporates "put down China" contents to placate and appease The Westerner and as pro-west Chinese as well.

  64. George Yip should live in CHINA for just one week. Pontificating and talking down
    THE CHINESE CIVILIZATION OF 10,000 YEARS. THE LOST 200 YEARS OF unequal treaty and humiliation is now a bad dream.
    AMERICAN COTTON for MANCHESTER, BRITAIN than on the return trips the empty ships were used for the shipping of KIDNAPPED SLAVES from WEST AFRICA travelling back TO AMERICA.





  65. In the 1970s a young entrepreneur by the name of Bill Gates questioned authority at IBM and founded Microsoft because he felt he could create a better product than the multibillion-dollar company.
    He defied the odds and created the MOS. As every inventor had done before him, from Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Edison to the Wright brothers anyone who has ever invented something QUESTIONED AUTHORITY at some pivotal point.
    This is why I believe China under its current Authoritarianism system can never match the innovations created by the West. Because in order to innovate you must QUESTION AUTHORITY, you must question the "norm". Something that the CCP fiercely cracks down on.
    That's the reason the CCP feels it must steal intellectual property from countries with Freedom and civil liberties like the West and Japan, because although China can manage the technology well, and reverse-engineer it, China CAN ONLY duplicated, NOT replicate it nor invent it one of it's own.
    It cannot innovate because it's intellectuals are not allowed the freedoms that their Western counterparts are. Rather they're encouraged to steal the innovations from free-thinking westerners in high-tech companies and even universities.
    This is why China, despite eventually reaching the largest GDP in the world, will never reach superpower status.
    It will always need the free-thinking West as a source of "innovation thievery".
    You can't have it both ways, you can't oppress people's liberties and expect them to lead the world in innovation also when you don't allow them the very basic freedoms of speech and liberties.

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