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Geeta! see who’s at the door? Geeta!…wake up Coming What is it? Sir, is madam not at home? Did you ring the bell early in the morning to ask this? So can I leave? Wouldn’t there be work if your madam is not around? Go…go and finish it Is madam out of town? yeah! finish the work quickly.I have some work as well I can’t work without having coffee Fine. Make some and give me a cup as well Is madam really not at home? How many times are you going to ask me? What do you want exactly? If madam was around she used to make coffee for me Are you asking me to make it now? No no please don’t. Madam said you make very bad coffee What is it? Did he come? He’s calling Talk to him No I won’t Then cut the call If I cut the call how will I know why he called me? What do you want me to do? Answer it and ask him why he called Fine. Hey. Tell him I am asleep Why are you talking like that? So that he can’t hear me I haven’t answered the call yet Fine. Take the call Hey. Why are you talking like that? How do you want me to talk? You should talk like Heelloooooo as if you are sleeping Why? He should feel like he has disturbed us while we were asleep Take a deep breath Am I speaking to Mr.Chiranjeevi from “Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu(Who wants be a millionaire?)” to take a deep breath. Fine Give the phone Hey hello. Sorry did i disturb you? It’s okay. What is she doing? He’s asking “What is she doing?” We were late last night, What else do you expect her to do? She’s sleeping Just a moment Sir, milk You could put it there and go. Was it necessary to ring the bell? It’s the 1st of this month, so i thought you would give the bill amount Oh! just a minute I didn’t withdraw money, I’ll give it tomorrow Is madam not at home? What are you here for? Money or Madam? Money Come tomorrow Did she sleep early last night? He is asking whether you slept early last night No. She wept all night and slept an hour ago Is she still angry? No. It’s gone long ago Hey! No no No. she’s going up She is still very angry Is it? Fine. Tell the one who is still angry with me, having coffee and giving directions to you… …that all are happy here without her Subbu knows that you are awake I know that he knows Then why all this drama? Sathyabhama knows that Lord Krishna will please her , then why does she get upset with him? because pleasing is fun Don’t you think it’s too much? What was too much? He said 5 minutes and made me wait for an hour. Isn’t that too much? or Isn’t it too much to take it seriously which I did for fun It’s okay. You needn’t take it seriously If my guess is right, he must be calling you Subbu. I can’t hear you Priya. Can you hear me? No, I can’t Fine. I’ll call you later she can hear this well I think there’s no network, I couldn’t hear him May be he was calling you from the restroom as usual Coming What is it? Sir, isn’t madam at home? Why? Car cleaning sir. I thought she would give the money I’ll give tomorrow Uncle! Isn’t sister at home? No. Go away How come she’s a sister and I am an uncle? Not today. Come tomorrow Now what do you want? Hi! This is Subbu speaking. Her phone is switched off so I had to call you It’s okay. Can you give the phone to her? She’s in the kitchen I know she’s next to you. Has she eaten anything? No no. She’s hasn’t eaten anything since morning Can you please give the phone to her? Take it. Talk to him What’s your problem? Can’t you leave me alone for sometime I have to talk to you No. I don’t want to see your face I am so angry at you that I didn’t eat anything since morning though I was hungry Don’t lie. I can smell the dosa you are eating now I am eating an apple, not dosa caught me, idiot Anyway, what do you want? What have you got to do with my eating anything I have told you that I want to talk to you I told you that I don’t want to see your face as well Fine. What if I don’t show you my face and we talk? How’s that? We will meet at “Dialogue in the dark” for lunch I can’t, I have got work to do Fine. We will meet for dinner then You won’t show your face to me, right? If I show you this time I’ll never show you my face ever again. Is that okay with you? Fine. When should I come? Are you going? Of course. How long should I stay here? You said you were upset with him as he slapped you Who else will hit me if not him? I slapped him back as well You slapped him? Don’t you know Newton’s 3rd law Why didn’t you tell me that you hit him? When we are sad, we tell only what happened to us but not what we did there So, you are not angry with him We shouldn’t cross the limit. May be he really had some work and was late . If I go now, everything will be set Go straight and take left. Where are you taking us to? I didn’t know it would really be dark at “Dialogue in the dark” Isn’t there at least a single light? How do we know what we are eating? You took left. Right is this side Is it a hotel or a haunted house? Why will I bring a devil to a haunted place? Sit You are here! Then why didn’t you speak earlier I just heard your sweet voice Sarcasm huh? Isn’t your voice sweet? Don’t you know about the popularity of my voice in the public Exactly! I wanted to talk to my favourite sweet voice Fine then I’ll wait outside Was that a joke? You started hating my voice, right? Don’t shout. You are disturbing everyone here Who is here to be disturbed? Is there someone around us? We are not a celebrity couple to reserve an entire hotel Then why did you ask me to come here? This is the perfect place. In home you will start yelling. Here you can concentrate on what I am talking Your’s is not an Balasubramanyam’s voice to concentrate upon Anyway. I am hungry. How do order food here? We can’t see the menu. Will they give a torch for seeing menu? or will they switch the lights on for sometime? Can you sit without asking those questions? I am seated already. If you order, I’ll eat and leave Did you come here to eat? Did you think I came here to talk to you? I know what you are going to say There was lot of work at the office. Too many calls and deadlines. Isn’t it? No Then it must be “There was a party at the office . I tried a lot to come but they didn’t let me go…. …I still tried a lot to go, but…” Isn’t it? Not this as well. I was late because… Stop. I am fed up of arguing with you. You always talk about yourself Me? Yeah. you Fine. What do you want me to do now? First, order the food. I have ordered the food already Why did you order without asking me? Was I ordering by asking you all these days? That’s different What’s different? You didn’t slap me then, You slapped me now I’ll give my own order You don’t have many varieties here. Veg or Non Veg? What did you order? Non Veg obviously No. I want Veg What? But you like Non Veg, right? Tastes keep changing Subbu. Geeta! Listen to me. Non Veg is good Veg is good as well. I don’t eat Non Veg From when is that? Fine. Still I want only Veg Sorry. Who is this? You forgot me ? Hey Madhu! You recognised me finally Is your voice forgettable? What happened Subbu? Wait. I am coming Hey Madhu. What happened to you? Nothing. I hit a chair. Are you okay? Yeah. I am okay. When I was getting up for you I hit a chair. Good. We both are alike Subbu. What’s happening there? Who is she? She’s Geeta. You know her right? Yeah. I know. Your love, right? Hey. I just hugged and pecked him. We know each other since our 12th What’s up with her? Madhu. Will you please take another table. We were discussing something Fine. But on one condition. You should pay my bill We met after a long time Definitely Fine then. I am leaving Geeta. Are you there? Where will I go in this darkness? Then why are you not talking? What should I talk? You were busy with her Geeta don’t bother about her. She is a mad girl You talk sweetly with her, hug her and give a peck Did you hug me when I came here? You only have slaps and satires for me Geeta. I was late yesterday because my friend’s father was in a serious condition. He wanted B positive blood. So I went to give blood You are scared of blood donation so I didn’t tell you yesterday Really? Swear on me I don’t change my words before and after swearing Hey Subbu! Who is this now? I am Annie Why are all meeting me today? Hi Annie. How come you are here? My friend invited me Yesterday you were late playing games on Xbox. Did Geeta wait for you? Subbu. What happened? Nothing. You go and eat. Everyone will come at the wrong time

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