Gariber Samman | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Rituparna, Anju Ghosh, Omar Sunny
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Gariber Samman | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Rituparna, Anju Ghosh, Omar Sunny

Madhavi! Where are you? It’s done, dad. Sister, wait. Let me take your blessings. Did you take dad’s blessings? – Not yet. I saw you first. Go to dad, first. I’m going to his room, too. You need not come. I’m here. Give it to me. I’ll get late
for work. How will you wear this if you keep holding all those? –
You’re right. Sapan, hold these. Here. – Give it to me. Give my ‘Kurta’. Now, give me the papers. Here, dad. – I’m getting late for work. Wait, dad. Let him take your blessings. Today is his last
exam. Yes. Write well. All the best. – All the best. Once you pass out WBCS, one of my dreams will be fulfilled. Yes, dad. Bless me. – I’ll take your leave. My son will pass out WBC exam and get a Government job. He’ll take care of my family. Suman will do Computer diploma and Champa will finish her
Masters. Where are Suman and Champa? They’re getting ready to leave. You proceed, dad. You’ll be late, otherwise. Yes, dear. I’ll leave, now. Hail Goddess Durga. Leave it! You’ll see the worst of me. – Worst of you?! Leave it. I say, leave! Give my comb. – Why should I? Even I have hair on my head. What’s going on? Sister, she is not letting me comb my hair. Why do you need my comb? You dirty it. Have you ever cleaned it? Your hair is not dirty. So you comb first and then give it
to him. Who will clean it after he dirties it? I’ll clean it. You have spoiled him. What, if he is a boy? Can’t he do little work at home? Here, take it. – Thanks. I wish, he gets a lazy wife. She’ll make her do all the work. And I wish, you get a dumb husband.. ..whose nose you will have to clean. Sister.. You.. – I’m going. Here’s your comb. Champa, won’t you go to college? I’m going. Go. I’ll buy you a new comb which only you’ll use. Really? Shall I leave now? Bye. Crazy girl! She is happy with small things. God, please keep her happy always. Everyone left. I forgot to give this to post. What’s the use of sending it? Even if I give the interview, I won’t be able to work. But still, I will have to at least try. I’ll miss Mr. Mukherjee’s lecture. – Is it? You again?! I’m on my way to college. – But.. My motorcycle won’t have a problem.. bear your weight. Don’t waste time talking and miss Mr. Mukherjee’s lecture. C’mon, sit. Let’s go. With whom did Champa go? Who was the boy? Thanks. Just in time. You’re not in my class. Then how did you know when my lecture starts? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even if I don’t will to.. By the way, your last lecture will be over at 3:30pm, right? You mean, even in the evening.. I’m offering you a lift. If I have no problem in dropping you, why should you? How long has this been going on? – What’s going on? You know very well what I’m talking about. Why don’t you get
married? What are you saying? My sister is 9 years older to me. She is still unmarried. You keep waiting for your sister to get married and I’ll
grow old. Don’t say that, Julie. You haven’t met her as yet. Not only my sister, I also have an elder brother. He is studying for WBCS (West Bengal Corporation Studies). Once he gets into a job, sister will get married. What after that? Your brother will also get married. Then he’ll get busy with his own family. You’ll remain in the same situation. How much will your brother earn in a Government job? But if you get married to me..’ll be the General Manager of my dad’s group of
industries. That’s why, I want to do the computer course. My brother has said, once he passes out, he’ll enroll me for
the course. Why? Can’t you take the admission fee from me? Of course, I can. But what will I tell my sister? Are you afraid of your sister? No, I respect her principles. She is not only a sister to us, but like a mother. Every girl wants to have her own family. Every girl wants to get married and have children. Dilip, right from the time I fell in love with you.. ..I’ve been cherishing the dream, too. But you know our financial condition. Our family is so big. Father finds it so difficult to meet both ends. A marriage
expense.. I understand, Madhavi. But if my mom’s health condition worsens.. ..I won’t have a choice. If you want, I can speak to your dad about us. No, please don’t do that. I will tell my dad about us. You just talk to your mom and ask for at least 2 more
months. She is so beautiful and graceful. I saw so many girls’ photographs. This one is the best. Ghonta, what do you say? I’m talking in my senses. She is.. I’m just your brother’s.. ..sister-in-law’s sister’s son. You’ve fed me so many times, right from the time I was a
child. I cannot be treacherous. I’ve told you so many times not to repeat your relation with
us. I want to know about this girl. Won’t she be a good match for my son, Dilip? Of course, they’ll make a good pair. Fantastic! I never lie. After all, I’m your brother’s sister-in-law’s sister’s.. Ghonta! – Yes.. Gentleman. -Yes, ma’am. Finalise this alliance for my son. Madam, what if Mr. Dilip.. No, Sir. I won’t listen to him this time. You please go and finalise everything. – Alright. Don’t forget to take Dilip’s photo. – Sure, I will. Once she comes here, as my daughter-in-law.. home will be lit up. Mom.. You came downstairs, alone? Are you feeling better? Yes, I’m feeling much better. If you don’t trouble me again.. I’ll be perfectly alright. You think I’m your enemy and so, I keep troubling you. I’ll know that today. Look at this. – Who is she? I’ve chosen her for you. I’ve asked the priest to finalise your wedding with her. I don’t want to hear any excuses this time. Mom, why don’t you understand? I really have certain issues. I can’t get married now. – When will you marry, then? Will you marry after I die? If that is what you’re waiting for, I wish I die today. Mom! What nonsense are you talking? – Let me go. Go away! Just leave. If I can’t see my son married.. ..when I’m alive..’s better that I die. Go away! Mom, listen to me. I’ll tell you what my problem is. Mom, I’m in love with a girl. What?! Ghonta! Please leave. I understand, you’re feeling shy. I’m not an outsider. I’m your mother’s brother’s.. – Ghonta! What did you say? – Go out. Should I? Okay. I’m your mother’s brother’s sister in-law’s sister’s.. He left. Mom, I’m in love with someone.. ..since 7-8 years. 7-8 years?! And you’re telling me now! I thought, I’d tell you at the right time.. – When would
that be? What’s her name? – Madhavi. That’s such a sweet name. Is Madhavi not willing to marry you? – She is willing. But she has the responsibility of her younger brothers and
sister. Her dad is a poor man, who earns peanuts as salary. They’re a big family. One of her brother has appeared for
WBCS exam. Till he passes out and gets a job.. won’t be possible for them to bear the marriage
expenses. What’s the problem in it? I don’t want any gifts or gold. I’ll buy everything that’s needed for my daughter-in-law. But if we invite even ten guests.. – You need not worry
about that. I’ll discuss everything with her father and fix your
wedding. I don’t want to hear any excuses. Day after tomorrow is Sunday. I’ll go to her house and finalise everything. Ghonta. – There she calls! Yes. Yes, ma’am? Go and inform the priest.. let me know the nearest possible auspicious date. Go. – Okay. I have to call the priest. I have to find an auspicious date and time. But I cannot be treacherous. Mr. Dilip will marry the girl whose alliance I brought for
him. A poor man’s daughter will come to this family as a
daughter-in-law. She’ll become the lady of this house. Had Mr. Dilip’s father been alive.. ..he would’ve never consented to this marriage. I’ve been brought up by this family, since my childhood. I cannot be a traitor. Believe me, I cannot be a trai.. Phulki, come here. Come a little closer. Tell me something. I was brought up by this family. So, can I ever do any harm to them? Why do you always say this? What does it actually mean? I’m a Bengali and so, I speak in Bengali. I don’t say a word in any language other than Bengali. That’s why, I keep saying.. ..I can never be treacherous. Let me come to the point. Assume there’s a poor girl.. ..just like you. I can marry you.. ..but will you be a good match for Mr. Dilip? A girl like me will neither be a match for him nor you. Why, not me? I’m madam’s brother’s.. ..sister-in-law’s sister’s own son. I’m not an outsider. She left? Let her go. But I can never be treacherous. I’ll make sure, Mr. Dilip gets married to Mr. Subir’s
daughter. She is so beautiful. “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “Just make me yours and I wouldn’t mind dying in your arms.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “Let me make you mine.” “And you make me yours.” “Let us love each other and live together.” “Let me make you mine.” “And you make me yours.” “Let us love each other and live together.” “Let us walk along, the path of life.” “Let us share all joys and sorrows.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “How do I control my emotions?” “My dreams are not in my control anymore.” “My eyes are speaking volumes about you, my darling.” “How do I control my emotions?” “My dreams are not in my control anymore.” “My eyes are speaking volumes about you, my darling.” “My heart is set on fire.” “I can feel butterflies in my stomach.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “You’re in my eyes, ruling my dreams. Come into my heart to
rule my life.” “Just make me yours and I wouldn’t mind dying in your arms.” “Just make me yours and I wouldn’t mind dying in your arms.” “Just make me yours and I wouldn’t mind dying in your arms.” Come in, mom. Madhavi, she is my mom. Get up, my child. She is as graceful as Goddess Lakshmi. You hid her from me, for so many years. I’m sorry, Madhavi. I had no option but to tell mom about us. But you are.. Dad! Please come in. – Come, mom. Will a girl from this hut adjust herself in a rich family? I don’t think so. No, this is not fair. I was brought by the family. I cannot be a traitor. I will have to do something. I’m not an outsider. After all, I’m madam’s..’s sister-in-law’s.. ..sister’s own son. I cannot be treacherous. I like your daughter. I’ve already asked my priest to find an auspicious date and
time. On the coming.. – Oh! No.. It fell down. It’s a bad omen if sweets fall down while discussing
something good. Madam, please stop discussing about marriage for now. Ghonta. – Yes, ma’am? Clean the mess and get fresh sweets from the shop. What, if it falls off again? If it does, I’ll give you money to go back to your native. Will the sweets fall again? – Am I crazy? I’ll slip and fall ten times, but won’t let the sweets fall. 10th of this month, that is Sunday, is an auspicious day. What’s your opinion? – Madhavi is fortunate. My elder son, Sapan is expecting his result in a few days. I’m a poor man, but I wish to have a small celebration on
that day. Meanwhile, I’ll check out few more dates. You may consult
your priest. With the celebration, let us announce their wedding. Dad, what does my result has to do with her wedding? Moreover, she has already identified an auspicious date. No, it’s alright. I’m happy, everyone has consented to their wedding. I waited for so long, without any hopes. Now that I have a hope, I don’t mind waiting for a few more
days. ‘I got some time to think.’ ‘I was brought up by this family. I cannot be treacherous.’ ‘I will have to do something. But what shall I do?’ You need not do anything. Just answer my questions. A boy offered to drop you to college, in his motorcycle. You have got nothing to do with him. Who is he? His name is Shubro and he is a senior student in my college. He is a brilliant student. He has appeared for his final
exam. He’ll definitely pass with flying colors. How long have you been going with him? – Just 4 days. So, you admit that you went on his bike yesterday. – Yes. How long have you been knowing him for? – Only 4 days. I didn’t even know him earlier. – Did he know you? How will I know that? You don’t even know him and still, you went with him on his
bike! What, if he had a bad intention? No, he has no bad intentions. He is a gentleman. Do you like him? Do you love him? – Madhavi. Does he love you? – I have no idea. You will have to find out. When will you find out? – I’ll find out, tomorrow. That means, you’ll meet him again tomorrow? What can I do? He’ll come on his bike to fetch me. Why did you bring me here? – You said you want to ask me
something. I brought you here so that I can hear your questions. Tell me what you want to know. I.. I mean, my sister wants to know how long you’ve been
knowing me. Your name is Champa. You’re a student of 2nd year, bachelor’s degree. On Mondays, your class starts at 9:30 am. On Tuesdays, it’s at 11am, Wednesdays, it starts at 10:15am. On Thursdays, it’s again at 11am and on Fridays, 9:30am. Your father’s name is Mr. Sujokto Nirmal Roy. Your elder sister is getting married to the owner of
Chatterjee industries. You know so much about me! – Yes, that’s right. How did you know? Because I wanted to know. – But, why? It’s because, I like you. Really? You left out one more question. Won’t you like to know, if I love you? What reply will make you happy? Should I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’? I think, I should say ‘no’. I love you. I love you a lot. “I want you to come closer to me.” “I want to speak my heart out to you.” “My heart doesn’t listen to anyone, but you.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I want you to come closer to me.” “I want to speak my heart out to you.” “My heart doesn’t listen to anyone, but you.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “Is my heart asking for more? Tell me, my love.” “I have already made you mine.” “Keep your promise no matter what. Do not go away from me.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I want you to come closer to me.” “I want to speak my heart out to you.” “My heart doesn’t listen to anyone, but you.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “My arms are wide open to take you in my loving embrace.” “I have been waiting for you since ages.” “Love me as much as you can, you will always be mine.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I want you to come closer to me.” “I want to speak my heart out to you.” “My heart doesn’t listen to anyone, but you.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I want you to come closer to me.” “I want to speak my heart out to you.” “My heart doesn’t listen to anyone, but you.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” “I don’t know why, but my heart is gone crazy.” Mom, what have you done? What will you do with all these saris and jewellery? – What
will I do? All this is for my one and only daughter-in-law. She will wear all these new saris, jewellery and be like a
queen, here. Saris, jewellery, a Queen’s life! She is giving all this to a maid servant. Will a maid servant look good, wearing all these? For example, Poli.. If she wears an expensive sari and adorns herself with
jewellery.. will she look? You don’t look good. You don’t look good at all. – What are you saying? You don’t look good sporting an expensive sari and
jewellery. Where’s the expensive sari and gold jewellery? – You’re
wearing it.. Now, you look good. I like to see you stay simple. Although you left, but I’ll stick to my words. I’m not just anyone. I’m madam’s brother’s sister-in-law’s.. ..sister’s own son. I’m not an outsider. If I be disloyal to this family, after being brought up by
them.. will be really sad. Ghonta. – Here she calls! I’m coming, ma’am. I’m forced to do things against my will, for madam’s sake. I’m coming. What are you saying? Why did your mom buy all that? She is still not contended with all that. I delayed my
marriage for so long. But after seeing you, she has no more complaints. She wants to cover you with gold ornaments. I’m really afraid, Dilip. My dad cannot afford to buy me even one good sari. You’ll give me so many expensive saris and ornaments. But my dad won’t be able to give you anything. She’ll feel very bad. Don’t think so much, Madhavi. Mom will talk to your dad and find a way. What will she do? She’ll give all the jewellery to dad and ask him to give it
to me. Dilip, dad won’t be able to bear such humiliation. Mom might not give anything to you, during the wedding. She’ll give whatever she wants to, once you come to our
house. Dilip, I don’t know what will happen. We are poor and all we have is, our self respect and
dignity. We’re too conscious about it. I can see dad lost in some thoughts. He has become so forgetful. My vision has become very poor. I will have to change my
glasses. Once I get my next month’s salary.. – What is your age? I must be around 60 years. How many more years do you intend to work for? Retire from your job. Let young people get a chance, too. Bear me for few more months, sir. My son has appeared for
WBCS exam. He is a bright student. I’m sure, he’ll do well. Once he gets a job.. Okay, but if you continue to make such mistakes, boss will
be at loss. And why would he tolerate.. ..if you write 15 lakhs in place of 45 lakhs? – I’ll
rectify, right away. Get the file of plastic industries ready and leave it on my
table. I have a meeting at night. – I’ll keep it ready. He has grown old and has a poor vision. But neither will he quit his job nor will he change his
glasses. Dad, what’s wrong with you? Nothing. Give the tea to me. I’m sure, something is wrong. Tell me what it is. These glasses are of no use to me, now. I commit blunders in work. I need glasses with more power. When I’ll get my next month’s salary.. No. Not in the next month. Have tea and get ready. I’ll take you to the doctor, right away. And you’ll go to office, wearing your new glasses tomorrow. Let us not spend now, dear. The month is not over as yet. The doctor’s fee and cost of new glasses will be a burden. Your marriage is round the corner too. Dad, if you don’t listen to me.. ..I swear, I won’t get married. Don’t talk rubbish. I mean what I say, dad. We can manage all expenses including my marriage, somehow. But if you lose your eye sight at this age, you’ll never
recover. Just for the sake of money, I won’t let you spoil your
sight.. ..and let your work suffer. My work is not suffering as such.. – I can very well make
out.. ..there’s been a blunder at work. I don’t want you to commit a bigger mistake due to your poor
vision. What’s this? What is this? Sir.. – Open the file and go through it. Why are the papers of our Textile industry in Plastic
industry’s file? I’m sorry, sir. Mr. Nirmal must’ve kept it by mistake. He is an old man. He has a very poor eyesight. Look here, this is not an old man’s home. Bishwamber Choudhury spends millions for his business. I mean, I want to expand my business empire. I’m not here to take care of old and helpless men. It’s crystal clear. I can see everything clearly. Give me a paper. Let me read. Give me what’s in your hand. Yes.. Good. My vision is so clear. It’s not blur anymore. Now, I won’t make a mistake in writing or reading. I can clearly see everything. This is an interview letter. Are you going for an interview? Yes, dad. I will have to leave now. But why do you want to take up a job, now? What, if Dilip and family object to it? – Why would they? Whatever education I have gained, why should I let it go in
vain? I’ve been a burden on one family. I don’t want to be a burden to another family all my life. Burden?! Is that what you think you are to us? Not only me, but also your siblings know what you mean to
us. Ask them if you want. Ask them. – No, it’s okay. Champa, serve lunch to dad on time and help him get ready
for work. Sapan, Suman. – Yes, Madhavi? I’ll take your leave. – Sure. Bye, dad. Dilip must be waiting for me. – Bye, dear. Where are you taking me? I need to go to Dalhousie. – No, I won’t take you. What do you mean? I mean, I won’t allow you to take up this job. – But, why? Because, if you’re selected for this job, you’ll be posted
outside Kolkata. Have you already started spying on me? Neither am I keeping a watch on you nor am I spying on you. I’m only taking good care of my wife-to-be. Come, let’s sit here for a while. – Yes, let’s go. Had you told me about your opinion earlier.. ..I would not have left home in such a hurry. I’d have served dad lunch, sent him to office and then left. Why? I’m getting to spend some quality time with you. Don’t you
like it? I do. But dad is so happy today. If I don’t force him to eat.. ..he might go to office without having lunch, today. Why? – I bought him new glasses. Believe me, after getting new glasses, he is behaving like a
child. Like how a child gets excited when he gets his favorite toy. Does a child get excited? Have you never seen a child happy? – How would I? When we’ll have our own child.. ..I’ll see. Naughty! Now that our marriage is fixed, you’ve become so
naughty! “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your magic is working on me, I’m willing to give you my
everything.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your magic is working on me, I’m willing to give you my
everything.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “You’re here for me and I’m here for you.” “This is all we know.” “What do we have to do..” “..with the ways of the world?” “We have become one.” “You and I don’t exist as individuals anymore.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Always stay closer to me.” “My heart feels lonely, without you around.” “Be my support, my companion for life.” “I want to stay in your love for eternity.” “Your love is showering upon me, all the happiness in this
world.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your magic is working on me, I’m willing to give you my
everything.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” “Your bewitching eyes are upto some new mischief.” Madhavi, my elder daughter forcibly took me to a doctor. He is a renowned doctor. He tested my eyes and prescribed
these glasses. She placed the order yesterday and got it for me, this
morning. She made me wear it. I won’t make anymore mistakes. Because of poor vision, my service of 35 years had begin to
suffer. Only admiring your new glasses won’t do. I know you want me to order sweets for you. I will. Hardly few days are left for our salary to happen. Sir, the manager sent this for you. What is it? – How will I know? Why don’t you go through it? I will go through. I don’t find any difficulty in reading anymore. I can see everything crystal clear, with my new glasses on. The letters are clearly visible. We are sorry to inform you.. ..that as per decision of the management of our industry.. ..your service is no longer.. Your service is no longer required! What’s wrong, sir? – What’s written in the letter? Let me
see. I’m.. They don’t need me anymore. To save my job, I bought new glasses. I spent so much to consult a doctor and buy new glasses. Now, they’re saying they don’t need me. I’m terminated! No, this is impossible. I cannot lose my
job. They cannot terminate my services. Not at any cost. I’m sorry, Mr. Nirmal. The decision was taken by boss, not
me. In a meeting to plan the expansion of plastic industry, I
had no papers. All I had was accounts of our textile industry. I was fortunate, I didn’t lose my job because of your
negligence. It happened because of poor vision. Look, I’ve got myself
new glasses. Have mercy on me for one last time. I won’t make a mistake
again. Why don’t you understand? In a private company, the owner is the sole deciding
authority. Sir, my elder daughter’s marriage is fixed. I cannot afford
to lose my job. No. How will it make a difference? You will get your gratuity and provident fund which you can
use. No, sir. If she learns about my job, she won’t agree to get
married. Then don’t tell her. – What? It’s of no use, telling me your problems. It’s our final decision. You may leave, now. ‘Then don’t tell her.’ ‘Don’t tell her.’ I won’t tell her. I won’t tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone. Is something wrong, dad? – Nothing. When is your result? – It’ll be declared within a week. Did you write well in your exam? Are you expecting a good
result? You blessed me, didn’t you? – My blessings are always with
you. Then I’m sure, my result will be extremely good. I really hope so. May God bless you. Where are you going? I’m going to post Madhavi’s job application. Job?! I will have to find a new job for myself. At least till Sapan finds a job. – Dad. Why are you standing here? – I was just seeing Sapan leave. Hope you didn’t have any problem with your new glasses. Why would I have a problem? I could see everything so clearly, today. I did my job with great perfection that no one could find a
mistake. No one could point at me. Sapan, I knew you’d score excellent marks. Your worries have ended forever. I’m sure you’ll get into Administrative service. Thank you. I’ll take your leave. – Bye. Buy sweets for us, your son has topped in the exam. He has stood first. – Really? Let me see the result. Did you see? Take it. Hello! Hello.. Sapan, how’s your result? – I’ve topped the list. Sapan has topped. Uncle, you will have to distribute sweets. Come home, I’ll definitely give you sweets. Let Sapan come home. I’ll surely distribute sweets. Sapan.. Have you all got the news already? I’m sure you have. It’s not possible to hide such wonderful news. Come inside. I’ll give you all sweets. Dad! Dad, Sapan is no more! He is no more! Sapan is no more. Dad, look at him. Sapan.. I hoped to see you top the list. And you ranked first. I’ve informed everyone in our street. See, all are here. They are all here.. Why don’t you tell him? They’re here to celebrate your victory. Tell him, everyone is here to have sweets and celebrate his
result. Everyone is here to share our joy. Tell him, please. Why don’t you tell him? What happened, dad? – Nothing. Everything is blurred. Dad, be brave. – Yes, I am. But I cannot.. Why can’t I see anything? Why is it turning dark? – What are you saying, dad? Please brace yourself. The flame is put down. Didn’t you carry a torch? Dad! – Suman, hold his hand and help him. The pyre is burning. – Yes, I can make out. But why can’t I see? Why is it dark, all around? Dad.. – Why is it so dark? Hold him. Let us take him to the hospital. – Careful. What has happened? Sapan will leave us forever, turning my life into dark. I never imagined such a thing. Who’ll take care of you all? Who will take care of you? Please calm down, dad. It’s such a reputed hospital and there are good doctors. You’ll recover very soon. Dilip has gone to talk to the doctor. I’m sure he’ll come
with a good report. Sorry, Mr. Dilip. We cannot do anything about it. The tissues of his eyes have completely dried up and torn. At this age, new tissues won’t form. His corneas are too weak. No doctor can help him. This is the report. You may take the patient home. Who is it? – It’s me, dad. What happened? You are still awake? It’s late night, dad. – It’s always as dark as the night for
me. I don’t get enough sleep. Dad, why do you get depressed? Seeing you like this, Madhavi sits alone in some corner and
cries. Where is Madhavi? – She is in her room, writing something. What will she write? She must be applying for some job, so that she can feed her
blind dad. Dad.. – Where’s Suman? Please call him. Suman! Suman, dad wants to see you. – I’m coming. Did you call me, dad? – Come closer. Suman. – Yes, dad. I heard there are lot of NGOs in Kolkata that work with the
blind. They train the visually impaired in different skills. Will you take me to one such organisation, tomorrow? I’ll tell this to Madhavi. – No, please don’t tell her. She has been taking care of our family since her childhood. She didn’t get an opportunity to work and earn for the
family. So, she starved herself and fed us all. She somehow managed all expenses. But what will happen, now? My life is in dark. I cannot see anything but dark, even in our future. I wanted to make you a computer engineer.. ..but that’s not possible anymore. – Why, not? Suman will complete his computers and Champa will do her
honors. Who will pay for it? – I will pay, dad. No matter what, I’ll do it for sure. You please don’t worry about it. – No. We’ll lose our self respect in the eyes of your in-laws. That’s why, I’ve decided not to marry. Madhavi! – Yes, dad. My brother’s dream will remain unfulfilled and sister will
drop out from college. I can’t leave my dad in such pitiable state.. ..and get married. How could you even think of it? Madhavi, won’t you think about me? I’ve been waiting for you for years. I have woven certain
dreams too. I know that, Dilip. But before I see Suman settled.. ..and Champa married off, I can’t leave my blind dad.. ..and think only about myself. Madhavi, your dad is like a father to me. Can I not care for your brother and sister? I’ll take their responsibilities. You and I are one. Dilip, when a woman does a sacrifice for her in-laws.. ..and work hard, everyone say.. ..she is doing it for her own family. But when a man does a small favor to his in-laws.. ..the society will call him a henpecked husband. I don’t care about the society. Will you deny the fact we love each other for this small
reason? No, I don’t have the courage to deny the fact. But I have no strength to go against the society in which we
live. Dilip, it’s bad to deny our love of 7-8 years. I’ve maintained the self respect of my family for 20 years.. ..if I tarnish our reputation, it will be even worse. I can’t do this, Dilip. I cannot even think of marriage for the next 2-3 years. You know the state of my mom. – I know and that’s why.. ..I request you to get married to some other girl. Madhavi, please don’t make me go crazy. I’m ready to wait for you, all my life. But please do not ask me to marry some other girl. I can’t do it! I just can’t! You cannot marry?! Will I have to wait for 3 more years to see you married? What else is an option, mom? – There is another option. All your problems will come to an end once I die. I know.. ..I’m not destined to see you get married. I’m not destined to live with my daughter-in-law. Neither will I ever have grandchildren. I’ll die without experiencing any of these pleasures. Mom.. – No! I won’t give you the chance to take my body to the
crematorium. If Madhavi is not willing to marry.. will marry the other girl. And if not, I’ll burn all the saris and ornaments I bought
for her.. ..pouring kerosene on them. And in that fire, I’ll set myself ablaze too. Let that be my pyre. Yes, that will make my pyre. – Mom.. Mom, listen to me. Mom, listen to me. – Move aside! Mom.. please listen. – I don’t want to listen. Move! – Mom.. Move! Let me go! – Mom.. Let me go.. – Mom.. Mom.. – Let me die. Allow me to die. Let me just die. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. Mom.. I won’t be adamant. I will do as you say, mom. I’ll do as you say. Mom.. I’ll follow your orders. I’ll do as you say, mom. Madhavi, there’s a letter for you. Who gave it? A person came and delivered. Take it. ‘Madhavi, please forgive me. I had to choose between our
love and mom.’ ‘And I chose to save my mom’s life.’ ‘I got married, Madhavi.’ You did the right thing, Dilip. I’m happy for you. I’m relieved of a tension. I pray that you lead a happy
life. Be happy always. The son of a wealthy family.. married to the daughter of a wealthy man. I’m just madam’s..’s sister-in-law’s.. ..sister’s own son. My conscience is pricking me. God, she might not listen to
me. Hello, madam. Hello. My name is Ghonta. I’m your mother-in-law’s brother’s sister-in-law’s.. ..sister’s own son. I was brought up by this family. I cannot be a traitor. I want to tell you something. What is it? Keep Mr. Dilip under your control. Be very strict with him. He was in love with a girl, Madhavi for years. When compared to you, she is nothing at all. If you determine, you can wash her memories off his mind. I came to tell you this. I don’t want Madhavi to be a hindrance in your happiness. I’ll take your leave, now. ‘Madhavi!’ Sister.. Why did you take the ring off your finger? In a life full of sorrows.. ..what little happiness can this finger ring bring to me? What happened? Why am I here? I’m not Madhavi. Please don’t lie to me. No, I won’t. I never lie. Sheila.. ..Madhavi is history, she is my past. I shall never look into my past. You’re my wife. My present and future lies with you. I won’t drag her into our lives. Neither should you. – But.. What, if she comes in between us? She’ll never stoop so low. But I still promise you.. ..if she comes into our life by mistake.. ..she will have to go back.. ..seeing the love we share. Number 6. Sorry, I came to the wrong place. Madhavi! Do you know her, sir? She is desperately in need of a job. C’mon, lift her up. We will have to take her to a hospital. Sir, the woman who just came in for an interview, fell off
the stairs. What?! Madhavi! Let me see. Please move! Madhavi.. Ask my driver to get the car. We’ll have to take her to a
hospital. Madhavi.. There’s nothing to fear. Physical injuries aren’t serious.
She seems to be in stress. Once she regains her consciousness, she will be alright. Thank you, doctor. Where is she? Where’s Madhavi? Madhavi.. Dear.. Where’s she? Who is it? – I’m Dilip. Dilip! How is she now? She has still not come to her senses, but the doctor said,
she’ll be fine. Don’t worry. How can I not worry? Right from her childhood, she has been taking care of our
family. Now, even I have become a burden on her. She is desperately on the lookout for a job. You need not worry about her job. Madhavi has got a job. Do you want her to work? She doesn’t pay heed to me. You please convince her and get married. Once you get married, I’ll be a little relieved. Didn’t she tell you anything? What’s the matter? I.. I mean.. Madhavi was not ready to get married. Mom’s condition worsened and so, to save her life, I had
to.. What is it, son? I got married. Madhavi is aware of it. What more does she have to go through in life? How many sacrifices will she give? God, are you blind too? Like me, are you helpless too? Please move.. Patient has regained her senses. Please don’t cry. Madhavi.. Dad.. – Madhavi.. Dad.. – Madhavi.. How is Madhavi, now? I had called in your office.. ..just an hour back. I’d left a message for you to call me back. I’m sure you didn’t go back to office. – No, I didn’t. I told you.. Had I not asked you.. ..what will happen if Madhavi came between us? I was so
right. No, you were not. Madhavi hasn’t come between us. Then why did she come to your office for an interview? How do I convince you that she did not know it was my
office? That’s surprising! She was in love with you for so many
years.. ..and still she didn’t knew, it was your office. She really had no clue. She was not at all interested in my
business.. or properties. You may believe that, but I cannot. It’s not necessary to have some selfish motive to know such
things. You kept me in dark too, but I still managed to know
everything. Sheila, you’re my wife. – And she is your beloved. You get a wife just by marrying. But love is eternal. Sheila, if you cannot trust me.. ..your baseless suspicions will gradually ruin our married
life. Madhavi really had no clue, it was my office. The moment she entered the cabin, she saw me and turned to
leave. That’s how she fell off the stairs and met with an accident. There were so many people in your office. Why did you go
with her? What would you have done.. ..had a known person met with an accident right in front of
you? Known person?! – Yes, she is just a known person. She is not my beloved anymore. But I could not have denied to even know her. Sheila, I couldn’t return immediately from the hospital
because.. ..she had not regained consciousness. As soon as her father and siblings got news and reached
there.. ..and the moment she came back to her senses, I left from
there. She didn’t even see me. Trust me. Please trust on me. I want to trust you always. I want to trust you every time. Dilip, I really want to. Sheila. – I want to trust you. Madhavi.. Dad, why did you.. Why did you walk alone? – Nothing will happen to me. I know every nook and corner here. You cannot hold my hand and walk forever. No, dad. What, if you fall? Where is Champa? Champa.. Champa has gone to receive a registered letter. I’m already here with the letter. Dad, you should’ve rested for some more time. I told you, Madhavi is feeling much better today. You told me, but I wanted to see.. I forgot I cannot see. Dad, how can you say that? Do you need vision to see our faces? Dad, when your children are happy.. ..can you not make out? – Yes. I can make out. Yes, I can. May God always keep you happy. Sign the slip and return it. The person is waiting. Here. Whose letter is it? – Let me see. ‘Madhavi, I don’t know if you have forgiven me or not.’ ‘We were unaware of what was going to happen in our lives.’ ‘But now that it has happened, we cannot deny it.’ ‘My mom became a widow at a young age. She brought me up all
alone.’ ‘I must’ve made a mistake to save her life..’ ‘..but that’s the fact of my life, at present.’ ‘Madhavi, I loved you.’ ‘Just because we couldn’t get married, will I turn your
enemy?’ ‘Won’t you ever forgive me for my incapability to marry
you?’ ‘I’m sending you an appointment letter.’ ‘If you do not accept it, I’ll think you haven’t forgiven me
as yet.’ ‘I’ll understand you want me to live in guilt for the rest
of my life. Dilip.’ You didn’t tell me whose letter it is. It’s an appointment letter, dad. I’ve got a job. Madam, please sign here. What is it? – The authority ordered to give you salary in
advance. Oh! Here, it is. Ghonta, what brings you here? You’re our MD’s mother’s.. Brother’s sister-in-law’s sister’s own son. You’re not an outsider. What brings you to office, all of a sudden? I had to come. I was brought up by your MD’s family. I could not be treacherous. Ms Sheila told me sir forgot to carry his cheque book and
so, I came. I wonder what’s wrong with Mr. Dilip. He has become so forgetful. He doesn’t.. Now, I know why he has become so forgetful. How can he remain normal? Excuse me, who is she? Sir has just appointed her, Ms Madhavi Roy. Madhavi Roy! I can see how bad the situation is. I will have to inform Ms Sheila. If she doesn’t interfere now, things will go out of control
later. Despite being so close to the family, if I ignore this.. ..I will become a traitor. No way! I cannot be treacherous. Sheila.. – No, please don’t take my name ever again! What’s wrong, Sheila? – Do not pretend again. You’ve fooled me enough. Don’t put on this act. I won’t take it anymore. I’m going away forever.. From your house and also your life! Sheila, what happened? At least let me know the reason. Don’t you know the reason? You did everything intentionally. I was ignorant. I counted on you and believed your fake words. I was blinded in your love. I’m losing all hopes, now. I don’t want to hear a new story, regarding this dirty
topic. I’m leaving. And that’s final. Shut up! Ghonta! – I’m going. I will have to call madam. I understand. Ghonta came to my office, today. That means, you’re upset again because of Madhavi. Let it be. You need not give me an explanation. I’m not giving you an explanation. She desperately needed a
job. You gave her a place in your office because she was in need
of a job. She might need a house, next. So, bring her here. Then she might need a family, a room for herself. Give her place in your room, in your family. Sheila, you’re crossing your limits. There are many other women like Madhavi who work in my
office. – Oh! You mean, all of them are like her.. ..your first love! – Sheila! How dare you slap your wife! How could you do that? It’s good. He did the right thing. I got to know the extent to which he can go. Anyway, I won’t give him the opportunity. No, dear. I beg of you. Won’t you listen to me? I’m like a mother to you. Please listen to me. I gave Dilip the permission to give Madhavi the job. I didn’t tell you right away because I knew you’d
misunderstand. I have understood you’ll never be happy if you stay in this
city. Dilip, you shift to our house in Puri with Sheila. Make the office in Puri as the head office. Madhavi won’t be there. So, there won’t be a problem between the two of you. What do you say? I have no objection to it, mom. I want to get rid of this problem too. Come with me, dear. Be seated. Sheila, please stay back. Give him another chance. You will never have to face any inconvenience. Since the two of you love each other, I won’t object to it. But as her father, I will have to think about her future. What do you mean to say? – You’ve completed your education.. ..and also flaired well in computers. What are your next
plans? I hope to join some bank or a reputed organization. Will you take up a job? How much salary will you earn? You better take charge of my textile department. I find it very difficult to manage everything. Anyway, I will have to hand over my business to you some
day. Daddy! My sweet daddy! Suman, you got a job! But.. – No ifs and buts. You’d start at a junior level and then get promoted if you
joined elsewhere. In dad’s company, you’re being appointed as the General
Manager. Am I right, daddy? – Of course, you are. By the way, you have to join me for dinner at Chamber of
Commerce. Suman, why don’t you join us too? Yes, I’ll introduce everyone to my company’s new General
Manager. In this attire?! – No matter. We’ll buy you new clothes from a Readymade garment shop. “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot walk the path of life.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot walk the path of life.” “Your love gives warmth to my heart. Without you, I cannot
live.” “I cannot live without you.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot walk the path of life.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot walk the path of life.” “Your love gives warmth to my heart. Without you, I cannot
live.” “I cannot live without you.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “Before the dark clouds arrive, it never rains.” “Before I get a sight of you, my day never starts.” “Before the dark clouds arrive, it never rains.” “Before I get a sight of you, my day never starts.” “I want to experience your love for a lifetime.” “Without your touch, I feel so incomplete.” “I feel so incomplete.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “I cannot stay away from you because I love you.” “I cannot take my eyes off you.” “I cannot stay away from you because I love you.” “I cannot take my eyes off you.” “Let me come closer to you. Please do not stop me, today.” “I cannot speak loving words with anyone, but you.” “I cannot speak with anyone, but you.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “Your love gives warmth to my heart. I cannot live without
you.” “I cannot live without you.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” “I cannot talk without you.” “Without you, I cannot tread the path of life.” Why hasn’t Suman returned as yet? Is it not time for him to return? What’s the time, now? – It’s 10:00 pm. Is it so late? No! God, please.. What happened, dad? – Nothing. My thoughts are being too negative. Bad thoughts are haunting me. Sapan met with an accident while returning after his result. Suman has also gone to collect his result. – Why are you
being so negative? Suman must be with his friends. Please don’t worry, dad. He’ll be back in a while. Dad! Dad, I ranked first in college! – Madhavi, I topped my
class. Come close to me. – Stop there, Suman. Where did you get a new suit from? – Julie’s dad bought it
for me. Julie?! – She was with me while I checked my result. She took me to her house after seeing my result. I mean, for a job.. Madhavi, her dad offered me a job immediately. He has offered me the post of a General Manager. A General Manager?! – Yes, dad. I’m the GM of the textile division of Choudhury group of
industries. Choudhury group? That’s where I worked. Madhavi, I appreciate you for making him study computers. He has become an officer today. He is the GM of a company. Yes, dad. There was a party. He took me there to introduce me to his circles. And that is why, he bought me this expensive.. It’s alright. Just keep one thing in mind. There’s no value to something you gain without hard work. Poor people like us own just one asset and that’s our self
respect. Wealthy always try to shatter our pride and respect. You idiot! Can’t you look in front while riding your
rickshaw? – Strange! You rammed your car into his rickshaw, he fell off and is
injured. Instead of sympathising with him, you’re.. – I am not wrong. Don’t you see the dent on my car? Don’t you see his forehead bleeding? What’s the big deal? If he applies some ointment, he’ll be
fine. But I will have to spend thousands of rupees to repair my
car. Do you give more importance to your car than an old man’s
blood? Do you think my car is ordinary? I’m sure, ordinary people like you will never understand its
value. Uncouth and ordinary people who travel by Tram, bus or
rickshaw.. ..will obviously not know the value of a car. What did you say? Just because we travel by tram or rickshaw, are we uncouth?
– Yes! You gave her the right punishment, madam. If you want to drive, you better keep your eyes open. Rude and pampered daughter of a wealthy man! Keep this in
mind! She is so arrogant! Hi Julie. What’s the matter, madam? You seem to be in a foul mood. Yes, I am. An ordinary woman humiliated me in front of
others. Julie, please keep your calm. Won’t you meet my sister today? – No, Suman. My dad has said that he’ll come with me to your place to fix
our wedding. I have no objection. I just want my daughter to be happy. Okay, then let’s fix their wedding on the 12th. – Sure. I have something to say. – What is it? As you already know, Suman is now in charge of a huge
responsibility. He might have to stay back at work even for 24 hours at
times. Julie is habituated to a lavish lifestyle. She’ll find it very difficult to adjust in this small house. Hence, I wanted the two of them to live in my house, after
marriage. That’s impossible! What are you saying? Please do not take us in a wrong way. We’re discussing about my younger brother’s wedding. We are not talking business or fixing a business deal. I’m poor, but we’re capable of taking care of my son and his
wife. You may be capable, but I’m not willing to leave her here. In that case, there’s no point in discussing any further. Let us leave the decision to Suman and Julie. I want to stay in this house, daddy. Are you sure? – Yes, daddy. I will live here. After marriage, a wife’s place is her
husband’s home. If you want to fulfil my wish.. I mean, if you want me to be
happy.. ..please do not oppose to it. Alright. If that is what you wish, so be it. Julie! I’m sorry. ‘Peethe’! Madhavi made it for me? She made it for her and not you. Shut up! I’ll slap you. Give it to me. What are you doing? You just had breakfast. – Who cares? Madhavi has prepared it. Even if I’m full, I feel hungry on
seeing it. I’ll take your leave. Bye. – Bye. Julie, will you have it yourself or should I feel you? No, thanks. Take them back. I don’t eat junk and unhygienic
food. Unhygienic! What are you saying? Madhavi has made it out of
love. Didn’t you see how Suman pounced on it? Okay, don’t eat if you don’t like it. At least, try one. Why do you want to make me fall sick? I don’t like such village foods. Village food?! What do you mean by that? Grains, rice, vegetables, fruits, everything is cultivated
in villages. Mill factories don’t produce all these. People who are not capable of owning a mill or factory.. ..console themselves with these theories. Well, just taste one. You will know if you can get this in any of the factories.
Take it. I told you, I do not eat such things. What did you do? You threw away the ‘Peethe’! What’s the big deal? We throw many such things. Not even our dogs eat these. But your husband loves to eat it. You saw that, didn’t you? So, what will you call him? What?! – Why did you marry Suman? I don’t think he is a dog at your.. Champa! Look! She threw the entire plate of ‘Peethe’. She says, even dogs don’t eat such food at her place. Don’t get disheartened. Not everyone likes everything. Julie, pick up all these and clear the mess in your room. Come. Let Suman come back. Madhavi! Dad! Madhavi, here’s my salary advance for this month. Dad, please accept it. Why did you give it to me? You’re the head of the family. Either you or Madhavi deserve
to have it. No, you give it to Madhavi. She is the one who manages
everything. Give it to her. – Alright. Take it, Madhavi. Did you send your resignation letter? Yes, but.. – No more excuses. If you even think of working or if you go to work
hereafter.. ..I will fight with you. If you had to work all your life.. ..why did you make me what I am, today? Madhavi, I’m very hungry. Will you please give me something
to eat? Sure, I’ll get it right away. You freshen up. Come, dad. You know what? I gave my entire first salary to Madhavi. You did the right thing. She was so happy. I didn’t see you there, so I thought.. – Don’t worry at all. There’s a pain in my waist. So I couldn’t walk. Why is it aching? – I have no habit of working. I’ll get
used to it. What work? – Sweeping and mopping the floor. I fell down. I mean, Champa pushed me. Champa is very mischievous. She used to fight with me, always. Now, she is after you. You’re her sister-in-law. Why didn’t you hold her ear and ask her to clean? Madhavi ordered me to clean the room. Madhavi told you?! Please don’t discuss this with her. She is elder to us. She has all the right. Madhavi, I’m really scared.. ..Julie might poison Suman’s mind against us. Crazy girl! Is that ever possible? Can a wife spoil her
husband? Will you do it? – What? Will you poison Shubro’s mind? He will set me right, if I do so. Really? – Madhavi! Madhavi! – I’m coming. What is it? – I’m leaving for work. Please tell dad. I’ll tell him. – I’ll take your leave. Bye. – Bye. Julie. – Yes? I have something to say. – What is it? You hail from a wealthy family, but you’re the
daughter-in-law of a poor family. Specially, in a conservative society, daughter-in-law of a
middle class family.. ..are not allowed to wear such dresses. You’re right, Madhavi. It’s my mistake. I won’t wear such
clothes ever again. Please forgive me. I’ll burn all these kind of clothes. Sorry, Julie. I had to go for factory inspection with dad
and so, I got late. I couldn’t inform you as there’s no phone in our vicinity. You’re upset because I’m late, aren’t you? No. – Then? After you left this morning, Madhavi frowned at me for
wearing that dress. She asked me if I wasn’t ashamed of wearing such dirty
dresses. I said, I’ve been wearing such dresses since my childhood. She then said, ‘You’re not a child, anymore. You can’t wear
this here.’ ‘Give me all your dresses of this fashion.’ She then burned down all my dresses. What are you saying? She could’ve just told me and I would not have worn them. How could Madhavi do this? Wait, let me question her. Madhavi.. – Listen! Promise me.. won’t tell her anything. I don’t want you to argue with your elder sister for such
small issues. Julie, you’re really so understanding. Julie is a nice girl, isn’t she? Yes, dad. She is a nice girl. I’ve come across girls who do not allow their husband’s
family.. spend a penny out of their husband’s salary. But Suman gave all his earning to you and she didn’t utter a
word. You’re right, dad. Julie is a nice girl. Call her here. She keeps sitting in her room, all day. She doesn’t even go
out. She can come and sit with me for a while. Call her. I’ll call her. Julie! – Did you call me, Madhavi? Please come here. Dad wants to see you. – I’m coming. Come. – Dad, Julie is here. Where is she? – Julie, where are you? Where are you, dear? What happened, Julie? Go next to him. I’m right here, dad. Tell me what you have to say. You sit inside your room, all day. You may go for an outing, if you want. Madhavi. – Yes, dad? Give her some money.. It’s okay, dad. You don’t have to think about my needs. I’m not used to taking Rs 200 or 500 from anyone. I don’t hail from a beggar’s family. I’ll get lakhs of
rupees, if I want. My dad is capable of taking care of my needs. Madhavi.. Dad, you sit here for a while. I’ll be right back. Stop there, Julie! Do you realise you were unjust to dad by behaving so rudely
with him? What I said is true. Julie, Suman gives me his entire salary. If you don’t like it, you could’ve told me frankly. How much does your brother earn, monthly? How could you even think, I’d want his salary? I’ve always got enough money even without having to ask for
it. Moreover, your brother’s salary is also paid by my dad. Yes, it is. But that’s the compensation he gets for working hard. He
does not beg. And the one you call as my brother is also your husband. Don’t forget that. How can you insult your own husband? Madhavi.. you stopped me the other day. She values her dogs and money more than her husband and
family. This is what I wanted to tell you. She should have got married to a dog instead of marrying
Suman. Julie! None of us have ever hurt our sister.. ..even with words. And you slapped her?! She is lucky I only slapped her. I did not hit her with my
footwear. Stop it! You’re fortunate to have been my younger brother’s wife. Had someone else insulted my dad and slapped my sister.. ..I would not have let the one to stand upright in front of
me. I know very well how to fight injustice. You have experienced it once. How could you forget it so
soon? Hit me, if you want. C’mon, hit me! You will have to hit me. C’mon, go ahead! – What’s going on? What’s going on, here? Will you tell me what happened? Why is there so much of noise and arguments? Ask her what happened. She humiliated my dad and slapped my sister. If she is still not satisfied, she may hit me. Who humiliated your dad? Did my daughter insult him for no
reason? Did she slap your sister for no reason? Julie, what is she saying? I refused to beg for money and that’s what she calls
humiliation. I don’t talk to her dad for hours. And that’s an insult to
them. And that girl says.. ..I should’ve got married to a dog. I had warned you.. won’t be able to live with such down market people. Mind your words! How dare you call me and my dad, down market? My dad is very superior to multi millionaires like you. Arrogant, rich people who consider the poor as down market
or uncouth.. ..can never be good at heart. In fact, they’re people with low standards! What?! How dare you call my dad, a man with low standard! I didn’t sound as rude as he did. But if he still felt bad, it shows his true colors. Did you hear that, dad? – It’s all because of you. Because of you, I had to come to such filthy place and
people. I don’t understand how you adapt yourself to this culture. Let’s go home. I won’t allow you to stay here anymore. No, dad. I won’t go with you. You please leave. And never come back. Please go away. – Alright. Dad, what a surprise! Yes, I came to see Julie. But the way your sister humiliated me.. one has ever had the audacity to insult Bishwamber
Choudhury. At least, not in Kolkata! – My sister humiliated you?! ‘Don’t worry. I’m not used to working. I’ll get used to it
gradually.’ ‘Madhavi ordered me to clean the entire room.’ ‘Madhavi said, ‘Give all your clothes to me.’ ‘She burned down all my dresses.’ Come here. Madhavi, say sorry to him. I said, say sorry to him. Ask him for forgiveness! Madhavi, beg for his mercy. You must do it. You brought up your brother and made him what he is, today. You starved, so you could feed your brother. You worked, so he could complete his education. For his happiness, you sacrificed yours. You ruined his life, for his sake. For his wellbeing, won’t you beg for his father-in-law’s
mercy? If you don’t say sorry to him, your loving brother will lose
his job. He will lose his wealthy father-in-law. No, Madhavi. Don’t destroy your brother’s life. Touch his feet! Fall at his feet and beg for his mercy. Say sorry to him. My dad has ordered me to fall at your feet and beg of you. Please forgive me. Suman, I asked for his forgiveness. I begged your wealthy father-in-law to forgive me. Are you happy now? Are you happy? It was dad’s command and I obeyed him. What about you? Do you have an identity of your own? Are you a human being? Forget about me.. ..our blind and helpless dad is tired screaming and lying
here. How is he related to you? Are you his son? Can’t you even hold his hand and help him get up? Have you become a slave of riches? Are you blinded by all
the wealth? I feel disgusting to even abuse you. I hate you! You’re a slave of your wife. You’re a henpecked husband! ‘I have taken my revenge!’ What was that noise? What noise was that? Nothing, dad. I slapped Suman. – No, that’s not true. My heart would not have ached, if you had slapped your
brother. I could understand.. are rewarded today. Am I right? You’ve been rewarded for all the sacrifices you made. You’ve been rewarded for compromising on your happiness. You’ve been rewarded for ruining your own life. Dad.. Dad.. – Dad! Dad.. Let’s go. ‘God! What have I done? I slapped my elder sister! Shame on
me!’ Be careful, dad. This is the right decision. I’d suffocate to death if we lived in this city. This city took away my son, Sapan from me. I lost Suman here, too. If we stayed here any longer, I would have lost you both
some day. I’d rather spend the rest of my life, in the city of Lord
Vishnu. Please take me to Puri. Yes, dad. We’ll go to Puri. You please stay calm. What’s wrong? Madhavi! Please talk to me, Madhavi. Please open the door. Madhavi.. Madhavi! Champa! Dad! Dad.. What happened? – Madhavi, Champa and dad are not at home. I threw my sister out of our house. I made Champa homeless. I threw my dad out of his own house! That’s like a clever girl! I must say, you have taken on me. You found an apt solution to the problem. You got rid of your in-laws and also had your revenge. Madhavi slapped me in front of the public for the sake of a
rickshaw driver. I taught her a lesson by getting her slapped by her own
brother. – Good! Now, try to influence Suman.. ..and convince him to come to our house to live. I’ll buy this house from him.. ..and construct a mutli-storeyed building here. There will be no sign of this house. I’ll leave, now. Wait, Mr. Choudhury! Won’t you see what shape I give to your dreams in reality? Suman! How dare you slap my daughter! Shut up! Dare not say a word! For the sake of you and your evil daughter, I lost my
siblings and dad. One slap is very less compared to the pain she gave me. If she stays with me, I’ll make her pay for every mistake
she made. What?! – Yes! If you want to see her safe, take her away from here,
forever. No, Suman! I love you. Get out! – You rogue! How dare you hit my daughter! You got scared on seeing her blood. My heart is bleeding, but you cannot see that. I know, greedy people like you have no feelings for a blind
man. But if you could feel my dad’s pain.. would not have screamed on seeing your daughter’s
wound. And you would’ve thanked me a thousand times for not hitting
you. What?! Will you hit me? I’m asking you to leave because I don’t want to hit you. Don’t argue and instigate me to hit you. Get out! I say, get out! I’m leaving. I shall see you very soon.. ..not here, but in the court. Yes! – C’mon, let’s go. Dad.. Dad, don’t keep thinking negative. We’ve come to Lord Vishnu’s abode. He will definitely take
care of us. I wanted to live in the Almighty’s abode. Dad, Lord Vishu has given shelter to so many, here. We’ll have to stay here, in the temple’s inn. Champa is a grown up girl. We cannot stay in any random place. Champa, please lock the door from inside. Are you going out? Yes, dad. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that I was
reading in train. A sick lady is looking for a caretaker and companion. They’re offering good salary. Did you understand your profile? The advertisement doesn’t explain everything in detail. Once
I join.. ..I’ll understand the requirement and work accordingly. Let me brief you about the job so that it’s convenient for
you. Madam has only one illness and that’s suspecting for no
reason. She doubts her husband. Your responsibility is to agree to all that she says and
keep her calm. Should I agree to all that she says? – Yes. That won’t rid her of the problem. It will only increase her
doubts. If not, you’ll lose this job. The question is not if her husband is a cheat or not. According to madam, her husband is a betrayer. I know where you have gone. You’ve gone to see Madhavi. You can keep me in dark.. ..but I know the truth. You’re not in office which means, you’ve flied to Kolkata.. meet Madhavi and tell her how much you love her. You’ll come late at night and tell me, you had important
work. I wish I could hate you. Or if I could at least meet that witch once.. Why did I love you so much? Why do I still love you? Why? You didn’t realise the worth of my love. You only lied to me. You always betrayed me. Yes! You cheated me! You’re a betrayer! I wish I could break everything into pieces and walk away. Yes! Like this.. I don’t want.. I don’t want to break anything. Believe me, I really don’t
want to. I love you so much. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.. Who is it? – She is here with regards to the advertisement. I’ve hired her. I’ll leave now. Bye. What’s wrong with you? What? What’s wrong with me? Then why were you crying? Why would I cry? Why would I cry for a liar and cheater? He will cry. He will have to cry. I curse him, ..he will have to cry all his life. He will cry and so will his beloved witch! What are you saying? Can a man whose wife is so beautiful, have another woman in
his life? Of course, he can. A betrayer like him can! He is a traitor, a cheat, a liar! What are you doing? Glass pieces are shattered. Your feet will get cut. Sit
here. Let me clear the glass pieces. ‘Dilip! God, where have you bought me to?’ – What are you
seeing? Is he your husband? He is quite good looking. I don’t think he can cheat anyone. He is putting on a mask. Don’t go by his looks. Deep within his heart, he is a dirty man! Why didn’t you help him clear his heart, then? Me?! – Yes. You can do it if you try. I will help you. – No one will be able to do that. Only one person could do that. But where will I find her? Once I find her.. – Who is she? Madhavi! She is Dilip’s lover. Madhavi! – What will you do if you find her? I will kill her. I will stab her to death. Or I will drown her in the sea so that she suffers a lot. Or may be.. I will unite Dilip and Madhavi.. ..and kill myself. – No! Why will you do that? Can a woman give away her love to another woman? Love?! – Actually.. love your husband so much. Else, why would you envy a woman who you don’t even know? You talk so well. I’m so sorry, I forgot to ask your name. What’s your name? – My name?! You won’t like my name. – Why, not? No one likes it. – But still I want to know. My name is ‘Thorn’. – Thorn?! How can that be a name? – That’s my name. No one will dare to come close to me and so, this name! I had a good name.. ..but I don’t remember that anymore. I’m surprised, you should’ve been named after a flower. But your name is ‘Thorn’! The one who is actually a thorn, her name is Madhavi. How strange! I won’t call you by that name. I’m sure, I’m elder than you. In that case, I’ll call you sister. My name is Sheila. I won’t find it comfortable calling you by your name. I’ll call you madam. – That’s nice. Madhavi, quit this job. No, dear. I cannot quit this job. If you did not have to take care of me and dad, wouldn’t you
quit the job? Champa, Dilip’s marriage is in a mess, because of me. It’s my responsibility to clear the air between them. Will you fulfil everyone’s responsibility, all your life? Is there no one to fulfil your wish? You’re there for me. You sacrificed your love.. ..Shubro just to come with me. What more can I expect for? Where do you want to go? – I want to meet Mr. Dilip. Boss has shifted from here, long ago. The company head
office is in Puri. Is it? You mean, Mr. Dilip is in Puri? – That is what I told
you. Leave! He is Ghonta! Ghonta! I’m dead! Who are you? – I’m Suman. You came to my house with Mr. Dilip, with an alliance for my
sister. ‘Now, I understand!’ Mr. Ghonta, could you please give me his address in Puri? No, I cannot give it to you. I was brought up by them. I cannot be a traitor. I’ve been instructed not to share the address with anyone. I will convey your message to him, if you have any. Tell me
what is it. No, thanks. He came to me for help. He doesn’t know me as yet. I’m not an outsider. After all, I’m madam’s brother’s.. ..sister-in-law’s sister’s own son. Madam also got me married to.. ..Phool Kumari and made my life. By giving him the address, I could not be treacherous. How could I ruin madam Sheila’s life? I’m not at all crazy. Happiness.. Should I be happy with you?! You want to give me happiness? All these days, you returned home at night. This time, you went to Kolkata to spend a night with
Madhavi. – Sheila! Sister, don’t go. Please see the true colors of my husband. Sheila, please don’t blame an innocent woman for no reason. Oh! God! What more can I do? To win your trust, I left my work and shifted to Puri. Trust! You can never win my trust. You left Kolkata and brought me here.. that I cannot catch you red-handed. This was your intention. – How do I make you understand? I called you from Bhubaneshwar, last night. I also gave you my number. You could’ve called on the number to know where I was. Sheila, please listen to me. – Don’t touch me. I feel disgusting! From today, I’ll sleep in another room. I want to have no contacts with you. That’s better. It’s better to have no contacts than to hate me every
second. My patience has crossed all limits. Had mom not been ill, I would’ve ended this long ago. And then you would’ve lived happily with Madhavi. Right? Did you hear what he said? Sister.. ‘Madhavi, as long as you’re alive, Dilip and Sheila cannot
be happy.’ ‘Are you worth living? Why are you ruining Sheila’s life?’ ‘Why are you not letting Dilip live in peace?’ ‘You’re responsible for their sorrows.’ ‘Only your death can bring them happiness and peace.’ ‘Death is your only destination.’ ‘Death!’ But what about my blind dad? Who will I hand his responsibility to? And what about Champa? Did you call me? Come to me. Did you write a letter to Shubro? He must be so worried. Is this what you call love? You started crying! Now, stop crying and ask him to come
here. I want to talk to him. – Madhavi! Dad. – Yes. Keep lying down. I’ll sit next to you. Have you anything to say? – Yes, dad. Dad, I want to get Champa married off. – Champa’s marriage? Why, all of a sudden? – It’s not sudden. She is young
enough. We’re going through such bad time. How will we bear the
expenses? Dad, you have faith in Lord Vishnu. He will take care of
everything. Go ahead as you wish. The Almighty will take care of the
rest. Despite being a girl, you did so much.. I wish, Suman had not turned his back towards us. Forget about it, dad. Is Mr. Dilip not in office? I’m coming from Kolkata. I told you he wouldn’t be coming. There’s work going on at the site. He’ll directly go there. He’ll come to office only in the evening. Okay. Could you please help me with his residence address? This is his business card. You will find all addresses here.
– Thank you. You came after so many days. Where were you? I had gone in search of Madhavi. – What?! Did you find her? – Yes, I did. Where is she? Will you bring her to me, once? I want to see her once. I want to see how beautiful she is. What keeps my husband
hooked on to her? In your comparison, she is nothing at all. I think you’re suspecting your husband for no reason. – No,
sister. I don’t suspect him without any reason. They are still in touch with each other. Do you know something? If their love was true.. ..I will bring them together and die. No, madam. Why would you die? You have a husband and a family to take care of. Why would
you die? Madhavi has to die. She will have to die. Now, you tell me. How do you want her to die? I.. I don’t know. Until I couldn’t find her.. ..I thought of so many things. But now that you have found her.. ..I don’t understand what I should do. Didn’t you tell me.. will drown her in the sea and suffocate her to death?
– Yes. I will do that. I will take her to the sea one fine day and drown her till
she.. No! No, sister. You will become a murderer. I won’t allow you to ruin your life for my sake. I won’t become a murderer. There are goons who can do it for
us. There are contract killers. Just hire one such killer.. I’ll be going to the site. From there, I’ll go to office. I’ll return home, late at
night. Where will you go and where you will return.. ..I know that very well. Sheila, you have completely lost it. No one on earth can cure you. But you can do it. You can give her some more time. Wherever you go for work.. can take her along. Listen, she is not Madhavi. She won’t try to win your heart and appease you. Sheila, dare not talk ill about Madhavi! It’s hard to find a woman like Madhavi in this lifetime. I will meet her too, now that I’ve found her address. You’ve found her address! Did you find Madhavi? – Yes, go
and warn her. Inform her that I’m going to kill her. Save her, if you can. I don’t have to save her. God will save a great woman like
her. Dilip.. Who is it? Dilip, I’m Suman. Suman! What brings you here? Why are you in this state? – I’m paying for my sins. I was poisoned by my wife and I slapped my sister. Suman! Yes, Dilip. The same night, she left the house with dad and
Champa. I’ve been looking for them since then. I came to find out if they came to you. – No. Dilip, if I don’t find them.. ..if my sister doesn’t forgive me.. ..I will kill myself to pay for my sins. Hey you! Why did you come here, in search of your sister? Who is your sister? Suman, please leave. – Wait. Tell me, who is your sister? – Madhavi! Why don’t you tell him.. ..where you’ve kept your mistress? – Sheila! Dilip, I’ll take your leave. Madam.. Did you see that? – Yes, I did. We cannot give much time to Madhavi. I’m going to make arrangements. You hire a killer. I’ll inform you when it’s the right time. Madhavi! Madhavi.. Suman.. Get up. – Please punish me. Punish me for my sins. – We have no right to punish anyone. God sees to it that the sinner is punished aptly, for his
sins. You’re going through so much of pain. And that’s your biggest punishment. – No, Madhavi. I slapped you with this hand. Please cut if off. I spoke ill of you.. Suman.. ..come to the inn. Inn?! How will I face dad? Will dad ever forgive me? No! I cannot forgive him. Throw him out of here. There’s no place for a sinner. Dad, even sinners come and fall at the feet of God, in the
end. You’re God to him. – No, I’m not. I’m an ordinary man. Ask him to leave. Let him go back to his wife.. ..and his wealthy father-in-law. – Dad! I’ve left them, dad. I left them forever. I have cut off all relations with Julie and her dad. What did you say? – Yes, Madhavi. I held her by her hair and threw her out of our house! –
Suman! I can forgive you for all mistakes, but not this one. Madhavi, she was the root cause of our troubles. Her dad
instigated her.. Stop it! The relation between a husband and wife cannot be
so weak. Forget about her dad. As her husband, did you fulfil your
responsibility? If the wife goes astray, it’s the husband’s duty to be
strict.. ..with her and love her so much so that she realises her
mistake. Now, go! If you can come back with Julie, I promise you.. ..all of us will forgive you. I promise! Dad will forgive you, too. Go. I say, go! Alright. Bless me.. that I return with Julie, tomorrow itself. I’ll leave, dad. Dad, tell me if I did the right thing. Suman is your son and our brother. We’re sure to forgive
him. But if he fails to forgive his wife.. ..God will not forgive him either. No sin is worse than breaking someone’s family. Will Julie understand your feelings? Why, not? She is a woman, after all. She will be a mother,
some day. Julie! Julie.. Julie! Dad, Suman is here. – So, what? Go to your room. What are you saying? Suman is here after so long. You want me to go to my room? – Yes, that’s right. I will tell him whatever I have to. You may go to your room. What are you doing here, at this hour of the night? What do
you want? I’m here to fetch Julie. – She is not a destitute.. come back, crying. She won’t go back to her in-law’s place like a dog. You may leave. – I won’t leave without talking to her. Dad, let him come inside. – You go to your room. Dad, I want to go to my house. Husband’s house is a wife’s house. Julie, do not forget whose daughter you are and where you
belong to! I haven’t forgotten, dad. I know, I’m the daughter of Mr.
Choudhury. But the child in my womb does not belong to your family. What?! Julie, what did you say? Yes, Suman. I just learnt, I’m pregnant. Julie! On knowing this.., Madhavi and Champa will forgive us for sure. Madhavi, dad.. Where are they? Did you find them? – Yes, I did. But when they heard I threw you out, they refused to forgive
me. They said, if I don’t go back with you, they will never forgive me. Did you hear that, dad? That’s how, elders of a family
should be. Following your advice, I gave them only pain. But today, they refused to accept their own blood for my
sake. Yes, Julie. I’ve promised Madhavi.. ..I’d go back with you, tomorrow. Why, tomorrow? I want to go, right away. Take me, now. I’ll leave, dad. If possible, bless me.. that I keep everyone in my family happy. Madhavi! There’s a telegram from Shubro. Shubro is coming today! That’s great news! Suman will also come back with Julie. I have no more worries. – Madhavi, what’s the matter? Champa, in my absence.. ..will you take care of Shubro, dad, Suman and Julie? Where are you going? I’m going to my husband’s house. – What do you mean? Can I not go to my husband’s house? I didn’t mean that. But I don’t understand what happened
suddenly.. Yes, it happened all of a sudden. – Did you get married? Yes, in a way.. – When did you marry? When will your husband come to fetch you? He won’t come. I will have to go to him, all alone. What are you saying? – Yes, dear. Not only that, ..I will never be able to come back. What are you saying, Madhavi? Did you inform dad? – I will inform him before I leave. Please do me a favor. Give this letter to Dilip’s wife, right now. Go, dear. Don’t delay. Please go. Who do you want to meet? – My sister gave this letter for
you. Are you her younger sister? – Yes. Come inside. No, I need to go back immediately. I’m like your sister too. I’ll feel bad if you leave, without eating anything. Come
in. ‘Madam, today is the last day of your sufferings.’ ‘Inform the killer right away that Madhavi will be at the
beach.’ ‘She will be wearing a red Benarsi sari. Kill her and live
in peace.’ ‘Get her killed and lead a peaceful life.’ Hello. Hello, this is Sheila speaking. Yes, you may take a start. Go to Sorgotha beach. You will
find her there. She will be wearing a red Benarsi sari. Who were you talking about? Who would be wearing a red sari? You need not know that. Your sister knows everything. But I saw my sister wearing a red Benarsi sari. – What?! Your sister?! – Yes. She said, she’s going to her husband’s house and will never
return. – No! Your sister has written about Madhavi. Madhavi is my sister’s name. God! What have I done? Do not waste time. Go and stop your sister. Don’t allow her to leave home. Please go! What shall I do? What.. Who is it? Madhavi, is that you? Come in. No, I won’t be able to do this. I won’t be able to tell him anything. Dilip, you may punish me as you want. But please.. For God’s sake.. ..go to Sorgotha beach right now. You’ll see Madhavi in a red sari, there. Please save her, Dilip. Save her. I was told, she’ll be sporting a red Benarsi sari. Where’s
she? There she is. Where are you going? – How are you concerned with it? If you’re looking for a lady wearing a red benarsi sari.. need not kill her. Things are sorted. You may go back. When Shambu takes a contract, he completes it. Move aside! C’mon! Madhavi, run away! Madhavi.. – Let me go. Let me go. – Listen.. No, let me go.. No! Come. – Let’s go. Let me go.. – Madhavi! Where did she go? Find her! Madhavi! C’mon! – Madhavi! Madhavi! No. Please let her go. I’m Madhavi. I’m Madhavi. – No. Let me go. – I’m Madhavi. I’m Madhavi, let her go. – No! Let her go! – There’s a confusion, here. I will have to kill her. Madhavi! Madhavi! Dilip, we’ll have to take her to the hospital. – Madhavi! Madhavi! – Madhavi! No, Madhavi. I don’t have much time. – Madhavi! Please let me lie down on your lap. I suspected you all my life. But why couldn’t I trust Dilip? Had I known you earlier, my doubts would’ve come to an end
long ago. Are you free of doubts, now? – Yes, I am. But I won’t let you go away from all of us. Let us take her to the hospital. – That will be of no help. Please don’t take me anywhere. Just let me lie here in peace. Dilip was so right. A great woman like you, hard to find on earth. Forget about it, now. Please make me a promise. What is it, tell me? I promise to keep your word. Dilip.. Please never misunderstand Dilip. He was yours, he is still yours.. ..and he will always be. Please live happily with him. Dad.. – Madhavi, my dear child. Please.. – My child! Please forgive me, dad. Suman, please take care of dad. – Yes, Madhavi. Madhavi.. No! – Madhavi! Madhavi! – Madhavi.. Madhavi! – Madhavi.. Madhavi!

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