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Furry Social Media Networks (ft. RainyChaos)

Oh, yeah i have a youtube channel how can i use this to get money furry amino recently contacted me asking me to review Their product in return they would pay me money and to that i say no i don’t want your money See i’m a billionaire now i mean but i figured this would be a good chance to review a few furry social media sites Hello today i am here with kyra ah and and we’re gonna talk about social media Because that’s the thing in this fandom subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe AAHAHHHHH *CoUgH* oh hey we should do a- your nose went in my eye So i have here the the guru you might say of furry instagram kyra yeah it’s pretty much where i started with the fandom and i’ve used it up till now and it’s it’s got its ups and downs definitely one being You have to post a picture and The other being the age limit on instagram is 13 and older but no one really abides by that a big thing for a lot of artists because there is a lot of hate on instagram people will seek out furries and bombard them on the posts but the community in general is not Small but it’s like a family so to learn about twitter i’m gonna go talk to rainy chaos. doesn’t she live in luxembourg? Amino is popular because they sponsored lots of her youtubers and then it became cool because it was the only company that would ever sponsor any furry youtubers Ever so of course the youtube is gonna be like hell yeah you know i’m down yeah there’s nothing wrong with being sponsored I think aminos great if you’re younger if you want to find friends like for me i’m not like looking for friends like if i bump into someone i call their my friend you know i’m not like find friend give me friend please i think it’s kid friendly kid friendly. its colorful, kid friendly its color full and bright. lots buttons and like pretty things play facebook ya know lots of furries use facebook and it’s literally- facebook is a place where you can organize fur meets yeah that’s a good that’s a good way of putting it there’s i mean like i know a number of furries who use facebook it’s just like normal facebook but with furries i Guess that’s all i have to say. it’s a site its a site. SITE. what else did we wanna talk- you’re riding my pickle senpai- SENPAI! i’m here with umbra spooks and today We’re gonna talk how to name your twitter during the holidays and also names in general in social media So some people like umbra have a more seasonal character or fursona Some people on twitter don’t have a seasonal character but when the holiday season comes around they change their username to something that is more seasonal usually a pun like i’m really high right now So like frankie is Usually otter booty instead he’s pumpkin booty this season and you want to make sure that your puns really clear so that people know who you are still and what the pun is supposed to be One thing you can always do if you can’t come up with a pun is literally just sticking emoji after your name it works perfectly fine everyone will know who you are and you’ll be So it works it works it works got my thigh i got you i got you So one of my favorite websites is weasyl i don’t Know what weasyl is so i don’t i don’t know oh we’re out of tune every every furry like social media is different like normal social media in general is just different But furry social media oh boy what twitter is Basically i would say it’s almost like a social networking site where its main feature is to restrict the amount you can say it’s a hundred and eighty Characters i think i like especially when there’s like Arguments going on you instead of like rambling on like for like like two pages of document in word having like a ramble and an argument in twitter You got compress it into 130 characters which is so difficult and impossible they usually just it’s the shit post by a certain point uh-huh! Meet like memes you see they start there and then buzzfeed steals them and then put some on facebook that’s that’s twitter. The one thing about twitter i would say it’s it’s probably i would say the social media site people use the most maybe, furaffinity The i find it’s when you’re arguing someone especially if they’re at is especially long you have less time to argue If their name takes up most of the space it’s like if it’s a notepad you know shit’s getting serious you know it’s getting like oh we can- we haven’t talked about youtube that’s kind of important So now i’m gonna talk about youtube is that a social network site? yes, it’s close enough i’m trying not to tell you oh i think about this a lot youtube is a good site youtube is Very competitive if you make it competitive or not you don’t have to i don’t know youtube is Interesting because there can be money involved but i think people don’t quite realize how little money is involved. they are serious ifunny furs that make accounts That sounds like a fun place a fun place of piracy so to help me understand furaffinity i’m gonna ask kyra about it i don’t know anything about it good so furaffinity is like a post how do i so on furaffinity you basically post pictures and have journals and it’s all like deviantart yeah it’s pretty much just deviantart but only furry Which you could always just you deviantart if you want or both it seems like most people who have one have the other? yeah I guess the only thing about furaffinity is that one it’s very specific and two there’s a lot more nsfw yeah i know a lot of bad like big drama comes from it due to the amount of nsfw and other really serious topics on the site both of these sites have the ability for you to post really long journals So you sometimes get like really When there’s drama on those sites it’s like too long didn’t read like i don’t even i’m like i have better things to do with my time and they really allow basically anything they’ll just do like a mature content Even if someone’s underage if it can still click it and be able to see it yeah so i feel like maybe maybe deviantart is okay for kids for affinity i’m not sure if i would i know deviantart mainly it doesn’t aim for it but it draws in the younger crowd yeah i kind of move on from there it’s like the breeding grounds for young prairies and artists in general stealing content is fun can we get a boneless pizza one bone- with a two liter one boneless pizza. subscribe. hit the bell! [yelling] So thank you for watching if you’re wondering what’s happening with my channel you know i don’t just like watch So i’m gonna i’m gonna rebrand a lot i might make more videos on this channel that aren’t furry related topics while still wearing my fursuit maybe sort of like nerd related topics but, i’m still gonna i’m still gonna make furry videos here You, know honestly the best advice i can have for you just watch and if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch And if you do like it then you can watch so you know if you liked it subscribe and hit the bell been so long since i said that or not i don’t know Um go away

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  3. Thanks, this really helped. I might not use amino anymore kuz I don't wanna be a kid furry. 😮 but I guess I am.

  4. For internet hate, DO NOT RETALIATE! Just inform them kindly of the truths and debunk the rumors they spew at you. Every time I do, they stop harassing me, sometimes become my friend while others block me.

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    I'm sorry

    One more- Twitfur

    OK OK OK OK OK OK hol' up I need to- Furtube I'm done I'm extremely sorry

  7. Another thing about Furaffinity is that its setup is really hard to learn to use. I have an account, but I rarely go on because I can't understand the site's ui

  8. Lmao, I started on ifunny two years ago, I’m not as active there anymore, but i got so much hate, so it really doesn’t bother me anymore when people have on me, it’s gr8

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  11. well i see that you live close to north carolina isn't that cool? me and my friend saw a video on tarpaw furmeet and saw you we freaked out
    i also liked the video

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