Fully Custom Bikes | GCN Tech Show Ep.86
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Fully Custom Bikes | GCN Tech Show Ep.86

– This week on the GCN tech show, we have got custom
paint, a new power meter, new bikes, the bike vault,
your upgrades and much more. – Yeah, so buckle up,
strap in, hold tight, it’s going to be a rough old ride. Or something like that. – Okay. (electronic music) – Right, we welcome back Ollie mate, did you have a good holiday? – Thanks, aw yeah, it
was great, went to pira– – Alright, okay that’s
really good, anyway, right so this week Ollie
mate, we’re going to talk about something very close
to both of our hearts. Eye-popping paintwork, custom paintwork, something which really
we totally, utterly love. – Well, actually, yeah I do
actually really love that. – Yeah. – I mean, to be honest,
I might not be fast, but at least with a custom
paint job (snickers) I can look fast. – Oh yeah, and you know
actually, you look pretty fast, you got windswept hair today. – Thanks.
– Must of had the roof down. – (laughs) Well, no, I mean, It’s just when you go on a bike ride
and you stop and you take your mid-bike-ride
photo, if you got a nice eye-popping paint
scheme, well that’s prime bike vault material,
but also, there’s just something really cool about
having something individual that looks awesome and
it makes you feel good every time you ride your bike, you just love it, don’t you? – Yeah, now funny enough
actually, in my infancy at GCN, back before actually
GCN Tech even existed, we had a little competition,
ah, you weren’t even here! But I can’t believe, I
mean it seems like you’ve been here a life time.
(Ollie laughs) But back in 2017, we had
a competition with Orbea and using their My-O program, right? So it’s custom paintwork,
we all know about it. My design won, and it didn’t
just win among the office or anything like that,
’cause I could have bought those votes, but it was the
viewer who voted for it, so I know a little bit
about designing my own bike. – We’ve all done stuff John. – I won the school art
prize back in the day. – Go on, right okay, so
let me just get this right. You’ve got a story about
Chris de Burgh singing “Lady in Red–”
– That’s true. – In an ASDA car park in Doncaster. – Correct. – You’ve got another about
living in the Rally factory, the old Rally factory, and now
we’ve got a tractor picture that won an award at school. – Yeah, I drew a tractor, yeah. – Brilliant, absolutely–
– This is for another time, Jon, for another time.
– Okay, alright. The viewers, this is
like GCN Tech after dark. (Ollie laughs) – Right, come on, let’s have a look at your award-winning design then, Jon. – [Jon] Actually, it was
a bike-winning design, but there we are are, not bad is it? – Nice work, you’ve really
gone to town on that. – Keep it coming, keep it coming, yeah. – Yeah, you’re quite artistic, aren’t you? – [Jon] Just like you and that tractor. – (laughs) But in all
seriousness, it’s great to see more and more bike brands offering this customization, I
remember you were saying just before we started filming that Ridley was one of the first bike brands to offer this kind of service, but the way that you
can just be sat at home in your pants on your
sofa and have a myriad of options and custom color schemes– – Right, I wonder where
you were going there. – Available at your fingertips,
it’s great, isn’t it? – Yeah, it is actually
really, really good. I mean, you can make a bike
look really special and personal to you, or you could even design one for a friend that looks
absolutely terrible and send to reach their inbox, you
know, like pea green and brown, something like that,
colors that don’t really– – Hearing aid brown. – (laughs) Yeah, but something
that’s just been launched actually, and I don’t think
any other mainstream brand has done this, is some
really cool, really funky, certainly jaw-dropping designs
from the folks at Trek, with a part of their Project
One customization tool, which of course they
currently do have out there. – Yeah, and if you swing
both ways, I don’t personally but if you do ride both
road and mountain bike, you may have seen Trek’s icon paint jobs on their mountain bikes
previously, but now, they’ve hit the road. – Yeah, now unfortunately,
these icon paint jobs aren’t available across the whole range, there are only a handful of bikes which you can put them on, and it does cost a pretty
penny too, about £1,100. So work that one out into
your local currency too. – That is premium paint job, isn’t it? – Yeah but there’s something
about it, I suppose. ‘Cause if you buy a brand new bike, and then you take it off
somewhere to be painted, the thought of that kind
of makes, I don’t know, gives me a little bit
of like, creepy feeling that you’ve just bought a brand new bike, you’ve taken it somewhere, and you said, strip off all that paint. – Yeah, and there is the warranty issue. That’s the main thing that–
– That’s true, yeah. – People do talk about, is they say, I’d love to get a custom paint job, but a lot of bike
manufacturers will say that that voids your warranty,
whereas I guess, at least through this way, you’re still
keeping the Trek warranty. – Yeah, what do you reckon, though? Custom paint jobs, hot or not? – [Ollie] Oh, hot. – [Jon] Like, you know,
really, really hot? – [Ollie] Hot, yeah.
– [Jon] Yeah. – I think customization
has become really popular in cars as well, and you
know we both like cars. – Love cars. – And a big way they do it is wrapping. We don’t tend to see
wrapping much in bikes. So wrapping, if you’re
unfamiliar is they get vinyl sheets, they sort of heat-shrink it with a hair dryer and rub it smooth, get rid of all the creases–
– It’s quite technical to do isn’t it, it’s not as easy
– Yeah, but when you see it– – As we what we make out. So nobody suggest that I try it, especially after recent shenanigans involving bike spray, hydro-dipping– – I think that’d be a
good idea, you should wrap a bike! (laughs)
– Ollie, enough. But yeah, wrapping of cars is
absolutely amazing, isn’t it? – Yeah, I’ve asked some
people about the feasibility of wrapping bikes and it
can be done but apparently it’s very fiddly and it
adds quite a bit of weight. – Yeah, I had a friend of mine actually, her boyfriend did it and it
looks absolutely terrible. I’ve got to say, I’m really
sorry about that one, but yeah, it wasn’t the best. – But we want to know what you think. I think we’re going to have
a poll up here somewhere. – Yeah, just over there somewhere. – Would you rather, I love that game. Would you rather have a stock bike, and you’ve probably picked it based on the fact partly that
you like the paint job that already comes with it on standard, or pay an additional, say,
for the sake of argument, £600, €600 for a custom painted one? – [Jon] Yeah, and actually,
right, what’s the most you would spend on a custom paint job? Let us know in the comments
section there, but like, what would it look like? I mean, we’ve not even touched
on Ali at Fatcreations, Bobby at Colourburn, I mean,
the world is your oyster with those guys.
– Yeah, oh well, my mate Jordan had has
Cervelo really nicely done by Custom Flow, really nice bike. – Yeah, so get involved
in the custom section, all about custom paint, I love it. I’m not going to do that wrapping, mate. – Yeah?
– No. – How to wrap a bike.
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – He’s going to do it,
he’s going to do it. – No I’m not, no way, no way.
– You are, you’re doing it. – Right, hot tech now, and first up, Italian component company Miche, they’ve been around for
over a hundred years and they just launched a new chain set. Now, I can probably hear you saying, great, what’s so great about that? Well, the Attiva is not
just any old chain set, it incorporates a power meter
too, and the good news is it comes in collaboration with German power meter specialists who are now in their 33rd year in the
power meter market: SRM, basically the pioneers–
– Yeah, innovators of power meters, really.
– Did you ever see the first ever SRM head unit? – No. – It was like a laptop,
it was absolutely huge. It looked like a
Fisher-Price toy, but well, They know their stuff.
– Yeah, according to Miche, it’s available for both Sram and Shimano, and there’s crank lengths
from 160 to 175mm, so it rules out Adam Hansen on
this particular power meter. – Yeah, it’s 180, correct. (laughs) – But the spindle is
24mm, meaning that it’s compatible with any bottom
bracket if you use converters. And I guess only the
most powerful of riders, of which I’m not, will
miss the oversized axle. – I wonder where you’re going. (laughs) – I think for me the most impressive thing about it is the price, so we’re quoted, we’re seeing is £1,249.99 in pounds, – Yeah, pounds. – So we’ll put the relevant
conversions of currencies up now, but that’s very
competitive for an SRM. I think in the past they’ve
been well over £2,000 Interesting, yeah.
– Hats off to Miche for that. – Yeah, it’s still expensive
though, it’s an SRM, you know. – I look forward to seeing
that Euro bike though. They’ve always got some
little hidden on their stand. We’re off there in a couple of weeks. – We are, it’s going to be good. – Mhm. – Now, if a bling custom paint job and a bling performance power meter isn’t enough bling for
you, then don’t worry ’cause we got more bling,
we got bling bar tape. – How many times can we say bling? – Well, even more if we start
talking about Bling Matthews. – Oh yeah, my favorite
rider, Michael Matthews. – He’s your favorite rider, isn’t he? – No, but if it means we
can say Bling more, he is. Anyway–
– (laughs) Okay, well, bar tape brand Supacaz has come up with a new bar tape
called the Bling Bar Tape. – [Jon] Yeah, I mean,
Supercaz, their bar tape isn’t the most understated stuff, is it? – [Ollie] No, I mean,
we’ve seen it quite often on the bikes of Vincenzo
Nibali, Alliphilipe, and also Pete Sagan, but it’s certainly quite loud and proud. – [Jon] Yeah, and if that Oil
Slick design bling bar tape isn’t for you–
– I think it’s wicked. – Then maybe the prismatic blue is, if you fancy something a
little more understated, perhaps, for your commuter
bike or winter bike. Whatever bike you put it on, you are going to get
heads turning, aren’t you? And if that’s not enough, they even do matching bar end plugs and mini tool, pump bottle cages, well it’s bling-tastic! – Don’t say that. – Alright. – Alright more bling now,
an Officina Battaglin, I probably said Officina totally wrong, but either way it doesn’t
matter because we’ve got another stunning bit of
kit for you this week, and it is this new frame set. Now, it’s to celebrate,
or commemorate, I guess, the 40th Anniversary of Giovanni Battaglin winning the King of the Mountains jersey at the 1979 Tour de France, and well, this cromovelato-style finish
which offers this kind of translucent color over
the chrome frame is bling. – [Ollie] It’s nice, that isn’t it? – [Jon] It’s bling mate, yeah. – [Ollie] It’s beautiful, very nice. – Stunning, that. – Each frame is made from
Columbus Spirit HSS tubing and is, well the tubes
are connected together by very bling chrome lugs, very nice. And if that’s not enough
bling for you, well, each frame is customized to
the rider’s specifications after a meeting with
Giovanni Battaglin himself. – That is so cool, isn’t it? I love that.
– It is nice, yeah. And the cost of the frame
is €3,200 apiece, as well. – Yeah, more bling next week. (drill whines) – [Male Falsetto] Cha-ching! – It’s now time for Screw
Riding Upgrades, Buy Upgrades, where you submit evidence
of the modifications and upgrades you’ve made
to your bikes or equipment for the chance to win the ultimate prize, the GCN Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle. – I don’t know where
it is this week, Ollie, but as ever, when you’re
around, things tend to go missing and I
overheard you this morning asking someone else in the office, “you don’t happen to have any
spare water bottles, do you?” And you did say that, you did
say that about five past nine, actually it wouldn’t–
– I needed some water bottles. – Have been five past nine, it
was about a quarter past nine I overheard you, I overheard
you, that’s all I’m saying. So we know where it’s gone, anyway, – I wasn’t here last
week, what’s the scores? – Okay right, so last week it was between Frank and
Christopher, a Specialized verses and Cannondale, or
maybe the other way around, doesn’t really matter, ’cause what matters is the winner, and the
winner with 60% of the votes was the Specialized!
(canned applause) So get in touch with
us to arrange delivery of that GCN Camelbak water bottle where Ollie knows the location. – I do. – Yeah, right should
we do this week’s then? – Yeah. – Right, who’ve we got? – First up this week we’ve got
Victor from Deutschland, ya? – That’s Victor from
Germany, Germany, yeah. – Victor found this old road bike while helping a friend
move into his new house. The previous owner must have
abandoned it in a garage. On closer inspection,
the old Shimano group set and most of the other
components looked like they were in pretty good shape.
– Promising. – Apart from that, the paint
job had seen better days. – Well we know a thing
or two about paint jobs. Tractors and stuff.
– And hydro-dipping. – Oh god.
– And Victor watched your upgrade series,
was inspired and decided to have a go–
– Good man. – And he decided to repaint
the frame using stencils, and Victor is a biochemistry student, and so he decided to
go full-out nerd on it. I appreciate that, mate.
– Yeah, you know a thing or two about that.
– Appreciate that. So he fitted some new cables,
put a new front wheel in, and this is the result, so
there’s the old frame there. – Root, Joe Root, I’ve
never fixed any Joe Root. – Might be Joe Root’s bike, that. – One of our favorite
cricketers after Ian Botham. – Yep, he’s well, I like
him better than Beefy, but anyway,
– Oh, controversial. – Here you go, look at that, right. So he’s got on there, he’s
got some geeky stuff on there. Powered by ATP, geeky.
(Jon mumbles) – And also, double helix on the down tube. – Oh, double geeky. What’s that arrow thing on the top tube? What’s that mean? – That geeky reference is lost on me, I must apologize, I’m not
totally sure what that is. – How about the three stripes, Adidas? – Yeah, that’s what that is.
– Yeah, there we are. Another German brand, Adi Dassler. – Yeah, or Adolf Dassler,
to give his full name. – That’s Victor’s ride? – It is, right so he’s
done a good job there, he’s got flat pedals on it, so now, that’s starting to be a really good– – Yeah, tell you what it look
alright for hand-painted. – He’s done well, yeah he’s
done well, I like that. – Yeah, yeah, alright, alright. Let’s see what Victor’s old roots, right? Victor takes on Joseph and his wife Amber from Maryland in the USA. Now, Maryland I understand you
say it like this: Maryland. – Maryland, Maryland. – But we get so many
people submitting stuff from Maryland, don’t we?
– We do, yeah, it’s weird. – Do you have nothing else to do there? I mean it’s cool. – Apart from, like, eat Maryland cookies. – I haven’t had those for years. I used to eat those with
a big bottle of lemonade. Well I used to drink lemonade, anyway, now Joseph slowly convinced his wife Amber over the years to join him
on some trail and road rides. Joseph succeeded enough that two years ago he surprised her with a
nicer bike than what she had. Amber comes from a family of butchers, and last year, sadly, the
family shop had to close down. As a tribute, they decided to rebuild her bike up properly with some– – Out of meat. – No, not quite, but with some
butcher flair, we could say. – Full-count bike, some Zipp
wheels, and most noticeably, Amber worked with a local frame painter on a hand-painted, steak-inspired respray. Try sayin’ that quickly. Hand-painted, steak-inspired respray. The white bits all over the frame are the shapes of fats on
different cuts of meat. (Ollie laughs) – To top it off, Joseph
found some of the old Cinelli zebra tape that he thinks looks a little like bacon,
I’ve never seen black and white bacon but Joseph, you’re forgiven. It certainly came out unique-looking. The photo-bomber is Dolly the Corgi, she is surprising good at it. Right, so there’s Amber
with the bike there on the shoulder, little um–
– Nice, little Dolly down there, yeah.
– There is Dolly the Corgi. – So that’s how it was. – Yep, that’s how it
was, boom, look at that! – Meaty bike, that’s
not even meaty subtle. – And I must apologize
actually, red and white bar tape is red and white, not black and white. I thought it was, yeah, zebra you said. – And meaty tires as well.
– Never seen a red and white, Never seen a red and
white Zebra, have you? – Tell you what, it’s nice
and clean, like a set as well. – There’s another one there of it. – Is that the bike going
into the (mumbles)? – That’s outside of the
old butcher shop, yeah! That is nice isn’t it, red hoods as well. – That’s a really cool, the nice thing about that one,
– I like the story behind that – I do like the story behind
it, and also, you know, we see lots of cool custom paint jobs. One of the things we didn’t talk about when we were discussing it, is how it’s nice when
you see something novel that you’ve not seen
before, and I’ve never seen a custom paint job that
looks like that to my mind. She’s nice, it’s a new thing
– No, exactly, and it– – On me, I like it.
– And it’s so personal, actually, to Amber, so who’s it
going to be, Amber or Joseph? Well no, Amber and Joseph,
or is it going to be Victor? – Yeah, Victor. – Yeah, you decide, top
right-hand corner, next week, well, someone’s going to
get hydrated, aren’t they? – They are. (bossa nova music) – Right, it’s now time for
the bike vault, the part of the show which creates
controversy, doesn’t it? – It does. – Yeah, we get heated comments. You know what, that video we did, how to get super nice in
the bike vault, this lot, they seemed to think
we were like, you know, this was gospel, you have
to abide by these rules. You don’t, but it helps.
– No, it does. There’s a guide, but rules
are made to be broken. – And we break the rules consistently. – We do. – So remember, if you’ve got a bike that you’d like to go into the bike vault, or try to get into the bike vault, it’s hard to break in, quite honestly, use the uploader tool found
in the description below. And with no further ado,
Ollie is going to ring– where is it, the bell? – It’s over there, mate. – Go on, then. – Do I, do you want to grab it?
– No you’ve got to touch it. I can’t get, come on, come on. With all the strength each, there it– oh, right okay, I’m going to ring it then. Right, go on then, who’s
first up this week? – First up, we’ve got
Linda from Redwood Forest in Victoria, Australia. – Wow, Mick Dundee. – Yeah, with her S-Works Tarmac SL6 mate. – Okay then, right, oh wow, that is, I love the colors of that. – Yeah, I’ll tell you
what, three words John. – [Jon] Go on. – Got three words for you: depth of field. – Oh, I like what you
did, I got three words: valves don’t match. – I’ve got three words
John: no Biggie Smalls. – I got three words: trees look good. – [Ollie] They do. – [Jon] Right, okay, enough
of the three words game that we just made up. – [Ollie] (laughs) Did quite well there. – [Jon] Yeah, we did, yeah.
– [Ollie] Yeah, nice one. – [Jon] That is nice, isn’t it? – [Ollie] It’s a beautiful bike, I love MV three point fours
and the surround Etap, the paint job on that
specialized is brilliant as well. Textbook things have been done, though. The accessories have been removed. – Tick. – Bottles have been removed.
– Tick. – No big saddlebag or anything. – Tick. – All good, cranks almost in
the three-o-clock position. – Yeah, they’re kind of about
2:50, aren’t they, I’d say. – The tan sidewalls look good, we’ve got no axis steer issue, but there are a few
infractions, minor infractions. – They are minor, aren’t they? – [Ollie] The valves, the Biggie Smalls– – You know the logo’s not
matching and stuff but– – I think that is a super nice bike. – I think because, well really,
I think they’ve been reading our favorite weekly publication,
Amateur Photography. – Yes, they have. – Yeah, shall I give it a ring? – Yes. – Yeah, super nice, skin
of your teeth, Linda. (cowbell rings) – If the Australians
had won the second test in this year’s Ashes, that
wouldn’t have been a super nice. – No, most definitely not. – Next up? – Next up is Ben from
Peterborough in England. This is an old-school Alley Bitzer. Now, Ben actually left quite
an abusive message towards me when submitting this in
the bike vault, saying the cranks don’t need to be
at exactly three o’clock, they need to line up with the chain state, as that looks better,
well they don’t, do they? – No. – [Jon] Ben from Peterborough,
uh-uh, you’re wrong. – Yeah, having worked on cycling magazines for many years where we
photographed bikes routinely, I’m an expert on this. – Yeah, and I second that,
we’re the experts, Ben. Anyway, Ben, let’s have
a look at your bike. Right, okay, there it is, the old school, I mean, this is a bike,
it’s got all sorts on it. – [Ollie] Do you know what, that– – [Jon] The cane horns are
as long as the tri-bar! – [Ollie] Yeah, the seat
tube and the head tube, the custom paint on
there, that does look– – [Jon] Bling. – [Ollie] Awesome, yeah bling. That does look, that’s
awesome, I love that! – [Jon] Sticker bomb, yeah!
– [Ollie] That’s so cool. That is really cool. – [Jon] What are those water bottle belts? Why are they so big? – [Ollie] I wonder if it’s one of those water bottle stick-on– – [Jon] Oh yeah, the
magnetic stickers, yeah. – [Ollie] Yeah, the magnetic
things maybe, I don’t know. Might be wrong, but yeah. But there’s a bit going on, isn’t there? I mean it’s quite, ah, noisy. – [Jon] Yeah, it is a bit noisy, yeah. I think that the wall with the rendering and that sort of I think it’s
called a bell cast, is it? It sort of puts the rain
away from the water, you also got a stray cable
it looks like underneath, like an earthing cable or
something, I’m not sure. The valves, of course, that’s
not six o’clock position. Blue, rear to rear,
there’s a lot of things– – [Ollie] Noisy, there’s
a lot going on there. – [Jon] White noise. – [Ollie] It just needs to
be a bit more streamlined in its message, there’s
just too many messages. – [Jon] That’s exactly that, streamlined. Ben, Peterborough, nice bike.
– [Ollie] Nice, nice bike. – Alright, okay, who’s up next? – Next up we’ve got Emmet and Isaac Miller from Saratoga Springs, New
York, eh, he has this bike. – They share it, actually. Oh, that’s a lovely bike, isn’t it. – [Ollie] That is great, isn’t it? – [Jon] Bikes, when I was that age, did not look like that. – [Ollie] No. – [Jon] They were in black
and white, for a start. (hosts laugh) – [Ollie] Yeah, well, well– – [Jon] Valves: bang.
– [Ollie] They’ve nailed it. – [Jon] Biggie Smalls? Pretty much, I think.
– [Ollie] Yeah, nailed it. – [Jon] I reckon yeah,
yep, course we don’t advise using too big of gear at
that young age, do we? Could well damage your
knee, your knees, yeah. – [Ollie] I think they’ve
done a good job there, they’ve got a nice, clean background, and it’s a very, it’s a
very nice bike, isn’t it? – [Jon] You know what,
it’s not very nice, it’s– – [Ollie] It’s a super nice. (cowbell rings) Definitely. – [Jon] Congratulations. – I wish I had a bike that
nice when I was their age. – Yeah, lucky.
– Lucky, lucky, lucky. – Lucky, right next up
is Adam from Jordanstown in Northern Ireland, it’s a 2,000– – Uh, no you said that wrong.
– Go on. – Northern Ireland. – Okay, well anyway it’s
Bianche San Remo CX conversion, look at that!
(Ollie hoots) Bit of the A missing from
the Bianche, first thing I’ve noticed, or Bianche, right
Ollie, few things going on here. – [Ollie] Three words: depth of field. Now, definitely been
on Amateur Photography. – [Jon] Three words:
cranks wrong position. – [Ollie] Yes they are, and
no Biggie Smalls as well. – [Jon] Y’know what, I mean,
valves wrong position all that. – [Ollie] Biggie, Biggie, almost Biggie. – [Jon] Yeah, nearly Biggie
Biggie, can’t you see? (Ollie laughs) See what I did there? He lines ’em up, I shoot ’em down. – [Ollie] It’s a really nice bike, and it’s a really good photographer. Really well photographed,
and also he’s done a magic photo, ’cause how
is that bike standing up? Whoa, blowing my mind – Yeah, well we know
how it’s done, don’t we. Tell them at home actually how it’s done? Or does a magician never
reveal their secret? – Well I think we save this
– That’s one of my favorite programs, actually.
– for another time, yeah. – Maybe that’s how to
get super nice, part two. – We’ll save that, we know how it’s done, but we’ll save it. (Jon laughs) We know your secret.
– They’re on the edge of their seats, look at
’em, just look at them! David on the bus, he’s
there like, tell me! – Right, for me, that is a nice. – [Jon] Yeah, I think it’s a nice. I think it’s nice because
I would like to have Biggie Smalls and like, six
o’clock and three o’clock, all these things. – The crank position’s
not right, I’m goin’ nice. – Okay, yeah, nice bike! Okay, who is next? Last one actually. – Next up, Dale, whoa. – Whoa, now we are talking, aren’t we? Alright, what’s that, then? – John, that appears to
be a Pontiac Solstice! – We don’t see very many of
those in Great Britain, do we? – We don’t, it’s ah–
– Never seen one, actually. – Well, it’s, you’re very
familiar with this particular motor vehicle, this 2.4L
tuned five-speed manual lowered racing suspension,
I think it has 177 brake horsepower, peak
power output at 6,600 RPM. – [Jon] Now that’s not
alarmingly high, is it? For a vehicle with a 2.4L engine. – [Ollie] No, but rear-wheel drive, nice, and also naught to 60 in
a respectable 7.4 seconds. – Hit me with the top speed, Ollie. – Top speed, 120 miles per hour. – Now, on the highway that car averaged about 28 miles per gallon,
and around the city, 20 miles per gallon. – Respectable, respectable,
respectable mileage. – Yeah, super nice? – That’s a super nice. (cowbell rings) – More bike vault next week. There we are, nearly time
for the end of the show, but don’t worry, we got
heaps more great content comin’ up this week,
including I’m going to be building up that
gravel-ish bike, and well, you’ve made a video,
Ollie, that is going to create a bit of controversy I think. – Yeah, I’m opening up a can of worms, ’cause I’ve done a video explaining why my new Pinarello, which I absolutely love, is rim brake and not disk brake. I chose rim brakes deliberately, so. – Yeah, stay tuned for that one, and I hope you’re going to
monitor the comments in there and break up any fisticuffs,
(Ollie laughs) because nobody likes fisticuffs. Now remember as ever to
check out the GCN shop at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com,
we’ve got a whole heap of goodies for you to check out, including what he’s wearing, look at that! – My new Spain-themed
merch, check this out, I really like this hoodie,
– You’re looking good in it mate.
– It’s one of my favorite ones. – Well, if you want to
two more great videos, alright, click here on Ollie, and on me? – Yeah, well your gravel
bike conversion series has started, check that
out if you’ve not seen it, it’s going to be really cool. – Mhm, grubby little hands.

100 thoughts on “Fully Custom Bikes | GCN Tech Show Ep.86

  1. I'm just about to collect a new white bike, was looking into wrapping it as I like 2 tone colours but have decided on holographic & reflective tape & stickers instead. We'll see how long they last over this winter… x

  2. I've been trying to get in the bike vault for years and finally get in with the cranks at 3o'clock and the valve off centre – the shame of it! 🙁

  3. Custom paint would be nice on bikes with huge brandings on the frame. There is no AUDI spelled on the side of a car with 60cm tall letters.

  4. This morning at 6:30 as I was on my ride through Golden Gate Park when I had reason to think of both Jon and Ollie. I heard this medium-range rumble come up beside me. I looked over to my left and saw that I was being paced by a McLaren 720S with a lovely Chinese woman behind the wheel. But before I could propose to her she showed me what all that money paid for and roared off into the fog. Super Nice!

  5. Time to get James Pumphrey from Donut Media on the show to do the car stuff. Donut Media/GCN Tech Collab – perhaps McLaren/Merida

  6. You need to change up the Cars-behind-bikes bit, talk about the nice shrubbery or just focus on the tires once in a while.

  7. If interested in a custom paint job, I am a professional custom painter. Check it out : Tommy O Designs on facebook

  8. Re: bike vault photographing your bike.
    I too have worked in photography for bikes for a long time.
    We found that the following gave a more aesthetics pleasing image.

    Valves at the 6 o clock, or hidden behind a fork and seat/chain stay if the logos on the wheels were more legible by not being covered with the frame.

    Crank arm following the line of the chain stay, which angles it down very slightly. The reason for this is that on the overall shot, the nine drive side crank arm would be obscured behind the none drive side chain stay and therefore be less fussy in that area of the bike.

    Chain. So biggie smalls is not always the most pleasing position as geometry of frames and dimensions differ. A more pleasing position of the chain is, yes in the big ring but on a sprocket that gives a horizontal line from the top on the chainring. Usually the line of the chain along the top and the bottom (from the lower jockey wheel) will be parallel with each other as well as being level with the ground.

    Tips of the trade:
    Bikes are clamped in position so the don’t fall over. Or suspended upside down with fishing line tied around the rim and valves.

    Pedals are placed horizontal with blue tac or propped up with pieces of dry spaghetti.
    All these things are retouched our afterwards.

    Just a little more flexible guidance. 👍🏼

  9. The problem is that my favorite color is blue. No matter what bike I look at, I can't get in blue. Why can't you order the color?

  10. Officine Battaglin: Jon pronounced Officine perfectly, but Battaglin completely wrong! In Italian "gli" is pronounced like "yin" in yin yang. Think of it as Batta-yin. P.S. similar story with the "gno" in Campagnolo: it Is pronounced as the nyo in Canyon

  11. I've wasted a lot of time on the Wrench Science configurator. Although even with all of the parts options they have available, I still find it lacking custom paint jobs and smaller part customizations such as derailleur cages and seatposts.

  12. I spent about $1,200 USD to have my 2007 Specialized Tarmac SL-1 custom painted. Then I added new Dura Ace components so I now have a new bike!

  13. I'm a sucker for a red colored bike so the steak bike is my Choice……even though I never would have guessed that it was a meat themed bike by looking at it

  14. I wouldn't spend any extra on Buxton paint. Also trek only offers additional paint options, but it's far from custom

  15. Ollie is starting to sound like Mike Myers character "Dieter" from the old Saturday Night Live skit Sprockets

  16. I have an old Look KG56 (almost 30 years old). The paint job wasn’t that great, and was never that fan of the original dull grey, anyway. So, according to Look it was better to hang it in a museum than trying to fix the paint, as it may compromise the material. I find this bike extremely comfortable (although, have to admit I haven't tried any modern bike to compare), and since I was not in the position to retire the bike, I decided to wrap it in black matte vinyl. The results were astonishing, as it looked as a complete different bike. I did my best, although to avoid risking the carbon fiber with a heating gun, some imperfections remained, particularly in the junctions. Need to say, though, that because of the color, you really need to look very carefully to spot them. I didn't expose any of the original decals, so every now and then, people wonder and stop me to ask what brand is it, as it stands out, first for the geometry, and second for it's elegance. Hope this is not the only successful story of vinyl wrapping a bike. Happy riding!!

  17. Maryland is seat of our shitty government so no they have nothing to do but fuck up the country 😂😂😈👻

  18. Hah, Ollie's insta. Great example of Alloy rims being more bling than carbon ;D He sure has a sweet rack, too /wolfwhistle.wav

  19. you could get that spray on plasti-dip stuff for a custom colour that you can peel off later if you wish. Looks proper easy, Mark Ferguson AKA Cycling Maven did a video spraying up his old fondriest (which he has since decided to peel off again)

  20. how is a custom paint job custom when anyone around the world could have exactly the same….if everyone ordered the same colour that would be the standard making the original colour offering a custom paint job…..I like the colours orbea did a couple of years ago….

  21. Oh my days that Battaglin. would quite like a chrome touch on the fork as well though. Also it really annoys me that those new campy wheels almost say "two" considering their last were "one". Bellends.

  22. Jon: Your winning bike looks just like mine! I designed mine just like that, totally independent of you!!! What are the odds?

  23. Last time round I relegated Ollie to sidekick for the terrible bike vault he did when he went solo. Ollie all is forgiven GCN Tech is so much diminished without you. Welcome back! Please don’t go away again! 👍🏻🚴🏻‍♀️❤️

  24. Based on the double helix and reference to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), I would guess the arrow indicates the transcription start site, but without an ATG start codon it may simply indicate the intended direction of travel . . . 🤓

  25. If I had an expensive bike (ie a co-motion pangea, one of my dream bikes), I would want it custom painted matte black with no insignia, and a few chips and scratches. I want it to look cheap so no one is tempted to steal it.

  26. oli is your car electric or you are destroying the Environment with your fancy car ????????????
    we should be leading the movement for protect our plant , even for the people who don't care still for the sack of our lungs

  27. It's a bit funny, to ride a super nice bike all the time you shouldn't be pedaling, the toughest gear should be in and your speed should be 0 kph, as that's the speed when valves are constantly aligned. Let's break those rules and start riding our bikes, as that's not a photo competition, that's all about bike looks, and it can't be permanent.

  28. I've lived in Maryland my entire life and I've never heard of Maryland cookies before. Import business opportunity? #butcherpower

  29. You’ve probably had this question before but I have a sora 9speed groupset and I am looking to improve my wheelset to a mavic cosmic ust disc but it says it is only for 10/11speed can I still run a 10speed cassette on sora? Thanks in advance

  30. I have wrapped my bike with some irridescent vinyl. The round surfaces and various nooks make it difficult but it is pretty easy if you just want to just wrap the large sections of tubes and avoid those corners.

  31. The arrow in the paint job makes reference to a gene promoter in the DNA, where the transcription begins and the RNA is created from a DNA template and then translated into a protein (or not, also can be a special RNA that doesn't create any protein, but that's hard to explain)

  32. I've always thought that the Jollie combo on GCNTech Show was the best, and the more they do together, the better it gets.
    Also Ollie's accents are killer, I was laughing in tears at his German accent during the SRUGBU segment. Proper good that was! 12/10

  33. Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can’t you see, sometimes your bikes just hypnotize me. And I just love your flashy frames. I guess that’s why they super nice and your so plain.

  34. This is a Bicycle show, a cheap car should not be judged during the vault segment. Judge the bike not the car in the background.

  35. Despite having spent 64 years in Australia, I have never heard an Australian accent that resembles Dr Bridgewood's.

  36. The "arrow" pointing to the right on Victor's reborn Root bike is another geeky reference to the promoter of a gene; the arrow denoting the direction of gene transcription. Pretty subtle, but slick reference for only the geekiest of geeks!

  37. Emmott and Isaac Miller are thrilled to make the bike vault but concerned about the butchering of our home town name … Saratoga Springs, not Saragota Springs, NY … hopefully we didn't spell it wrong. We are fans

  38. I absolutely love custom paint jobs but it's a crying shame manufacturers only offer them on carbon frames. I have no interest in buying a carbon bike. So I bought the road/gravel bike whose paint job made me fall in love with it and got lucky because it rides like a dream. And I got lucky my steel commuter from local builder Achielle came with the option of a multitude of uniform colours to choose from.

  39. We have Seven Axiom SLX and an SL which are completely custom Titanium frames. No paint just the basic brand transfers and they both look great. When the transfers start to look a bit shabby, I clean the old ones off, redo the brushed finish with scotchbrite and put new transfers on which cost about $60 for the set an the bikes look like new again

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