FTC fining Facebook $5B over privacy and user data sharing
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FTC fining Facebook $5B over privacy and user data sharing

100 thoughts on “FTC fining Facebook $5B over privacy and user data sharing

  1. As they should ! Their the reason for this Mueller agenda, they let the Russians control the elections

  2. Thats it, to think how mark got his money, if its free, and hes got some 50 billion, put to and to together obviously sold all of our information, glad i am off that childish crap

  3. Ok so Facebook dishonestly uses customers information to profit from and then gets fined 5 billion dollars… Could we get that 5 billion into the hands of the people whose rights were infringed upon or is this just a governmental money grab?

  4. About time, now let's see some money for the users that were censored or banned. Alphabet is parent company. Use Duck duck go instead

  5. Google, apple, Facebook are the biggest threat to our democracy, they should be shut down for trying to influence our elections.

  6. So where does the $5B go? Evenly divided amongst those who were violated? Lol, yea right…. still I want to know where the money goes.

  7. All big tech is doing the same with your data, even if caught they will still do as it's worth far more than any fine.

  8. If these regulators are really so concerned with, "Justice," how much of that $5 Billion is going to be given directly back to the victims of FaceBooks' crimes???

  9. It's the only way these giants will ever learn. Slap them all, ever harder and faster until the respect the users fully and establish oversight and accountability bills…

  10. Keep telling people over an over, don't blindly believe what you read or see! Check other sources. Do your research. Don't be just good robots

  11. Give the money to the people. Ftc you are jist a money hungry oligarch frofiting from the inocent and vulnerable

  12. Thats how thwy do it..just like when they going after boeing and tesla theyl find something and fine themrather them give people thw money

  13. be sure to contact the ftc let them know you want your money. They have no right to benefit from your information make a complaint if you have to . I have posted there contact info below.

    Federal Trade Commission
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580
    Telephone: (202) 326-2222
    Constitution Center
    Federal Trade Commission
    400 7th St., SW
    Washington, DC 20024
    Telephone: (202) 326-2222

  14. Andrew Napolitano is totally crazy… he is so dumb, there's NO 1st amendment for plataforms, publishers cannot be platforms… so simple, to be a plataform the company must not interfere in what people's post…

  15. Where's my dollar for paid internet protection to protect me from these Creeps. I stay away as much as I can. That is all you can do. Research!

  16. Ah judge nap, always standing up for the left. Sad. He used to be a middle of the road kind of gut, but now, he dresses to the left in all things.

  17. Make it 50 billion and share it 100 million ways, that's 500 bucks for 100 million people. Share the wealth as the liberal clap trap says

  18. I could go all day about it they should shut them all down like UTUBE there's alot of stuff on there that ain't worth clicking on

  19. I love how the people get frauded or sick or hurt or robbed or get attacked and the party gets fined money and the people never get a dime of the money thanks democrats for making this happen for your own gains as always.

  20. NY. Is going after cell phone companies third parties for tracking peoples device 24/7 it's a 10,000. Per day profit to third marketers

  21. That is more than enough money to build the wall. That is enough money to ensure humane shelter to millions. WHERE IS IT? I am seeing Walmart in Marina Ca using the enforcers and thier bullhorns running crying old people out of thier sleeping spots.

  22. Unacceptable!! The only way to stop abuse is HARD TIME!! Either they pay each fakebook user $5000.00 in damages or the top 5% of the company management gets 5 years minimum.

    See how fast things change then…

  23. I took one look at facebook years ago and I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that this would happen. I have never had any social media accounts. Even here on Youtube I have a fake account plus I use a vpn.

  24. The reason it is so low is because politicians don't want to create laws that implicate them. She acts like Cambridge Analytica didnt do what she says these companies might be doing.

  25. All of these big tech places like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter I'll sell our information and invade our privacy. This is exactly how they get paid.

  26. Big proponents of free market are actually stepping on their own Toes by letting these people operate the way they do. I think a free market is great if it is fair, but if it is a monopoly or it is Devious and has an adverse agenda I think that it is wrong.

  27. But all the users agree to it? Remember the time you clicked “I agree” to those 3rd party apps to “look” into your profile?

  28. So divide 5 billion by 300 million+ Americans and send everybody a check for being the product. They did not violate the governments privacy…

  29. It's not a big fine to Facebook at all. Zuckerberg alone is worth 72 billion. And things are worse now than they were before so obviously five buddy in wasn't enough!!!!!

  30. People don't seem to understand, what facebook is doing would be the same as your doctor giving out your personal info to just about anyone that asks for it.

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