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Frustrated HR Ft. Wirally || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Be seated. Of all those people who’ve come for the interview
hire the most skillful and experienced of them all and offer them a package of 3 LPA.
– Sir, those people are expecting atleast 5 LPA. You know I don’t pay anyone more than 3LPA.
– ‘You speak like you’re being noble.’ That is my style.
– I understand, sir. You being the HR, use all your skills
and sell them this job only for 3LPA. ‘You basically want me to ruin their lives, right?’
– Right! Sure, sir. I’ll leave now.
‘What an idiot!’ Wait up!
I’ve faith in you. You can do it. Get me high profits at the lowest price. Is it clear?
– Yes, sir, it is. Hi, Anil! Tell me about yourself.
– I’m Anil and I stay at Charminar. I’m very famous in my hood.
– That is not what I want to hear. I want to hear your qualifications and all.
– They all are written in my resume. Tell me why you need this job?
– The rates of cigarettes have tripled over the years. Neither are my friends buying me any.
I’m now being forced to smoke beedis. Beer costs have gone up too.
I’m too broke to buy myself beer. So, that is why I need this job.
– You need this job so that you can smoke and booze? Why should I give you this job?
– Because I do any task you’d give me in a jiffy! In a jiffy?
Then get out of here in a jiffy. Ma’am, I beg of you. I desperately need this job.
– Would you be a hard working employee? I’ll be the most hardworking
and I’ll work for any salary. Fine. I’ll trust you. How much are you expecting?
– Give and take, 40 grand, maybe. Cut it! Atmost you’ll take home 14 grand.
Take it or leave it. 14 grand isn’t bad actually.
Fine! I’m cool with 14 grand. Ma’am, will I get regular hikes?
– Yes, you will. Thank you, ma’am.
I’m forever indebted to you. Hello, Aditya! How are you?
– I’m good! And you? I’m good too. Good to see you.
I was checking your profile and it is amazing! We never hired someone as qualified as you
and we desperately need employees like you. Maybe, we should talk about the package.
– Sure. I don’t want you to disclose the details of your package anywhere. It is confidential.
– Sure. I get it. We’ll be offering you a package of 3.5 LPA.
– I’m currently working for a package of 5 LPA. You called me here, all the way from Delhi,
just to tell me this? I wasted money on air fares. You should’ve told me about this stupid package
on call. I wouldn’t have even come here. And you don’t want me to disclose
this package anywhere? I’ll be ashamed to disclose it. Wait. Is that exactly why you don’t want me
to disclose it anywhere? You know.. Why are you yelling at me?
Go and yell at that fat Sotari brother! He thinks hiring people is like bargaining with a hawkers.
He wants more profits at less costs. He says I should use my skills
and sell this job. What an idiot! Had I told you in the call that the package
is 3.5 LPA you wouldn’t have even com here. Do you even got sense, you fool?
– Hello.. Are you there? Aditya, the package maybe less,
but you’ve many perks, like.. Also, you’ll get a hike every 3 months.
So, it shouldn’t be a problem. I can trust you on that? Are you sure?
– Of course, I am. Since everything is set, I’ll send you
the offer letter. You can join us right away. So, I successfully ruined this guy’s life.
Next! Excuse me, ma’am.
– Yeah? – Can I leave by 2PM today? Wipe that look off your face and ask me again.
– Can I leave by 2PM today? – What for? Speak up.
– I’ve the usual women’s problem. You stated the same last week and took a leave.
Can’t you come up with better excuses? Do you know how silly your excuses are?
Month ago, you took a leave saying your grandpa passed away but then, you went to Goa to party.
You even tagged me in those photos. Are you smart to take so many leaves
or am I dumb to grant you leaves? Ma’am, please!
– Sorry, I can’t grant you leave. This time, I seriously got a problem.
– How can I trust someone who always lies? Now, better back to your work. Wait up. – Yes, ma’am?
– When does your shift end? – At 6:30PM. You can leave by 5:45PM.
– Alright. What a pain she is.
– Did she grant you permission? Yes, she did.
– She did? How is that? She granted me permission to leave by 5:45PM.
– I told you she won’t let you leave by 2PM. Hell with her.
– She dresses up like she’s going to a pageant and then tries to flatter the managers. Hey, how are you? You like her, don’t you?
Alright. My bad. Is that new employee staring at me?
– Without even blinking. Do you think he’d curse me?
– Who knows? He may even practice black magic on you. I even promised him a hike.
– A hike? – Lower your voice! We didn’t get a hike despite working here for 3 years.
How could you even promise him a hike? To fool him into taking this job.
– You are smart. ‘Hello? Greetings, Ms Harika.’
– Greetings. ‘What’s up?’
– Who in the world are you, you idiot? ‘I’m a former employee at your firm.’
– Now, that’s better. ‘How about my PF?’
– Some people aren’t even getting salaries and you want your PF? You better hang up right now.
– ‘Sure, ma’am. Take it easy.’ Don’t be so formal.
Be friendly with me. Not this friendly though. Thank you for the party, sir. You’re so cute!
– Who the hell is that guy? How did he get into this party uninvited?
Make sure the bill doesn’t over shoot the budget. Hi, ma’am.
– Hi. – May I sit here? Don’t play obedient with me.
I know very well how you people bitch about me. I never forget nor forgive
those who bitch about me. Now, sit. If you want a peg, take one.
Hurry up before that miser calls off the party. Cheers, ma’am.
– Yeah, whatever. Look at that idiot there. Don’t tag me at least this time. Have fun, guys!
Have the party of your lives! You are the best boss in the world, sir.
You are so skillful and knowledgeable. Your miserliness is stuff of legends.
– You hired for a mere 14 grand. Credit for this must go to Harika.
– You are, in short, excellent! What’s up, Aditya? You look so happy today.
– Don’t you feel guilty at all? Neither did I get a hike,
nor EFs nor allowances like you promised. Man, what a pain you are! None of us here
have got a hike, but we don’t crib about it like you do. You tricked into this job!
– You aren’t my boyfriend to trick you. That fat Sotari there, asked me to trick you,
so, I tricked you. Go confront him. Just look at that moron!
– Hey! Hi! Enjoying the party?
– Yeah, I am. Is there any problem?
– Could you come over here? – Coming. So, what’s the problem?
– We’ll get into that. Do you mind if I call you by your name?
– Not at all. This is a party, so feel free. But, call me boss at office
and whenever my wife is around. You know why your heater broke down?
He made it break down. You know why your car’s tyre went flet?
He punctured it. You know why you slipped
and fell the other day? It’s because of her. The point is, all these people
are adamant on ruining you. Shall I tell you something?
– Go ahead. – In my career so far I never came across a boss more idiotic than you.
– You are the worst boss in the whole world. What! You just said I was the best boss.
– You though I meant it? Excellent! Are we clear?
– Yes. Neither do you give us a hike
nor any incentives. The most you do is throw us
a cheap party like this one once in a blue moon. Say whatever you want,
I’m sure this guy would never crib about me. He won’t? Incase you hear the way
he cusses at you, you’d want to kill yourself. He cusses you in every possible language.
Tell him about it. Do you remember what all you promised me
before hiring me? I know you won’t as you are a moron. Let me show you what all you promised me.
The camera is this way. Congratulations, Harika.
You’d know how great this firm is in the time to come. Don’t be sad that your package is low.
The incentives and appraisals you get will be huge! Someday, you’ll confess how grateful you’re to me.
– Really? That’d be great! You saw that? You promised me,
3 years ago, that you’d give me a hike. All you gave me was an increment of Rs. 3000.
Infact, I give my maid an increment of Rs. 2000 each year. Since, as an HR, I should look good,
I spend Rs. 500 on my foundation Rs. 800 on Kajal and Rs. 2000 on my footwear etc.
I’m being left with nothing. Look at me
when I’m talking to you. Since, I’m a HR, I should only come in an AC cab
and these cab rides are draining my funds. 25th of each month, I borrow 5 grand
from my friends at an interest. And then, I also need to pay
my credit card bills. Finish your drink. Go on.
Serve me some more. There is no more left? ‘She is finishing it all.’ ‘Thank God she left me atleast some.’
– Finish it. Buy some more if you want. Forget all that I told you.
Bye, guys! See you. Do you all got similar feelings for me?
– Yeah. The same feelings. Ma’am, I’m coming. – See you, sir.
– I trusted you. I’ll deal with you all tomorrow. Come in. Please, be seated.
– I’m fine, sir. Are you here to apologize?
Nevermind, because I’m kind. Actually, you should mind as I’m resiging.
– You are? But why? Are you still asking me why?
What sort of a dumbo are you? So, what do you say?
– I’m leaving this firm. There are dozens of firms on this street.
Learn a thing or two from bosses of those firms. With such an attitude, no one would hire you.
– There is a difference between attitude and self respect which you would never understand.
By the way, I’m starting a recruitment firm. If you want I can find you
employees and all. Keep in touch. The same mobile number?
– Yeah. What a move!
Excellent! Greetings, people! I’m sure you met
such bosses and HRs. In case you didn’t, you will. If you liked this video,
subscribe to Dhethadi and also to Wirally!

100 thoughts on “Frustrated HR Ft. Wirally || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

  1. I enjoyed alot, me in 2nd shift just completed appraisal review…. E sari hike govinda…. Info teeeeek

  2. Aditya place lo nen uninte boss anna potunde harika anna potunde? Papam Delhi nunchi pilipinchi howla chesirru aadni! Haha good skit

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  4. అందమైన హారిక యాక్టింగ్ Super గా ఉంది 😍
    ఇక ఈ నల్లోడి కామెడీ అదిరింది Comical black guy 👌👌

  5. Gi Ethul dengute direct cost effective Ani termination letter tesi chetulo pedutaru appudu.gmusukoni bita road la meda Endala tirgali daniki badhulu dantla undi salaga g** lo ice gadalu pettina navvu kuntu padisavali..
    Gi ethulu d****di bita..

  6. 8:00,

    నీ యబ్బ రే.. ఇంకొసారి ఆడవాళ్ళ చేతులో మందు గ్లాసు పెట్టి స్క్రీన్ మీద చూపించావో..ఎలా కనిపిస్తున్నార్రా నీకు హిందూ స్త్రీలు.. నీ లాంటి వెధవలు ఇలాంటి దిక్కుమాలిన సినిమాలు, వీడియోలు తీయడం వలన కార్పొరేట్ సంస్థలలో ఇవి కామన్ ఏమో అని నమ్మి కొంతమంది అమ్మాయిలు చెడిపోతున్నారు.. నేను ఉండేది ఫారిన్ లో .. ఇక్కడే హిందూ అమ్మాయిలు చాలా సాంప్రదాయంగా ఉంటారు, మందు, డేటింగ్ లాంటి వాటిలి జోలికి పెద్ధగా పోరు.. మరి అలాంటిది మీరు చేతిలో కెమరా ఉంది కదా అని షార్టు ఫిల్ములు తీసి ఇండియాలో అమ్మాయిలను నాశనం చేస్తున్నారు.. మనకు కొన్ని విలువలుండాలి.. ఎలా పడితే అలా తీస్తే మీకు, RGV కి పెద్ధ తేడా లేదు.. ఇంకోసారి ఇలాంటి సీన్లు తీసావనుకో రిపోర్టు కొడతా, మా ఫ్రెండ్సు చేత సామూహికంగా కొట్టిస్తా..

  7. i have a question for you, most of the HR manager always ask a bloody idiotic question that why do u left previous company? what they expect from us? if we say the truth we won't get job if we say lies they say ok we will inform you. Now a days the new fashion is asking us to submit the resignation letter instead of terminating letter. infact these HR managers are the main culprits who stops the growth of a company.

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️harika I love you darling 💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️

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